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  • Rebound Biomechanical Lower Limb and Sports Injuries Clinic
    provide the accurate information required to effectively correct and treat their condition Video gait analysis Using video analysis to examine an individuals gait gait analysis highlights bio mechanical dysfunction and enables pinpoint corrective treatment Andrew Stanley The Rebound Clinic is owned and run by Health Professionals Council HPC state registered Podiatrist Andrew Stanley Andrew is an expert in all chronic biomechanical dysfunction injuries in the feet and legs i e injuries which occur due to abnormal or excessive motion of the structures in the lower limbs when moving around Mr Stanley is also the biomechanics consultant for Trail Magazine and the George Fisher outdoor group and regularly writes informative articles for both organisations Andrew treats all ages and activity levels but due to his own sports background and experience working in sports clinics in Manchester and Lancaster Andrew specialises in sports and activity related injuries As well as the different age groups he regularly treats varying standards of performers from recreational walkers to professional sports people The philosophy at the Rebound Clinic is that every step of the diagnostic and treatment process is precisely and specifically tailored to the individual patient s needs To this end Andrew conducts all clinical

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  • Chiropodist/Podiatrist treatments | Settle and Keswick | Foot Orthotics
    treatment goes something like If all else fails fit orthotics there seems to be no biomechanical methodology to this process and no guarantee of success just a sort of fit and hope attitude Some even charge for a consultation if a patient returns to inform them that the orthotics haven t worked This actually means that they make more money out of their failures than from any successful outcome Not very ethical but very good business At The Rebound Clinic we ONLY specialise in biomechanical dysfunction of the feet and legs nothing else and have done so since 1997 We do not attempt treatments we are not principally qualified to perform We do not sell you anything other than what you have come to the clinic for We never add a single penny to the costs quoted personally or on our website We don t send all over the World or even outside our own clinic for orthotics We do not move around to here there and everywhere same clinic location since 1997 What we do is what we re educated trained and qualified to do i e we specialise in the biomechanics of human movement in the legs and feet and the accurate correction of biomechanical dysfunction in these areas We only do what we re good at We only treat patients who we have a good chance of getting better We make all our orthotics on site for each individual patient We always make prototype orthotics initially to ensure success When we make moulded orthotics from impressions of your feet you are Guaranteed success We always do the utmost to assist all our patients no matter how long it takes with no impact on charges We never charge for follow up consultations regarding orthotics that we have fitted

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/thereboundpromise.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Chiropodist/Podiatrist Clinics | Leg & Foot Problems | Settle, Keswick
    comfort and performance Before pronated feet After fitting of corrective orthoses The overwhelming majority of our patients find our treatments completely successful due to the step by step method of treatment that we adopt see the flow chart below To find out exactly how successful see our testimonial pages For a listing of the types of conditions that we treat see our medical page Podiatry Podiatry is the assessment diagnosis and management of foot and lower limb related problems Podiatry is not yet as well known in the UK as in the USA where Americans typically consult their podiatrist So much so that a visit to a podiatrist is almost as common as a visit to the dentist Rebound s Logical Step by Step Approach to Treatment STATIC BIOMECHANICAL EXAMINATION Skeletal alignment checked lying sitting and standing DYNAMIC EXAMINATION Video Gait analysis on treadmill or simply walking TEMPORARY DIAGNOSTIC CORRECTIVE INSOLE MADE Using the information from the gait analysis an insole is produced and fitted while you wait CAST OF FOOT TAKEN If moulded orthoses is needed TREATMENT TEST PERIOD The diagnostic insole is worn for between 2 4 weeks after which a review takes place either in person or by ophone depending on distance travelled Diagnostic insole not completely successful MODIFICATIONS TO DIAGNOSTIC INSOLE If the function of the temporary device is not completely successful modifications are made to improve and enhance the outcome of the treatment Only when the patient is completely satisfied with the treatment do we move on to the next stage This can be done in person or by phone call and post PERMANENT CORRECTIVE ORTHOTIC DEVICE PRODUCED From the successful diagnostic insole an accurately individuallydesigned corrective device can now be produced Modifications successful FITTING OF ORTHOSES All our devices are fitted into the shoe

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/wedo.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • The Foot Clinic | Gait Analysis Laboratory | Correct Gait
    production of corrective treatment from diagnosis to fitting and performance testing Modifications can be made while you wait to accommodate variations in footwear design and to ensure total comfort Immediate alterations during the review process should the performance of the orthoses need enhancing thus optimising treatment effectiveness C O M M I T T E D T O K E E P I N G Y O U O N

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/facility.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Gait Analysis | Sports Injury | Chronic Lower Limb Injuries
    the joints and on soft tissue structures resulting in the symptoms of injury Patients often have symptoms that only appear during or immediately after their chosen sport Only by very carefully observing the patient s movement can an accurate diagnosis be achieved The subsequent corrective treatment is thus more precise and focused Explanation of the frame by frame analysis on the video is very useful for the patient in terms of understanding their own biomechanical dysfunction condition Once treatment is initiated patients understand the objectives of the treatment and give far more accurate feedback on review than a patient with no understanding of what the corrective devices are meant to achieve Facts Research in the US shows that Biomechanical Dysfunction affects more than 50 of the population Women suffer more from Biomechanical problems than men Diagnosis and treatment at an early age will help prevent some of the Chronic Degenerative injuries of old age Dysfunction correction not only resolves the presenting injury and symptoms it also produces a more efficient gait C O M M I T T E D T O K E E P I N G Y O U O N T H E M O V

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/gait.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Chiropodist/Podiatrist treatments | Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria
    to a protracted injury situation and the subsequent misconception that these conditions are complicated and difficult to resolve Using biomechanics and podiatric corrective techniques the cause can be isolated and effectively treated resolving the specific injury Common conditions 1 Lower Back Pain Scaroiliitis 2 Hip Pain 3 Chronic Groin Injury 4 Trachonteric Bursitis 5 Iliotibial Band Syndrome 6 Medial Anterior Lateral Knee Pain 7 Chrondromalacia Patellae 8 Osgood Schlatters Syndrome 9 Deep Calf Pain 10 Shin Splints 11 Chronic Ankle Pain medial lateral 12 Chronic Achilles Tendonitis 13 Mid foot Pain 14 Plantarfaciitis 15 Metatarsalgia You may already be familiar with one or more of the above conditions and may have encountered difficulty in completely resolving some of these injuries This is usually due to the underlying biomechanical causes not being adressed and only the syptoms being treated This will often result in the return of the symptoms with the resumption of the activity To see some case studies showing how successful we typically are in treating these conditions see our testimonial pages C O M M I T T E D T O K E E P I N G Y O U O N T H E M

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/medical.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Sports Injuries Clinics in Settle and Keswick
    40 00 Video Gait Analysis 40 00 IMPORTANT If treatment is initiated during 1st visit i e a biomechanical problem exists an inclusive charge of 120 00 Adult 80 Child is payable This incorporates the whole of the diagnostic test period which includes all extra consultations if required only when the diagnostic period has been successful is the permanent orthotic device produced The balance of the cost is only paid on fitting of the permanent device NB The diagnosic fee does NOT include the temporary diagnostic prototype test insole Corrective devices Orthotic devices are costed on design and specification depending on the patient s condition The total cost of any single FULL permanent treatment is governed by the clinic s MAXIMUM charge see below Important Permanent orthotic devices are only made if temporary diagnostic prototype insoles are successful NB Free initial consultation for children under 16 years if treatment is not initiated MAXIMUM CHARGE of 350 00 Adult 180 Child for any total treatment i e ALL INCLUSIVE from consultation to fitting of moulded orthotic device including biomechanical examination gait analysis all consultations etc SUCCESS GUARANTEED IF FULL TREATMENT IS COMPLETED Tel 01729 825900 REBOUND Lower Limb Injuries Clinic The

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/prices.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Chiropodist & Podiatrist customer reviews | 'Foot Doctor'
    Manager Cumbria 30 Maura Peak PR Consultant West Yorkshire 51 Vykky Pickup Housewife Lancashire 30 Wendy Emsley Housewife Derbyshire 40 Dorothy Bentley Nurse West Yorkshire 57 Beci Shepherd Student North Yorkshire 15 Jean Johnston Housewife York 60 C O M M I T T E D T O K E E P I N G Y O U O N T H E M O V E Clinical Director Andrew

    Original URL path: http://www.reboundclinic.co.uk/testimony.htm (2016-02-09)
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