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  • Results Corporation | Direct Mail
    ve poured funds into direct mail and felt they ve wasted their money Why They lack the fundamental elements of success the right strategy planning and execution Sign up for this free report and learn how you can implement a cost effective direct mailing system First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average

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  • Results Corporation | Increase Sales From Clients
    website hits But do you release the full potential that each client can offer Sign up for this free report and you ll discover how to implement 7 strategies that will increase the spend of each of your clients First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/FREEREPORTSINCREASESALES.asp (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | True Cost of Discounting
    results from your Marketing and your Business True Cost of Discounts It s easy to say we need more sales lets do a 10 off sale But are you aware of how much you could lose from your gross profit by doing that If your present gross profit is 30 and you decide to offer 10 off then you will need to do 50 more business just to stand still What about putting prices up Natural thinking is you d lose customers you d go out of business your competitors will have a field day However again based on a 30 margin putting your prices up by 10 you would need to do 25 less business before it affected your profit Sign up for this FREE report to understand more about what effect discounting actually has on your business First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click Advertising Writing Quotes Proposals Thanking Your Clients Using Graphics and Images

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/FREEREPORTSDISCOUNTING.asp (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Free Recession Proof Strategies
    and a nervous bank with the deeds to your house And if you have shareholders they re going to want to see immediate action to protect their interests We ve put together a special report 10 Low Cost or No Cost Strategies That Will Recession Proof Your Business and how they ll deliver you a huge profit windfall while competitors batten down Sign up today and start protecting your business

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/FREEREPORTWHITE.asp (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Creating a Referral System
    the client as to why they should give you referrals To follow up on the newly referred prospects And thank those who referred you Sign up for this free report and you will discover the essential ingredients for creating a referral system that will deliver more of the type of customers you actually want First Name Last Name Company Name Address Post Code Telephone Email All fields required Browse by

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/FREEREPORTSREFERRALSYSTEM.asp (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Based Marketing | Results Corporation
    sadly they do win awards within their peers while the client is sitting with no phones ringing with orders no enquiries coming in and no sales to show for it Have a look at these small teaser ads I ve changed the company name for obvious reasons Now I suspect that if you saw these ads in the media you might give a chuckle You wouldn t laugh though if it were you paying that clever copywriter to indulge themselves in showing off their prowess at playing with words Clever ads rarely work Can you imagine anyone going into their local supplier of course the ads don t tell you where to go you d have to guess and asking for this product as a result of these ads In fact when you consider it the market they re probably intended to appeal to would tend to be offended by these ads They may actually lose sales for the company Well you be the judge Now if you thought these were good ads I can understand why You see we ve been brainwashed by the arty creative types in the ad agency world that this is what advertising should be Again I make the qualification that on rare occasions you ll get a clever TV commercial or magazine ad that absolutely rips up the record books on producing sales But they tend to be the result of research and not some misguided copywriter s fantasy of what they think works What if your business rested on your choice out of these two ads I ve had a lot of fun with the following two ads over the years at my seminars I put these two ads up on the screen and ask the audience of business owners to pick the one they believe will be the winner in the sales generating stakes Before you read on pick your winner No cheating These ads are reproduced from John Caples classic Tested Advertising Methods He explains that these two ads were split run tested That means they ran in the same paper on the same page on the same day How There are multiple print presses used in printing up a newspaper so printing press A can have ad A and press B can have ad B then when they re shuffled as they come out of the other end to be bundled up and sent off for distribution they offer the perfect split run test So which one did you chose as the winning ad If you chose Popular Secretary Caught Red Handed you ve got a lot of company Consistently over 90 of my seminar attendees vote for this ad But if you thought you d picked the winning ad you would be seriously disappointed Hundreds Changing to Fragrant Frostilla outpulled it by 89 People ask me why did this ad pull better The real answer is Who cares it did Seriously though it is a powerful lesson in effective

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYRBMARKETING.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • 3 Ways To Grow | Results Corporation
    clients by your average order value and your average purchase frequency the sum will match your current annualised sales revenue So how do you use this to grow your business The first step is to examine the effect of applying an increase in each area of the formula In this example we will assume that you can increase your clients value and frequency by 10 Clients x Value x Frequency Sales Revenue 1 000 x 1 000 x 2 2 000 000 10 10 10 1 100 x 1 100 x 2 2 2 662 000 The net effect is not a 10 increase in your sales but because of the compounding effect an increase is sales of 33 1 For you if you have a new fast growing business in a new industry 33 1 may be way too low On the other hand if you have a well established business in a mature industry 10 may be more than you can handle Whatever your ambition level the formula will work and you can plug in your own growth percentages Let me explain how to relate this formula to the specifics of growing your business and why this formula is so powerful In addition to the dramatic compounding effect as explained above the formula forces you to consider more ways to grow your business than just getting new customers Whilst almost every business needs new customers most instinctively always drive for new customers as the only way to increase sales revenue ignoring the vast untapped potential of existing clients When you consider that existing clients are 5 to 7 time more likely to buy than the cold market are easier to sell to and the cheapest market for you to sell to you can see the mistake most businesses

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMY3WAYSTOGROW.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Copy Writing | Results Corporation
    the reader to agree with you One of the most effective ways to do this is to describe the problems issues and risks which they may be experiencing This develops trust and rapport with the reader Another way to look at this is to describe their headache so that you can then 4 Give Compelling Reasons to Buy or Respond Create compelling copy which offers the pill to relieve their headache tells them how your product or service can take away their frustrations solve their problems removes or minimises risk and provides them with a powerful solution The best way to create powerful reasons to buy is to make sure that your copy gives features advantages and benefits Every time you mention a feature you need to relate it back to your reader with an advantage and a benefit people buy benefits so tell them what your product and service can do for them 5 A Strong Offer Offers can increase the response rate by up to 300 and it doesn t have to be a discount High perceived value offers that are low cost to you work very well 6 A Call to Action People like to be lead so tell them what to do next and say it with meaning 7 Ad Style Think about the style of your adverts pictures are great but do they really get your message across editorial long copy style ads can increase readership by up to 500 When you use pictures always try to have a people picture using your product or experiencing your service team pictures are great at building rapport remember a simple rule of selling people buy from people Whilst we have all heard the saying a picture is better than a 1 000 words the reality is that

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYCOPYWRITING.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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