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  • P&PMB: on the Flandre 1961 1
    the Quayside at New York with John Bohemen and his wife who took us The Flandre Undocking the Flandre emerging into the Hudson The Alice Moran one of the three tugs The Cunard Quay with the Mauretania The US Lines Quay with the Empire State Building At sea A threatening sunrise at sea Stephen partying on the Gala Night photo commercial approaching the Isle of Wight the Mauretania last seen

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/boating/boating_1960/boating_1960.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Cambridge, 1957 - 58 60
    not suport the iframe tag Previous Index page Next Click thumbnail for a larger picture Click large picture for next one Image Edixa camera scanned negatives reduction Photothumb top of

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/events/events_1957/1957_nn_44t_Thames.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Garden 2015 1
    crocuses Primroses in the border Hyacinths Mother s Day present April 2015 The driveway weeded and sanded The first red Amarylis Expanding May The first orange and white Amarylis Expanding May running amok on show Forsythia Tulips The rear aspect of the garden and in the sunshine in May Cherry blossom White Rhododendron Berberis Japanese Maple Pond Buttercups Courgettes just planted out on the older compost heapin May Broad beans growing in May Bluebells The crimson Rhododendron with bluebells fully out and glorious Apple Blossom The Cherry outside the house Flowering cactus Mini rhodendron in the rockery The Tree Peony in all its blowsy glory The new pink Rhododendron Easter Cactus The Singapore orchid about to flower again The final amarylis flower last of about 25 blooms The newer rhododendron Allium by the compost Wisteria The front bed with a prominent maple Flag Lilac the Pineapple starting to grow again Cactus Flower Rose Munstead Wood Allium A very blue flag Poppy Foxglove The final rhododenron Ann Boleyn Clematis Through the arch Peonies Another flag Renovating the Shed July 2015 Windows repaired shed creosoted Complete with flowers Peonies Climbers The purple Elder Rugosa Hedge Emma Hamilton Speckled Wood Cactus in bloom

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2015/garden_2015.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Re - Roofing 2014 1
    stage replacing felt laths tiles and guttering Part of the Apple Team Chris Mark and AJ modern conveyor for the new tiles inside view Mark Extra scaffolding to repair the newly discovered problems with the flat roof View from the roof Newcastle and the potteries Berne Avenue and our car Intrepid phtographer AJ removing the edge of the old flat roof The owner Chris the boss at work The Apple

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2014_roofing/garden_2014_roofing.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Garden 2013 1
    job and more Amarylis A new orchid and more Amarylis Pelargoniums Garden poppy primulae celandines Forsythia May 2013 Horus enjoying the evening sun and still more Amarylis June 2013 The red Amarylis Bromeliad flowers at last Easter Cactus late Japanese Maple Photinia Kalanchoe Flowering cactus July 2013 hot weather Peonies Flags Delphiniums Drinks under the Willow Idyllic weather at home Elder purple Rose Queen of Sweden Rose Pat Austin Fuscias

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2013/garden_2013.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Garden 2012 1
    of the month Forsythia April 2012 The cleaned and sealed drive the team Camelia Berberis Skimmia Easter Cactus A further riot of Amarylis Red replanted tulips Now we have the red Amarylis Tulips in the sun May 2012 The Olive Tree putting on new shoots The sole red rhododenron white rhododenrons in profusion bluebells in the rockery The garden in good order The colourful Japanese Maple Rennovating the fence sectins removed replacements the repaired section Tony helping with the painting The painted fence Simon cutting back the hedge the hedge cut back the work force Pat Tony and Simon at liesure cleaning the pond June 2012 broad beans lettuce potatoes Japaense Maple Wigelia Aqualegia Clematis Lilac Tree surgery June 2012 The Ash and the Willow The willow from the field Tom Broad arriving Removing the Ash Tom Broad at work almost done a break for Tom Broad left and his colleague feeding the remains into the wagon removing the top The Willow after thinning the Ash is gone from the field Delphinium dark blue only lightly rendered Rhododendron orange poorly rendered Cactus flowers Rose Queen of Sweden Rose Belle Epoque Rose Korresia Rose Pat Austin Clematis Another cactus flowering Mistle

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2012/garden_2012.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Garden 2011 1
    riot of Amarylis Alium first poppy Peony magnificent for the first time in years Phlomis Delphinium New rose Ann Boleyn June 2011 New rose Queen of Sweden June 2011 Redcurrants July 2011 Blackcurrants Juliette Potato Harvest Broad beans Beetroot July 2011 flowers Emma Hamilton new Hydrangea Hostas Dahlias Delphiniums Clematis Clematis Orchid a new bloom on a flourishing old plant new rose Pat Austin Dahlias quite remarkable Pineapple growing slowly

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2011/garden_2011.htm (2016-02-18)
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  • P&PMB: Garden 2010 1
    2009 Breakfast al fresco Allium pansies Driveway newly cleaned the red Amarylis June 2010 with four plus two blooms cutting back the grass on the stones pond irises blue irises roses blue iris new rhododendron Japanese Maple the Pineapple harvested Camelia at last June 2010 Rose Hedge in bloom oranges lemons solitary water lilly July 2010 orchid new flowering second spray Hydrangea August 2010 Cleaning the pond August 2010 Peter

    Original URL path: http://www.ppmborrell.co.uk/family/garden/garden_2010/garden_2010.htm (2016-02-18)
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