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  • Income Protection Insurance at Portwood's
    about 6 00 so 1 000 cover will be about 60 00 a month Small discounts are available by taking an excess or restricting to unemployment only accident sickness only NB some fields are compulsory shown as field If you receive an error message check that the field is correctly entered Your name your name E mail Address from We may send you information from time to time about insurance generally and special offers If you do NOT want to receive it check and we ll only send details about this enquiry policy Address line 1 Address line 2 City County Country must be UK Post code post code Telephone No daytime Date Of Birth prop age Your occupation Average TAKE HOME PAY You are limited to 90 of this or 2 000 whichever is less Category 1 commitments The total amount can be up to 100 of your commitments Mortgage Home Rental Secure Loan Category 2 commitments The total amount can be up to 100 of your commitments Motor Finance Personal loan Hire Purchase Category 3 commitments The total amount can be 100 of your commitments Electric Bill Other Heating Council Tax Home Insurance Water Rates Car Insurance Gas Bill Life Insurance To qualify you must be a UK resident under 65 in full time work self employed or on a renewable contract working more than 16 hours a week in a job that s not temporary party to the commitments covered not off work due to ill health aware of the pre existing conditions exclusions unaware of any impending unemployment The Benefits Perils covered Please select option Accident Sickness Involuntary Unemployment Accident Sickness Only Involuntary Unemployment Only Benefit Period Please select beenfit period 12 months Excess Please select first payment Back to day 1 after 30 days 30

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  • Compare Public Liability Insurance quotes. Insurance for Public liability for contractors, self employed
    employees Employers liability The premium for the self employed and smaller trader however are now frequently based on the number of workers employees which makes calculations easier to evaluate Exclusions and limitations should be verified A height limit may be imposed e g a height limit of 10 meters There may be no height limit Similarly for ground workers a maximum excavation depth may apply e g maximum depth of 1 2 3 or 5 meters or restrictions on shoring shuttering Premiums reflect these limitations so ensure policies elected wont be affected by such limitations and exclusions Public liability insurance is often inbuilt within a commercial combined shopkeeper office policy These may be extended including material damage to furnishings plate glass high risk normal frozen stock goods in transit and personal accident Quotations We can now provide online public liability insurance quotes for many trades For the smaller contractor we can provide an instant indication and we also provide a form to allow the larger contractor to request terms Quotes subject to verification as to qualification and endorsements accepted Obtain premium indication or use this Insurance Quotation link Public liability insurance for specific trades The following are specific trades for which a quote for public liability insurance can be obtained In general these are per capita insurance policies suitable for the self employed and small business We are only too happy to provide quotes for insurance for larger firms and for tradesmen in other occupations We recommend however you just click the quote button above to go straight to our quotation system Insurance for Abseiling contractors Abseiling contractors liability Insurance Insurance for Aerial Installation aerial installation liability insurance Insurance for Satellite Installation satellite installation liability insurance Insurance for Agricultural contractors agricultural contractors liability insurance Insurance for Air conditioning contractors air conditioning liability insurance Insurance for Alarm Installers alarm installers ex efficiency Insurance for Artexers artexer tradesmen liability insurance Insurance for Artists artists liability insurance Insurance for Bathroom Installation contractors tradesmen in bathroom installation Insurance for Beauticians including treatment risk beauticians liability insurance Insurance for Bedroom furniture installation small businesses in bedroom furniture installation Boiler Services domestic commercial tradesmen in boiler services Brick Layers brick layers liability insurance Hod Carriers hod carriers liability insurance Builders New PDH small businesses in building trade Builders Repairs maintenance builders Builders General tradesmen liability insurance Carpenters small business carpenters Joiners joiners liability insurance Carpet Fitters liability insurance tradesmen engaged in carpet fitting Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners carpet and upholstery cleaners Car valeters car valeters Car Windscreen Etching liability insurance people engaged in car windscreen etching Caterers small business caterers liability insurance Cavity Wall Installation Contractor firms doing cavity wall installation Ceiling Contractor small businesses of ceiling contractors Chimney Sweep chimney sweeps liability insurance Cleaners domestic and commercial leaning contractors liability insurance Computer Consultants computer consultants liability insurance Concrete repair and drilling contractors small businesses engaged in concrete repair and drilling Conservatory and Porch Erectors self employed conservatory and porch erectors Construction Plant Repairs firms engaged

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  • An overview of Public Liability Insurance
    fire If fire starts by accident on a property then the owner is not liable if it escapes Please note that a fire started in a grate is NOT started by accident so if it escapes liability is established An example of liability under statute is the hotel proprietors act which imposes a liability on a hotel proprietor for loss or damage to a guest s belongings Insurance The cost of a claim for negligence can be substantial losses could include damage to property personal injury consequential loss legal fees etc and can quite easily run into thousands for the smallest claim and millions for the largest Such an amount is beyond most people or firms so they take out insurance whereby for a small premium the risk is covered The benefits of insurance are very marked the premium for a single person in a low risk trade is less than 50 00 and up to 1 000 000 cover is purchased Cover If you are considering buying public liability insurance online it is important to realise that the policy may not indeed cannot provide cover for every eventuality Insurers will limit their exposure by ensuring that the job you have does not extend the risk of making a claim beyond what the insurance company expect This they will do by defining the business where you can work and limiting the activities Particular endorsements may be applied also for certain trades Location There will be a general restriction to working in the UK with possible occasional work in Northern Ireland and Europe but we are limited to individuals and companies living in the UK and Northern Ireland in some cases In addition the location will be further restricted by specifying on what types of property and locations you can work Work on high risk property such as dams oil rigs refineries will entail a greater exposure to risk and many companies will exclude such hazardous locations A further restriction will be a height or depth limit The higher you are the greater the injury should an employee fall due to your negligence similarly the deeper you are the greater the risk of collapse of the shuttering If your work involves digging then insurance companies may also request precautions to be taken to avoid fibre optic cables being cut Online Quotes We provide a facility to obtain public liability insurance quotes online for many trades We do not allow the policy to be bought online as we will have to provide confirmation of the quote and the policy documents summary so you can read them before purchase It is also important that you read the endorsements and restrictions as to locations Policy excess A final note usually for public liability there is an excess for property damage claims this can be as low as 100 00 but is often especially for higher risk occupations 250 00 Watch out for companies providing quotes with much higher excesses ensure you could pay the

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  • Public Liability Insurance - data capture for turnover rating
    No If No give details Do you and will you always prepare written method statements specific to the task before commencing work and before any amendments Select Yes No If No give details Do you ensure the use of protective equipment is enforced and a formal record kept of such equipment supplied to workforce Select Yes No N A If No give details If Necessary give details I do not need to provide further details TRADE CATEGORIES Wages split between different types of work undertaken please split into categories Please also indicate the MAXIMUM number of employees at any time during the proposed period of insurance within each category Please include clerical work for this section Your insurance premium will be based on the estimates you provide You also have to declare the actual figures at the end of the period of insurance If the actual figures are more than you estimated an additional premium may be payable link to turnover table If you do NOT complete the table below we cannot give you a quote for Employers Liability Trade Category Wage roll Amount MAXIMUM number of employees Type of Worker Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Choose type Employee Director Partner Volunteer Sub contractors and the Self Employed Labour only subcontractors self employed people people hired or borrowed by you or embedded in your business are considered employees if they are working for you and under your control You must declare their wages and the number of people in your employee estimates above Other contractors who are not Employees bona fide sub contractors If they are not working directly for you and not under your control and they have their own insurance cover then we do not charge for them under the Employers Liability Section Therefore you should not declare their wages and the number of people in the employee estimates above PUBLIC AND PRODUCTS LIABILITY INSURANCE What level of cover do you require 1 000 000 2 000 000 5 000 000 10 000 000 Do you require cover for Products and completed works Select Yes No N A Do you maintain your full rights of recourse against any manufacturer or supplier from whom you obtain any product or anything which is incorporated into your products Select Yes No N A If NO give details Do all of your products comply with CE BS standards Select Yes No N A If NO give details Are any of your products intended to be used in the structure machinery or controls of any aircraft other aerial device hovercraft offshore installation rig platform Select Yes No N A If YES give details Do your products include any pharaceuticals alternative medicines health products dietary supplements medical products blood products cosmetics or beauty

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  • Public liability Insurance - agency transfer
    your needs and requirements at renewal we will also provide advice help whilst the policy is in force An additional fee of 2 of the premium will apply if payment is made by company credit card If the commission we earn is less than 100 IPT then we will take no fee but just the commission on the policy We will send you an agency transfer form AND a proposal form for your current insurance company to complete Do you qualify You must already have a public liability insurance policy in force and not be in default The insurance premium must exceed 1 000 IPT Naturally we are only too pleased to transfer policies of less value if you like our service and attitude but they will be on a commission basis Certain complex risks may require more work than we can do for our set fee Initially we are setting a limit of 20K premiums before commissions are removed but will look at premiums near to this amount We must be able to transfer the public liability insurance policy to our agency We don t have agencies with every insurance provider naturally and some policies may be specially rated and we not being allowed the same rates If you don t qualify or want to go down this route We have THREE other methods of obtaining quotations Our own per capita public liability insurance quotation system up to 10 people Quote and BUY public liability insurance online through our IPRISM powered insurance quotation system Request a public liability insurance quote on a wages turnover basis Limitations Under no circumstances will we be liable should a claim be turned down due to your failure to disclose material facts or the negligence of any third party in arranging the policy prior

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  • Public Liability Insurance: Liability for Employers in UK
    PL insurance and property cover cancellation for people organising shows Firework Shows In view of the high risk nature of injury to the public we cannot offer quotes online for shows with fireworks rates will be quoted on submission of an application form Cleaning Contractors Liability Insurance We are continually extending our range of schemes This scheme is currently being researched Public Liability Insurance in today s litigious society insurance is more important than ever Although not yet at America s levels more and more people instead of accepting that loss or damage can happen by accident are encouraged to believe that it must have been through someone s negligence with the result that they sue Although the demise of some firms actively pursuing compensation claims has been well documented the arrival of no win no fee agreements and legal expenses cover after the event has meant that access to the courts has never been easier This ease of access together with the perception that judges will award compensation in virtually every case assuming that the business will have cover so that no one loses of course this is not the case as the insurance premiums insurers charge have to be increased to meet these claims this means that the businesses have to charge more to meet these increases so eventually the customer pays for the awards Employers Liability Insurance is of course compulsory for any firm that employs people Due to the increase in duties imposed on employers and the rights given as well as ease of access to compensation a similar increase in insurance claims has arisen with the same result as above premiums have increased and businesses have to increase their prices to pay for the costs Recent changes in law however mean that a company with only one employee who also owns 50 of the firm need not have this cover Professional Indemnity Insurance in essence covers your advice rather than your actions Many professional people will have a minimal risk of claims arising due to their actions and insurance premiums are cheap see our quotes but may be liable if their customers suffer loss due to their giving bad advice A good example of this is in Financial Services where many people were recommended endowments as a way to pay of their mortgage and a surplus without being made sufficiently aware of the risks involved It can be argued that these claims are arising as a result of poor stock market returns since 1999 coupled with the dotcom crash and low interest rates and it does seem surprising that compensation is being paid before the actual loss is sustained B Portwood Co Ltd have access to a wide range of different insurance policies suitable to meet the demands and needs of businesses needing this form of cover Whether you are a sole trader a small contractor or business or engaged in high risk activities we can normally find a policy to meet your demands and

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  • Classic car Insurance, quotation form
    Select UK Provisional Non UK Full less than 1 year Full 1 2 years Full 2 3 years Full 3 4 years Full 4 years Occupation If not you how old is the youngest driver on the policy Select I am 25 29 30 35 40 49 36 39 50 74 Motor Convictions Full details of each driver s convictions Driver Date of offence Date of conviction Code Fine Points Other penalties Accidents Claims Details of all incidents claims including Fire Theft Malicious Damage Windscreen Driver Date of Incident Type of Incident Circumstances Settled Fault Non Fault Own Damage Cost TP Damage Cost Personal Injury Details Was incident in a classic car Medical Conditions Driver Conditions Medication Treatment Registered Disabled Are you a club Member Select No Yes How many classic cars do you own select 1 This one only This and another 2 others The Vehicle Make Model Registration Number Make and Model Year Registered day and month appreciated if available Engine Size cc Value Max 70 000 Vehicles worth less than 1 000 cannot be considered as classics Exclude the value of any personalised number plate Date Purchased Purchase Price Where Kept select Garaged at home Drive at Home Neither Is there a Thatcham I or II device fitted in last 3 years Select No Thatcham I Thatcham II Thatcham III Other device N A If not kept at home where postcode how and why Vehicle Body 4 door saloon 2 door saloon 3 door hatchback 5 door hatchback 2 door convertible 4 door convertible 2 door coupe 4 door coupe 3 door estate 5 door estate Van Fuel Petrol Diesel LPG Conversion Transmission Manual Automatic Steering RHD Normal Left Hand Drive Seats 1 2 3 4 seats 5 6 7 Including Driver Condition of the vehicle Body

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  • Cheap Car insurance and related insurance products
    Allianz Cornhill Classic car insurance Our own cheap classic car insurance scheme with online quotes Classic car insurance provided by CCUA and underwritten by NIG Up to 7500 miles per annum Cherished Car Insurance Or one underwritten by KGM Kit car insurance UK online quotes For the kit car enthusiast underwritten by KGM Classic motor bike insurance Classic motor bike insurance for motorcycles underwritten at Lloyds with Agreed values Motorcycle insurance motor bike insurance Online motorcycle insurance is provided by using the car insurance scheme above Sports Bike and Superbike Insurance Over 24 and a full licence for over 1 year These rates are designed specifically for insuring the larger bike Self Drive Hire Insurance A self drive hire pay as you go facility also available quotes for the higher performance classic vehicle Motor Trade Insurance Quotes for motor trade road risks insurance through MMA For certain specialised contracts we can offer policies with Tradex please contact us for a proposal form Commercial vehicles and van insurance Online Van insurance and commercial vehicle quotes can be obtained by using the scheme above GAP Insurance GAP back to invoice financial GAP for new and second hand vehicles fleet and prestige vehicles Mechanical breakdown insurance Mechanical breakdown of parts for cars and motorcycles covers costs arising Holiday Car hire or car rental or holiday car rental Going on holiday and needing to hire a car Our car rental service can help you Private Hire Insurance Public Hire Insurance Taxi Provided by Milestone Taxi Elite online quotations available and the ability to request to go on cover Excess Insurance Since many direct companies issue policies with a high excess you may wish to take out excess insurance An excess insurance policy pays a fixed amount typically the excess on your policy should you

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