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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 20
    to 2 for 1 the offer went from nothing special to getting 22 000 customers How can this be when two for the price of one is arguably a worse deal than half price you now have to buy two cars to get the deal Hopefully you don t have to discount to get new business But if you do then tests show that adding value or doing 2 for the price of 1 3 for the price of 2 or even 4 for the price of 3 outsells 50 off 33 off or 25 off every time Another example comes from a Hotel client of ours In the midst of the November and mid December winter slump that many Hotels in the UK experience they ran a 30 off offer and got a reasonable response But when the offer was changed to 3 nights for the price of 2 the results were significantly better And this offer meant guests stayed longer and spent more on food and drink Plus it maintained the value perception of the normal room rate a off offer can erode your normal price position And in another imaginative example an Electronics store client of our Australian office emulated the car dealers who at the time were offering to give away a TV with every car purchase by offering a CAR with every TV He went out and bought up a lot of old but roadworthy cars The PR he got was extraordinary And you only have to walk the isles of most supermarkets to discover that they know the which works best the famous Bogof buy one get one free offer reigns supreme Be really careful with discounting as we discussed in the last issue it can quickly slash your profitability But if you are

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 21
    and wheel alignment business The system they d designed for them had all the essential success ingredients and the referral device looked great so we featured it as an example in the marketing newsletter we published at the time To our dismay after the article was published our client reported back to us their disappointment that our superbly designed system just wasn t producing referrals However here s the twist In the meantime another client of ours also in the suspension and wheel alignment business read that newsletter article got excited and carbon copied the one we d designed for his own business He didn t know the system didn t work Amazingly he reported back that his referral system was working beyond his wildest expectations He d told us he had to put on more people to cope and ultimately had to expand the size of his premises Explosive growth he put down to none other than the referral system As we discovered later the first business simply didn t have a service ethic that wowed people Our second client Maure and his team worked hard to wow customers consistently They understood that people put their trust and their lives in the cars the team repairs and services In every way their service attitude was one of caring and safety You only had to read through their Visitors Book to know that their customers appreciate what Maure and his team did for them Above is Maure Kramer s version of a simple referral card that didn t work for another business in the same industry For Maure this device created a flood of referrals to the extent he had to increase his team and expand his premises But he made sure he gave out hundreds and hundreds of these too Bottom line If your business doesn t exceed expectations now don t expect a system to suddenly bring you referrals Here s a good place to start Try to assess just how much new business you get now through referral or word of mouth without a system in place If it s relatively little then you have a lot of work to do If it s relatively strong then you have some huge potential ahead of you by putting in a true systemised referral process By the way if you don t know how much referral business you get as a proportion of your sales then you need to find out now As with every facet of the marketing in your business optimising your referral outcomes only happens when you accurately measure where your business comes from Discover the essential ingredients you need to implement a successful Referral System with our free report click here to request online For our clients you ll find a whole lot more detail on exactly how to design and manage an effective referral system in the Marketing Help Online Entrepreneur Library Five more key reasons why Referral Systems don t work The essential

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 22
    the same case studies as Paul did They all received the same tools to take away and apply Yet it was Paul and a handful of other dealers who took it seriously and put it into action The truth is a major part of success is just doing it The tools we gave Paul and the other dealers at that workshop included a Communications Calendar a flowchart of customer touch points template letters for each relevant touch point in the Calendar phone scripts for his people to use to create true customer focus the wording for thank you cards and ideas for acknowledging and thanking his customers scripts for approaching other businesses with ideas for joint promotion a system for creating a culture for referrals This communications calendar literally flowcharted every communication opportunity for an automotive dealership from the wording of the note thanking the prospect for dropping in today to the script for the follow up phone call the welcome letter from the dealer principal a letter gifting the new car buyer and partner to a night out compliments of Moxham Motors in an alliance arrangement with a really nice local restaurant the letter from the sales person introducing the service manager at service time right through to the second and third birthdays for the vehicle each with their little gifts and surprises There was no rocket science in any of this It simply tapped into each moment of truth in the client s ongoing relationship with the dealer Rocket science it wasn t but it was the catalyst for one of the most spectacular business turnarounds This system switched the lights on for Paul and he became an overnight zealot for client nurturing strategies and automated communication systems Returning to Karratha with his toolkit he immediately employed a client liaison person to work his previously dormant contact management programme Even though at the time he couldn t really afford to hire this person he realised he couldn t afford not to This lady s sole focus was to implement the communications calendar system setting up tracking and measuring processes and ensuring that customers were automatically wowed at every point in their relationship with the dealership Of course Paul didn t stop at the system I d given him at the workshop He started inventing his own additional communication pieces adding in birthday cards for his customers finding more and more ways to say thank you finding more benefits for his loyal customers Today his business is a showpiece for his industry Car dealers and people from other industries too come to him with their cheque books open saying they ll pay whatever it takes to get his system in their business What few of them realise is that it s simply a case of identifying the touch points and ensuring that the systems make it happen Just how successful this Customer Relationship Management process has been can be gleaned from some of Paul s own statistics Moxham Motors

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 23
    that s where most advertising fails It s also where the use of a good offer well told can be so powerful Let me share an example that makes the point It s from a colleague who works with an eminent laser eye surgeon In the past this surgeon had advertised his practice with nice photos of eyes and soft mood shots and a few lines of copy With consistently poor results The new ad strategy took a very different tack It is copy intensive It has a headline that draws the reader in with the promise of yes information The sub heading telegraphs the offer a free information session The body copy then paints a picture of the benefits of being free of glasses or contact lenses But then it goes into the need to do proper research to be informed It even raises the questions that someone should ask who s considering this procedure And it spells out what the prospect can expect at the free session The Information Session will help you to understand the conditions that may be causing your poor eyesight and how these may be corrected the qualification process possible side effects post operative care and frank explanation of the results that you can expect This is an extraordinarily good execution of informative copy in an ad It takes the reader on a journey in their mind s eye of what will take place it s very frank about the realities and risks and makes you want to know more without feeling you re going to be sold anything Of course the measure of how good an ad is in the outcomes it produces This ad worked brilliantly filling the appointment books for the practice for weeks ahead From there the sales process takes

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 24
    recipient in a way that s as close as possible to how you would if they were in front of you and that starts with the salutation Imagine you re sending a sales letter to one of your prospects called Mr John Smith When you begin the letter you ll start with something like Dear John Dear Mr Smith or Dear Sirs Unbelievable I know but people still do this But if Mr John Smith were visiting you in your office or vice versa how would you greet him Would you walk up to him shake him firmly by the hand look him straight in the eye and say Dear John how are you Obviously you wouldn t do this So why do you persist in doing it in your letters Why not open up with Hello John Good morning John or even something like John do you ever have this problem And when you finish your meeting will you shake hands and say John I am yours sincerely Of course not so don t do it in your letters Finish with All the best or See you soon or perhaps Great to talk to you John Even if you re doing mass mailing you should still use a personal style greeting and close because while few people will believe the letter has been prepared for their eyes only these touches will create more of a person to person feeling Building these simple strategies into your sales letters can have a positive impact on the response rate try it and you ll be surprised For even more tips and techniques to get the most out of your mail campaigns you can click here to request a copy of our special report 9 Quick Win Ways to Improve Response to Direct

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  • Resuts Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 25
    probing he came to see that his sales people are selling rather than thinking about how to help prospects to make informed decisions to buy I suggested he change the title of his people to Project Manager because that s what they do They advise on design they advise on different options they help the prospect find solutions that best fit their projects This distinction was like a whack around the head to him He realised that by changing the title more importantly he was changing the mindset of his sales people to what they really do They ll be heart surgeons People buy from people they trust Going on from the previous point it goes without saying that when a patient agrees to put their life in the hands of a surgeon there s a very high level of trust Yet they may only have met twenty minutes before In contrast some sales people spend months chasing a prospect and don t gain anywhere near that level of trust How does the surgeon pull this off Trust through referral The patient is typically referred by another doctor whom the patient does know and trust Makes you ponder what impact focusing on getting more referrals might have on your ability to secure more sales So there s a referral strategy to think about Trust through reputation The surgeon s reputation has gone before them In comparison what strategies do you have in place to educate prospects to your reputation and track record prior to meeting There s a strategy here too in packaging your message and disseminating it effectively Demeanour How the surgeon handles the first meeting makes or breaks it If there s any hint of being overly anxious to get the sale or that they re not confident that they have the right solution and can deliver the patient is going to run a mile Translate that to your selling role Does the demeanour of your people ooze confidence and knowledge from the moment they meet a prospect Is there a deep sense of confidence that they can deliver And is their presentation totally free of any hint of desperation that they want need a sale right now Professional Detachment with compassion This is a really interesting and powerful dynamic And often a difficult one for salespeople to come to terms with The surgeon doesn t get emotionally involved Instead they display a level of professional detachment Tempered with compassion certainly but detached This detachment exudes absolute authority and control over the situation There s a laying down the ground rules to the patient that they must comply with certain guidelines too What do you think happens if the patient refuses to fast prior to the operation or they refuse to give up smoking or indeed ask for a discount Does the surgeon cave in and agree to go ahead on the patient s terms Absolutely not The operation will be called off and the patient advised to

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 26
    payment was due This amount is due by 14th September The effect of just that alone was astonishing Many people began paying on or within days of the specified date But if they still don t comply she calls upon Step 2 A simple handwritten with Compliments slip reminder importantly she observes this slip is handwritten and mailed in a stamped handwritten envelope More success In fact after mailing this friendly reminder the accountant of one company walked personally into her office to pay the bill Step 3 For those who are still slow to pay she has a reasoning letter The wording is worth studying here it is Dear James I d like to explain a problem I m currently having in running our business As you know it is important to us that we do good work for you And we certainly always do our very best to meet your deadlines But to maintain a high level of service to you I ve got to maintain a steady cash flow Our business just isn t big enough to carry accounts for more than about a week after the end of the month in which the work is done And that s what my problem is You see the account payments have been dragging a bit lately and that has been putting a strain on things James I m sure you appreciate the convenience of your credit account with us It saves you having to pay cash every time you have some work done But I do need to keep everyone to the terms of their account if I m going to keep Organised Offices running smoothly and effectively So I would certainly appreciate you bringing your July account up to date I m looking forward to continuing to

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 27
    this mindset issue It reports that back before the first Gulf War when Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf had under his command helicopter maintenance He d asked for a status report on operations and asked specifically how much of the fleet was able to fly on any given day given maintenance requirements 75 was the reply Wondering why it wasn t 74 or 76 he decided to set a new standard I don t know anything about helicopter maintenance but I m establishing a new standard of 85 Well it won t come as a surprise to you that this new benchmark was achieved no doubt amid protestations that it couldn t be done though you didn t argue with the general Don t lose the significance of this They didn t bring in more maintenance crews They didn t procure more equipment In a word Schwarzkopf changed the mindset of what was possible Once the new expectation was commanded it was achieved And so it is in any area of business Monitoring and expectation with reward and consequence are the keys Getting back to the sales arena the irony is you don t even have to quadruple your sales performance to see an amazing impact on profits If a change in mindset could take your conversion rate from 2 in 10 to a just 3 in 10 think about the impact Your sales have just gone up by 50 There is no question that the mindset of the salesperson or consultant is the biggest element in whether the sale will go ahead If you re in the ball park on price quality and features it comes down to mindset In seminars I often ask business owners What would happen with your present ads with your present prices and quality of product if you had the world s best salesperson on your team Invariably they agree that sales would go up dramatically And yet these same business owners will think the answer to sales increases is in some new ad or in having a new product or maybe because their brochure isn t shiny enough Having a team of sales people who believe in themselves with a 100 conversion rate mindset is the most awesome resource you can ever have Now there s a caveat on this The prospects these salespeople see must be qualified and profiled in advance If your salespeople are driving all over the region trying to sell prospects who can t afford aren t ready or don t have a need of course the conversion rate is going to be poor Often qualifying prospects is seen as risky by managers What if salespeople discard leads because they can t be bothered and then claim they were not qualified What if salespeople burn off someone who would have bought even though they appeared not to be qualified Of course these are valid concerns But they are a question of managing the process of monitoring the discard rate and getting

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