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  • What is Basic Life Support (BLS)?
    Council UK produces a set of guidelines for first aiders to administer Basic Life Support which will cover Safe management of an incident Dealing with an unresponsive breathing casualty recovery position Dealing with an unresponsive non breathing casualty CPR Chain of survival Dealing with a choking casualty both mild and severe back slaps abdominal thrusts Our 3 hour Basic Life Support course covers all of the above An extra hour

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  • October 2009 - Accredited First Aid Qualifications in the Workplace
    approved by a Qualifications and Curriculum Authority QCA awarding body The HSE and the QCA recognise that accrediting first aid qualifications for the workplace has a number of potential advantages They include linking first aid training for the workplace to other first aid and occupational health and safety qualifications delivered under national regulatory frameworks National Qualifications Framework NQF and emerging Qualifications and Credit Framework QCF These frameworks set out levels at which qualifications can be recognised It helps learners and employers make informed decisions about what qualifications they need in a wider occupational health and safety context linking first aid training for the workplace to wider recognised health industry qualifications introducing employees who may have missed out on earlier vocational training to the national framework through first aid training and encouraging wider training and education influencing the standards and quality of general first aid training through new training providers requesting approval This may have a positive impact on standards in the wider first aid training community Ref http www hse gov uk firstaid review nov07 htm The great news for Investors in People and anyone wanting to add recognised national qualifications to their CV portfolio is that we certify all

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  • What should be in a First Aid Kit?
    be As a guide where work activities involve low hazards a minimum stock of first aid items might be a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid 20 individually wrapped sterile plasters assorted sizes appropriate to the type of work you can provide hypoallergenic plasters if necessary two sterile eye pads four individually wrapped triangular bandages preferably sterile six safety pins two large individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressings six

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  • First Aid at Work - Needs Assessment & Case Studies
    for non employees Suggested numbers of first aid personel to be available at all times people are at work The above table of suggested numbers of first aid personel to be available at all times people are at work are given in the HSE First Aid at Work Guidance The Health and Safety First Aid Regulations 1981 Approved Code of Practice and Guidance 2nd Edition 2009 First Aid at Work Case Studies Case Study 1 An accountancy company have 25 employees in an office Manual work is limited to employees lifting small boxes The hours of work are 9 to 5 Having considered the possible illness and injuries that could occur the company decided to provide 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work training for their first aiders To ensure that cover was provided at all times the company trained 2 emergency first aiders The holiday rota system was adjusted so that only one first aider could book annual leave at a time Case Study 2 A school has a total of 40 teaching staff and pupils aged from 11 18yrs The staff are all young fit and healthy Some of the children suffer from asthma and staff regularly takes groups of children away on field trips To fulfil their first aid at work obligations the school decides to train 3 members of staff with Emergency First Aid at Work to ensure cover at all times The school is very conscientious and understands that they have a duty of care to all their children and also any visiting adults so they decide to run a basic first aid course on their next whole school inset day to ensure that everyone has the essential life saving first aid skills and knows how to manage illness They also send a couple of the geography teachers who run field trips and the Duke of Edinburgh s Expeditions away on a specialist Outdoor First Aid training course and the Sports teacher and rugby coach on a Sports First Aid course Specialist courses outside the field of First Aid at Work are regulated through the Qualifications and Curriculum authority Case Study 3 A retail store identified different areas of risk in different areas of the workplace The company identified that the office area only required EFAW first aiders but reviewing the accident records they identified that slips and trips had occurred in the store and a customer suffered a severe asthma attack last year The company felt that they assumed a duty of care when customers were on their premises so they decided to provide the 3 day First Aid at Work training course for their first aiders This ensured that the first aiders were trained to deal with the possible injuries and illness that could occur in the store and also provided adequate cover for the office To cover shifts and foreseeable absences the company decided to train 3 first aiders on each shift Case Study 4 A call centre employs 450 staff in

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  • Right or Wrong? - You must NEVER EVER remove someone's helmet...
    keep spare emergency inhalers Who can administer an adrenaline auto injector epipen to a casualty in an emergency Recognising Treating an Asthma Attack How to use an adrenaline auto injector like Epipen Jext and Emerade Right or Wrong You must NEVER EVER remove someone s helmet Coming soon React First Ltd 12 Cadogan Gardens London SW3 2RS e info reactfirst co uk Company No 7025568 VAT Reg 981 446985 Outdoor

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  • First Aid Requirements for Outdoor Instructors holding specific qualifications
    Guides The 2 day 16hr ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid fulfils the requirements for the following awards The links will take you to the specific requirements for that award Walking Group Leader WGL Mountain Leader Award Summer ML Mountain Leader Award Winter ML W Single Pitch Award SPA or Climbing Wall Leading Award CWLA Mountaineering Instructor Award MIA Mountaineering Instructor Certificate MIC International Mountain Leader Award IML as per Summer ML British Mountain Guide BMG British Association of Ski Instructors BASI Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme MIAS The 1 day 8 hr Basic Expedition Leader First Aid Course fulfils the requirements for the following awards The links will take you to the specific requirements for that award Climbing Wall Award CWA NOTE for the Climbing Wall Award ONLY the minimum requirement is that the course you choose should consist of eight hours of instruction should include an element of assessment and should cover basic life support and emergency aid Basic Expedition Leader Award BELA Clarification on what first aid qualification is suitable for the RYA React First s 2 day ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid includes both drowning and hypothermia making it suitable for those instructors not teaching on a coded vessel The RYA Royal Yachting Association First Aid advisor has given the following clarification on which certificates are suitable for RYA instructors Obviously their preference is for their instructors to have an RYA certificated 1 day course delivered by trainers with experience of teaching afloat However this certificate is not issued by an HSE approved organisation and so may have limited value away from the RYA situation If is it not possible to attend an RYA course then dinghy powerboat and windsurfing instructors not teaching on a coded vessel can attend any 1 day course provided that

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  • First Aid at Work - Everything you need to know
    Everything you need to know From understanding your legal obligations to conducting a first aid needs assessment and booking a course You can find everything that you want and need to know about First Aid at Work here If there is anything which you think is missing or which you would like further information about please don t hesitate to contact us React First has a sister site www emergencyFAW

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  • What is the new 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course?
    How do i know if i need to do an EFAW course The Emergency First Aid at Work training course is most suitable for small to medium sized low hazard workplaces For more information about how to determine whether the new Emergency First Aid at Work course is suitable for you we have advice about how to carry out a first aid needs assessment available here If you have any questions you can always call on on 0207 193 2608 for advice Emergency First Aid at Work course content Vital Signs breathing level of consciousness temperature colour Incident Management a systematic approach to managing first aid incidents Airway Management causes and treatment of unconscious collapse treatment for choking Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR Circulation Problems controlling external bleeding and treatment for shock Minor Injuries small cuts grazes and bruises minor burns and scalds small splinters Safe best practice minimise the risk if infection Record keeping recording accidents RIDDOR First Aid kits disposing safely of clinical wasteAwareness of current regulations Can you run a course at our workplace or do we have to send people to you We can run in house training at your venue for groups of up to 12 The cost of an Emergency First Aid at Work course is 590 vat which includes first aid manuals and certificates for all successful attendees which are valid for 3 years and which allows holders to act as Emergency First aiders in the Workplace in terms of Health and Safety Legislation You simply need a room large enough to not only seat 12 people but also to allow them to lie on the floor and be rolled around without bumping into furniture or each other React First also run Emergency First Aid at Work courses in London for individuals to attend For

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