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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 28
    that you visit or brochures that cross your desk You ll look at them but if they don t give you the information you need you ll most likely hit your browser s back button or you ll toss the brochure in the bin without more than a cursory glance right Most websites and brochures are a company ego trip They talk about the company not the needs of the reader or prospect It s as if the person who produced the company brochure or website were having a love affair with the company or its products and they want to tell the world about it The cold truth is no one cares about the company love affair only what the company can do for them Does your website or brochure commit that sin Put it to the test Question the presentation and make sure they justify their existence make certain they focus on the prospect s needs not simply on waving the flag on how great the company is Click here to see an excellent example of a brochure that truly communiciates 5 Test headlines to multiply the response to your ads letters web pages and emails Almost every business would like to have more qualified prospects Most dabble at some point with various forms of advertising direct mail emailing and of course their website Most come away from the experience a little disillusioned at the response their efforts bring Re draft your ad letter email or web page But focus the vast majority of your sweat on those few words in your headline then measure the impact Ironically your first re draft efforts could actually reduce the effectiveness of your piece You have to consistently test the experiment The reward comes when you get the headline right and the response to your changes rewrites the record books on your profit figures 6 Ruthlessly review your conversion to sales skills Some months back in the course of a conversation one of our clients remarked that he was frustrated that his sales person was not converting enough sales Still he rationalised as it was around the industry average he would have to live with it But there is almost always a way to convert leads to clients Ask yourself do you truly communicate your awesome service and the reasons to buy from you in your ads marketing sales calls sales meetings and sales proposals By the way that last point is a big clue most companies produce quotes that are simply a list of features and prices You can see how you can turn your quotes into powerful sales proposals here It still costs you the same in your selling effort whether the person buys or not And when you look at the dynamics of lifting conversions by even 15 it could return you vastly more profit than thousands of pounds spent supplementing your ad campaign 7 Actively seek out others who ll endorse you to their clients This strategy

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 29
    probe for those reasons Nothing new in that The only problem is few sales people know how to effectively handle objections and how to probe whilst staying on the same side as the prospect in finding the solution Instead they fight the objection with facts about the product or service slipping into motor mouth mode to just talk their way to a sale And it never works Three Simple Skills Yet any competent sales person can handle all of those objections and fears with the smoothness and skill of a Wimbledon player The key is to gently hit the objection back into the prospects court using three simple but very powerful steps Acknowledge the objection with a positive stroke Set the scene for probing that objection with a benefit to the prospect Ask a question Is that all Actually yes But it is one of the most valuable and least used skills in solutions based selling Let s take an example Let s say a prospect has objected to the price and said they have two cheaper quotes Salesperson Well you only get what you pay for John And this model has the carbon head overlocker and Teflon sleeve pistons As well it has been the biggest seller in Europe for the last six years Seriously how do you think the prospect will take this Most likely it ll get their back up and they ll just pull down the shutters and get more negative It s hardly playing for a win win Let s see how the three simple skills can be brought into play Salesperson I m glad you asked about the price John It s a fair question and one we get asked often Acknowledgement of the objection and then a positive stroke namely it s a fair question My objective is to make sure you get the right solution and this product may not be the one To help me understand exactly what it is you are looking for Here the sales person has set the scene for probing and given definite benefits to make sure you get exactly what it is you are looking for And then the third simple step is seamless Tell me and then ask probing questions That s it Just like a smooth tennis swing the objection which in the first scenario was heading for disaster is now on track to become a collaborative problem solving exercise Do you know our experience with dozens of sales teams is this most do not have the skills to handle objections in a non combative way Most do not role play on any regular basis the powerful probing skills Most blame a host of other reasons why they didn t get a sale oblivious to the fact that if they simply used these skills proficiently they d dramatically increase their sales conversion rates Of course we could write reams on just what positive strokes can be used in step one and on the specific

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 30
    advertising costs All because that have started to take Pay Per Click advertsing seriously A Civil Structural Engineering Firm A Plumbing and Building Business An Optometrist A National Accountancy Firm A Textile Manufacturer An Audio Visual Equipment Company A Training Business We ve even got some clients who are spending 10 000 and more per month on Google AdWords and have done for the last 2 or 3 years because it generates them millions of pounds worth of business Whatever your business size my message to you today is clear If you are not taking Google AdWords seriously and have not at least set up a series of test campaigns to see how much traffic you can attract to your website and how much of that you can convert into new business then you are running the risk of the world passing your business by Buyers are turning to their browser and Google as their first port of call in ever increasing numbers if you are not visible then you re not in the market Many online retailers and online only businesses are doing absolutely fine despite the recession Many of their offline counterparts who are struggling are blaming it all on the recession In reality the recession is just amplifying the fact that business is moving from offline and online anyway What about you and your business Are you taking online marketing seriously or is one of more of your competitors going to scoop up that opportunity for new business You owe it to yourself to at least test Google AdWords You can get started for just a few pounds a day Can you afford not to Six Simple Steps Here are 6 steps you can and should take to test how much new business you could be winning right now even if you are in a business where you are not sure if you can win with Paid Search advertising 1 Google AdWords Set up a Google AdWords account for 5 00 and start testing 2 Google Analytics Install and use Google Analytics Google s free website statistics reporting package to understand how your website and online marketing is working see which keywords visitors use how much traffic you have to your site which pages visitors like how visitors are moving through your site and set conversion goals to track conversion to leads 3 Google Conversion Tracking Add Google Conversion Tracking codes to your website so you can track which visitors convert into leads and which keywords and ads are most successful for you 4 Website Landing Pages Put your website under the microscope to see how effective it is at converting visitors to leads Test different headlines offers free newsletter special reports copy and calls to action 5 Email Broadcasting Start emailing your prospects and clients on a regular basis to educate build top of mind awareness inspire inform and get them coming to you for appointments A word of warning please do not start emailing your

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 31
    of money Better is a list of people who have been identified as having purchased your type of product before and better still if they have done so in response to a direct mail or online offer And better yet if they are frequent buyers Great But where do you FIND a list like this outside of your own customer files Of course there are some good list companies and brokers who are interested in making your direct mailing work They ll search out lists for you research carefully the most likely prospects and they ll help you set up tests of different lists The key is to find a list company you re comfortable with and test small Don t invest all your budget until you have satisfied yourself that the project is viable The Offer And when you mail build in an offer something so good it will bring people out of the woodwork Often you can afford to make a much better offer than you may think which could unleash a flood of new clients A big mistake many people make when deciding on a great offer is not to calculate the lifetime value of a prospect Rather they judge how attractive their offer can be based on the value of the first sale When you consider that many businesses are happy to acquire new clients at a loss because they know that on average new customers go on to spend many times the value of the first transaction over the next 1 2 or 3 years this single transaction thinking really can stop your direct mail from working because you pull your punches with a weak offer Testing Packaged Information Undoubtedly the best list you can have apart from your customers is one you build yourself through generating enquiries By getting people to put their hands up and say I m interested in what you have to offer you automatically profile your prospect and establish that they are direct marketing responsive To do that effectively I urge you to think about creating and testing an offer of special reports packaged expertise or Packaged Information as we call it Our 9 Quick Win Ways to Improve Response to Direct Mail free report is a good example When you create a White Paper Special Report Buyers Guide Fact Sheet or Data Sheet that is of high value to a prospective customer and offer it you can see lead flows from your Ad Email Website or Direct Mail letter increase by 2 3 or 4 times In addition to creating more leads this group of responders in turn become your new hot list Even with Google and Email marketing now playing such an important role in generating new business Direct Mail is still a vital cog in the new client machine for many businesses especially when you understand just how hard it is to find anything remotely resembling a decent email mailing list But unlike Google AdWords or Email

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 32
    prospective customer off to a better start far better to offer something of value to a prospect than just promote the service Rather than the conversation beginning How much is which puts you on the back foot the first interaction with the prospective client is much more positive productive and results in better conversions 3 Great Positioning As the publisher of the guide report or white paper you get the kudos of being the authority on the topic this gives you a position as an expert consultant rather than just a supplier of the product or service 4 You Set the Buying Agenda By outlining what buyers should look for what they should avoid and giving them a way to evaluate different options you can help buyers compare correctly A comparison that will help your business your product or your service come through with flying colours in appropriate situations The purpose of the guides will be to help the buyer make an intelligent decision therefore making them more likely to choose you when your product or service is the most appropriate 5 You Build an Excellent Prospect Database How much easier would it be if only you knew who was about to buy your product or service Well with Packaged Information you can Prospects who request your buyers guide or white paper are indicating by their action that they are open to buy They may be at the early stage of the buying process but this gives you the perfect database for your marketing campaigns 6 High Quality Clients Finally it caters for slow buyers who form the majority Slow buyers are careful cautious and cynical They will buy but in their own time and only once they have gathered the information they need assessed you and what you offer evaluated their options and come to a sensible decision These slow buyers often make great clients who are very loyal and refer others who respect their opinions to you Each guide will go into detail on its subject educating and inspiring the prospective customer by giving enough information to help them understand how to solve their problems and achieve their objectives At the same time the guide will make it clear that working with your company is probably the fastest most effective way to get the outcome that they are looking for Packaged Information guides can be advertised and promoted in several ways 1 Advertising guides are advertised through Ads in appropriate magazines and journals 2 Website through a small Ad on the homepage and relevant landing pages By clicking on the Ad a site visitor will go to a sell page for more information on the guides and will then click to order the guides 3 Online through search engine marketing with programmes such as Google AdWords 4 Direct Mail by sending a letter promoting the availability of the guides to groups of unconverted prospects and cold prospects it will flush out those prospects that are currently in a

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 33
    that the prospective resident and their relatives could do an audit as they went around the various competitor retirement villages An incredibly powerful tool This was no ordinary 20 page booklet This was Packaged Information at its best It was so useful it would be kept used and referred to well into the future But as well because it was totally unbiased and packed with solid vital answers it did something far more Positioning yourself as the authority This piece of collateral positioned this retirement village as the authority While all the competitors were saying Come and see our nice facilities this group were on the unassailable high moral ground They were now on the same side of the table as the prospect Don t miss the power of that Packaged Information correctly done and positioned has the power to put you on the map as never before The selection of media to promote this information We decided the prime medium was still going to be a press advertisement placed in the same retirement supplement as the previous poorly performing ads that was distributed monthly with a Sunday paper The new ad was the same size but totally different from the lifestyle photographic ones surrounding it The new ad was an advertorial that is it loosely emulated the typeface and look of the surrounding editorial but with Advertisement at the top As much like the look and feel of the editorial as the paper would allow us to do Here s the ad As you can see there were no pictures of happy smiling people or the village s bowling greens swimming pool or other facilities Apart from a photo of the Sales Director smiling in a welcoming way at the reader at the top of the ad it was copy intensive The copy in the ad didn t even talk about the retirement village itself Instead the entire focus in the ad was to sell the free booklet Or rather to sell a prospect on having enough trust to give up their name and address to receive the free booklet The ad headline has an extremely strong Point of You with the word you or your featuring four times in the headline and sub head The ad copy builds the immense value of having this informative booklet to make informed decisions and dramatises its content So we had the ad set and ready to go There was one more absolutely key element in this campaign Preparing the team in strategies to optimise the leads Before the ad appeared we ran a training session along with the Sales Director and the entire team at the group s headquarters in sales skills telephone handling skills and the process of the follow up exactly what would be required to maximise the leads generated during the campaign How did the Packaged Information strategy work First time the ad ran and each time thereafter it produced in the order of a 2 000 increase

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsetter Issue 34
    say isn t just after information They have a problem or a need Often a problem s so complex they don t fully understand it themselves They crave to have it solved and they re looking for a solution Calling You is a Big Deal Just making the phone call can sometimes be a big thing for prospects because they have their own uncertainties and insecurities to contend with We need to be empathetic and make the process painless Prospects are Distrusting They ve probably been disappointed by past efforts to find a solution So expect them to be distrusting until they know we are real They are going to buy Whether it s from us or a competitor whether it s today or in six months time they will buy something Our task is to educate them to why our solution is best for them that is of course if our solution is indeed the best one for their particular circumstances Otherwise we should guide them ethically to an alternative Dealing with Price They will have pre conceived ideas of what s expensive But on the other hand when they find their answer they will pay whatever it takes So it s our duty of care to ensure we ethically educate them to our solution and to show that our solution isn t expensive it is life changing Stand out from the Crowd They will initially have little or no concept of what our business practice does and will tend to pigeonhole us with other firms who appear to deliver what we do Do They Really Get it They may nod in agreement at things you say in the initial discussion but in truth they ll understand and absorb only a tiny fraction of what you have said Which means you need to go slowly never assume And most importantly through questions do a regular temperature check on their understanding Critically important Position the Value When it comes to the Information Pack we have to send them remember they have no basis for appreciating the value or of the decades of research and development behind this information So unless positioned correctly it will simply sit unopened for weeks until they ve lost interest And when you try to follow up after their interest has waned you become a pushy salesperson not a professional with the answers to their perhaps years of frustration What s the solution You must position the value of the pack correctly up front Again they won t give any priority to the pack unless you position it correctly before you send it Keeping Control Remember that the person who has the information is in control of the transaction If you give it your information pack over to the prospect prematurely without first gaining a firm commitment they ll review it you lose the control Set the Rules Getting that firm commitment means getting their undertaking that they will go through it in a pre agreed

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 35
    and switched on companies A few weeks ago one of our team canvassed this issue with a client of one of those very switched on companies In fact he held a workshop and asked the question to his team of 30 people Firstly he asked them what the perception of their industry was out in the market place The industry at large The responses came thick and fast as he struggled to keep up the writing on the flip chart pad Pushy untrustworthy misleading expensive nasty surprises lack of knowledge promises that aren t kept a nightmare experience no follow up unhelpful disinterested Boy this industry had serious perception problems Can you guess the industry Actually it really doesn t matter Do this exercise with any industry and chances are you ll get feedback like this But here s the kicker He then did the same exercise on their perception of their company Again the responses came thick and fast but very different We care ethical integrity we listen team spirit systemised deliver on our promises industry respected family values welcoming professional Now I hasten to add that this company actually does deliver on these things In fact part of the reason we agreed to work with them was because they are quite extraordinary in their systems performance standards and all those other things But and it s a big but He then challenged them with this question You know you do these things and why they re important but how much of this does your market know They simply weren t communicating the very things that should set them apart from the chaff Out of that exercise has come a whole new strategy We ll be working with this company now to help them encapsulate their extraordinary story To make the invisible visible By the time we re done their magic story will be articulated in every piece of collateral every letter every proposal every brochure in the way their people position themselves with their clients in the website in a corporate video and in new TV commercials I can t stress this enough The big thing missing for them and for almost all potentially great companies is communication Goodness wars start because of poor communication Of course your collateral has to tell your story in terms that the marketplace understands and will get excited about and will rave to others about It s not hard It just needs to be done I don t care if you re a large financial institution a trade business a professional adviser a wholesaler retailer butcher baker or candlestick maker for that matter if you re not telling your story compellingly if you re assuming your market knows or cares you re losing out on huge sales opportunities Finally let me share an email we received recently This client supplies high end industrial pump systems to sewerage works pump stations refineries etc We d helped him articulate his magic story through a

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