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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 36
    right 4 The Right First Step Be clear on what your first sale is So many marketing pieces try to sell the purchase It s a bit like putting a Husband Wife Wanted ad in the media and expecting to get takers Chances are the first transaction with your life partner was not to walk down the aisle together Typically it s a low key getting to know you exercise In the same light your first sale in selling your product or service is to get your prospect to pick up the phone to walk into your business or to submit an information request via your website Don t underestimate the challenge in getting someone to put their hand up and to give away their anonymity OK enough home truths Where and how to you find your target market Big subject Enough for several books 5 A Proven Strategy But let s look at one proven strategy using Packaged Information Your prospects probably don t know what you know about your product or service What s more they don t even know that they don t know What a brilliant opportunity to create an offer Packaged Information to get them to willingly put their hand up to identify themselves Packaged Information offers take several forms Buyers Guides Information DVD s not promotional DVD s White Papers Special Reports Buyers Checklists and more Literally any Package of valuable information In our case we offer a free report called 10 Low Cost and No Cost Strategies for Recession Proofing your Business This has been a sensational tool for generating first sales because it s truly win win We get a constant flow of requests every week These people are profiling themselves as potential clients After all they wouldn t be seeking this white paper if they weren t in business and if they didn t perceive they had a need It s a low threshold transaction of course We offer the information free and without obligation But they have put their hand up and it gives us a great opportunity to educate them to our solutions what our philosophies are and via some of our case studies how we ve solved problems for others At the very least they have given us permission to continue communicating with them and to continue educating them It works for them It works for us 6 Making Your Offer Compelling One more point on this Whatever your offer you need to dimensionalise it There s no power in saying you have a Free DVD But when you describe the fact that your DVD gives 5 ways to save money and time 3 of the most powerful secrets in your industry and a step by step process to unlock something or other now you have an offer We really do sometimes get so close to our own knowledge that we tend to undervalue it By dimensionalising it through the eyes of the prospect you will have a

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 37
    especially if you can drill down to a detailed level For example if you have a gardening business look in the Leisure and Recreation section and drop down to Parks Maintenance or other appropriate headings This may be meaningful to you especially if you can compare it with the previous year s information At the end of your research align your products in terms of the council s priorities and objectives Step 2 Identify the opportunities that could be available to you Council Procurement Officers are normally helpful friendly people who genuinely recognise the Council s need to buy products and services from local suppliers with a good reputation Armed with your understanding gained in Step 1 make a date to see them and be ready to make a short general presentation of your work showing directly or indirectly how it will contribute to the council s objectives This presentation can vary from a few concise spoken sentences to a five minute graphics show But no more Once they understand in general terms what you can do they will quickly tell you how you could fit into their scheme of operations This is your first foot in the door Step 3 If the possible work has a value of more than 2 000 ask for a copy of their Pre qualification Requirements This will tell you what you must do to get on their preferred supplier lists With them explore the time frame relative to achieving this important step and your first tender submission for work identified in Step 2 above Don t worry if on the first read through of the requirements some of it sounds like gobbledy gook But beware that if your work is going to be in excess of about 140 000 you may fall under the EU tendering process which is a bit beyond the notes in this bulletin But still doable of course Step 4 Familiarise yourself with the terminology Normally a set of pre qualification requirements contains a lot of terminology that has specific meaning to the council but is not particularly self descriptive You may have to come to grips with a number of ISO Management Standards for example ISO 9001 2008 depending on your products or services abbreviations such as TUPE or FOI you will find these in copious detail on the internet policies and procedures Step 5 Determine the things you will have to do You may have to gain formal certification or accreditation in a number of areas or do other tasks in advance of your first tender In some areas for your first tender it may suffice that you have just commenced the certification process and provide the progress details with your tender The sooner you start the sooner you finish But you need to make sure you know what you are doing here This can be a costly and frustrating area if you get it wrong and it can be difficult without the right help and advice

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 38
    to read your page you owe it to them to suggest the next step and you owe it to yourself and your business to ask for the order whether that is an enquiry a newsletter signup special report request or other appropriate action Almost every page on your website should end with a sentence like this one To get started to request a proposal or to find out more please call us now on 01234 567890 enquire through the website or request our special buyers guide Do yourself and your business a big favour and check your website now One client who took this to heart after having this pointed out to him by his Business Builder Programme advisor Peter Tilbury Fowler was Cameron Brookes of Niche Blinds When Cameron started working with us he already had a good website but it lacked strong call to action To make the most of web traffic Peter suggested the website should have stronger call to action points throughout the copy and suggested the addition of a response form to facilitate enquiries The result Within two weeks of adding the new copy and implementing the new form Cameron sent us this email Can you please help me mock up a letter of introduction for all the enquiry requests for brochures that are coming through for me And just 2 weeks after that Peter received this email The new template has nailed it as far as I m concerned My latest 3 brochures requested look to help me turn over 6000 in 3 sales with a possible add on of 4000 not bad eh Simply suggesting the next step to website visitors has had a huge impact on the conversion rate of website visitors to enquiries because the site now asks for the order enquiry Website Mistake 2 You may look at your website and say But we have our phone number at the top of the page in the banner we have a contact page accessible by the main navigation bar and we even have some graphic banners down the side of each page offering our newsletter and special reports surely our site has strong call to action That may be true It may also be true the visitors are using these call to action tools on your site by the way I m not saying don t have these on your website they are very effective and every site should have them But Many website visitors suffer from banner blindness They come to your site and specifically the web page in question looking for information Their eye falls immediately to the beginning of the information and starts scanning at that point this is normally the beginning of the copy on your page If and only if the copy is relevant and compelling they will then read on and many people will blank out the surrounding graphics and banners after all that is just the marketing bumpf and they want information If you

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newspaper Issue 39
    Conversion Tracking then it is time to wake up smell the coffee and get involved before your competitors get ahead of you This study confirms what we have known for about 5 years now more and more buyers are starting their search with a few mouse clicks If your business can t be found online and if you can t attract and win new clients online you are shutting your business off from the market This is true whether you are an accountant a software developer a builder a franchisor a florist or run a hotel and restaurant It s true whether you are a local business or you sell all over the world It s true whether you are a one man band or a large growing business Online advertising overtaking TV advertising may not mean that much to you and I because we don t use TV advertising to promote our business But it does confirm a major trend and change in buyer behaviour that is bringing about one of the biggest changes in SME marketing that we have ever seen Many of our clients are now attracting significant chunks of new business and profitable growth by tapping into these opportunities Every business owner and manager needs to get serious about online marketing now before it is too late Over the next few months we ll bring you a series of case studies showing how businesses of all sizes and types have opened the floodgates by getting stuck into online marketing In the meantime you can read the BBC Business News article and you can read more about creating an effective online marketing strategy for your business here You need to take online marketing seriously or be prepared to watch profitable business pass you by Best wishes Haydn

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 40
    had a clear enough memory of the previous call and conversation for up to 90 days After that it was as though the mind had cleared itself of all memory In Hong Kong At Saatchi Saatchi s Hong Kong agency working for our client Procter and Gamble we stayed in touch with 100 000 mothers every three months advising them that their babies were growing slowly and steadily and it was time to move up to the next size of Pampers We enclosed a price off voucher to make their next purchase very affordable Our research had showed that mothers blamed the Pampers product when the baby grew too big for its previous size to be effective Because of this around 50 per cent of mothers in other countries had stopped buying disposable diapers We did not want that to happen in Hong Kong Through this quarterly educational program we grew our market share from 13 per cent to 42 per cent and each point was worth US 1 million over the life cycle of the product More in London At Saatchi s executive recruitment company I used the 90 day cycle for having open days and top name speakers like Charles Handy and Sir John Harvey Jones to attract prospects into the offices of MSL where they would meet and get to know the staff With 400 major companies as our prospects we gained many of them within two years New York My client a small start up company called IMCOR the Interim Management Corporation had been choking the life out of too few friends We identified 8000 more prospects through the use of the commonality survey across America and contacted them by mail and follow up phone call every three months By the fifth cycle of mailing and phone calls IMCOR were getting around 60 per cent acceptance to appointments to discuss the use of their very senior interim temporary management executives This is the normal success rate with the regular relentless follow up within 90 days Wendy goes on to say Even if your customers and prospects will probably not buy again for a few years for example another car you still have to keep in touch once every three months so that you ll be in the running when they are ready to purchase again And she summarises with these important points Build relationships regularly and relentlessly creatively and caringly Make regular contact within 90 days You can wait less than 90 days if you wish but never more than 90 days otherwise you lose more than you gain Keep moving simply send a note a greeting card what ever if you do not reach your prospects or clients by phone and keep on regularly and relentlessly One day you will get through to those well chosen likely buyers and they will remember you from your regular communications Always enclose your business card If you want to kick start your business super fast stay in touch

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter 41
    There are always some firms that are unhappy with their existing supplier and will say yes just to establish a new relationship However in general you ll find that your chances of getting an appointment from the first cold letter or phone call are about one half to one per cent So from 200 prospects you might get one or two appointments the first time around but beginner s luck can mean that you get 5 or 10 or 20 then sadly it doesn t last and you go back to the norm as follows To all those who say No you will say Thank you and also If you don t mind we ll be in touch again in three months time Don t be discouraged just as life changes so does business When needs change and your product or service is required you will be favoured over the casual cold caller because your prospect has grown to trust you That means you get business Prospects don t mean No they mean Not now The Second Cycle Within three months you write and or phone again just as you said you would Your percentage of appointments is likely to rise to about 2 or 3 per cent maybe a total of six appointments from your 200 contacts The Third Cycle Three months later at the ninth month write and or phone again Now because you have been in regular contact the prospect has learned to trust you You didn t give up the first or second time you came back In the third cycle your appointments are likely to rise to around 7 to 10 per cent perhaps 14 to 20 appointments from the 200 prospects The Fourth Cycle things begin to happen Beginning with the fourth cycle the percentages will increase dramatically and you may find about 30 per cent of your prospects will agree to an appointment The Fifth Cycle things are really happening Be well prepared for success by the fifth cycle as you can secure appointments and buying signals from up to 60 per cent of your well chosen prospects Keep on keeping on and you will get up to 80 per cent of your prospects turning into clients To summarise 1st Cycle 1 2nd Cycle 2 to 3 3rd Cycle 7 to 10 4th Cycle Up to 30 5th Cycle Up to 60 There you have it a simple and inexpensive follow up system that could more than double sales for a few pounds the cost of an extra couple of phone calls and or emails We have been applying this follow up system with clients for years in all kinds of industries and consistently see great results As Wendy points out in her book the numbers you see above can be conservative compared to what you may achieve Simple Cheap And hugely effective Not convinced No problem test this on your next 20 prospects and measure your conversion rate compared to your normal

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  • Results Corporation | Yellow Pages
    advertising in the directory is a worthwhile investment With this free report you ll learn some valuable techniques to use when designing you ad for Yellow Pages that will make you ad stand of from the rest on a page that s very competitive First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction

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  • Results Corporation | Quotes & Proposals
    tips on how to get better results from your Marketing and your Business Quotes Proposals There are those who will argue vehemently that a quote proposal or submission should be light on words be in bullet point form and the lowest possible price The buyer is only interested in the cheapest price they argue They are not interested in all that flowery language There are other who take a different approach and quietly win a lot of highly profitable business What s more they do so at higher margins How They make their document SELL With this report you ll see how those winning quotes and winning proposals go past the price even in price sensitive situations and how they win projects in the face of tough odds Sign up for your copy now First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click Advertising Writing Quotes Proposals Thanking Your Clients Using Graphics and Images Reasons Why People Buy Results

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