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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 12
    it opens out gives it more impact more presentation value The products are very clearly laid out with strong sub headings with photos of each product in use and with clear explanations of their specific applications Benefit Oriented Facts Let s face it farmers are no nonsense people They want facts but they also want reasons why This brochure delivers both Here are some examples of the way the facts are delivered Graphic The graphic below demonstrates the performance attributes of the product a system for covered spraying demonstrating that it is far more efficient than conventional uncovered methods A critical factor to cost conscious farmers Copy The wording to this brochure is excellent Tightly written succinct to the point and yet me to you engaging and rich in benefits Some examples Why covered CDA spraying saves you money Research has shown that conventional spraying may lead to one third of spray being lost as drift or evaporation another third hits the ground and is completely wasted and just maybe one third hits the target weeds Now compare what happens using Enviromist Yet another advantage is that chemical uptake by the target weeds is enhanced by Rain fastness is improved by up to three hours specifically designed for use in and around trees vines and other plantings OK chances are you re not a farmer These benefits may not excite you But what should excite you is how this technical brochure brings these products to life and how each and every paragraph is filled with benefits that will save the prospect money time wastage and so on And really that s what I m getting at here Your product or service will have compelling benefits that save time money give greater security make people feel better or whatever it is Your copy needs to dramatise not dry features but the benefits with specifics so your market gets it As I m writing this I had a call from a client in consulting In answer to one of his questions about how to market his services I applied this same thought process to his product In other words my advice to him was not to simply say he does consulting but to dimensionalise it What outcomes does he produce for his clients What specific problems does he focus on What case studies does he have What sort of clients does he help specifically You see asking these digging questions uncovers the heartbeat of what you offer It breathes life into why someone would want to buy from you Back to the Enviromist brochure A couple more great points Reasons Why There s a terrific panel in this brochure situated beside the Equipment Specifications headed 8 Saving Advantages of the Enviromist Weed Control System with the sub head How the Enviromist System will help you eliminate problems with weed control All 8 summary benefits are in Point of You benefit language Not something you see in too many technical brochures And finally

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 13
    the other side of that coin of those salespeople asking for an order 44 give up after one no 22 give up after two no s 14 give up after three no s 12 give up after four no s Which means the 8 of sales people who don t give up after four no responses are getting 60 of the sales Very sobering indeed And when you consider that face to face is the most efficient form of selling you can appreciate that selling by remote control off the page or via the Internet is a great deal harder again In fact evidence from our clients shows that eight steps or more are often required when combining off the page mediums such as direct mail and email with telephone and face to face And more recently some of the worlds best online only marketers are reporting great results from 20 50 step sales processes So no matter what your sales process be prepared to develop and systemise multi step strategies Or be prepared to have someone else take the sales you should have earned Can you communicate with your customers TOO often Most people would give a resounding yes to that To be honest we too are very protective of the frequency of mailings we do to our clients It s interesting to note that one of America s most successful stationary mail order companies used to mail its customers 50 times a year The guiding rule must be only mail someone when you genuinely believe you re offering something they ll appreciate receiving It s relevance that matters more than frequency If you would like to find out how Results Corporation can help you get more quality sales you can contact us on 01933 373000 or email enquiries

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 14
    Note that these figures relate to body copy As a general rule use serif fonts for your body copy and sans serif fonts for headlines On printed page the feet and hats that we see on Serif fonts create rails for our eyes to run along as we read across the page whereas San Serif fonts tend to create a series of vertical lines which interrupt the smooth path of your eye across the page Another very interesting study shows that this all changes when it comes to screen generated copy such as web pages or emails A study conducted by Dr Ralph F Wilson shows that on screen San Serif fonts are much more effective than Serif fonts Dr Wilson conducted a study comparing the readability of the two fonts on screen he used Times New Roman 12pt vs Arial 12pt and these were the results Table 2 Screen readability and understanding Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Times New Roman 12 pt Arial 12 pt 520 1123 32 68 As you can see 68 of readers online perferred Sans Serif to Serif which is a completely different outcome to the printed page results The main reason for this seems to be that the computer screen is a much different medium than the printed page For one thing the resolution is a lot less about 72 dots per inch dpi for the computer screen vs 180 dpi or 300 dpi or even higher for printed matter Dr Wilson conducted many more studies comparing the readability of two popular Sans Serif fonts Arial and Verdana Table 3 Screen readability and understanding of Arial and Verdana Lorem ipsum frangali Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence magficati confulence magficati alorem alorem Lorem ipsum frangali Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence magficati confulence magficati alorem alorem Arial 12 pt Verdana 12 pt 415 283 59 40 Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Arial 10 pt Verdana 10 pt 239 456 34 64 Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Arial 9 pt Verdana 9 pt 152 527 21 74 As Verdana has a much more open letter and takes up more space than Arial it is much easier to read on screen but at 12 pt respondents still showed some preference for Arial 59 over Verdana 40 And the conclusion he came to was that for body copy Verdana 10pt and below is more comprehensible and

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 15
    you measure cost per lead on all of your lead generation activities Which are most expensive which are cheapest and which are the best quality You can determine quality by asking yourself the following Do you know your true conversion rates Many business people when asked will say they have good conversion rates and often quote 25 33 50 or more But they are often wrong They are quoting conversion from quote to sale Your true conversion rate is from lead to sale Check it out now What you find may shock you but could also seriously enhance your wealth What is your cost of acquisition How much does it cost to get a new client How does each lead generation strategy compare Typically you will find a ten times variation between different lead generation strategies such as Direct Mail Cost Per Click Exhibitions Yellow Pages Telemarketing and Networking What is your allowable cost of acquisition Many businesses overlook highly profitable marketing campaigns because they don t understand how to calculate the success A success is an activity that produces new clients within your allowable cost of acquisition the level at which you are prepared to pay on average to get a new client What is your client s lifetime value Last week a new client asked me to review a failed direct mail campaign They sent 1 700 letters to targeted firms for their professional services and only received five requests for an appointment one of which didn t even go ahead Of the four that went ahead two became clients A very disappointing and discouraging result they felt However when they understood that each of those new clients would probably stay for four years the average lifetime of a client spending 4 000 per year each and that the total value of that failed campaign was 32 000 in new revenue for a cost of about 1 000 in marketing They suddenly understood that they had their hands on a potentially very lucrative marketing strategy And when they understood that this could be done every month generating over a year some 384 000 in future business for a cost of about 12 000 things got very interesting They almost wasted this very successful marketing campaign because they failed to evaluate it correctly In our experience this scenario is the biggest cause of wastage in most businesses failure to identify and fully exploit truly successful but apparently failing marketing campaigns It s time to know your numbers do the sums and make good decisions Cut those activities that cannot and do not generate profits and identify and exploit those that will truly enrich you Marketing is not about getting your name out there Marketing is not about creating awareness Marketing is a not about building a brand It s about Return On Investment When you put a pound in how many do you get back And how soon Only when you truly understand this and manage and develop your

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 16
    to create an offer which includes something of perceived value that is completely unrelated to the core product or service you are selling what is known as a second interest offer For example Magazine publishers often entice new subscribers by offering a free luggage set or free currency calculator when you sign up for 12 months A company selling sophisticated personal finance services to High Earning and High Net Worth clients offers 12 bottles of fine Wine free when a prospect opens a Self Invested Pension Plan with the firm A company selling engineering components to factory and production line engineers offered a free Radio Controlled Helicopter when they place orders up to a certain value in that month and produced 14 more sales Banks create a bundle of second interest offers to get current account customers to upgrade their account such as free Travel Insurance Breakdown Cover Credit Card protection and more And today you can even find Housing Developers offering a free Car when you buy one of their apartments The second interest offer has a magical element to it which almost always improves response and conversion Why Well we can t say exactly but it is a combination of factors In part it s fun you get something desirable that you wouldn t normally buy for free in part it gives better value usually the offer has a higher perceived value than cost to you and it often has a hot potato element to it that is you need to act now to benefit And second interest offers give you great headlines to work into your letters ads emails and web pages After all it is easy to see that Buy a New Luxury City Centre Apartment before 31st October and get a FREE Mini from BMW

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 17
    Google and Yahoo have created a vast pool of prospects who expect to find information If you offer the information that prospects are looking for you will get the conversion Interestingly we ve had web developers who ve fought us tooth and nail to keep the site simple and with not too many words yet when we ve got them to agree to a small test panel offering detailed information such as a buyers guide white paper or special report it has produced the vast majority of the clicks on the site Don t be swayed Information is vital Newsletter Signup An offer of a newsletter with latest product developments hints and tips case studies articles and special offers can generate significant conversion of website visitors Website visitors who are not yet ready to buy from you are often willing to give you their email address and contact details Autoresponders It often takes between 5 and 8 contacts before a prospect is willing to say yes to your offer This can be as significant as placing an order or as subtle as moving to the next step in your sales funnel such as agreeing to request your more information package phoning you or requesting an appointment An autoresponder is an automatic email sent in response to an action taken on your website usually involving the prospect opting in to an offer such as a mini course email newsletter or packaged information An autoresponse constant contact campaign of well written and appropriately spaced email communications increases top of mind awareness educates the prospect creates a level of trust and relationship and significantly increases your chances of getting the order Search Engine Optimisation Most traffic for a website is generated by search engines such as Google and Yahoo It is therefore critical your website is search engine friendly When the search engines visit your website to view what is on each page the text they see must be written in such a way that the search engine can understand exactly what each page is about so it can offer your page as a relevant match to a searcher This means tightly written clean code the HTML code which sits behind your website and is responsible for everything you see on a computer screen It also means having relevant authoritative websites linking to your website to increase your search engine ranking Your search engine marketing expert should be very familiar with this Pay Per Click Advertising If your goal is to quickly increase traffic then Pay Per Click advertising using programs such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search will play an important role in your online marketing strategy and the development of your website Not only will this increase traffic the statistics generated will give you immensely valuable information about search engine marketing which can be applied to your search engine optimisation so in time your paid for traffic can become free traffic Online Directories There are two good reasons for using

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 18
    first assessment revolved around his acquisition allowable Just as a refresher your acquisition allowable is that amount you re prepared to invest to get a new client or customer which is based on the lifetime value of that client In the case of our chiropractor we uncovered that over their lifetime as a client a new patient would invest around 800 with him On that basis he was delighted to agree to give away the first visit It would cost him just his time Say 15 for his 20 minutes or so with the prospect but even then it s a soft dollar We put it to him this way If 10 people come off the ad which would cost him around 800 to place in the local paper and he retained 4 of them those four new patients would ultimately invest 4 x 800 with him So for a cost of 800 plus nominally 150 of his time he d generate 3 200 back He was very excited about that However we didn t want this to be just an average response We wanted the ad to pull a lot more than 10 prospects We did the following Gave the ad excitement information and news value It is advertorial in style and broken up into mini articles within the full page to facilitate scanning and quick reading of specific topics We created the concept of a Centre of Knowledge producing a series of informative audio tapes on chiropractics that would be lent out free from their library This was easy It was just a matter of sitting with our health professional and interviewing him Then editing it down into segments Packaged information is a very powerful and totally under utilised tool in marketing And so easy to do Personalised the ad by featuring his team with their qualifications to reinforce the credibility of the practice while projecting its warm friendly atmosphere Explained the step by step process of what happens when you visit the chiropractor Fact The fear of the unknown holds many a potential client back from making the first tentative enquiry If you can overcome that and provide reassurance as to your process you multiply your results Created a voucher valued at 24 for a free first visit Now this chiropractor isn t the first practitioner to offer a free first visit But most mis execute the strategy by failing to say why they are giving this away Or indeed putting a value on it and dimensionalising it The reason why is critical if you want your offers to work What was the response to this ad Again this full page copy intensive ad was somewhat revolutionary for a conservative chiropractic practice A radical departure from the little boxes all the same that appear in local publications with monotonous regularity So did the ad pay off In the words of Dr Stott It was amazing The phone ran hot for days In all he saw over 70

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 19
    you and your people have to work 50 harder you may need to drastically increase stock levels your machinery and equipment have to handle 50 more throughput and that s before you consider the potential negative hit on your cashflow And you make no more profit In fact if you only achieve a 20 30 or 40 increase in sales you make less money On the other hand What about putting your prices up Crazy you may think especially now I can hear your sales people protesting already you ll lose customers you ll go out of business your competitors will have a field day But consider this Again based on a 30 gross profit margin if you put your prices up by 10 you would have to do 25 LESS business before it affected your net profit In other words 20 of your clients could leave or your revenue could drop by 20 and you d actually be better off You would be doing less work and making more money And you have to ask what are the chances that 20 of your clients would leave if you are doing a great job and providing excellent value The reality is that when we first work with new clients we discover that many undercharge And when they muster up enough courage to increase prices most discover that they keep their clients and continue to win more new clients because they give great service excellent value and go that extra mile While for some businesses a price cut can result in enough new sales to increase profit the truth is that for most businesses a price cut is a recipe for disaster These tables will help you make much smarter decisions and resist the temptation to make seemingly minor but potentially

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