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  • Cilla Cameron | The Rug Studio
    Dyed Books Workshops Gallery How To Contact Cilla Cilla has been rug making for over 20 years in the UK and abroad now you can learn from Cilla how to make your own beautiful rugs and buy everything you need
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/ (2016-04-29)

  • Background | Cilla Cameron
    UK There are two traditional methods of rug making prodding and hooking each quite different in texture and technique It is fun to produce rich designs and at the same time help the environment by recycling materials and keeping this old craft alive Cilla holds the largest range of rug making supplies in the UK suitable for the beginner through to the experienced rug maker Take a look through this
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/sample-page/ (2016-04-29)

  • Frames | Cilla Cameron
    of gripper that keeps your hessian foundation taut and the tilt and turn to get a comfy hooking position Every Hookers dream The frame shape is your personal choice they both work very well N B with these frames you lay your foundation hessian over the gripper and gently stretch it over the frame and the gripper holds it in place making hooking much easier Rectangular Lap Frame 16 x 14 with gripper Non slip pad base tilts back to adjustable height base tray to hold tools gripper cover and folds flat for easy travel and storage 159 plus p p 15 Octagonal Lap Frame 12 wide fabulous foldable frame adjustable height and rotating frame It rotates to the left or right making hooking in all directions very easy It folds down to make it portable to carry 215 plus 15 p p Octagonal Lap Frame with Stand The frame can be used as a lap frame or it screws very easily onto the stand The stand is very sturdy with adjustable height The stand also folds down making carrying easy Frame and Stand 360 plus 15p p Punch Hooking Frames with Gripper holds Monks Cloth taut for punching any
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/frames/ (2016-04-29)

  • Hooks | Cilla Cameron
    cut material from 2 to 3 long by 1 2 to 1 wide When worked it gives a shaggy appearance No 1 Fine Hooks fine cut material or yarns 23 No 2 Medium Hooks material from 1 4 Steel hook or Brass 23 No 3 Large Hooks material from 1 2 Steel hook or Brass 23 No 4 Bronze Hooks fine to medium 23 No 5 Pencil Hook Hooks fine to medium Steel hook or Brass 23 No 6 Wooden Prodder 14 No 7 Steel Prodder 23 No 8 Bent Hook steel or brass 23 No 9 Spring Hook for Proddy 17 plus p p 3 up to 6 hooks Punch Hooking The Oxford Punch Needle Boxed with 32 page detailed instruction booklet and stitch gauge or Unboxed no instruction booklet 8 Regular and Fine 9 Regular and Fine 10 Regular and FineHook 13 Fine 14 Fine Boxed 25 each p p 3 up to 6 Hooks Unboxed 21 To making punching easy it is essential to have your foundation very taut in a frame You may find your gripper lap frame suitable if you have one Or the Punch Gripper frames are ideal It is best to punch into
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/hooks/ (2016-04-29)

  • Cutting Tools | Cilla Cameron
    including shipping Standard cutting cassettes 3 to 10 125 and 11 and 12 165 all including shipping Long cutting cassettes 165 including shipping Aults Wool Fabric Cutting Machine Cutting Machine screws clamps onto table NEW Aults Wool Fabric cutting machine comes with your choice of cutterheads ranging in sizes from 4 10 This machine easily produces accurately cut wool strips The cutterhead is a drop in lift out piece that can easily be changed in seconds Cutter prices include shipping No 1 one machine comes with 1 cutterhead size of your choice plus carrying bag 365 Aults universal fabric cutting heads This is the cutterhead that fits the Aults wool Fabric cutting machine It comes in sizes 4 10 This is a drop in lift out cutterhead no tools are required to change cutterheads Cutterhead prices including shipping 115 each Cutterhead sizes Numbers 3 to 12 cut material to the following widths No 3 cuts 6 3 32 strips No 4 cuts 4 1 8 strips No 5 cuts 4 5 32 strips No 6 cuts 4 3 16 strips No 7 cuts 4 7 32 strips No 8 cuts 3 1 4 strips No 8 50 cuts 2 5
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/cutting-tools/ (2016-04-29)

  • Rug Kits | Cilla Cameron
    Kits 1 Beach Huts and Bunting Kit 12 x26 includes pattern hand dyed hosiery to hook the design instruction booklet 31 95 p p 5 95 2 Beach Huts and Bunting Kit 12 x26 includes pattern hand dyed hosiery to hook the design Hook instruction booklet 48 00 p p 5 95 5 Beach Huts and Bunting Kit includes Hessian pattern 26 x15 Hook hand dyed wool material information booklet 85 00 p p 8 95 1 Mad March Hares Kit 30 x45 includes Pattern Hook and instruction booklet 33 p p 3 2 Mad March Hare Kit 30 x45 includes Pattern Spring Hook for Proddy instruction booklet 31 p p 3 1 Chicken in Cherries Kit 36 36 includes Pattern Hook and instruction booklet 33 p p 3 2 Chicken in Cherries Kit 36 36 includes Pattern Spring Hook for Proddy instruction booklet 31 00 p p 3 Doodle Rug Kit includes Hessian Pattern 22 x31 Hook 1 Yard of Hand Dyed Wool Instruction Book 65 00 p p 8 00 Bunting Kit includes Pattern on hessian 10 pieces 2 of each pattern 8 1 2 long x 6 1 2 wide Hand dyed hosiery material Information Sheet Kit
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/rug-kits/ (2016-04-29)

  • Rug Patterns | Cilla Cameron
    a pattern size of 17 x 28 plus a 4 border overall size 25 x 36 Mad March Hares 30 x 45 14 50 p p 3 Rooster 30 x 36 14 50 p p 3 Chicken in Cherries 36 x 36 14 50 p p 3 Chicken Run 25 x 28 15 50 p p 3 Miriams Mat 17 x 28 14 00 p p 3 Chicken Spots 21
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/rug-patterns/ (2016-04-29)

  • Dyeing | Cilla Cameron
    Dye Kit Easy guide to dyeing includes Dye booklet 3 dye spoons and 10gms each of Black Blue Red and Yellow dyes Price 22 00 p p 3 Dye Spoons Set of three measure 1 32 1 16 1 8 Price 10 50 each p p 3 Dyes Set of four acid dyes 20gms each of Black Blue Red and Yellow dyes Price 12 00 p p 3 Home Background
    http://www.ragrugsuk.co.uk/dyeing/ (2016-04-29)

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