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  • How to maximise the potential of packaging design » Reach
    the product or variety If you have more than a couple of skus listed make sure the differences between them are very clear to the consumer give them a reason to buy not only their usual variety but also to try a new one Clear front of pack differentiation is crucial make it clear what the similarities are between products and just highlight the differences and just use small blocks of colour to highlight these differences provide benefits for each variety as the reason to buy don t let the consumer have to work this out for themselves because they don t have the time to bother Think beyond the supermarket or online environment what about when they get it home or start using it when out and about This is where packaging can really affect brand loyalty and repeat purchase You have the opportunity to subtly influence the consumer to form a stronger bond with your brand by designing packaging that empathises with the way they use the product For example is it easy to store image courtesy www mykitchentable co uk Is your pack format stackable Do the front or top faces carry a product descriptor too or is that just on the front face that is often hidden when stuffed into a cupboard shelf or fridge image courtesy of www fdin org uk Is it easy to use There s been some interesting innovation in the soup category recently with New Covent Garden Soup finally acknowledging that their old fashioned tetrapak format was not gaining them any fans and have introduced an easier to use screw top Tesco have launched a neat little innovation to what has become a standard clear plastic pot format for the category by introducing a little pouring spout subtle but thoughtful If

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  • Blog - $s
    of packaging design 11 months ago Design Many brand owners realise that their product s packaging is a powerful tool for communicating with their consumers and of course to actively sell their product Read More Sitemap Reach 2016 caroline reachbrands

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/archive/2015/05/26 (2016-04-24)
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  • From client to consultancy - the myths dispelled » Reach
    the consultant to be part of crafting the brief http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Its not rocket science jpg Myth 3 I could do that myself if I had the time Consulting is just basic common sense This myth is in part true You could probably have a damn good go and get to a half decent solution But I bet it wouldn t be the best most competitive solution Let s assume for a moment that you do the work yourself There are three key factors which I can guarantee would significantly compromise the solution you come up with You won t necessarily have the lessons learnt from a hundred other projects with similar problems that can be applied as consultants can You will default to what you know from your day job and struggle to push and probe things with a fresh perspective Much of the value consultants bring lies in their objectivity by analysing a problem and proposing a solution in a way that could not have been done in house You will have the depth of thought but what consultants can bring is the breadth the ability to draw out new sensible and insightful conclusions from the data you have typically always viewed through the same lens or unearthing brand new insight through unique methodologies You may fall at the last hurdle when it comes to selling your solution upwards Consultants have lots of experience with stakeholder engagement they know where in the process it tends to go haywire and how difficult sales have been overcome in the past Also their neutrality means that they have a valuable role to play in marshaling the support of stakeholders within the clients organisation Tips Draw on your consultant s experience and learnings that they have from the wide array of other projects they ve worked on question them as much as they question you There may be some golden nuggets they can share with you Use consultants to convince executives who you know you are going to struggle to accept an internal point of view http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Losing Money jpg Myth 4 Surely I am being fleeced can it really cost that much When I was a client I often used to evaluate the value I was getting purely based on the end result the deliverable I conveniently neglected to consider how much time and effort it takes to get there The reality is that the value a consultant delivers to a client mainly comes from the work behind the scenes and this should not be underestimated In my experience so far many projects go over budget at the expense of us the consultancy firm because we are always questioning and interrogating everything so rigorously to be sure we have thought about all of the options Despite the fact we do this every day because no project is ever the same you are never certain how long things will

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/2/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Blog - $s
    side to Reach I found lots of little surprises when switching places I thought it would be fun to expose some of the myths I had about consultants when I Read More How to run a successful internal ideation workshop 12 months ago It is possible to run your your own successful ideation workshop Just remember there is a direct correlation between the quantity of good planning and preparation and

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/archive/2015/05/15 (2016-04-24)
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  • How to run a successful internal ideation workshop » Reach
    attendees Good energy http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Measurement Web jpg Pre agreed measurement criteria Works best when You create and get approval of measurement criteria prior to the workshop Good measurement criteria will help ask the right questions before an innovation is taking forward or discarded For example does it align with the business priorities and strategy Is it a good fit with the brand values Great for not getting bogged down with lengthy measurement criteria discussions in the workshop thus spending more time generating great ideas http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Competitive Web jpg Create a competitive spirit but not too competitive Works best when you have a prize to play for and introduce at the beginning of the session or each exercise Think carefully about what you want to reward as it will set the tone for the day and effect the output you get is it volume of ideas creative thinking embodying desired behaviour Great for focusing energy of teams in the right area http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Generate energy web jpg Generate energy Works best when You mix things up a bit Especially important for long sessions i e more than a couple of hours You don t have to carry out cringy icebreakers and energisers if you don t feel comfortable Try simple things like changing the environment swapping group facilitators around exchanging ideas with another team for development taking short breaks timing break out exercises with an egg timer Great for Keeping the team alive and generating more and better ideas Quality output http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Insight Driven web jpg Prepare consumer led problems to be solved in the workshop Works best when you move the starting point on from the workshop objective to focusing on more insight driven inspiring problems to solve So instead of How to fill the CleanMouth NPD innovation funnel with lots of great ideas you might try a selection of problems to solve for example How to make dental hygiene easier to maintain throughout the day and on the go How to make flossing easier and less daunting for CleanMouth consumers How do we help mums to get kids cleaning their teeth better for longer Great for Inspiring useful and relevant ideas Giving participants the confidence that their ideas are hitting the mark Structuring the session http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Visualise web jpg Visualise as you go Works best when invite a couple of designers or illustrators to your workshop to quickly sketch up ideas throughout the session If this feels like a luxury nominate a colleague who is good with a sketch pad and pencil Great for helping the group to quickly get and engage with ideas Developing ideas on slightly Understanding remembering what the idea was post workshop http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Secret measurement web jpg Secret voting on ideas to take forward

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/how-to-run-a-successful-internal-ideation-workshop/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How do you stop a good idea from derailing during the development process » Reach
    and say We shouldn t try to agree on XYZ now let s test this with consumers http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads image3 jpg Use consumers to test opinions and hunches Using consumers to prove and disprove theories is the most valid approach If used properly consumers will provide you with clear insight on why a theory is right or wrong This will give you valuable learning to take forward as an organisation Moreover consumers will build and add value to your hypothesis You might start with We cannot grow our brand any further in this market with our current product because some consumers just don t like it We need to launch something radically new and different But a consumer will be able to tell you I want to enjoy your drinks as they are fun and I like the flavours but because they are fizzy they make me feel too bloated and uncomfortable It s simple a lightly carbonated version or smaller portion would work better for me Issue 3 We are going round and round in circles struggling to get approval to proceed further but I have a feeling we are all aligned they just aren t quite getting it Visualise visualise visualise http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads Visual Brand Strategy3 jpg How will you know consumers or colleagues are visualising the right product idea in their mind if you are only using words to inspire them You are all probably making lots of assumptions about the size structure colour style opening and format of a product Not to mention the confusion about product features that just aren t being understood To ensure everyone is getting it visualise ideas quickly and roughly from the outset even at ideation stage and keep doing so throughout the process Words mean different things to different people They are also limited in their ability to bring a concept to life Visuals however are a great leveller With visuals you can be sure you are all talking about the same thing When colleagues see something visualised they have fewer niggling questions in their head are less self conscious of the assumptions they know they are making and therefore are much more likely to get excited about an idea and approve it for the next stage Visuals also help consumers to get it quickly and give them confidence to help build on an idea that s not quite there yet Issue 4 I am getting blockers from the cross functional team They re simply saying it will cost too much to produce But I suspect there is a creative way around the problem http www reachbrands co uk wp content uploads image5 jpg Involve stakeholders from the start Elicit problem solving behavior by bringing the feasibility delivery team into the process as early as possible especially at the ideation workshop stage People are much more likely to get excited about a product idea they have had or

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/blog1/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Blog - $s
    you stop a good idea from derailing during the development process 12 months ago The trick is to anticipate the following familiar issues at the beginning of the process Read More Sitemap Reach 2016 caroline reachbrands co uk 15 Cotham

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/blog/archive/2015/05/13 (2016-04-24)
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  • Rocombe Ice Cream for Yeo Valley » Reach
    gave credibility in this market reflected it s Best of handmade British values and engaged super luxury ice cream consumers with it s original of playful innovation Project Scope Brand identity and packaging design Results Achieved 15 price premium Broke into the super luxury ice cream market Gained distribution in the lucrative London deli marketplace The new identity was so compelling and unusual it allowed us to gain significant new

    Original URL path: http://www.reachbrands.co.uk/case-studies/rocombe-ice-cream-for-yeo-valley/ (2016-04-24)
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