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  • Landlord Buildings Insurance - cheap quotes with Portwood Landlord Insurance
    unlike residential house insurance are still on a sum insured basis rather than on a bedroom basis b The Location Obviously damage due to theft is of importance but if the property is located on a flood plain in an area prone to subsidence or exposed to high winds then the premium will be more expensive and c The type of tenant property occupied by professional people have a lower moral hazard compared to those where the tenant is unemployed or put in by the Local Authority or Housing Association You can compare all these factors on our quotation system There are other factors for buildings insurance such as the age and type of property but these are minor Generally a rate of about 1 00 per thousand would be regarded as competitive for professional tenants but it could be three times that for property occupied by DSS referrals Contents insurance You may also be wanting landlords contents insurance to protect your goods in the home You should note that this will not cover the tenant s contents It just protects the furnishings you provide Unless the property happens to be a flat e g the flat may be insured as part of the whole block under a block policy we cannot cover contents on their own Since we are brokers we have access to specialist policies that provide a standard amount of cover under the policy whilst others allow you to include a suitable amount If you are in doubt for insurance purposes what are buildings and what are contents a useful rule of thumb is to assume that anything that you may wish to remove from the property should you leave would be contents and that which would be left should be regarded as buildings Other information on landlords contents insurance Please note that there will be a maximum sum insured available on most policies and that again unlike home insurance valuables and expensive articles may be excluded This is because most insurers expect that a landlord will only be providing basic but sound furnishings in the home Insurance of HMOs Homes of multiple occupation Although not needed for insurance you may need to have a property licence You may be aware that a property licence is required for landlords owning properties where more than two householders live together You can read about the new property licence laws online The legislation brought into effect by the government from April 6th 2006 meant that any landlord which lets a property which is considered a house in multiple occupation now needs to have a property licence under certain circumstances A household is generally considered as members of the same family which live together or married couples A house of multiple occupations is generally any property which houses three or more households which share facilities such as the kitchen toilet or bathroom A note about the excess on an insurance policy The excess on an insurance is the amount to be

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  • Cheap Static caravan Insurance : Compare caravan insurance for your caravan
    based on a new Caravan purchase price which will exceed original cost Indemnity insurance policy based on the market value deductions made for wear and tear Sum insured probably reduced each renewal accordingly Re siting costs responsibility Caravan owner s are responsible include the cost or re siting removal of damage in the sum insured The costs should be included in the total sum insured but one insurer specifically requires information provided Caravan club Membership Some insurance companies recognise that caravan club members are more enthusiastic and thus more careful Fewer claims reduce the caravan insurance cost resulting in cheaper insurance Previous Caravan insurance claim free policyholders receive substantial no claims discount resulting in cheaper insurance premiums Taking an excess Cheaper premiums available by increasing an excess e g 200 instead of 50 or 75 However when you compare your insurance quote not every company offers discounts those that do may be more expensive We have caravan policies with NO excess for damage however minimum claim must exceed 100 see our quotation system Technically denominated in insurance parlance a franchise B Portwood Co Ltd B Portwood Co are insurance brokers based in North East England Caravan insurance is administered at our Consett office Established 1963 we believe in looking after customers and treating them fairly More information available by clicking our contact us link Office Addresses 44 Medomsley Road 145 Newgate Street Consett Bishop Auckland County Durham County Durham DH8 5HA DL14 7EN Links Static Caravan insurance introduction Cheap Static Caravan insurance Typical Static Caravan Insurance Cover Summary How to compare static caravan insurance Companies Providing caravan insurance which we use Ageas Insurance Company COAST Insurance Brokers CX Let Insurance Underwriting Agency EandL Insurance K Drewe Insurance Brokers Lloyds Insurance Mobile Homes Insurance Services Towergate Insurance Bakers Payment options The following payment options are available Cash if you visit our office or cheque no additional fee Debit Card Taken over the phone no additional fee Credit Card Processed over the phone 3 00 fixed fee Direct Debit Not available for every policy Interest depends on specific policy A general overview of static caravan insurance Although not required by law static caravan insurance is the sensible course of the prudent caravan owner A caravan can be a major investment with static models costing up to 100 000 and it makes sense to protect that investment against unforeseen loss or damage Even in the most secluded sites there is always the chance of fire breaking out or criminals breaking in to steal goods and personal posessions Selecting a suitable site to place the caravan is a major concern No doubt decisions will be made regarding the sites beauty and time taken to reach the site from home However the propinquity to desirable landmarks places of historic interest or access to the coast will no doubt take their place This leads us onto a key criteria for caravan insurance the likelihood of a claim having to be made due to the site being

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  • Collection of link details: trabsfer to landlord insurance and travel insurance
    no longer available on our website We have made the decision to specialise online with Landlord Insurance compare landlord insurance and find cheap landlord insurance Travel insurance for the over 65 Please call 01207 509446 or 01388 607105 if you

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/le.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Landlord buildings insurance - rented property insurance
    landlords house or home Buildings insurance for Professional Let the occupier pays the rent on the home direct to the landlord This is the cheapest insurance policy Subsidised Let the rental agreement is with the occupier but part of the rent is paid by another person such as the DSS This is not the same as Buildings Insurance for DSS Lets is more expensive as the rental agreement is between yourself as landlord and the DSS who have the right to change the actual tenant as and when they please Student Let The buildings are rented to several students Insurance is higher as the tenants are young know they will only live in the house very few years and probably don t have the same respect for the buildings as the landlord Buildings Insurance for Bed Sits let on short term contracts frequently to multiple tenants and maybe including cooking in rooms rather than shared facilities The insurance premium quoted is higher to reflect the increased risk Buildings Insurance occupied with asylum seekers is amongst the most expensive insurance policies as this is a variation of a DSS let as the agreement to let the property cannot be between the landlord and the asylum seeker Insurance is available for holiday homes in the UK and overseas We differentiate whether the holidayhome is for just your own and friends family or is let out on a commercial basis We can offer quotations for holiday houses both in the UK and abroad France Spain Eire Cyprus and Portugal on our quote engine To obtain your insurance quote Maximum buildings sum insured 500 000 Maximum contents sum insured 50 000 Click here for higher sums insured Quotes landlord contents insurance Holiday Home Insurance Buy to Let Insurance Unoccupied Property Insurance About Us B

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/landlord-building-insurance.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Landlord Insurance comparison of policy covers
    needbe Policy Benefit AUL CX Let Ageas IGI Letplan MMA Prestige SAGIC UGM Usure Vasek Zurich Accidental Damage No Optional Optional Optional Optional No Optional Optional Optional No Optional Property Owners Liability 1 000 000 1 000 000 2 000 000 2 000 000 5 000 000 2 000 000 2 000 000 2 000 000 5 000 000 2 000 000 Loss of rent Yes 20 20 20 30 20 20 20 20 20 Employers Liability not covered 10 000 000 10 000 000 10 000 000 No 10 000 000 10 000 000 Minimum Excess 100 00 100 00 100 00 100 00 NIL 100 00 100 00 75 00 125 00 100 00 50 00 100 00 Full cover between tenants 30 days 31 days free then additional Flat roof maintenance Every 2 years every 5 years Previous Claims 2 1 000 2 1000 5 000 Legal Expenses Available Available Available Rent Guarantee Available Available These features are those that apply for professional let property The benefits terms and conditions vary if the property is unoccupied or let to other forms of tenants Other notes Prestige have a 2 500 arson excess CX Let have stringent safety

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/landlord-insurance-policy-comparison.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Long Stay Travel insurance over 65 for travellers going to America, Europe, Worldwide and Australia for a long stay
    insurance rates for the over 80 Travel insurance existing medical conditions The policy includes many optional extras and there is medical screening to cover pre existing conditions It is pretty cheap for short stays as well 81 85 2 weeks in Europe No Excess 49 42 Worldwide Inc USA Canada 87 40 100 excess No Excess 96 14 59 43 medical cover only with a 100 excess Long Stay Travel Insurance over 65 quote and buy online Rating Factors Why cheaper The following explain why long stay travel insurance is cheaper than standard contracts Pre booked accommodation probably not needed on long journeys Resulting cancellation costs limited Independent streak resulting with hazardous dangerous sports activities insured separately Typical staying reasons for long time visiting parents offspring gap year travel Voluntary Service Overseas including teaching Lower baggage costs travelling light Results Premiums cheaper proportionately for long journeys than standard travel insurance BUT benefits reduced Policyholder s Age Availability of long stay travel insurance depends on policyholder s age Upto 45 Some cheaper backpacker insurance policies also quote compare insurance rates above Example Gap Year Upto 65 normal insurance rates 12 or 18 months maximum duration Example Career Break Over 65 See above for 12 months travel insurance cover up to 85 inclusive Over 85 13 Weeks Worldwide 5 months Europe Insurance with no upper age limit subject to travel period Regions Premiums for long stay travel insurance depend upon regions visited Insurance for occasional travel in higher rated areas maybe covered through stopover benefits Europe Mainland Europe Including Russia West of Ural Mountains Mediterranean Islands May include Canary islands also North African Countries bordering Mediterranean i e Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt Israel Lebanon Syria Not Guaranteed Comparison quotation system includes automatic adjustment for each insurance definition of Europe Australia New Zealand Obviously Australia and New Zealand a long journey Check Insurance wording includes stop over cover if intending short break elsewhere Probably required Medicare registration on arrival Worldwide Anywhere other than American Region Short stays in America en route e g South America Mexico could be allowed America United States of America probably Canada Caribbean Countries Long trips expensive especially elderly Again compare cheap prices online with travel insurance quote system Medical Conditions Pre existing medical conditions disclosure compulsory Results from insurance comparison include screening line Travel length may result in higher insurance costs especially covering severe illnesses heart attack stroke Better terms for milder conditions cholesterol mild diabetes Hazardous Activities Check insurance includes hazardous activities on long trips Examples bungee jumping white water rafting or even just casual work abroad Winter Sports activities ski ing heli ski ing luge tobogganing snow zorbing snow kiting etc cost extra Suggest an Adventures Insurance Policy covering dangerous sports etc for limited periods B Portwood Co Ltd B Portwood is an Insurance Broker based in Northern England Two offices 44 Medomsley Road Consett 145 Newgate Street Bishop Auckland Long stay travel insurance is arranged at Consett Office Telephone 01207509446 during normal office hours

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  • Backpacker travel insurance
    policy wording itself Since many activities may be undertaken on a one off basis it is unfair that the total premium for insurance should be affected just for one day An adventures insurance is available to cover specific high risk activities and can be arranged separately from the principle insurance Return Home Option Some backpacker travel insurance policies allow the policyholder to return home during the course of the gap year before parting on a second leg of the trip The summaries below provide information as to those insurance policies permitting return European Area This varies depending on the travel insurance but generally Europe Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belgium Belarus Bosnia Herzegivina Bulgariam Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Inc The Faeroes Also included may be Egypt Estonia Finland France Inc Corsica Georgia Germany Gibralter Greece Inc The Islands Hungary Iceland Ireland It extends to Italy Inc Aeolian islands Sardinia Sicily Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Morocco Netherlands Norway Inc Jan Mayen Svalbard Islands Poland Finally Portugal Including The Azores The Madeiras Romania Russia European San Marino Serbia Montenegro Including Kosovo Slovakia Slovenia Spain including The Balearics Canary Islands Sweden Switzerland Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Vatican City and the UK are included Worldwide EX USA Area Insurance covering anywhere in the world other than the USA Canada The Caribbean Mexico With some stopping over in the USA etc for a short period en route yet remain insured Travel Insurance to America Policies are available to cover students studying in America needing insurance See our America Travel Insurance web page for further information America is the one region where the traveler may wish considering buying some better gap year policy to cover their medical expenses further Australia and New Zealand On arrival in Australia and New Zealand it is

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  • Buy to let property insurance - UK properties only
    to let property insurance One unavoidable expense of a buy to let property is the insurance premium to cover the bricks and mortar as well as your property owner s liability You should also consider having a legal expenses insurance policy as well to cover legal problems with your tenants We offer a range of buy to let property insurance products online so you can obtain competitive quotes Before you can purchase your buy to let insurance policy we will confirm the quotation and send you details of the products so you can decide if the buy to let insurance product is suitable for your demands and needs Quotes landlord contents insurance Holiday Home Insurance Buy to Let Insurance Unoccupied Property Insurance Our Buy to let proeprty insurance products can cover Professional lets agreement between landlord and tenant tenant pays rent Rent assisted lets agreement between landlord and tenant rent subsidised by the DSS Placement lets agreement between landlord and DSS or housing association who select the tenant Bedsits including cooking in rooms rather than shared cooking facilities Student lets property let to several students Asylum seekers Unoccupied property pending sale renovation to be let out or moved into Holiday

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/buy-to-let-property-insurance.htm (2016-02-12)
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