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  • Preference Trusts and Wills Ltd - Wills and Trusts Specialists
    We can help you with all the essential professional services that you may need in respect of Wills Will Trusts Probate and Estate Matters Deeds of Variation Funeral Plans and Funeral pre payment Enduring and or Lasting Powers of Attorney Co Habitation Agreements Parental Responsibility Business Shareholder and Partnership Agreements Business Property Agricultural Property Relief Trusts Inheritance Tax mitigation including transferable Nil Rate Bands for Estates of Widows and Widowers Estate and Succession Planning Lifetime Trusts Asset Preservation Trusts Pilot Trusts Secure Document Storage We will visit you at your home or at your place of work whichever is most convenient for you Our initial exploratory meeting is without cost or obligation We will review your current situation We will ascertain your objectives and what you feel is important to you and your loved ones We will analyse this information and then return to you and present our recommendations in writing We will also provide you with written confirmation of the fees required for us to undertake the actions that we have recommended to you You do not pay any fees unless you go ahead with at least some of our recommendations Take a moment to read What do our

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills - Why are we here?
    of the population have the provision they need in place when they need it From the research we carried out when we set up our service there are five main reasons for this Apathy many people can t be bothered unless the subject smacks them in the face Metaphorically speaking of course Everything will be okay don t worry about it what s on TV tonight Procrastination many people know its important but there is always something more urgent And usually far less important I ve been meaning to do this for years but I m far too busy with my origami classes The Inconvenience of visiting someone during office hours many people mistakenly believe that they need to visit a Solicitor an Accountant or a Financial Adviser during office hours to get advice in this field It will cost me time and money before I even get any advice and you know that there s nowhere to park or I m not wasting my valuable lunchtime Ignorance most people do not understand Inheritance Tax the Rules of Intestacy and Trusts Most people do not even know on what basis they jointly own their home Or what it means to them We ve got that joint tenants in common thingy or which of their assets will and will not form part of their estate upon their death Our mortgage protection will pay off our mortgage won t it This lack of knowledge even applies to many Accountants many Solicitors and many Financial Advisers Do you know Do your advisers know Denial Fear self denial and fear of death and therefore an inability to cope with any issue surrounding it Don t talk about it you ll tempt fate Yet although obviously not a causal link it is interesting to note

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills - Testimonials
    Hove January 2011 I would definitely recommend Preference Trusts Wills Limited to other like minded people AK Hastings December 2010 Andrew Williams was always happy to explain everything more than once so we felt we were able to ask questions at anytime and anything we needed explaining was done so The meetings were not rushed and the service we received was very professional and honest with all documents sent to third parties in a timely manner We have already recommended Preference Trusts Wills Limited to a family member and shall continue to do so NS and JS Kent June 2010 We have referred our son to Preference Trusts Wills Limited and he has now become one of your clients He is also very pleased with the service you offer WD Eastbourne March 2010 The initial meeting was very professional and we felt we had plenty of time to go through all our questions Everything was explained very well and our calls were always returned We feel very comfortable and secure that we have made the right decisions regarding our finances Mr Mrs C Kent November 2009 You made us aware of affairs that we did not know existed We would certainly recommend Preference Trusts Wills Limited to others NH and SH Hastings August 2009 Thank you again EG Rye June 2009 We found the meetings to be professional but not impersonal friendly but not familiar All the advice and explanations given were clear and have enabled us to protect assets that would otherwise have attracted a tax liability We have recommended Preference Trusts Wills Limited to friends and we always welcome the updated advice and guidance we receive GW and DW East Sussex May 2009 Andrew Williams displayed incredible patience knowledge and advice superb We are happy that Preference Trusts Wills Limited are keeping us updated of changes that may affect our estate and are keeping our Wills updated We have already made a recommendation to people we know Mr Mrs B London January 2009 Very clear explanations and good guidance for two novices Mr Mrs T London November 2008 Many thanks for all the help and attention you have given us It is much appreciated MG and CG Eastbourne August 2008 Andrew Williams gave a very detailed and comprehensive explanation of a subject I had virtually no knowledge of There was no attempt to talk down to me and all issues were addressed in a completely open manner We feel that most of the residents of South Ferring could benefit from the services of Preference Trusts Wills Limited where the property prices are well above average and the average age is in excess of 65 LA Ferring July 2008 Meetings were friendly and things were explained in an unhurried and easily comprehensible way Many points were raised which I hadn t thought of and I felt that I had done all I could to make all my wishes plain to my beneficiaries I found it particularly good that the

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  • Why choose Preference Trusts & Wills?
    permission to do so We draft all our clients legal documents We do not outsource to a third party for such a service We take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously and welcome the spirit and the objectives of the Data Protection Act This is another measure we are committed to which will provide you with further peace of mind We do not charge by the hour After our first meeting with you we take time to analyse the information that we have gathered We prepare our full written recommendations which are set out in a simple to follow yet accurate and detailed manner We have found this to be very important considering the potential complexity of the solutions that we are proposing We calculate the fees that we require in order to undertake our recommendations and we detail the fees at the end of our written recommendations We do not charge by the hour and we do not charge percentages of what you own Our fees are entirely dependant upon the volume and the complexity of the work that we would need to undertake for you in order to for your objectives to be achieved We then visit you for our second meeting to go through our recommendations We make sure that you are in an entirely informed position before you make the decision for us to proceed and therefore before you incur any fees All our advice to you is provided in writing We consider that the provision of advice in writing is an essential element of providing an advisory service It is your permanent record of your circumstances at the time of the advice provided It evidences the advice given This is an invaluable protection for you and for us One of our Top tips for financial success in life is to always ask for confirmation of verbal advice in writing If a professional adviser is not prepared to confirm their advice in writing it begs the question why We can keep your affairs up to date in the future One of the many unique elements of our service to you is our Private Client Scheme For the incredibly small cost of 3 50 per month Per couple if you are one and per person if you aren t we will provide you with the following benefits A Safely storing your vital Documents Independent storage of all your important legal documents including your Will Powers of Attorney Life Assurance Investment and Pension Policies Shareholder or Partnership Agreements and even private letters and photographs We store these in specialist document storage with our Regulatory Body The Society of Will writers and Estate Practitioners who are based in Lincoln B Helping your Executors and Trustees In the event of your death we will meet your Executors Trustees and Legal Guardians If required to help them in undertaking their roles This meeting is at no further cost to them or your estate We know that these meetings have been

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills Ltd - Essential Reading
    your business affairs No body could make any business decisions for you and this could have a terminal affect on your business and create vulnerability in respect of any assets that you own One of your family members would probably take up the responsibility of applying to the Office of the Public Guardian for authority to do so and this would be costly and time consuming If no body that you know is willing or able to apply for such authority the Office of the Public Guardian will appoint someone to act for you who is in effect a Civil Servant In this event they have the power to be funded via your assets The same applies to all Personal Welfare issues such as access to medical records or decisions about the care that you receive although your Medical Practitioner would take responsibility for some of these issues The only way of avoiding this mess is to have the appropriate Power of Attorney arrangements in place ready to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in the event of such a misfortune occurring We can help you create this provision to ensure that matters would be handled in accordance with the any legally binding conditions and non legally binding Less restrictive guidance you would wish to include You would not be granting any power to anyone today Just giving the powers you select to the Attorneys you select at the time that they may be needed You can also alter your arrangements in future subject to you retaining the mental capacity to do so Perhaps you now understand the necessity of having such arrangements professionally drafted for you and the peace of mind our clients have after having done so How can you make sure that your children will inherit even if your spouse partner marries or cohabits with another party after your death Most people we meet who are married or living together have children and have written a Will have left everything to each other and then everything to their children in the event of both their deaths It seems logical doesn t it However what they don t realise is that by leaving all the assets directly to each of them without any Protective Trust arrangements they are potentially disinheriting their children unintentionally If the survivor remarries and does not seek professional advice to modify their arrangements the survivor s new spouse may be the main beneficiary of all the assets accumulated during the first marriage Thus disinheriting the children from the first marriage Many Widows Widowers and Divorcees are in this position and they don t even realise it Mature children or representatives of children If such children are minors approach us very often after the death of their parents asking us what they can do The answer is that they can challenge the distribution of the Estate This is very costly very time consuming and potentially very damaging to the relationships of all concerned There is also no guarantee of success The position is similar and sometimes worse for those parents who have not written a Will We can help create the right Protective Trust arrangements in the event of the first parent s death to help ensure that a proportion of the estate is secure from claims from any future spouse future partner or indeed other creditors of the survivor whilst still allowing the survivor access to such assets during their lifetime Every family should at least consider such arrangements as many of our clients have Who will look after your children if you died whilst they were still children If the parents of a child have been married at any time then they both have what is referred to as Parental Responsibility for their child This means that they are both considered equal Legal Guardians of the child except where there are Residence or other Court Orders in place to change such automatic rights Therefore in the absence of such Court Orders amending the rights of the parents in the event of the death of one parent whilst the child is still a minor the surviving parent is automatically the Legal Guardian even if the surviving parent lives elsewhere and has not seen the children for some time However in the event of the death of both parents whilst the child is still a minor and in the absence of a valid Will no body has the legal right to look after the children and no body has the legal right to look after the assets that may be left for the child This situation creates some of the most damaging disagreements within families as to where it is best for the child to live Ultimately the Courts will decide who has the right to look after the child and who has the right to look after any assets left for the benefit of the child If the family cannot agree the Courts will appoint a public official to take on such roles All this can be avoided by the parents choosing and documenting in a professionally prepared Will who they wish to look after the child and who they appoint to look after the assets for the benefit of the child Even when we see clients who have made such provision they usually choose the same people for both roles yet as the roles potentially conflict with each other a professional will advise a client to separate the roles and choose different people We also see that sometimes people choose a couple as the selected Legal guardians This again is something a professional would advise a client against Imagine if the selected Legal Guardians were to separate and disagree about whom the child was to live with All these issues can be resolved with the right professional advice and an effectively drafted Will How can you build a Family Trust which can benefit your children but also pass on to

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills - Ten Tips for Financial Success in Life
    you choose we would urge you take action today 4 Never a borrower or a lender be Try to avoid borrowing money unless it s to accumulate wealth Borrowing usually means that somebody is selling you money for a profit Only borrow what you can afford without future increases in income Always seek independent advice about borrowing and protecting the payments and the outstanding sum in the event of death loss of income and serious illness or accident Always be very cautious If the borrowing is to purchase a particular item Can you save the money and wait If it s appropriate is that item insured against going wrong Imagine still having a debt for something that is now useless Consider the following Lets say your interest costs each month on avoidable borrowing e g Credit Cards or Store Cards is 250 00 Lets say you earn 25 00 per hour after Income Tax and National Insurance For ten hours every month you are working to provide profits to a lender What else could that money be spent on Could you have benefited by following 1 and 2 above or 6 and 8 below Try to avoid lending money whenever possible too Lending money can sour relationships and if it s not paid back when agreed your financial welfare may be damaged as a result I m not saying Never I am saying be cautious 5 Give to a cause that matters to you Once a year try and give your time to a charitable cause that s close to your heart Don t limit what you give to society by donating small change and by paying taxes Although do that too of course give your time mount a challenge it doesn t have to be running a marathon but give your time or your expertise the value you give and what you gain as a person can both be immense 6 Only use services that have been recommended to you by someone you trust and respect When you need to seek advice about anything ask three people Let s call them your referrers whom you respect for the names and contact details of experts in the required field Tell your referrers what you are doing Check with your referrers that its okay to mention their name and if it is Talk to all those who have been recommended to you and tell them who recommended you to them Compare them all ask to check out some of their work if appropriate and only then make your choice Once you have found a good adviser or service provider in any field keep their details Build a database of quality people to use in future Not only for you but also for all your friends and family If you visit the Links page on this website you will find many of my recommended information websites my recommended professional advisers and my recommended service providers Also remember services and people can change

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills - Useful Links
    Club www businessbreakfastclub org uk BBC British Broadcasting Corporation www bbc co uk MoneySavingExpert com www moneysavingexpert com The Finance Planning Group www financeplanning co uk Peter Neal Pensions www peternealpensions co uk Independent Mortgages 2 www independentmortgages2 co uk Informed Financial Advice www informedfa co uk Beaneys Design www beaneys co uk HMRC www hmrc org uk Land Registry www landreg gov uk Office of the Public Guardian www

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  • Preference Trusts & Wills - Contact us
    Contact us Preference Trusts Wills Ltd Innovation Centre Churchfields St Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN38 9UH Telephone 01424 858291 Email info preferencetrustswills co uk Company Registered in England Wales No 06040771 Registered Office 74 London Road Bexhill On Sea

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