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  • Direct line loses 'Fraud Claim'
    condition at the time There is no legal justification for amending the award should it turn out that the motorcyclist make a better than expected recovery similarly there is no way someone could go back to court for an increased award should it turn out that their injuries are worse or recovery more delayed than expected The latter position may be more important to people who have been injured in

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/directlinefraudclaim.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Ecclesiastical pulls out of standard house insurance market
    standard market This is presumably because it is a market where an insurance broker can help a client who has non standard features e g subsidence risk thatched roof poor claims etc arrange insurance at a reasonable price The fact that each non standard case is unique means that the advice given by a broker that knows the market is invaluable and of course the premiums will be more realistic

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/ecclesiasticalpullsout.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • The difference between single and annual travel insurance
    policy was mis sold The company rep did not make it clear about the difference in cover and no doubt the consumer would have asked for immediate cover had they known Now be honest Did you know of this key difference As brokers of course we do and if you ask us for an annual travel insurance policy we will recommend immediate commencement If not and you have bought your

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/travelmisselling.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Soaring Cost of Car Insurance - Young driver quoted £24,000
    and that many will be forced off the road Is this fair The person in question had had an accident that was caused by potentially bad driving skidding on black ice and if a third party is involved the costs are likely to be excessive factor in car hire costs solicitor s costs etc On investigation they could quite easily exceed the 24 000 premium quoted Obviously the driver should

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/youngdriver24000.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • FSCS increases levies on insurance brokers
    took over in 2005 there are still rogue companies about who overcharge when they can get away with it sell additional products by inertia and don t even though customers think they do advise on suitability of contracts How does this affect us Well if those companies are in business then they have to pay compensation to people when the FOS decides that they should see article on travel insurance mis selling This will be covered usually by either the company s own resources or by their professional indemnity insurance However one or two companies mis sold PPI insurance and then have gone into liquidation This means that they cannot pay out compensation to all the individuals that they have mis sold The result is that the FSCS steps in to pay the compensation out in stead and they make up the costs of this compensation by imposing a levy on all companies in the same class of business Regrettably PPI is an insurance related product and was mis sold by an intermediary So all compensation comes out of the insurance mediation pot despite the fact that most small insurance intermediaries have never sold a PPI policy in their lives

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/FSCSlevies.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Ecclesiastical wins employers liability insurance case
    from outside the front door then a degree of competence was required This case threatened to overturn that and make it a requirement that employers would have to ensure that a proper safe path would have to be installed so that employees could walk on a firm non slippy surface The costs would have been horrendous for small businesses and until the paths had been built substantial claims could arise

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/ecclesiasticalelcase.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Protection Insurance Guidelines
    to the suitability of the product However other financial institutions lured by greed for the higher commissions they could obtain sold the policy without such checks and the result is that there is now a large market developing of solicitors offering their services to claim back mis sold products The new ruling is an attempt to prevent the excesses that the protection aptly named insurance industry have undertaken The product

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/protectionguidelines.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • More on No win no fee and insurance
    costs 3 000 Total cost 9 000 but solicitor s fees 3 000 making a total of 12 000 Now it would be Total cost 9 900 If this happens throughout the whole of the motor insurance market then obviously premiums should fall or at least not rise However many firms sell insurance online purely so they can get these referral fees This means that they will have to change

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/articles/KClarkenowinnofee.htm (2016-02-12)
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