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  • Finishing Touches - Property Concept
    like my own house many people now find that their homes are filled with thermostats from wall to wall As handy as they are they are far from pretty and the bright white plastic can sometimes be the first thing that people see This can easily be changed by covering the thermostat with a photo frame filled with your favourite family photo or memory By attaching a hinge to the back of the frame you will be able to move the frame away from the wall as and when you wish to change the temperature without anyone ever knowing the thermostat is behind the frame Hiding wires and bins can be the last worry for some home owners Teenagers bedrooms can be the biggest problems As your children grow up how do you make sure their bedrooms stay fun and relevant to them without going for the textbook teenagers bedroom with bright pink walls and loud bedding For the girls who love fashion treat them to a mega mirror and an ornate dressing screen this will double up as a nifty way to hide unwanted mess If your daughter has a habit of leaving her shoes here there and everywhere as mine does find yourself a glass fronted cabinet that you can keep the shoes in and also use them as a display to add character to the room For every sporty boy out there wanting a team themed bedroom there is a mother trying to fight against it Don t fear there is a middle ground between what you want and your son s passion To avoid the bright themed bedding that may only last a couple of months until your son decides that he doesn t want to support that team anymore purchase stripped bedding in the colours

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  • Property Concept TV Commercial - Property Concept
    process Let Letting property the process Investment Property Management Contact Property Concept TV Commercial 9 Jul 2015 Category Latest News Back to News Property News Request a valuation Sellers Guide RT chiefchemopony Willberry says a big thank you to PConceptBristol for sponsoring the willberry wonder ball Everyone check out amazing company Please RT 16th February 2016 12 02 pm Twitter Feed 21 Princess Victoria Street Clifton Bristol BS8 4BX Tel

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/property-concept-tv-commercial/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Big bugs in Bristol - Property Concept
    to Christchurch Junior School and they re developing an idea for a competition for the school We ll post more information when we have it and pictures to follow Look at this handsome grasshopper you can find him in the Zoo from the end of March to the end of the summer and he s located opposite the main lawn and on the left after the fruit bats on the way to get your coffee ice cream from the restaurant Did you know that There s about 18 000 different species of grasshoppers they re found almost everywhere in the world except for the colder Polar Regions Grasshoppers are amazing jumpers their long back legs can catapult them up to ten inches high in the air The team at Property Concept are committed to going that extra mile jumping through hoops to help you I have estimated that in our 20 years we have helped over 18 000 customers So you could say we ve had as many customers as there are grasshopper species we make no apologies for any bug and grasshopper puns for the rest of the summer We re so thrilled to be involved and looking forward

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/big-bugs-in-bristol/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Are you an accidental landlord? - Property Concept
    property to experts it will reduce the stress Know your legal obligations By law there are several legal obligations which all landlords must adhere to These include things like ensuring any deposits are placed in a government backed tenancy deposit scheme and ensuring that the property you re letting is safe A reputable agent like us will guide you through all of this shameless plug for business Get a proper tenancy agreement Regardless of who you are letting to it is essential that you write a clear and legally binding tenancy agreement This is the contract between you as a landlord and your tenant s which lays out the terms and conditions of the tenancy e g duration rent late fees etc Do a proper inventory Before letting your property it is a good idea to take a full inventory In the frankest terms if it s not on the signed inventory then your tenant s will not have to pay for any damage to or loss of that item We suggest that you take photos and or videos of the property itself and any items you are including as part of the tenancy down to the last throw rug At the beginning of the tenancy you should ask your tenant to sign the inventory to confirm that everything that it lists is both present and in the stated shown condition You should also give the tenant s a copy of the signed inventory Switch over responsibility for utilities payments Ensure that all the utilities gas water and electricity etc are transferred into the name of your tenant s and make sure you state their responsibility for payment of utilities in your tenancy agreement Know your rights and the rights of your tenant s You need to make sure that

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/are-you-an-accidental-landlord/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Silver landlords to use pension pots to buy property - Property Concept
    expected to lead to a boom in silver landlords as those reaching retirement opt to invest their money in property From April 6 dubbed Pension Freedom Day people will no longer be forced to convert their pension pots into annuities Instead they will be able to withdraw their money in one go and spend or invest it as they wish The change is expected to lead to a rush of people aged over 55 who invest their pension savings in property This will be great news for Bristol where there is a huge diverse range in reasons to live here from students to people wishing to retire in this vibrant energetic city Pensions could be used to purchase investments to accommodate for their student children grandchildren or a retirement city dwelling I am watching with great interest and will keep commenting If this is something that interests you please get in touch with us as we d love to help Call us on 0117 9706119 Kind regards Tracy Robertson MNAEA Managing Director Property Concept Category Tracy Robertson Back to News Property News Request a valuation Sellers Guide RT chiefchemopony Willberry says a big thank you to PConceptBristol for sponsoring the

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/headline-here/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Downsizing the NEW trend - Property Concept
    new of course but the way we think about it and attempt to achieve it has changed There has been a backlash against conspicuous consumption and we re seeing a new understanding that true luxury is comfort solace and connection So we re paring down simplifying and editing Homebuyers no longer think of a house in terms of resalable so now they turn their backs on the formal dining room living room and two story foyer they used to find necessary to appeal to the next owners They just want what they need for their own family For the first time in my memory the formal dining room has become a multi purpose room It can be a home office a library and a downstairs bedroom Also the downstairs bathroom is now becoming a full bath so with the flexibility you now have a first floor master suite very desirable today With assisted living costs being so high aging parents move in with their children The added benefit is that these grandparents can help care for their grandchildren That s the way it used to be And it makes sense today too The new smaller home can also emphasizes outdoor living spaces like never before he adds and attic spaces are super insulated to provide good storage So today s small house often isn t less costly than the bigger one but buyers can accept that as long as they re spending their money on high quality design and features including those that cut utility costs Also if you build smaller you can spend money on higher quality materials and features Downsizing can be satisfying and exciting Suddenly less importance is given to possessions So look ahead as it can be liberating Simpler Is Better Small Is the New Big

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/test-news-post/ (2016-02-18)
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  • House prices to soar in 2015 with new pension rules - Property Concept
    5billion injected into the property market by people cashing in their savings From April 2015 the legal requirement to buy an annuity with pension savings on retirement will be lifted and many people are expected to instead purchase properties that they will rent out to provide an income in old age This will cause great change in all markets and could an exciting time for those selling and those want

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/hello-world/ (2016-02-18)
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  • We represent the 98% who will be better off! - Property Concept
    for us here at PC HQ the majority of our customers will be better off In yesterdays statement we were told that the new system will mean that in the same way as income tax rates apply only to the part of the property price that falls within each band when it is bought From 4 December this means No stamp duty will be paid on the first 125 000 of a property 2 will be paid on the portion up to 250 000 5 is paid for the portion up to 925 000 10 is paid on the portion up to 1 5m 12 is paid on anything above that So with the new system the Chancellor says if you are buying a property that is under 937 000 you will pay less which is great news Any more and will have to pay more Here s a summary of the savings based on property valuations Up To 125 000 No change 0 to pay 185 000 Old system 1 850 New system 1 200 Saving 650 275 000 Old system 8 250 New system 3 750 Saving 4 500 510 000 Old system 20 400 New system 15 500 Saving 4 900 2 1m Old system 147 500 New system 165 750 Loss 18 750 So in summary it s a great change for home buyers as long as the property you are buying is less than 924 000 The great news for anyone in the throes of buying a property having exchanged contracts already but not completed will be able to choose whether to use the old or the new system So if you want help in finding that perfect home call us and we d be delighted to help you be one of the 98 We

    Original URL path: http://www.propertyconcept.co.uk/we-represent-the-98-who-will-be-better-off/ (2016-02-18)
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