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  • Results Corporation | Ad Case Study (Part 2)
    lot more impactful and profitable Here s the revamped ad So what s good about this ad As I ve said before marketing is a jigsaw puzzle of possibilities for your business Get all the pieces in place and your business will take off and deliver you super profits Leave pieces out and you condemn your business to performing at average or worse For the want of a few simple elements some of which we ll cover here making the right changes could turn your business around in a relative heartbeat And that s got to be exciting So let s look at the ad and its jigsaw puzzle pieces The headline Effective Speaking Here s how is a reflection of the title of the book It is also fairly compelling in that it flags down the target audience The previous ad had perhaps a better headline It was QUIT FEAR BE an effective speaker In any event this new headline is still going to pull readers in The headline to an ad can impact the response to an ad by up to 20 times So it is critical to spend time to make it as POWERFUL as humanly possible The headline is one of the great leverage points in marketing The offer an element that can lift your response rate by 300 or more is very strong John has done a great job here with his designer or dramatising the cover of the book and the sub head YOURS FREE Add to that the retail price mentioned in the opening paragraph and the value statement in the second paragraph and so far so good What s NOT good about this ad Look an ad any ad that offers to give away a 19 95 book is going to get responses isn t it So it s going to work to some extent But this ad isn t going to create the avalanche of orders that John would wish for It has committed the biggest blunder that advertisers can make It talks all about the advertiser and fails to focus on the reader and what the solution will do for them After a token You could net 2 080 profit from one idea statement about the book itself it then launches into a self focused spiel on the author Rule one of effective communication Tune into the prospect s WIIFM What s in it for me Imagine how powerful this ad would have been if it had paragraph after compelling paragraph building a case about how the reader will feel more confident command a greater presence with peers have vastly improved promotion prospects have less stress participating in or running meetings how he or she will be someone others look up to as a leader who can get a message across and so on That is the benefit of getting this book Not reading the accolades about the author Sure his credibility needs to be established But it s what

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  • Creating Compelling Offers | Results Corporation
    or their frame of mind And even if they are in the market for what you offer can you persuade them to come out of the comfort of their anonymity to put their hand up and identify themselves It s a tough challenge And that s where most advertising fails It s also where the use of a good offer well told can be so powerful Let me share an example that makes the point It s from a colleague who works with an eminent laser eye surgeon In the past this surgeon had advertised his practice with nice photos of eyes and soft mood shots and a few lines of copy With consistently poor results The new ad strategy took a very different tack It is copy intensive It has a headline that draws the reader in with the promise of yes information The sub heading telegraphs the offer a free information session The body copy then paints a picture of the benefits of being free of glasses or contact lenses But then it goes into the need to do proper research to be informed It even raises the questions that someone should ask who s considering this procedure And it spells out what the prospect can expect at the free session The Information Session will help you to understand the conditions that may be causing your poor eyesight and how these may be corrected the qualification process possible side effects post operative care and frank explanation of the results that you can expect This is an extraordinarily good execution of informative copy in an ad It takes the reader on a journey in their mind s eye of what will take place it s very frank about the realities and risks and makes you want to know more

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  • Results Corporation | 10 Sales Letter Rules
    point Of course many don t even have an offer 2 Another Way to Explain Your Benefits If you can t work your benefits into the early part of your campaign try using a Johnson Box A Johnson Box is a sentence or two often in an asterisked box before the start of the letter It puts the benefit right up front so that the reader is tempted to read on to find out more 3 Personalise Your Letter Your letter should always start with a salutation remember even though it may be a direct mail campaign it s still a letter to one person If you can t personalise it with the readers name try to get close by using a generic the reader can identify with such as Dear Birdlover Alternatively just start with Hello or something similar If nothing else that ll certainly get you noticed 4 The First Few Lines Your first few paragraphs must grab your prospect by the eyelashes The first few lines will make or break the success of the letter Get people to start reading and you ve obviously got a far better chance of keeping them reading The old saying goes If they read the first 50 words they ll read the next thousand 5 How to Get Readers to Turn The Page Never never never end your page with a full stop Instead try to break the page mid sentence so that the reader is virtually forced to keep reading Ideally try to break your page in the middle of a sentence and with as much drama as this line from a novel She looked up fearfully and saw the curtain move Suddenly please turn over 6 Feature Advantage Benefit In your body copy you should concentrate on giving the benefits of your product not just the features You could easily take this next point as a throw away line Don t Always keep in the back of your mind People don t go into a store to buy a ¼ drill bit They want the ¼ hole it makes To give you an example of how the features advantages benefits rule applies in selling a drill bit The cutting edges are tungsten carbide tipped feature which means they last up to 7 times longer than a high speed steel bit advantage so you have much less costly downtime sharpening and replacing worn out drill bits benefit 7 Credibility Build credibility with a strong guarantee testimonials and specific examples And always always talk to one person not a crowd Never use terms like As you all know 8 Your Close Before closing go back to your big benefit and major selling points again As one old copywriter once said Tell em what you re gonna tell em Tell em Then tell em what you told em That s good advice 9 Before You Close Just before you close state the full details of your offer and make a clear call

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  • Creating Direct Mail | Results Corporation
    having a conversation on your behalf with your prospect Well I wouldn t mind betting the answer is none That s not to say direct mail letters will automatically get attention and readership But the odds of achieving those ends are greatly enhanced with letters especially well written letters that have a genuine person to person feel But how can you achieve this Your first priority is to create a conversation in print To talk to the recipient in a way that s as close as possible to how you would if they were in front of you and that starts with the salutation Imagine you re sending a sales letter to one of your prospects called Mr John Smith When you begin the letter you ll start with something like Dear John Dear Mr Smith or Dear Sirs Unbelievable I know but people still do this But if Mr John Smith were visiting you in your office or vice versa how would you greet him Would you walk up to him shake him firmly by the hand look him straight in the eye and say Dear John how are you Obviously you wouldn t do this So why do you persist in doing it in your letters Why not open up with Hello John Good morning John or even something like John do you ever have this problem And when you finish your meeting will you shake hands and say John I am yours sincerely Of course not so don t do it in your letters Finish with All the best or See you soon or perhaps Great to talk to you John Even if you re doing mass mailing you should still use a personal style greeting and close because while few people will believe the letter has

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  • Yellow Pages Making It Work | Results Corporation
    generating fewer responses could in fact give a better conversion rate making it more profitable The actual size you choose whether large or small will depend on the type of business you re in the number of calls you get now the goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months and on results of testing different variables 3 Remember cost is not the issue it s your return on investment Think of it this way Say you spend 2 500 or up to 10 000 on a Yellow Pages ad That s a lot of money But if that one ad brings an extra 50 000 or 100 000 in sales it s paid for itself Look beyond the initial cost of placing your ad and think what it will bring to your business But having said that demand that it works by getting the message right 4 Use a headline and offer something of real value to your reader Ad experts will tell you to keep the logo or brand name bold Now obviously they are important But they aren t the be all and end all of your ad especially when your name isn t well known If the reader doesn t know who you are your name simply won t excite them Even if you are well known you re far better off using a headline in your ad which offers them a very real benefit for using your business ahead of your competition Look at how many ads don t have a headline see how far ahead you ll be already 5 How to get more enquiries from your Yellow Pages ad Create a valuable information booklet or report and offer it free in your Yellow Pages ad You will attract more people simply because you are providing them with an additional service 6 People love to look at people Newspapers know how to generate reader interest They use a liberal scattering of photographs And wherever possible photographs with people in them Then they put captions under the photos Here s a really hot tip for your Yellow Pages advertising Use a photograph of yourself your team members or a delighted customer It gives your business a human face It improves the readership of your ad And importantly it increases significantly the responses you achieve 7 Your potential clients are looking for information and a reinforcement as to which supplier they should call Look at almost any ad from any Yellow Pages and you ll see a lot of the same thing Ads which have the company name address phone number a brief description of the products they offer and not much else If a person is about to buy a product as they always are when they go to the Yellow Pages they want to know a number of things What you have to offer them why it will benefit them when they buy it and that you serve their area They need

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  • Results Corporation | Reasons Why People Buy
    business weapon Think about those face to face encounters How many places can you be in during any one day On a good day you might get in front of four or five prospective clients But when you write compelling copy you can engage thousands or tens of thousands of people in a conversation in a day And guess what Out of those thousands only those who are qualified will put their hand up and ask for your attention These are people who want to buy When you ve got people coming to you you can say goodbye to cold calling And you control the transaction Does that make sense To write compelling copy start with power words Power words give you an almost unfair advantage when you write John Caples a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame identified some fascinating power words when he studied the top 100 headlines of his time Of the 100 great headlines he analysed he discovered that certain power words appeared over and over again You or Your 45 times How 12 times New 10 times Who 8 times Money 6 times Of course this is just a small selection of power words But this tells you something Why do you think the simple word you appeared 45 times Clearly this word focuses on the reader It forces the writer to write through the eyes of the prospect It s known as the Point of You When you use the Point of You it s almost impossible to talk all about your yourself your company or your product you know the stuff We have a big factory We are proud to announce Our product is so great Write in that self focused way and your prospects will very quickly flip the page hit the delete key or toss your message in the rubbish bin Talk about them and what they want and you ll rivet their attention Can it be this simple I ve had one client who attended one of my workshops who then re wrote all his communications from a Point of You He achieved a 5 times increase in response From nothing more than that one change in focus Think about that He didn t have to spend 5 times the advertising spend He didn t have to hire more people He simply re positioned to a Point of You and achieved a 500 increase in leads What would doing that achieve for you 26 reasons why people buy I could write a whole course on copywriting techniques And in our written programmes we do exactly that We work though the powerful yet logical steps to re writing your own copy with response generating techniques so that you move people to act It s a fun process and once you get it there will be no stopping you For now though let s look at another critical element in achieving effective communication And that is why people buy The late

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  • Successful Direct Mail | Results Corporation
    know anything about their propensity to buy your product from you This is not to say you won t get any response but it will most likely be so small you ll consider the whole affair a waste of money Better is a list of people who have been identified as having purchased your type of product before and better still if they have done so in response to a direct mail or online offer And better yet if they are frequent buyers Great But where do you FIND a list like this outside of your own customer files Of course there are some good list companies and brokers who are interested in making your direct mailing work They ll search out lists for you research carefully the most likely prospects and they ll help you set up tests of different lists The key is to find a list company you re comfortable with and test small Don t invest all your budget until you have satisfied yourself that the project is viable The Offer And when you mail build in an offer something so good it will bring people out of the woodwork Often you can afford to make a much better offer than you may think which could unleash a flood of new clients A big mistake many people make when deciding on a great offer is not to calculate the lifetime value of a prospect Rather they judge how attractive their offer can be based on the value of the first sale When you consider that many businesses are happy to acquire new clients at a loss because they know that on average new customers go on to spend many times the value of the first transaction over the next 1 2 or 3 years this single transaction thinking really can stop your direct mail from working because you pull your punches with a weak offer Testing Packaged Information Undoubtedly the best list you can have apart from your customers is one you build yourself through generating enquiries By getting people to put their hands up and say I m interested in what you have to offer you automatically profile your prospect and establish that they are direct marketing responsive To do that effectively I urge you to think about creating and testing an offer of special reports packaged expertise or Packaged Information as we call it When you create a White Paper Special Report Buyers Guide Fact Sheet or Data Sheet that is of high value to a prospective customer and offer it you can see lead flows from your Ad Email Website or Direct Mail letter increase by 2 3 or 4 times In addition to creating more leads this group of responders in turn become your new hot list Even with Google and Email marketing now playing such an important role in generating new business Direct Mail is still a vital cog in the new client machine for many businesses especially when you understand

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  • How to Find Customers Who Want to Buy From You | Results Corporation
    it works Your steak knives offer whatever it may be will lift your response too if you get it right 4 The Right First Step Be clear on what your first sale is So many marketing pieces try to sell the purchase It s a bit like putting a Husband Wife Wanted ad in the media and expecting to get takers Chances are the first transaction with your life partner was not to walk down the aisle together Typically it s a low key getting to know you exercise In the same light your first sale in selling your product or service is to get your prospect to pick up the phone to walk into your business or to submit an information request via your website Don t underestimate the challenge in getting someone to put their hand up and to give away their anonymity OK enough home truths Where and how to you find your target market Big subject Enough for several books 5 A Proven Strategy But let s look at one proven strategy using Packaged Information Your prospects probably don t know what you know about your product or service What s more they don t even know that they don t know What a brilliant opportunity to create an offer Packaged Information to get them to willingly put their hand up to identify themselves Packaged Information offers take several forms Buyers Guides Information DVD s not promotional DVD s White Papers Special Reports Buyers Checklists and more Literally any Package of valuable information In our case we offer a free report called 10 Low Cost and No Cost Strategies for Recession Proofing your Business This has been a sensational tool for generating first sales because it s truly win win We get a constant flow of requests every week These people are profiling themselves as potential clients After all they wouldn t be seeking this white paper if they weren t in business and if they didn t perceive they had a need It s a low threshold transaction of course We offer the information free and without obligation But they have put their hand up and it gives us a great opportunity to educate them to our solutions what our philosophies are and via some of our case studies how we ve solved problems for others At the very least they have given us permission to continue communicating with them and to continue educating them It works for them It works for us 6 Making Your Offer Compelling One more point on this Whatever your offer you need to dimensionalise it There s no power in saying you have a Free DVD But when you describe the fact that your DVD gives 5 ways to save money and time 3 of the most powerful secrets in your industry and a step by step process to unlock something or other now you have an offer We really do sometimes get so close to our own knowledge

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