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  • Positive – A Charity, Education and Public Sector Digital Agency. | Digital Agency | Websites | Digital Strategy | UX | Bristol
    as normally the country s own Bible Society is the key public contact point However UBS have ambitions to become more visible having greater presence as the over arching organisation whilst raising funds for individual country programmes The key objective was to increase website interaction and improve brand awareness through the use of easy to find relevant and engaging content The organisation had recently moved to Salesforce and had experience with using and developing in Wordpress so were very keen to find an agency who could understand the nature of the challenge they face undertake the necessary design and development and deliver the critical Salesforce integration The Solution Stakeholder interviews were undertaken with individual societies across every represented continent and denomination This made sure we avoided cultural pitfalls and differences including the use of denomination specific artifacts to broadly demonstrate a Christian faith As well as cultural considerations the website also needed to attend to each of the 146 individual Societies themselves with every one having an appropriate level of representation on the website User denominations socio economic demographics and geographical locales were researched and considered for all tasks on the site For example in Western Europe users requesting a

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/work/united-bible-societies (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – We heart integration: four tools not to ignore
    alerting you to this specific forecast Set up a free account in seconds and start discovering what else you can do Zapier Similar to IFTTT this simple tool exists to connect the apps you use automate tasks and get more out of your data Known as Zaps each integration allows you to set up automated tasks such as updating documents in DropBox or saving contacts into your email lists Zapier has recently announced a major upgrade to multi step Zaps making integration between a range of different tools including Slack Mailchimp and WordPress even easier You can try it free for 14 days Talend open studio This tool works in the same way as Zapier or IFTTT but focuses on getting the most out of the personalised technology you are using so it works really well with open source technology Basically it allows you to get data from a source such as your CRM and put it somewhere useful You can do pretty much anything with it Download it for free and start learning more from the online community Drupal feeds module Specifically for integrating data into a Drupal CMS this module aggregates and imports external data such as csv

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/237 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – Five reasons the death of Internet Explorer matters
    way since then And that s why on 12 January 2016 Microsoft ended support for older versions of IE The last version of the browser will be IE11 as Microsoft moves to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 So what does this mean for those that manage websites Your security is at risk if you don t upgrade The biggest risk of not upgrading your browser to a newer version is security because there will be no security updates made to the old retired versions of IE This will mean you could become vulnerable to malicious software if you continue to use these older versions I expect to see big companies drop support for them very quickly There will no longer be a support network for older versions Microsoft themselves take advantage of HTML 5 in their office 365 product and state it works best with modern browsers If you stick with an old version of IE you may find yourself gradually excluded from the tools and services you use online Websites will need to be tested in IE11 and Edge Most home users will have automatic updates and antivirus set up on their PC If they don t have automatic updates their antivirus will warn them that they are using an unsecure unsupported browser If your website audience is home PC users they will mostly quickly update This means you ll need to test in IE11 and Edge if you aren t now Organisations can provide better online experiences YouTube one of the world s most visited websites doesn t work in IE8 The increase in mobile use has pushed modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to set higher expectations for web users This upgrade will allow web owners to embrace modern web technologies such as HTML 5

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/236 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – Digital trends for charities in 2016
    reasons Digital collection boxes which actively put donors in control of data and channels of communication could be the key that unlocks happy engaged and generous supporters Online offline online Cultivating relationships offline is important for online success says Marie Campbell Deputy Programme Director at Greenpeace UK Finding ways to bring your audience into the heart of your real world activities can deepen their connection with you as an organisation It can encourage people to do more give more care more Not only that if you re a campaign organisation finding ways to bring your supporters faces words and voices to your target s doorstep can have a visceral impact on decision makers beyond what s possible in the solely digital sphere Personalisation The online experience brands can offer their supporters is increasingly personal Diabetes UK now provides content that is relevant to the user s type of diabetes their age and diagnosis date Said Dajani head of digital at Diabetes UK has been exploring how much control they can and should offer users over this process Trialling personal online journeys has been central to our digital strategy to ensure people with different types of diabetes can find information that s relevant to them In the future we will be looking into personalising regional content giving people local information based on their postcode Developing digital trust Recent reports by the Charities Aid Foundation suggest the blockchain could revolutionise charitable giving and help to rebuild the public s trust in charities Damien Austin Walker head of digital at vInspired agrees This new technology is about much more than bitcoin this model of a decentralised digital record could have huge implications for online trust and transparency It can provide a foundation for concepts including smart contracts and autonomous validation of all kinds of transactions including transfer of assets or even volunteering time Some charities have begun to use the bitcoin in their fundraising and I ll be looking at how vInspired and the sector can take advantage of the blockchain in 2016 Virtual reality vs virtual fiction Ashleigh Adair head of digital strategy at Forster believes the potential for charities to use virtual reality to offer access to the people and causes they re working for is a trend not to ignore People are becoming numb to fundraising that uses traditional content to tug at heart strings Augmented and virtual reality gives non profits the technology to reconnect with people by giving them an immersive experience that triggers the empathetic brain Imagine being able to transport yourself virtually to a loved one in hospital to offer them comfort or to experience what it s like going through everyday life for someone who suffers from anxiety for example Emailing smarter Our old friend email is anything but dead Rhiannon Sullivan UK director at Care2 will explore the ever increasing ROI and impact for email in 2015 and the importance of email when developing your digital strategy Rhiannon says Email is action orientated not

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/235 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – Three tips for choosing technology for charities
    a group of charity digital experts recently as part of our new report looking at technology choices for charities Experts agreed that despite suppliers drawing you in with extra features and functionality there are disadvantages to getting too invested in one system As Chris Thorn Head of Digital at British Heart Foundation explains If you have discrete systems that talk to each other it s easy to update or replace one rather than doing it all together Here we look at how you can use some of the key recommendations from our new report to help you when implementing new technology Break it down Many organisations understand the scope of digital technology and the impact it can have on how they deliver services Yet it can still be easy to think of technology as one large project Whether it s integrating new tools with legacy systems or introducing task orientated technologies it s important to be clear about what you want the technology to achieve You can then create smaller project based teams that work closely with suppliers to ensure change is managed effectively and user experience is put at the heart of your decision making process Choose the best Once you know what you want to achieve you will need to identify the right technology Technology is always evolving so it could be tempting to stick with a platform you know well but we all agreed that you must always review new tools against the competition and choose best of breed for individual tasks or areas Our report highlights some of the popular technology choices among charity digital leads so it s worth taking a look Make it work for you You need technology platforms that speak to each other Everyone agrees that integration issues are inevitable but you

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/234 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – Three reasons to get excited about WordPress Calypso
    care 1 It s integration heaven Calypso has been entirely built on JavaScript including both the client side the bits you use and the server the bits that do the work The interface uses the WordPress com REST API to integrate with WordPress core Meanwhile the traditional wp admin tool is built in PHP What this means for the end user is it s built to load an admin page and submit it to make changes Until now WordPress has always been PHP 2 You can make edits in real time from your phone Because Calypso uses REST API s it means you no longer need to load pages to make changes it s so responsive you can administer it from your phone And it s real time you see your changes reflected immediately as you edit no refresh needed 3 You can take advantage of it right now If you run your own WordPress site you just need to install the jetpack plugin and download and run the code from their Github repository all the instructions are there Perhaps the most exciting option is the desktop application although it s provided for mac only at the moment you can

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/233 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – And The Drum Network Awards nomination goes to…
    blog has been nominated for both Charity Campaign Strategy of the Year and Social Media Campaign Strategy of the Year Meanwhile Send a Cow s Lessons from Africa hub for teachers is also up for Charity Campaign Strategy of the Year We re happy to be recognised by The Drum as industry leaders alongside some of the best creative talent out there We focus on delivering effective solutions for our

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/232 (2016-02-18)
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  • Positive – Pick 'n' mix: a guide to technology choices for charities
    easily but pinpointing which technology provides the best most cost effective solution is a different matter The reality is there s no single right solution or approach when it comes to choosing your digital technology So where do you start That s where our new report comes in Pick n Mix a guide to technology choices for charities developed with CharityComms We surveyed 74 digital leads working in the charity sector on the technology they use and the challenges they face Then we took these findings to a team of digital experts from The British Heart Foundation Diabetes UK The Children s Society Arthritis Research UK and more to share case studies and recommendations for choosing digital technology Our experts identified six recommendations for choosing digital technology What s clear throughout the report is that if your organisations are to get the most from their technology digital teams must be more involved in these decisions They are often in the strongest position to demonstrate how your organisation can use technology to meet its organisational objectives This guide covers all this and more including Planning a digital technology project Personalising the supporter experience Mapping customer journeys Digital s potential to use

    Original URL path: http://www.positivestudio.co.uk/blog/231 (2016-02-18)
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