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  • Promotional Pens From Promotional Plus Ltd
    but not nasty For exhibitions mass mailings and bulk giveaway products nothing can beat cheap promotional pens for the right balance of cost effectiveness and stay out of the bin usefulness Cheap prices don t have to mean nasty quality not with modern manufacturing and printing methods You can choose from a whole range of styles and colours retractable or twist actions and all suitably branded Yes this is the wonderful world of promotional pens It s not just plastic that s fantastic At Promotional Pens co uk we represent a number of leading pen manufacturers from all over the world and offer much more than plastic giveaways Our promotional pen range also covers metal pens rollerballs wooden pens executive pens highlighters pencils and accessories All can be branded and you even have the option of engraving on many of our metal pens And we re delighted to bring a range of eco friendly promotional pens to the UK market that are made from recycled biodegradable or sustainable sourced materials We also offer a full range of other environmentally friendly stationery products Promotional pens give you more scope From budget plastic pens to Parker pens eco pens to highlighters whether you re looking for promotional pens for your next event or engraved executive gifts for your best customers you ll find a range of promotional pens to fit the bill With high quality promotional pens from premium names like Parker and Sheaffer promotional pens really aren t just for give away promotions they can be well appreciated corporate gifts with a perceived value far greater than their actual low cost Promotional pens cost less Few other forms of marketing offer so many opportunities for promoting your brand and getting your message across at such low cost Low manufacturing costs and bulk buying mean promotional pens start from pennies not thousands of pounds Technological advances have also brought the cost of custom printing down considerably to within even the most modest of marketing budgets If all that wasn t enough competition in the mailing industry has also cut delivery costs so you can get cheap promotional pens delivered to your door for much less than even a few years ago Promotional pens are a recognised step in marketing Promotional pens have and continue to be the UK s favourite promotional gift choice When it comes to planning the build up to a corporate event or starting up a new business it s promotional pens more often than not which figure in the marketing plan Just as business cards have become an integral part of business so it is with promotional pens for those in the know When a marketing promotional strategy calls for budget maximising brand awareness building it s promotional pens that many marketers will rely on time and time again Promotional pens fit with most brands target audiences The real beauty of promotional pens is their broad appeal to a wide audience and how well they fit with almost

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  • Artwork Guidelines
    Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image and is measured in dpi dots per inch Bitmap images are displayed on a computer screen at a resolution of 72dpi but for printing purposes the resolution needs to be much higher at 300dpi Common bitmap formats include jpg bmp tif png tif psd Vector Images These images are composed of a number of individual scalable objects which are defined mathematically rather than by pixels Vector images are not resolution dependant and can be resized without loss of quality Their main disadvantage is that they are not suitable for photo realistic imagery Common vector formats include Adobe Illustrator ai CorelDraw cdr and the universally accepted eps Printing Methods Screen Printing Screen printing is the oldest most common printing method used in the industry A screen consists of a mesh with a photosensitive coating which is exposed to a bright UV light through a positive film The unexposed areas are then washed out and ink is forced through it with a squeegee The process needs to be repeated for each colour The main advantages of this process are that it enables pantone colours to be matched and it is ideal for single colour designs particularly with large solid areas of colour including metallic colours such as gold and silver Initial set up costs are relatively low making this process particularly suited to small print runs Screen printed tints will appear as visible dots because of their coarseness at 50dpi Please keep tints in the range 30 70 maximum We would recommend full colour printing for large areas of tint or very fine detail as these do not screen print well Designs with very tight registration may not be possible with this process Pad Printing Pad printing is similar to screen printing and was developed to print on 2D and 3D objects It is used on unusual shaped products such as USB flashdrives computer mice and pens where the barrel is not suitable for screen printing An etched plate is used to transfer the image onto a soft flexible silicone pad and then to the product Ink coverage is excellent and the pad can be wrapped around a product as much as 180 degrees This process prints one colour at a time and registration between colours is generally good The main advantage to this process is that it is suitable for curved or unusually shaped objects that would otherwise be impossible to print on Fine intricate lines and half tone images can be reproduced using this method and it is also sometimes possible to get an accurate double hit to reinforce the intensity of colours Transfer Printing This method is used when it is not possible to print directly onto an item The design is colour separated and each colour is printed onto a special carrier sheet which is then cover coated to hold the image This is then applied to the item of choice using water or heat The main advantages

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  • About Us
    Thanks to our connections with leading European pen manufacturers and bulk importers we think our product range is unbeatable in this market Family run and UK based Being based in the UK is good for our business and yours Not only do we speak your language literally and in business terms but we bring a strong family ethic to our work This means we re trusted and valued by our customers and regularly receive encouraging feedback about the service we provide Whatever s happening in the world of UK business we ve got our finger on the pulse and are ready to adjust our products or prices to remain not only competitive but confident that we re the best A comprehensive catalogue Whether you re looking for low cost plastic ballpens or expensive executive fountain pens we ve got both and everything in between From twist action retractable pens to eco friendly and biodegradable pens we ve got literally hundreds Not only that but we know our stock and pride ourselves in the ability to quickly match the right pen to your promotion Even down to the ink colour Part of a wider promotional family Our customer buy more pens than pretty much any other item so it made sense to create a dedicated website where you can easily find the best match for your promotion But pens are actually only a small part of what we can offer Our main site promotionalgifts com boasts an impressive catalogue of branded gifts for literally any prospect any brand and any occasion If after browsing this site you decide that a pen isn t the right gift you re certain to find what you re looking for on promotionalgifts com See for yourself Established as trusted suppliers of all things branded for

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  • Promotional Plus Ltd
    Metal 1 00 to 3 00 Prestige Rollerballs Novelty Multi Function Mix n Match Highlighters Markers Pencils Parker BIC Pens Pencils Sheaffer Pens Pencils Senator Pens Prodir Pens Lecce Pens Pencils Cross Pens Contact Us Promotional Pens co uk part of Promotional Plus Ltd PO Box 357 Fleet Hampshire GU51 5XT Tel 01380 715470 Email sales promotionalgifts com Company reg no 7505073 VAT no 109 3163 34 Registered office 44

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  • Shopping Cart
    0 00 Retreive a quote Category Navigation Plastic Cheap Plastic Mid price Full Colour Eco friendly Metal under 1 00 Metal 1 00 to 3 00 Prestige Rollerballs Novelty Multi Function Mix n Match Highlighters Markers Pencils Parker BIC Pens Pencils Sheaffer Pens Pencils Senator Pens Prodir Pens Lecce Pens Pencils Cross Pens Shopping Cart is Empty You have no items in your shopping cart Please continue shopping 2013 Promotional

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  • Personalised Plastic Pens
    ten distinctive colours this printed pen also has a matching Learn More from 0 14 Min Qty 250 Curvy Argent Ballpen Its easy to see why the Curvy Argent is one of our top selling promotional printed pens The satin silver body is a trustworthy background for your brand which can be further emphasised by the Learn More from 0 14 Min Qty 250 Curvy Digital Ballpen The incredibly popular Curvy promotional ballpen now looks even better with stunning full colour digital printing possibilities For a great promotional gift this attractive and Learn More from 0 26 Min Qty 250 Absolute Extra Ballpen If you are looking for promotional pens offering fantastic value for money you wont find better than this Absolute Extra ballpen Featuring a large printing surface on a clean white barrel Learn More from 0 16 Min Qty 250 Absolute Colour Ballpen Available in a great range of 9 bright colours to suit your brand this Absolute Colour ballpen makes a great value marketing gift your prospects will want to use daily Featuring a Learn More from 0 16 Min Qty 250 Absolute Frost Ballpen Choose from a range of 8 funky frosted colours with this Absolute Frost ballpen and benefit from a very generous branding area on the barrel certain to draw attention to your message Learn More from 0 18 Min Qty 250 Absolute Argent Ballpen If you re looking for a stylish and durable promotional pen that offers excellent branding opportunities this Absolute Argent Ballpen must be seen Available in a range of 10 contemporary Learn More from 0 14 Min Qty 250 Panther Plus Ballpen Take advantage of some of the best value for money in the promotional products world with this Panther Plus Ballpen A large printing area means lots of exposure

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  • Mid-price Plastic Pens
    Ballpen is a perfect fit Boasting all the benefits of a traditional promotional pen this is Learn More from 0 37 Min Qty 250 Curvy Frost Stylus Ballpen If you are looking for a smart desirable executive gift with a twist choose this Curvy Frost Stylus promotional pen Boasting an eye catching curvy shape and a range of frosted colours Learn More from 0 37 Min Qty 250 Curvy Extra Stylus Ballpen Low cost promotional gifts for the digital generation don t get much better that this curvy extra stylus ballpen With its attractive curvy design and choice of 4 strong colours for the Learn More from 0 37 Min Qty 250 Curvy Touch Stylus Ballpen Bringing the printed pens concept firmly into the 21st century this curvy touch stylus ballpen makes a practical marketing gift your prospects will want to use daily Cleverly designed so Learn More from 0 37 Min Qty 250 Carlton Gel Ballpen Promotional pens don t offer much better value for money than this Carlton Gel retractable pen Featuring a generous print area on the smart white barrel this pen also benefits from a chrome Learn More from 0 25 Min Qty 250 Korda Ballpen With its double banded coloured detail this Korda promotional pen makes an eye catching and practical marketing gift your prospects will be pleased to receive Smartly finished in Learn More from 0 22 Min Qty 250 Racer Frost Ballpen The smart frosted barrel and clip of this Racer Frost promotional pen lends an air of sophistication to your marketing campaign and is beautifully finished by the chrome trim There s a Learn More from 0 22 Min Qty 250 Curvy Light Ballpen More than just a quality metal promotional pen this curvy light ballpen features a button activated light around

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  • Full Colour Printed Promotional Pens
    Min Qty 250 Spectrum Full Colour Ballpen Printed pens with at this kind of value for money are hard to find Features include full colour printing on the barrel a quality chrome finish push button action and a choice of eight vibrant Learn More from 0 25 Min Qty 250 Supersaver Foto Full Colour Ballpen If you are looking for a promotional pen that really makes an impression on your prospects choose this Supersaver Foto Full Colour ballpen With your eye catching full colour design Learn More Ask Us For A Quote Min Qty 500 Supersaver Foto Deluxe Ballpen If you re looking for the right combination of price and quality for your next promotional pen choose this Supersaver Foto Deluxe Ballpen Finished in satin white with smart chrome cone and Learn More Ask Us For A Quote Min Qty 250 Metal Wrap Ballpen with Chrome Trim This smart metal wrap ballpen with chrome trim allows you cover practically the entire surface with your logo message or design Using a full wrap full colour transfer print for the Learn More Ask Us For A Quote Min Qty 250 Metal Wrap Ballpen with Gilt Trim If you re looking for a printed pen that really stands out and is truly unique to your brand choose this metal wrap ballpen with elegant gilt trim Featuring a smart executive style Learn More Ask Us For A Quote Min Qty 250 Tri Click Ballpen Available in white with a choice of three strong cone and push button colours this Tri Click promotional pen makes an excellent brand communicator and is a great choice for your next trade Learn More Ask Us For A Quote Min Qty 250 Abacus Full Colour Ballpen Do you need advertising pens with more space for your brand or message

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