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  • P&PMB: Events 2014 - Eightieth Birthday 1
    the Upper House Stephen Michael Paul Adam Adam Fiona and Felicity Timothy James Rosalind Charlie Will Conny Mike s photo Felicity Charlie Will Charlie and James Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo Grandma Patricia Mike s photo Conny Adam and Rosalind Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo Pat with Will Mike s photo with Conny Paul and Nicky Mike s photo Paul Nicky and Stephen Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo Patricia with her Daughters in Law Mike s photo Rosalind with James Charlie and Timothy Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo Fiona and Adam Mike s photo Mike s photo with Conny taken by James with Felicity and Conny taken by Timothy and Charlie with Will and Felicity Mike s photo with Conny Mike s photo with James Mike s photo with Rosalind Mike s photo with Nicola Mike s photo with Adam and Fiona Mike s photo ready for the re seating Mike s photo Mike s photo Mike s photo The required speech Mike s photo Another birthday cake Mike s photo Spectators for Will juggling Mike s photo Conny learning Mike

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  • P&PMB: Winter Holiday with Skiing 2014 1
    day Garmisch Partenkirchen January 2014 Ailien George Irmgard Pat Christa Ottger Holleschek Franz Slemr Karen Jaeger Horst Jaeger and Jana Slemr Ise and Volker Mohnen Skiing in Hochgurgl January 2014 with Christopher Gwenda Advent figure The annual jigsaw from our window centre the Hoher Mut Skiing again skiing with Klaudia Moelzer Metz Klaudia Pictured by Klaudia photo Klaudia Moelze Metz The glacier from the Hohe Mut photo time an admirer

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/skiing/skiing_2014/skiing_2014.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Grand Union Canal 2014 1
    rains came The bank lined with yellow flags Entering the tunnel at Husband s Bosworth Looking back to the entrance Looking North to the exit Welford Church North again The mooring above Foxton Locks The top of the Foxton Flight The dismantled Inclined Plane Distance table The Plane and the Leicestershire countryside The tracks showing the stagger between one set and the next Museum Model 1 Museum Model 2 The

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/boating/boating_2014_Grand_Union/boating_2014.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Northumberland 2014 1
    B Tide s out Grey Heron in the Aln The bridge over the Aln The Northumberlan Coast Path Walk to Warkworth Alnmouth Cowslip Orchids Bluebells Star of Bethlehem Warkworth Castle May 2014 across the town River Coquet The Castle The Keep The Little Stair Tower and the Lion Tower To the sea and Coquet Island The kitchen in the Keep Linhope Spout and Hedgehope Hill The Cheviots May 2014 The road from Hartside with Rhododenrons Linhop Spout Looking down from the top Hedgehope Hill Spring Lambs Bluebells and Gorse on Brough Law Alnwick Castle and Gardens May 2014 Hotspur Pottergate The castle An early Percy The Keep The china corridor in the chapel a late Percy The Aln Bridge The Alnwick Garden in the town Barter Books in the old Railway Station Gateshead May 2014 The Milennium Bridge opening open boat traffic closed The Newcastle High Level Bridge from the Baltic The Swing Bridge The High Level Bridge from the Millenium Bridge The Sage Gateshead from the Millenium Bridge Cleaning the Sage The Baltic Museum of Contemporary Art From the Baltic the Millenium Bridge opening for show open From the Baltic the Sage Forbidden to photograph Art Kittiwakes nesting The

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/holidays/2014_Northumberland/Northumberland_2014.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Bayreuth 2014 1
    spring Fulda The Schloss The Dom Michaelskirche The Schlosspark The Orangerie Bamberg The Alte Rathaus with the crowds The Dom The Bamberger Reiter The Altes Rathaus Bayreuth to attend Wagner s Ring Evening arrival Dressed for Das Reingold with Wagner The Rhinemaidens The Giants The cast of Das Reingold Fanfare How the auditorium is cooled in Bayreuth Altes Schloss Altes Schloss Ludwig overseeing with Pat the renovation of Haus Wahnfried The Hofgarten Neues Schloss The old opera house Redstart Kunstmuseum Marcello Morandini Altdrossenfeld the storks with baby dressed for Siegfried Rain before Siegfried The Eremitage the Cascade A show of perrenials Mon Plaisir The lower fountain under repair The Pagoda on the Schneckenburg The new palace from the Pagoda The Neuesschloss The fountains Exhibition by local artists Snoozing over tea Waiting to tour the Altesschloss The vestibule with fountains Schloss Fantasie with the Garden museum model the rear the Schlosspark Black swans The end of the Ring With Klaus Bucher and other Ring companions Karlovy Vary The Hotel Romance Pushkin The thermal centre The earlier spa Art Deco The Colonade The church Upstream from the spring Cycle time trial toiling up past the hotel The Opera House The funicular railway setting off looking down The summit station peacock goat in the mini zoo pigs Goal of a forest walk Diana observation tower The Thermal spa from the tower the restaurant Down again trains crossing Dresden Firework Display at the end of the Altstadtfest Crowds on the river terrace in front of the Festung the Cathedral and the Residenz Our hotel on the Neumarkt Martin Luther Kunstakademie The river front and Frauenkirche The Frauenkirche The Kathedrale and the Residenzschloss from the promenade Sparrow The Kathedrale Modern Pieta Modern memorial Semper Opera House The Stallhof outer wall the Inner court The Zwinger

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/holidays/2014_Bayreuth/Bayreuth_2014.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Events and Living 2014 79
    Winter Skiing Boating Northumberland Bayreuth This browser does not suport the iframe tag Trick with the new phone camera Previous Index page Next Click thumbnail for a larger picture Click large picture for next one Image Canon Powershot 210 IS

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/events/events_2014/IMG_9420_103.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Christmas 2005
    school looks like she succumbing to her very practical love of horses and trying to do veterinary work Sarah Stephen and Conny s eldest has moved over from a Realschule to the Gymnasium in Düsseldorf where she is prospering despite all the extra work while Timmy her brother is now making his way through primary school as well as playing a lot of football In Jakarta James and Charlie Michael and Nicola s two youngest sons are thriving in the English school and seem to be engaged in a lot of after school activities William the oldest is making his way at Malvern we watched his amusing performance as Sancho Panza in the school play and we have put him on or off the plane home a couple of times Our own boys seem to acquire ever more responsibility in their respective jobs and our daughters in law seem to be doing a great job in keeping their families active and happy The family downside is that we actually see so little of them all although we have managed to see everyone a couple of times this year We ourselves have had some nice holidays some in connection with work and some not At various times we have found ourselves away in Hochgurgl Ladir CH Munich Bremen Valencia Manchester Leeds Madeira Garmisch Partenkirchen Buxton Urbino Llandudno Kuala Lumpur Jakarta and Borneo The last is very much in our minds since we were able to visit Mike s family in Indonesia first and then take a holiday in Sarawak and Sabah The greatest impressions were proboscis monkeys on a mangrove beach orang utans in the jungle as well as at a conservation park staying at two lodges in the jungle with the opportunities for bird and wildlife watching and picking up

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/archive/Christmas/xmas_2005.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Christmas Letter 2006
    We had seen the family earlier in the year when we called on them briefly in Indonesia Later we spent most of a week in the summer with Nicky and the boys on what turned out to be a working holiday helping clear the attic in preparation for selling their house in Banchory We ended up as familiars at the local tip and charity shops The family were able to call on us briefly and enjoyed the aerial adventure at Trentham Gardens to the full The highlight of the Düsseldorf year was Timmy s first communion It was a nice service followed by a lovely party for family and friends Conny has her hands full with the children Sarah is tall and although not yet in her teens already seems a young lady Timmy works and plays hard and is perhaps too passionate about the result of the football matches he plays in a trait he shares with his similarly red headed cousin Charlie The family visited us in the summer and we had a grand time together at Alton Towers A new addition to Rosalind s family in Peterborough is Ginny a mare which Felicity has bought She has ridden Ginny with some success in several horse shows and Ginny is the object of much love and attention However she has a down side it takes a lot of effort to look after her a burden which falls increasingly on Rosalind as the work for Felicity s Baccalaureate cranks up Felicity also got some remarkable GCEs Fiona is now in her second year at Bath she is enjoying student life to the full but is also doing well at her Mathematics so much so that she has opted to extend her course to a fourth year to take a Master s degree I must say we felt our age when Fiona brought her charming boyfriend Adam to visit us in the summer He is also a mathematician Unfortunately things will be a bit subdued in Peterborough over Christmas since Rosalind s Dad died unexpectedly in November Paul gave a lovely and much praised appreciation of his late father in law at the funeral service One new family aspect in September we visited both Frank and Ivy Ted and Doreen Peter s brothers and their wives at Towcester and Taunton They are all appreciably older than us but they keep reasonably well and are all remarkably cheerful and positive We used the opportunity to scan some pictures of them and their families which have been added to the web site The highlight of our own year was an extended visit to New Zealand in the winter here We toured both Islands and also visited Stewart Island staying mostly in bed and breakfasts These are run by wonderful people so one has the chance to learn a little bit at first hand of what life is like there Three highlights staying with Kathy and Dennis Dixon in Nelson an overnight cruise

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/archive/Christmas/xmas_2006.htm (2016-02-18)
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