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  • Insurance for park homes used as permanent residences
    would cost 190 00 and extra cover 205 00 In either case the rate for contents is 4 80 per thousand standard or 6 50 extra Thus 10 000 contents cover would cost 48 00 or 65 00 respectively Additional covers Pedal cycles can be covered up to 500 at a rate of 7 50 per hundred minimum 15 00 Money and credit cards up to 500 can be covered at a rate of 1 00 per hundred Sports clothing can be covered at a rate of 1 20 per hundred All risks cover can be added from 1 000 to 3 000 cover at a rate of 1 60 per hundred BUT individual items worth more than 20 of the sum you select must be specified a valuation is needed for items over 1 500 at a lower rate of 1 20 per hundred Discounts add these together Once you have a basic premium by using the rates above you can take up to 3 discounts If either you or your partner are aged 60 or over 10 If you have mortise deadlocks window locks 5 NACOSS approved alarm under maintenance 5 If you select a security alarm discount theft cover will be excluded unless the security is in place whenever the home is without an occupant You can now apply this discount to obtain a basic premium The final calculation Add on insurance premium tax currently 5 you do this by multiplying by 1 05 Add on 15 00 for home care emergency assistance service compulsory If paying by credit card an additional 2 00 fee will apply charged by wholesale broker not Portwoods Alternatively call us and we will discuss your needs and work out a quote for your Park Home Insurance policy These rates do not

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  • UK trailer tent and camping equipment insurance
    Excess 100 5 Vol Excess 250 10 No claims bonus on renewal 10 15 20 Notes cover 50 excess increased to 75 if trailer tent is 11 15 years old 1 Year new for old cover if bought new subject to sum insured 10 limit Up to 60 days use in Europe The trailer tent must not be rebuilt or specialist built used for business purposes manufactured in the UK There must not have been more than 2 claims in five years nor any non motor convictions Casual labourers motor traders market and or street traders general scrap dealers professional entertainers travelling showmen students and amusement arcade fun fair proprieters or employees are unacceptable Maximum sum insured trailer tent 20 000 Maximum sum insured contents 1 000 Maximum sum insured single article 300 A serial number is required before we can go on cover Apply for a proposal form Please let us have the make model value and age of the trailer tent value of contents Camping equipment insurance Basic Premium 15 90 For values above 1200 rate at 1 32 Contents 26 50 For values above 625 rate at 4 24 Notes Maximum sum insured 2 000 Maximum contents

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/cvntrail.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Cheap Caravan Insurance: Quotes for static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance
    please include 2500 for site clearance and resiting If you want an awning covering enter it s value else leave as 0 New for Old or Indemnity cover New for Old Indemnity only If you select New for Old you must insure for the cost of a new caravan If you select Indemnity you should insure for the market value Many policies won t quote New for Old for older caravans The sum insured must include an amount for resiting clearing away old caravan if appropriate Do you want contents covered If so enter amounts policies may limit total cover or single article cover for TV Video Audio equipment Yes No Personal effects other than TV Video Audio Caravan policies are not intended to cover valuables we recommend that you insure them under your house contents policy on an all risks basis What limit of public liability do you need 1 000 000 2 000 000 5 000 000 may be available How many days will the caravan be used abroad UK caravans only Less than 60 days Up to 180 days Where is caravan kept when not in use Home address CaSSOA storage facility less than 4 months CaSSOA Storage facility more than 4 months 24 hour manned security surveilllance Other site Where is caravan usually kept e g site name postcode Postcode What sort of excess would you like Medium 75 175 High 200 275 Low 75 00 Have you an alarm of proprietary manufacture fitted and used No Yes Phantom Pro Active Phantom Target Have you installed a Thiefbeaters theft deterrent No Yes Have you made any claim in the last year on caravan insurance or any claims in last three years No Previous Insurance 5 years claim free 4 years claim free 3 Years claim free 2 Years claim free 1 year claim free Claim last year Have you had insurance cancelled renewal refused special terms imposed Have you or wife been declared bankrupt or any convictions or will the caravan be used for business purposes No Yes Make of caravan We can provide caravan insurance for Hobby Roma Lord Munsterland or Tabbert Some insurers will not accept other models None of these Hobby Roma Lord Munsterland Tabbert NB If you have made claims in the last three years cover will be subject to the claims history being acceptable NB2 You will be offered several different quotations depending on your needs If you have selected better benefits then a reduced premium may be available if you choose reduced ones If no quotations appear then you should contact us on 01388 607105 or e mail us explaining your needs Static caravan insurance Specific information is available on static caravan insurance You may wish to look at the static caravan insurance page for additional details on cover and terms usually available for static caravan insurance Touring caravan insurance Similarly conditions and exclusions found on touring caravan insurance are available This can be found on our touring caravan insurance

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/caravantest2.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Caravan Insurance : static caravan Insurance Cover from B Portwood & Co Ltd
    in the caravan a typical limit is 250 00 and a typical exclusion would be if the electricity supply to your caravan were cut off due to non payment Loss of keys to the caravan cost to replace locks doors or windows following damage to the caravan or the loss of the caravan keys typical sum insured 250 00 Liability to the public arising out of the use of the caravan many site owners may require you to have liability insurance for your caravan typical values are 1 000 000 or 2 000 000 You can select the level of cover needed when asking for a quote Loss of use of the caravan and hiring charges cover for alternative accommodation if your caravan is uninhabitable the hire of an alternative caravan and if the caravan site where you have your static caravan is forced to close a proportionate part of the ground rent Typical values are 50 00 per day and 1 500 in total Personal accident benefits arising out of the use of the caravan can cover up to 20 000 for instance but people over 70 may not be covered and children under 16 may have reduced benefits Loss or damage WITHIN THE CARAVAN of contents and personal effects We would recommend that any valuable items should be insured under your house insurance all risks section as the cover is wider This section is aimed at covering articles of personal use such as clothing luggage and general household goods A note about the excess on a caravan insurance policy whilst insurance for a touring caravan may have a compulsory excess of say 75 00 if you have a static caravan we have policies where there is a 100 franchise If you aren t familiar with the term in

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/caravan-insurance-cover.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Exclusions on caravan insurance for static and touring caravans
    on a fixed site not be used for business purposes be regularly inspected when unoccupied The proposer must not have been declined insurance or had special terms applied in respect of a motor vehicle or caravan owned by him her have had insurance cancelled or renewal of an insurance refused in respect of a motor vehicle or caravan owned by him her have been subject to any declaration of bankruptcy have been convicted or charged with but not yet tried for any offence other than motoring Trailer Tent and Camping Equipment Conditions The Trailer tent must be of UK manufacture The Trailer tent must be less than 10 years old The value of the Trailer tent must not exceed 20 000 The value of the camping equipment exceeds 2 000 The value of contents exceeds 1 000 or any one item exceeds 300 We recommend you extend your house insurance contents policy to cover these items Static caravan Insurance If you have come from our main page on static caravan insurance then use this link to return to our static caravan insurance page If you want a quote for static caravan insurance use our compare static caravan insurance quote engine

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/cvnexclus.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Caravan Insurance : comparison of caravan insurance cover between two schemes
    300 s a l excludes bikes Included automatically 25 of sum insured for caravan equipment Optional must be requested Liability to the public 2 000 000 2 000 000 Alternative accommodation if caravan is unacceptable following a claim 50 per day up to 1 500 25 per day up to 750 Continental use 180 days in any one year Unless European option requested 60 days in any one year Excess

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/caravan-policy-differences.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Static Caravan Insurance - compare cover available
    to gas water pipes drains sewage telephone cables limited to 2 500 Limit in adjacent locked storage unit 250 anyone article 500 in total Replacement as New Within first 120 months Sum insured must be adequate Frozen food in caravan freezer compartment Up to 250 00 Food cabinets over 10 years old Strike or industrial action Deliberate cutting off of supply Loss of keys To replace damaged locks or loss of keys maximum sum insured 250 00 Public liability insurance Up to 2 000 000 Whilst attached to towing vehicle Becomes detached from towing vehicle Liability in respect of towing vehicle Loss of use hiring charges Cover for alternative accommodation hire of a similar caravan and loss of ground rent Cover 50 per day up to 1 500 If entire site closed ground rent paid pro rata up to 1 500 Personal accident benefits Up to 20 000 if bodily injury results in death or permanent disablement Excludes people over 70 500 limit for children under 16 Loss or damage to personal effects in the caravan Includes articles for permanent use clothing luggage general goods in the caravan Single article limit 300 Excludes valuables money cycles and other similar goods

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  • Caravan Insurance: How to compare Static caravan insurance: cheap online quotes
    new model it behoves the caravan owner to enter a value sufficient to cover the replacement cost of a caravan today Incorporated into this sum insured should be adequate provision for removal of the destroyed caravan incorporating re siting costs and the installation of services plumbing electricity etc on site Obtain a quote to compare the cost of static caravan insurance from the numerous policies we can offer as a registered insurance broker The insurance policy cover is the other main consideration to be compared in selecting appropriate caravan insurance The obvious factor is the excess on the caravan policy Since an excess reduces the amount paid in the event of a claim the caravan owner should decide the amount for which they are prepared to accept responsibility Caravan Insurance policies incorporating a higher excess can be dismissed Price differences can be rationalised based on different excesses ensuring the best value for money contract can be purchased Some insurance policies instead of an excess apply a different form of restriction Known as a franchise this exclusion means that claims for loss or damage lower than a certain amount won t be considered at all BUT claims exceeding the limit will be paid without deduction The amount usually exceeds an excess however in the eventuality of a substantial claim the policyholder won t be asked to contribute Other factors appear to be of less importance for caravan insurance Unless specifically requested by the caravan site owner a liability sum insured of 1 00 000 is of no lesser benefit than one of 2 000 000 Very few if any liability claims have yet exceeded 1 000 000 A caravan insurance policy therefore only needs 1 000 000 cover Similarly maximum costs for emergency accommodation or the extent of legal expenses insurance

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