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  • Choosing The Right Font Style | Results Corporation
    Font Style Impact on Reader Comprehension on paper Comprehension Level Good Fair Poor Layout with serif body type 67 19 14 Layout with sans serif body type 12 23 65 Note that these figures relate to body copy As a general rule use serif fonts for your body copy and sans serif fonts for headlines On printed page the feet and hats that we see on Serif fonts create rails for our eyes to run along as we read across the page whereas San Serif fonts tend to create a series of vertical lines which interrupt the smooth path of your eye across the page Another very interesting study shows that this all changes when it comes to screen generated copy such as web pages or emails A study conducted by Dr Ralph F Wilson shows that on screen San Serif fonts are much more effective than Serif fonts Dr Wilson conducted a study comparing the readability of the two fonts on screen he used Times New Roman 12pt vs Arial 12pt and these were the results Table 2 Screen readability and understanding Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Times New Roman 12 pt Arial 12 pt 520 1123 32 68 As you can see 68 of readers online perferred Sans Serif to Serif which is a completely different outcome to the printed page results The main reason for this seems to be that the computer screen is a much different medium than the printed page For one thing the resolution is a lot less about 72 dots per inch dpi for the computer screen vs 180 dpi or 300 dpi or even higher for printed matter Dr Wilson conducted many more studies comparing the readability of two popular Sans Serif fonts Arial and Verdana Table 3 Screen readability and understanding of Arial and Verdana Lorem ipsum frangali Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence magficati confulence magficati alorem alorem Lorem ipsum frangali Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence magficati confulence magficati alorem alorem Arial 12 pt Verdana 12 pt 415 283 59 40 Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Arial 10 pt Verdana 10 pt 239 456 34 64 Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto Lorem ipsum frangali puttuto rigali fortuitous confulence rigali fortuitous confulence magficati alorem magficati alorem Arial 9 pt Verdana 9 pt 152 527 21 74 As Verdana has a much more open letter and takes up more space than Arial it is much easier to read on screen but at 12 pt

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  • 3 Ways to Get Writing | Results Corporation
    warm up words the really potent opening message often appears Back to my piece of advice If you don t start writing you ll never get there 2 Write your headlines first The headline is the most critical part of any communication It has to grab attention encapsulate the message that follows pull the reader into the copy and hold promise of a benefit they ll gain by stopping what they re doing to read the message Never underestimate the power of those words Take the words Will you marry me Four simple words big promise of things to come And to the right prospect they ll certainly grab attention and stop that person in their tracks Now what if what you re writing doesn t require a headline The fact is it does Your headline is the first sentence in your sales letter It s the words at the head of your ad It s the words on the front cover of your brochure It s the opening words to your website It s the opening words on your telephone scripts It s the opening sentence to your proposal or tender Every form of communication needs a headline in some form And that s why it s so important to write not just one but a number of trial headlines Thinking of the right headline forces you to summarize the essence of what you re wanting to say It forces you to think about what the benefits really are to the reader of what you re offering It helps you to crystallize what the copy will be that will follow The more versions of your headline you write the easier your words will flow when you get into the main writing task 3 Explain your message to someone and tape it This is an awesomely powerful idea for writing great copy I ve found over many years that business people who absolutely freeze up at the thought of having to write something will be amazingly articulate and compelling when they re telling me their story With a few well chosen questions I get them opening up about their business about their quality controls their service standards their specific processes that enable them to deliver faster at lower cost with stronger guarantees they ll tell me anecdotes about how they ve helped their customers the amazing lengths they ve gone to to deliver on a promise and so on and so on By the end of it their adrenalin is really flowing and they re really excited and enthused perhaps Re enthused about their own business And they think I m some sort of genius When all I ve done is to get them to talk specifically about their business through the eyes of a prospect In my programme How to Write Design your own Marketing Collateral I give the example of Terry O Shea Terry is a very astute businessman He rang me late one afternoon to talk though

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  • Using Graphics and Images | Results Corporation
    copy is brief but still talks to the reader and it asks for the order So many promotional brochures cry out for a photo or two yet they are all words Or the photos are smudgy and dark as if they were taken by an old box Brownie camera If you can use photos taken by a professional photographer Photos that enhance your product and demonstrate benefits to the reader Also consider using the photograph blown up far more than you normally would it sells what you re about Or try cropping it down to the very core of the subject if it dramatises your message such as the mouth close to the phone A photo of your building may be called for if it sells the fact that you re established and have everything under one roof It doesn t belong if it s an ego trip that says Hey Look I own a building Observe reader gravity Many promotional pieces are a hotchpotch of different sized type unrelated panels of information and big gaps of white space Things that make it tough for the reader to follow the message As you know they ll only give you a fleeting opportunity After that it s into the waste paper basket We were taught to read left to right top to bottom Follow that rule in your layout and you ll lift readership It doesn t mean you can t use creativity but use it wisely Avoid over use of ALL CAPS Upper case is considered an effective way to emphasise a point However it is tiring and unnatural on the eye if used in excess Likewise avoid using oversized type just to fill up the spaces Oversized type is just like shouting at your reader something you d hardly do face to face Body copy Avoid sans serif typefaces in a heavy body of copy They are harder to read than serif typefaces Type size in body copy Never smaller than 7 point Outside of headlines and subheads rarely would you go bigger than 14 point Fonts An over use of different fonts should be avoided as it destroys the cohesion of the message Also it s safer to use black ink for body copy and halftone illustrations and keep other colours for borders screens and headlines How many brochures have you seen with blue or green pictures and body copy with for example red headlines They look downright insipid An exception to that is where a stylistic effect has been achieved on an expensive coloured paper stock Study other ads and observe their balance Some ads are too balanced Their rigid symmetry makes them blend into the page or become a piece of art while other less professional ads stand out A careful use of asymmetry can catch the eye Incidentally just making a border heavier than all the surrounding ads won t guarantee readership It is the headline and illustration that earn the attention of the reader

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  • Getting Clients to Pay On Time | Results Corporation
    so much so we d like to share it so that it can benefit you too Step 1 She replaced the payable within seven days wording on her invoice with the specific date that payment was due This amount is due by 14th September The effect of just that alone was astonishing Many people began paying on or within days of the specified date But if they still don t comply she calls upon Step 2 A simple handwritten with Compliments slip reminder importantly she observes this slip is handwritten and mailed in a stamped handwritten envelope More success In fact after mailing this friendly reminder the accountant of one company walked personally into her office to pay the bill Step 3 For those who are still slow to pay she has a reasoning letter The wording is worth studying here it is Dear James I d like to explain a problem I m currently having in running our business As you know it is important to us that we do good work for you And we certainly always do our very best to meet your deadlines But to maintain a high level of service to you I ve got to maintain a steady cash flow Our business just isn t big enough to carry accounts for more than about a week after the end of the month in which the work is done And that s what my problem is You see the account payments have been dragging a bit lately and that has been putting a strain on things James I m sure you appreciate the convenience of your credit account with us It saves you having to pay cash every time you have some work done But I do need to keep everyone to the terms of

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  • Improve Your Cashflow | Results Corporation
    a value package They want the best solution And if holding your money for 90 days is part of your package then that is something you have brought upon yourself I make the point that in some cases it may be better to risk losing those customers and to build relationships with others who do pay on time Remember until you have been paid you are operating as a gift shop I am not suggesting that you foreclose on your good customers and insist they pay up for all the backlog by close of business today That will put perhaps too much strain on their cashflow although their cashflow is your money never forget that Rather I suggest that you sit down with your customers or call them and map out a catch up program Explain that by being paid for the products and services you ve already delivered is the way you want your business to run and that it will enable you to provide better services and value to them Some customers are simply using you Reasonable customers will co operate The ones who don t are simply using you They don t want the gift shop to close One of the things I emphasise a great deal in my seminars and programs is that the seller has the power to determine the terms of the sale For new business it s a matter of laying the ground rules right up front as to your expectations in getting paid It s a mindset It s in the languaging you use and your belief system Now if all that sounds a bit out there I assure you it s not It s just a case of being in control of knowing the value of what you bring to the customer and setting the rules for being paid accordingly Would you negotiate with your Heart Surgeon Let s take a completely different scenario to see why this is true Say you had a heart problem and you went to a heart surgeon This surgeon has a top reputation and instantly earns your trust The surgeon tells you that he or she can operate to save your life The surgeon then says Oh by the way the operating fee will be 40 000 and it s payable on the day you leave hospital Do you bargain with the surgeon Do you ask for an invoice with 90 days or over on it Do you tell the surgeon you re going to get three more quotes to find someone who ll do it cheaper You are no different unless you choose to be It s all about positioning Are you standing meekly in line waiting to be paid It s your choice as to whether you stand meekly in line waiting to be paid Or whether you establish the ground rules and be proud that you deliver such an amazing service and that you expect to be paid When I first started

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  • 5 Ways to Cut Marketing Costs | Results Corporation
    three or four opportunities to save money immediately by cutting expensive marketing that isn t working And we find five or six opportunities to get more new clients more sales and more profit from activities they are already doing which are already working but which they seldom use And then there are those strategies that make modest profits which can be optimised and fine tuned for maximum profit by changing targeting headlines offers copy or strategy When you ask the right questions as we do these opportunities for cutting cost and getting better outcomes become very obvious Here are 5 of many questions that we ask new clients and which you can ask yourself Do a 5 minute wastage check on your business right now Do you measure cost per lead on all of your lead generation activities Which are most expensive which are cheapest and which are the best quality You can determine quality by asking yourself the following Do you know your true conversion rates Many business people when asked will say they have good conversion rates and often quote 25 33 50 or more But they are often wrong They are quoting conversion from quote to sale Your true conversion rate is from lead to sale Check it out now What you find may shock you but could also seriously enhance your wealth What is your cost of acquisition How much does it cost to get a new client How does each lead generation strategy compare Typically you will find a ten times variation between different lead generation strategies such as Direct Mail Cost Per Click Exhibitions Yellow Pages Telemarketing and Networking What is your allowable cost of acquisition Many businesses overlook highly profitable marketing campaigns because they don t understand how to calculate the success A success is an activity that produces new clients within your allowable cost of acquisition the level at which you are prepared to pay on average to get a new client What is your client s lifetime value Last week a new client asked me to review a failed direct mail campaign They sent 1 700 letters to targeted firms for their professional services and only received five requests for an appointment one of which didn t even go ahead Of the four that went ahead two became clients A very disappointing and discouraging result they felt However when they understood that each of those new clients would probably stay for four years the average lifetime of a client spending 4 000 per year each and that the total value of that failed campaign was 32 000 in new revenue for a cost of about 1 000 in marketing They suddenly understood that they had their hands on a potentially very lucrative marketing strategy And when they understood that this could be done every month generating over a year some 384 000 in future business for a cost of about 12 000 things got very interesting They almost wasted this very

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  • Results Corporation | How to Create Great Ads
    bullet points of what he was offering and then by the telephone number A common approach but one which is virtually guaranteed to minimise results Understanding what you need to do to change your Advertising results After working with his Marketing Support Advisor Gavin started to understand what he needed to do to change his advertising By following this simple formula he began to see how he could create and test new Ads which would improve reponse rates Gavin was advised to develop and test new Ads which follow this 8 Step Advertising Success formula Headline always develop a strong headline which offers a benefit to the reader answers their fears frustrations needs and wants Your company name is not a benefit to your reader and makes for a very poor headline Top copywriters understand that when they have written the headline they have spent 75 80 of the cost of the Ad as this is what attracts the reader and that a great headline can improve response by up to twenty times Rapport Building Paragraph develop a rapport building paragraph which gets the reader to agree with you One of the most effective ways to do this is to describe the problems issues and risks which they may be experiencing This develops trust and rapport with the reader Another way to look at this is to describe their headache so that you can then Reasons to Buy create compelling copy which offers the pill to relieve their headache tells them how your offer can take away their frustrations solve their problems removes or minimises risk and provides them with a solution A Strong Offer offers can increase the response rate by up to 300 and it doesn t have to be a discount High perceived value offers that are low cost to you work very well A Call to Action people like to be lead so tell them what to do next and say it with meaning Targeting understand who your target market are and advertise where they will see you Targeting can increase your response rate by up to 1000 Ad Style think about the style of your adverts pictures are great but do they really get your message across editorial long copy style ads can increase readership by up to 500 Credibility Does your ad have testimonials Does it build credibility Endorsements can increase your response rate by up to 500 Some other points to take into consideration Every time you mention a feature you need to relate it back to your reader with an advantage and a benefit people buy benefits so tell them what your product and service can do for them Always write in The Point Of You If you are saying we ours or your company name more than saying you yours and you ll then you are talking about yourself and not your reader This kills sales Pictures always try to have a people picture using your product or experiencing your service

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  • Results Corporation | Ad Case Study (Part 1)
    sight unseen needs to be a great ad It needs to be extremely compelling In contrast John s ad doesn t offer any understanding of what the course is all about what the reader will get in the Textbook and CD series what the 2 private evaluations are or who the company is There re no testimonials no painting of the picture of what the course will do for the reader It was doomed to fail Sadly John is not alone in running ads like this On any day there are thousands of companies spending their hard earned money on ads that patently fail to sell And these well meaning companies just keep pouring more money in hoping it ll start working It won t In many cases they don t measure the results to their ads and they re blissfully wasting thousands of dollars probably because some expert insisted it s OK because they re keeping their name before the public Which categorically doesn t work More on how to overcome that later In this case I explained to John that he needed a strategy He needed a strategy that would get him his desired outcome That is bookings for his workshop The Strategy and a Sales Process By now John had accepted that his chances of selling his 150 course off the page in a small ad like the one he proposed were nil So I went on to outline a multi step approach for his sales process First generate leads Create an ad with a strong response generating offer to gather the names and contact details of people qualified as prospects for his course Then follow these prospects up with a letter and an information pack outlining what it is John does and what his course can do for them The letter to explain that one of John s team will be in touch to answer any queries And as a third step phone them Develop a script for his people to call the prospects and discover what it is they re looking for in public speaking and to explain how the course will help them achieve their outcomes From this point the team is in a position to convert prospects into bookings over the phone A very simple three step strategy Doing the numbers At this point it was time to put some numbers to his campaign to open John s eyes to what it would take to make his campaign viable In other words we needed to establish a breakeven for his ad campaign Specifically how many sales did he need to get per ad to make it pay I got John to figure out what a sale is worth to him Then to work backwards and determine how much he could afford to invest to get that sale He figured his gross profit on a booking for his course was around 100 after catering and room hire He also told me that he typically

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