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  • Portfolio information sheet for insurance
    at least part of the rent is paid by the DSS Known as DSS1 DSS Referral The agreement is with the DSS the DSS may have control of who goes into the property Asylum Seekers The agreement is with the DSS The DSS are allowed to put in asylum seekers into the property Students The property is occupied by several students Holiday Home The property is let out for people to have holidays in Unoccupied i e awaiting tenants or to sell Ref Address Postcode Buildings SI Acc dam Contents SI Acc Dam Property Type Built Tenant Bedrooms Tenancy agreements Details of claims Please enter the property reference date circumstances and amounts paid out I have had no claims in the last 3 years on any of the properties to be insured Duty to disclose Facts under any contract of insurance Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements We accept no liability for any loss that occurs due to your failure to comply Other Material Facts This list is not exhaustive if you think a fact is material it must be disclosed Construction of property if not brick stone and roofed with slates tiles Is property listed if so the

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  • Travel insurance: UK travel insurance information
    care is provided free at the point of service other than medical prescriptions and thus the reduced premium reflects this and the cost of cancellation will probably be lower as there are unlikely to be air fares involved there are potential losses for travelers in the UK that could be insured Baggage and Personal effects these could be stolen from a train from your hotel etc Please note we recommend that you extend your house insurance policy to cover unspecified all risks cover as you will then get new for old replacement rather than indemnity cover which will involve a deduction for wear and tear Cancellation you may still have to cancel a trip at short notice due to ill health etc and thus pay the hotel costs Other benefits are normally of minimal value Medical travel insurance For most the largest claim will be medical Travel insurance despite there being more claims for luggage or baggage pays out more in medical claims The policy limits are usually adequate 5 000 000 is more than the largest claim made Some people as a result just want medical travel insurance no extra frills For these we offer discounts of up to

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance/UK.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Compare travel insurance online cheap UK Travel Insurance over 65
    the medical screening line appropriate to the policy All you have to do is to contact them and obtain terms once you ve found the best terms then you can buy the policy However many people want to travel who have serious medical condition s If the nature of the medical conditions are such that you find travel insurance almost impossible to obtain then we can help When you go to our quotation system select the serious medical condition option and a link will open This insurance policy will accept 98 of all medical conditions the main exclusions being a terminal prognosis for less than 6 months traveling against advice to receive treatment The policy can even cover you if you are wanting treatment Click here for travel insurance quotes if you have a terminal prognosis And if you would wish an insurance quote for an impaired life try here Sections of a travel insurance policy A travel insurance policy has many sections abandonment section of travel insurance policy travel cancellation section of travel insurance policy normally 5 000 less for long stay or backpackers travel curtailment section of the travel insurance policy delayed travel baggage section of travel insurance policy medical expenses and travel insurance very important cover usually 5 000 000 delay and travel insurance benefits personal accident travel insurance benefits travel insurance and personal money travel insurance for your personal possessions Maximum length of trips available on our insurance If you want to cover only a single trip then we have no effective age limit 99 but the premium will be expensive if you are traveling a long time and have medical conditions unsurprisingly If you want an annual trip then we offer cheap travel insurance cover for you up to the age of 85 Again the maximum numbers of days we can cover per trip will be limited to 31 however the younger person can obtain cover up to 60 days without any problem Other Policies Although you may have been looking at one specific type of policy you may like to know that we offer a full range of policies to meet the demands and needs of most people in the UK Examples Include For cheap motor insurance including breakdown warranty and GAP At renewal all qualifying customers are offered the option of a policy at the same quote with FREE legal expenses cover and free breakdown cover Home insurance including pet insurance and caravan Also available is cover for buy to let or landlords and unoccupied property Mortgage protection insurance despite its bad name this sort of policy is indispensable if you are buying you house through a mortgage We offer a range of policies not suitable for the retired but you may have friends the most competitive can be found at the mortgage protection site of our website but please call us if you have any queries Duty to disclose Facts under any contract of insurance Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements

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  • Over 65 travel Insurance | Cheap travel insurance: holiday travel insurance for UK residents
    travel insurance can cover a wide range of ages countries and lengths You can buy travel insurance for the over 65 over 70 over 75 and indeed over 80 No problems We offer long stay travel insurance for up to 2 years aboad For students backpackers our economy travel insurance is very low cost We also offer cheap quotes for travel insurance for people with medical conditions or a terminal

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance/cheapest.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Over 65 travel insurance : Family and single parent family travel insurance
    excess that could be applied four or five times after a single event now you know why they are so cheap Activities The family travel insurance you select should be chosen on the activities that you and your children might participate in on the holiday Obviously younger children are less likely to participate in scuba diving or for winter sports ski jumping etc however many teenagers will want to partake in more active sports and pursuits Naturally we provide full details of policy cover before you buy but if you are in any doubt please contact us Pre existing Conditions We always recommend you choose a family travel insurance policy that will cover pre existing conditions of all family members We occasionally get requests for one member of a family to be covered for pre existing conditions whilst the other family members buy a much cheaper policy The problem with this is that the cheap policy may not pay out for additional costs should the member of the family with the pre existing condition have to return home for instance If there are medical conditions we provide screening helplines to ensure that you know if cover can be provided Please remember that for travel insurance quotation purposes a family is defined as two parents and all their children under 18 living with them However we do have policies that will cover children under 23 living with you as long as they are in full time education Please call us if you fit into the wider definition We are based in North east England and have offices at Consett and Bishop Auckland Information about cheap family travel insurance rates Travelerswith or without medical conditions can find rates for cheap family travel insurance through our Redwood product It will allow students aged

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance/family.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Travel Insurance Cover: What cover is available for travel insurance
    travel insurance We specialise in over 65 travel insurance On our website you can find information on over 65 travel insurance The page has information on annual and long stay travel insurance for the over 65 and ski ing cover Backpacker Travel Insurance We also provide information on backpacker travel insurance The backpacker travel insurance section of the website deals with the limits in cover and hazardous activities a backpacker

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance-information/cancellation-section.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Over 65 Travel Insurance Deals: Cheap deals for your travel insurance over 70 up to 74
    65 annual travel insurance policies are quoted that may meet your requirements Cheap UK holiday insurance rates Over 65 If you want cover for a single uk holiday then look at our over 65 travel insurance page Under 65 We can offer very good rates as well Information about cheap travel insurance for the over 65 70 75 or 80 Travelers over 65 but 85 or younger with our without medical conditions can find cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product Redwood Travel Insurance provide cheap travel insurance over 65 Cheap travel insurance over 70 Cheap travel insurance over 75 Cheap travel insurance over 80 Travel insurance existing medical conditions If you need help or advice about the type of annual travel insurance to provide cheap holiday insurance you can contact us on 01207 509446 Our experienced staff are always pleased to assess your requirements and advise you on the best cheap annual travel insurance policy we have available Back to our main cheap travel insurance page Specialised travel insurance needs Over 65 Even if you are over 65 we can meet your cheap travel insurance needs for to 365 days away or 93 days a trip for annual travel insurance So if you are over 65 more information about our travel insurance for the over 65 policies terms and conditions including cover for medical conditions Over 70 When over 70 cheap travel insurance is still available for up to 365 days for a single trip winter sports or annual travel insurance for 93 days a trip Further information about over 70 travel insurance is available with instant quotes and buy online Over 75 Still no problem the over 75 can still obtain cheap long stay travel insurance for a year and winter sports covers It doesn t matter if

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance/cheap-holiday-uk.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Travel insurance Quotes: Travel insurance policies from B Portwood & Co ltd
    can take quite a while as we are very thorough in assessing your needs especially if you have any pre existing medical conditions or are going to be doing any dangerous activities As an insurance Broker we aim to offer a wide range of travel insurance policies to meet your requirements whatever they may be So whether you want the cheapest cover need winter sports or skiing or other high risk activities are a student wanting gap year insurance or are a senior citizen oap pensioner who is finding it hard to obtain cover maybe because a direct insurer won t cover you because you are over 65 over 70 or over 80 or maybe because you have health problems or medical conditions then please contact us Whether you are travelling to the UK Europe Australia America or USA worldwide need a single trip or an annual multi trip policy or even a long stay cover because you are visiting relatives then call us on 01207 509446 we are only too pleased to discus the various insurer providers make a comparison of cover and recommend the best policy Over 65 We specialise in providing over 65 travel insurance quotes We

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/travel-insurance/quote.htm (2016-02-12)
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