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  • Results Corporation | Pay Per Click Advertising
    don t test is the click through rate for different ads Within Google you can actually set two ads for your campaign and Google will run them alternately every time your Keywords trigger an Ad impression in response to a user s keyword search This is the perfect split run test as you will quickly see which Ad is attracting the highest click through rate Once you have established which Ad is working best that becomes your control and then you test other variations of your Ad until you find an even better performing Ad which then becomes your control and so on Not only will this mean that over time you get more response because your click through rate will be improving your cost per click should fall significantly reducing your costs and improving your lead flow 2 Capitalise Your Ad Copy As you begin to split run test your Google Ads you will notice that often seemingly minor changes can make a significant difference to the click through rate One good example of this is the use of capitalisation of words within your Ad You can increase click through rates by capitalising the words in your headline for example Free marketing ideas would become Free Marketing Ideas by capitalising each word in the body copy of your Ad and by capitalising any keywords you may be using in the URL s on each Ad as in this example Free Marketing Ideas Proven Marketing Ideas from Top UK Experts for Small Business www MarketingIdeas org uk Just like split run testing with your offline marketing you need to remember to make one change at a time so you know which change worked and which didn t 3 State Your Benefit First Buyers do not buy features they buy benefits This truth about great selling and marketing holds true online as well You can see in the example above that the benefit Proven Marketing Ideas is on the first line of the Ad while the feature Top UK Experts is on the first and second line Stating your benefit before the feature can have a significant impact on click through rates This is another element of each Ad that you can test with split run testing 4 Keywords In Your Headline An effective headline on your Direct Mail Yellow Pages Ad Sales Letter and Brochures is proven to increase response by up to 20 times The words you choose for your headline when running Google AdWords campaigns are also critical to maximising response Your headline needs to work for two audiences first the search engine itself as headline content has a bearing on how relevant your Ad is to a search and then to the person searching who will glance at your headline as they determine which search results interest them enough to click through The worst headlines include the company name Some of the most effective include the keywords that you are targeting Just adding your key keywords to

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  • Using Google Adwords | Results Corporation
    and managers who thought Google AdWords and online marketing would never work in their business Here s a snapshot of businesses who are now winning new clients from an entirely new source for just pocket money advertising costs All because that have started to take Pay Per Click advertsing seriously A Civil Structural Engineering Firm A Plumbing and Building Business An Optometrist A National Accountancy Firm A Textile Manufacturer An Audio Visual Equipment Company A Training Business We ve even got some clients who are spending 10 000 and more per month on Google AdWords and have done for the last 2 or 3 years because it generates them millions of pounds worth of business Whatever your business size my message to you today is clear If you are not taking Google AdWords seriously and have not at least set up a series of test campaigns to see how much traffic you can attract to your website and how much of that you can convert into new business then you are running the risk of the world passing your business by Buyers are turning to their browser and Google as their first port of call in ever increasing numbers if you are not visible then you re not in the market Many online retailers and online only businesses are doing absolutely fine despite the recession Many of their offline counterparts who are struggling are blaming it all on the recession In reality the recession is just amplifying the fact that business is moving from offline and online anyway What about you and your business Are you taking online marketing seriously or is one of more of your competitors going to scoop up that opportunity for new business You owe it to yourself to at least test Google AdWords You can get started for just a few pounds a day Can you afford not to Six Simple Steps Here are 6 steps you can and should take to test how much new business you could be winning right now even if you are in a business where you are not sure if you can win with Paid Search advertising 1 Google AdWords Set up a Google AdWords account for 5 00 and start testing 2 Google Analytics Install and use Google Analytics Google s free website statistics reporting package to understand how your website and online marketing is working see which keywords visitors use how much traffic you have to your site which pages visitors like how visitors are moving through your site and set conversion goals to track conversion to leads 3 Google Conversion Tracking Add Google Conversion Tracking codes to your website so you can track which visitors convert into leads and which keywords and ads are most successful for you 4 Website Landing Pages Put your website under the microscope to see how effective it is at converting visitors to leads Test different headlines offers free newsletter special reports copy and calls to action 5 Email Broadcasting Start

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  • Website Essentials | Results Corporation
    the next step and you owe it to yourself and your business to ask for the order whether that is an enquiry a newsletter signup special report request or other appropriate action Almost every page on your website should end with a sentence like this one To get started to request a proposal or to find out more please call us now on 01234 567890 enquire through the website or request our special buyers guide Do yourself and your business a big favour and check your website now One client who took this to heart after having this pointed out to him by his Business Builder Programme advisor Peter Tilbury Fowler was Cameron Brookes of Niche Blinds When Cameron started working with us he already had a good website but it lacked strong call to action To make the most of web traffic Peter suggested the website should have stronger call to action points throughout the copy and suggested the addition of a response form to facilitate enquiries The result Within two weeks of adding the new copy and implementing the new form Cameron sent us this email Can you please help me mock up a letter of introduction for all the enquiry requests for brochures that are coming through for me And just 2 weeks after that Peter received this email The new template has nailed it as far as I m concerned My latest 3 brochures requested look to help me turn over 6000 in 3 sales with a possible add on of 4000 not bad eh Simply suggesting the next step to website visitors has had a huge impact on the conversion rate of website visitors to enquiries because the site now asks for the order enquiry Website Mistake 2 You may look at your website and say But we have our phone number at the top of the page in the banner we have a contact page accessible by the main navigation bar and we even have some graphic banners down the side of each page offering our newsletter and special reports surely our site has strong call to action That may be true It may also be true the visitors are using these call to action tools on your site by the way I m not saying don t have these on your website they are very effective and every site should have them But Many website visitors suffer from banner blindness They come to your site and specifically the web page in question looking for information Their eye falls immediately to the beginning of the information and starts scanning at that point this is normally the beginning of the copy on your page If and only if the copy is relevant and compelling they will then read on and many people will blank out the surrounding graphics and banners after all that is just the marketing bumpf and they want information If you don t have a call to action sentence in your information

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  • Online Advertising Overtakes TV | Results Corporation
    not at least Tested Email broadcasting instead of or in addition to direct mail Tested Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising Spent time creating a profitable website using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Conversion Tracking then it is time to wake up smell the coffee and get involved before your competitors get ahead of you This study confirms what we have known for about 5 years now more and more buyers are starting their search with a few mouse clicks If your business can t be found online and if you can t attract and win new clients online you are shutting your business off from the market This is true whether you are an accountant a software developer a builder a franchisor a florist or run a hotel and restaurant It s true whether you are a local business or you sell all over the world It s true whether you are a one man band or a large growing business Online advertising overtaking TV advertising may not mean that much to you and I because we don t use TV advertising to promote our business But it does confirm a major trend and change in buyer behaviour that is bringing about one of the biggest changes in SME marketing that we have ever seen Many of our clients are now attracting significant chunks of new business and profitable growth by tapping into these opportunities Every business owner and manager needs to get serious about online marketing now before it is too late Over the next few months we ll bring you a series of case studies showing how businesses of all sizes and types have opened the floodgates by getting stuck into online marketing In the meantime you can read the BBC Business News article and

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  • Improve Response Rates Now | Results Corporation
    way of getting a better response and higher conversion is to create an offer which includes something of perceived value that is completely unrelated to the core product or service you are selling what is known as a second interest offer For example Magazine publishers often entice new subscribers by offering a free luggage set or free currency calculator when you sign up for 12 months A company selling sophisticated personal finance services to High Earning and High Net Worth clients offers 12 bottles of fine Wine free when a prospect opens a Self Invested Pension Plan with the firm A company selling engineering components to factory and production line engineers offered a free Radio Controlled Helicopter when they place orders up to a certain value in that month and produced 14 more sales Banks create a bundle of second interest offers to get current account customers to upgrade their account such as free Travel Insurance Breakdown Cover Credit Card protection and more And today you can even find Housing Developers offering a free Car when you buy one of their apartments The second interest offer has a magical element to it which almost always improves response and conversion Why Well we can t say exactly but it is a combination of factors In part it s fun you get something desirable that you wouldn t normally buy for free in part it gives better value usually the offer has a higher perceived value than cost to you and it often has a hot potato element to it that is you need to act now to benefit And second interest offers give you great headlines to work into your letters ads emails and web pages After all it is easy to see that Buy a New Luxury City Centre Apartment

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  • Improve Your Selling Success | Results Corporation
    can be any number of reasons why a prospect won t say yes sometimes it s due to real concerns very often it s fear of the unknown or budgetary concerns or timing And as selling wisdom tells us we need to probe for those reasons Nothing new in that The only problem is few sales people know how to effectively handle objections and how to probe whilst staying on the same side as the prospect in finding the solution Instead they fight the objection with facts about the product or service slipping into motor mouth mode to just talk their way to a sale And it never works Three Simple Skills Yet any competent sales person can handle all of those objections and fears with the smoothness and skill of a Wimbledon player The key is to gently hit the objection back into the prospects court using three simple but very powerful steps Acknowledge the objection with a positive stroke Set the scene for probing that objection with a benefit to the prospect Ask a question Is that all Actually yes But it is one of the most valuable and least used skills in solutions based selling Let s take an example Let s say a prospect has objected to the price and said they have two cheaper quotes Salesperson Well you only get what you pay for John And this model has the carbon head overlocker and Teflon sleeve pistons As well it has been the biggest seller in Europe for the last six years Seriously how do you think the prospect will take this Most likely it ll get their back up and they ll just pull down the shutters and get more negative It s hardly playing for a win win Let s see how the three simple skills can be brought into play Salesperson I m glad you asked about the price John It s a fair question and one we get asked often Acknowledgement of the objection and then a positive stroke namely it s a fair question My objective is to make sure you get the right solution and this product may not be the one To help me understand exactly what it is you are looking for Here the sales person has set the scene for probing and given definite benefits to make sure you get exactly what it is you are looking for And then the third simple step is seamless Tell me and then ask probing questions That s it Just like a smooth tennis swing the objection which in the first scenario was heading for disaster is now on track to become a collaborative problem solving exercise Do you know our experience with dozens of sales teams is this most do not have the skills to handle objections in a non combative way Most do not role play on any regular basis the powerful probing skills Most blame a host of other reasons why they didn t get a

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  • Boost Sales Conversions | Results Corporation
    maintenance He d asked for a status report on operations and asked specifically how much of the fleet was able to fly on any given day given maintenance requirements 75 was the reply Wondering why it wasn t 74 or 76 he decided to set a new standard I don t know anything about helicopter maintenance but I m establishing a new standard of 85 Well it won t come as a surprise to you that this new benchmark was achieved no doubt amid protestations that it couldn t be done though you didn t argue with the general Don t lose the significance of this They didn t bring in more maintenance crews They didn t procure more equipment In a word Schwarzkopf changed the mindset of what was possible Once the new expectation was commanded it was achieved And so it is in any area of business Monitoring and expectation with reward and consequence are the keys Getting back to the sales arena the irony is you don t even have to quadruple your sales performance to see an amazing impact on profits If a change in mindset could take your conversion rate from 2 in 10 to a just 3 in 10 think about the impact Your sales have just gone up by 50 There is no question that the mindset of the salesperson or consultant is the biggest element in whether the sale will go ahead If you re in the ball park on price quality and features it comes down to mindset In seminars I often ask business owners What would happen with your present ads with your present prices and quality of product if you had the world s best salesperson on your team Invariably they agree that sales would go up dramatically And yet these same business owners will think the answer to sales increases is in some new ad or in having a new product or maybe because their brochure isn t shiny enough Having a team of sales people who believe in themselves with a 100 conversion rate mindset is the most awesome resource you can ever have Now there s a caution on this The prospects these salespeople see must be qualified and profiled in advance If your salespeople are driving all over the region trying to sell prospects who can t afford aren t ready or don t have a need of course the conversion rate is going to be poor Often qualifying prospects is seen as risky by managers What if salespeople discard leads because they can t be bothered and then claim they were not qualified What if salespeople burn off someone who would have bought even though they appeared not to be qualified Of course these are valid concerns But they are a question of managing the process of monitoring the discard rate and getting salespeople to justify those they discard Now all this begs the main question How do you get a 100 conversion mindset

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  • Employing Sales People | Results Corporation
    of 10 prospects taking up his product offerings when his salespeople are selling 4 out of 10 With some probing he came to see that his sales people are selling rather than thinking about how to help prospects to make informed decisions to buy I suggested he change the title of his people to Project Manager because that s what they do They advise on design they advise on different options they help the prospect find solutions that best fit their projects This distinction was like a whack around the head to him He realised that by changing the title more importantly he was changing the mindset of his sales people to what they really do they ll be like heart surgeons People buy from people they trust Going on from the previous point it goes without saying that when a patient agrees to put their life in the hands of a surgeon there s a very high level of trust Yet they may only have met twenty minutes before In contrast some sales people spend months chasing a prospect and don t gain anywhere near that level of trust How does the surgeon pull this off Trust through referral The patient is typically referred by another doctor whom the patient does know and trust Makes you ponder what impact focusing on getting more referrals might have on your ability to secure more sales So there s a referral strategy to think about Trust through reputation The surgeon s reputation has gone before them In comparison what strategies do you have in place to educate prospects to your reputation and track record prior to meeting There s a strategy here too in packaging your message and disseminating it effectively Demeanour How the surgeon handles the first meeting makes or breaks it If there s any hint of being overly anxious to get the sale or that they re not confident that they have the right solution and can deliver the patient is going to run a mile Translate that to your selling role Does the demeanour of your people ooze confidence and knowledge from the moment they meet a prospect Is there a deep sense of confidence that they can deliver And is their presentation totally free of any hint of desperation that they want need a sale right now Professional Detachment with compassion This is a really interesting and powerful dynamic And often a difficult one for salespeople to come to terms with The surgeon doesn t get emotionally involved Instead they display a level of professional detachment Tempered with compassion certainly but detached This detachment exudes absolute authority and control over the situation There s a laying down the ground rules to the patient that they must comply with certain guidelines too What do you think happens if the patient refuses to fast prior to the operation or they refuse to give up smoking or indeed ask for a discount Does the surgeon cave in and agree to

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