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  • 12 Golden Rules to Effectively Handle Enquiries | Results Corporation
    The enquirer regardless of what they say isn t just after information They have a problem or a need Often a problem s so complex they don t fully understand it themselves They crave to have it solved and they re looking for a solution Calling You is a Big Deal Just making the phone call can sometimes be a big thing for prospects because they have their own uncertainties and insecurities to contend with We need to be empathetic and make the process painless Prospects are Distrusting They ve probably been disappointed by past efforts to find a solution So expect them to be distrusting until they know we are real They are going to buy Whether it s from us or a competitor whether it s today or in six months time they will buy something Our task is to educate them to why our solution is best for them that is of course if our solution is indeed the best one for their particular circumstances Otherwise we should guide them ethically to an alternative Dealing with Price They will have pre conceived ideas of what s expensive But on the other hand when they find their answer they will pay whatever it takes So it s our duty of care to ensure we ethically educate them to our solution and to show that our solution isn t expensive it is life changing Stand out from the Crowd They will initially have little or no concept of what our business practice does and will tend to pigeonhole us with other firms who appear to deliver what we do Do They Really Get it They may nod in agreement at things you say in the initial discussion but in truth they ll understand and absorb only a tiny fraction of what you have said Which means you need to go slowly never assume And most importantly through questions do a regular temperature check on their understanding Critically important Position the Value When it comes to the Information Pack we have to send them remember they have no basis for appreciating the value or of the decades of research and development behind this information So unless positioned correctly it will simply sit unopened for weeks until they ve lost interest And when you try to follow up after their interest has waned you become a pushy salesperson not a professional with the answers to their perhaps years of frustration What s the solution You must position the value of the pack correctly up front Again they won t give any priority to the pack unless you position it correctly before you send it Keeping Control Remember that the person who has the information is in control of the transaction If you give it your information pack over to the prospect prematurely without first gaining a firm commitment they ll review it you lose the control Set the Rules Getting that firm commitment means getting their undertaking that they will go

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  • Winning Public Sector Business | Results Corporation
    a detailed level For example if you have a gardening business look in the Leisure and Recreation section and drop down to Parks Maintenance or other appropriate headings This may be meaningful to you especially if you can compare it with the previous year s information At the end of your research align your products in terms of the council s priorities and objectives Step 2 Identify the opportunities that could be available to you Council Procurement Officers are normally helpful friendly people who genuinely recognise the Council s need to buy products and services from local suppliers with a good reputation Armed with your understanding gained in Step 1 make a date to see them and be ready to make a short general presentation of your work showing directly or indirectly how it will contribute to the council s objectives This presentation can vary from a few concise spoken sentences to a five minute graphics show But no more Once they understand in general terms what you can do they will quickly tell you how you could fit into their scheme of operations This is your first foot in the door Step 3 If the possible work has a value of more than 2 000 ask for a copy of their Pre qualification Requirements This will tell you what you must do to get on their preferred supplier lists With them explore the time frame relative to achieving this important step and your first tender submission for work identified in Step 2 above Don t worry if on the first read through of the requirements some of it sounds like gobbledy gook But beware that if your work is going to be in excess of about 140 000 you may fall under the EU tendering process which is a bit beyond the notes in this bulletin But still doable of course Step 4 Familiarise yourself with the terminology Normally a set of pre qualification requirements contains a lot of terminology that has specific meaning to the council but is not particularly self descriptive You may have to come to grips with a number of ISO Management Standards for example ISO 9001 2008 depending on your products or services abbreviations such as TUPE or FOI you will find these in copious detail on the internet policies and procedures Step 5 Determine the things you will have to do You may have to gain formal certification or accreditation in a number of areas or do other tasks in advance of your first tender In some areas for your first tender it may suffice that you have just commenced the certification process and provide the progress details with your tender The sooner you start the sooner you finish But you need to make sure you know what you are doing here This can be a costly and frustrating area if you get it wrong and it can be difficult without the right help and advice Step 6 Submit your Pre qualification Application

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  • Contacting Prospects | Results Corporation
    enough memory of the previous call and conversation for up to 90 days After that it was as though the mind had cleared itself of all memory In Hong Kong At Saatchi Saatchi s Hong Kong agency working for our client Procter and Gamble we stayed in touch with 100 000 mothers every three months advising them that their babies were growing slowly and steadily and it was time to move up to the next size of Pampers We enclosed a price off voucher to make their next purchase very affordable Our research had showed that mothers blamed the Pampers product when the baby grew too big for its previous size to be effective Because of this around 50 per cent of mothers in other countries had stopped buying disposable diapers We did not want that to happen in Hong Kong Through this quarterly educational program we grew our market share from 13 per cent to 42 per cent and each point was worth US 1 million over the life cycle of the product More in London At Saatchi s executive recruitment company I used the 90 day cycle for having open days and top name speakers like Charles Handy and Sir John Harvey Jones to attract prospects into the offices of MSL where they would meet and get to know the staff With 400 major companies as our prospects we gained many of them within two years New York My client a small start up company called IMCOR the Interim Management Corporation had been choking the life out of too few friends We identified 8000 more prospects through the use of the commonality survey across America and contacted them by mail and follow up phone call every three months By the fifth cycle of mailing and phone calls IMCOR were getting around 60 per cent acceptance to appointments to discuss the use of their very senior interim temporary management executives This is the normal success rate with the regular relentless follow up within 90 days Wendy goes on to say Even if your customers and prospects will probably not buy again for a few years for example another car you still have to keep in touch once every three months so that you ll be in the running when they are ready to purchase again And she summarises with these important points Build relationships regularly and relentlessly creatively and caringly Make regular contact within 90 days You can wait less than 90 days if you wish but never more than 90 days otherwise you lose more than you gain Keep moving simply send a note a greeting card what ever if you do not reach your prospects or clients by phone and keep on regularly and relentlessly One day you will get through to those well chosen likely buyers and they will remember you from your regular communications Always enclose your business card If you want to kick start your business super fast stay in touch every week every

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  • Sales Follow Up Strategy | Results Corporation
    the first time around but beginner s luck can mean that you get 5 or 10 or 20 then sadly it doesn t last and you go back to the norm as follows To all those who say No you will say Thank you and also If you don t mind we ll be in touch again in three months time Don t be discouraged just as life changes so does business When needs change and your product or service is required you will be favoured over the casual cold caller because your prospect has grown to trust you That means you get business Prospects don t mean No they mean Not now The Second Cycle Within three months you write and or phone again just as you said you would Your percentage of appointments is likely to rise to about 2 or 3 per cent maybe a total of six appointments from your 200 contacts The Third Cycle Three months later at the ninth month write and or phone again Now because you have been in regular contact the prospect has learned to trust you You didn t give up the first or second time you came back In the third cycle your appointments are likely to rise to around 7 to 10 per cent perhaps 14 to 20 appointments from the 200 prospects The Fourth Cycle things begin to happen Beginning with the fourth cycle the percentages will increase dramatically and you may find about 30 per cent of your prospects will agree to an appointment The Fifth Cycle things are really happening Be well prepared for success by the fifth cycle as you can secure appointments and buying signals from up to 60 per cent of your well chosen prospects Keep on keeping on and you will

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  • Results Corporation | Increasing Average Transaction Value
    of marketing I suppose The killer lines above are those in bold emphasis mine When Simon Empson changed the offer from 1 2 price to 2 for 1 the offer went from nothing special to getting 22 000 customers How can this be when two for the price of one is arguably a worse deal than half price you now have to buy two cars to get the deal Hopefully you don t have to discount to get new business But if you do then tests show that adding value or doing 2 for the price of 1 3 for the price of 2 or even 4 for the price of 3 outsells 50 off 33 off or 25 off every time Another example comes from a Hotel client of ours In the midst of the November and mid December winter slump that many Hotels in the UK experience they ran a 30 off offer and got a reasonable response But when the offer was changed to 3 nights for the price of 2 the results were significantly better And this offer meant guests stayed longer and spent more on food and drink Plus it maintained the value perception of the normal room rate a off offer can erode your normal price position And in another imaginative example an Electronics store client of our Australian office emulated the car dealers who at the time were offering to give away a TV with every car purchase by offering a CAR with every TV He went out and bought up a lot of old but roadworthy cars The PR he got was extraordinary And you only have to walk the isles of most supermarkets to discover that they know the which works best the famous Bogof buy one get one free offer

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  • Results Corporation | Marketing to Clients
    time nobody from that company ever asked us about our needs for the second piece of equipment we d just bought At first I was going to phone them and say Hey we ve been approached by such and such Do you want to come and show us your product too But then I thought why should I bother Now OK this is so basic Surely no one these days misses the opportunity to explore the full needs of their clients do they Or do they The key to unlocking fast new sales and profits If you have clients using your products or services how comprehensively and systematically do you follow through on introducing them to the other things you do Partners in accounting firms and in insurance broking firms are often guilty of this Perhaps it s because their view that this cross referral process to other services is somehow unprofessional or counter to their ethics Or perhaps and more likely it s just not in their corporate culture to ask The fact is as much as they may assume otherwise their clients don t have any idea of the total range of services the firm provides From a due diligence perspective they owe it to their clients to comprehensively and systematically introduce all their services to their clients And given that they have an amazingly high level of trust from the client and a high degree of ethics they are in a perfect position to add value to their clients And in the process add handsomely to their bottom line That s the theory but it just doesn t happen There s just so much opportunity being lost Are you leaving money lying on the table Now back to your business Do you have a cross referral process

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  • Customer & Prospect Contact Programmes | Results Corporation
    tools to take away and apply Yet it was Paul and a handful of other dealers who took it seriously and put it into action The truth is a major part of success is just doing it The tools we gave Paul and the other dealers at that workshop included a Communications Calendar a flowchart of customer touch points template letters for each relevant touch point in the Calendar phone scripts for his people to use to create true customer focus the wording for thank you cards and ideas for acknowledging and thanking his customers scripts for approaching other businesses with ideas for joint promotion a system for creating a culture for referrals This communications calendar literally flowcharted every communication opportunity for an automotive dealership from the wording of the note thanking the prospect for dropping in today to the script for the follow up phone call the welcome letter from the dealer principal a letter gifting the new car buyer and partner to a night out compliments of Moxham Motors in an alliance arrangement with a really nice local restaurant the letter from the sales person introducing the service manager at service time right through to the second and third birthdays for the vehicle each with their little gifts and surprises There was no rocket science in any of this It simply tapped into each moment of truth in the client s ongoing relationship with the dealer Rocket science it wasn t but it was the catalyst for one of the most spectacular business turnarounds This system switched the lights on for Paul and he became an overnight zealot for client nurturing strategies and automated communication systems Returning to Karratha with his toolkit he immediately employed a client liaison person to work his previously dormant contact management programme Even though at the time he couldn t really afford to hire this person he realised he couldn t afford not to This lady s sole focus was to implement the communications calendar system setting up tracking and measuring processes and ensuring that customers were automatically wowed at every point in their relationship with the dealership Of course Paul didn t stop at the system I d given him at the workshop He started inventing his own additional communication pieces adding in birthday cards for his customers finding more and more ways to say thank you finding more benefits for his loyal customers Today his business is a showpiece for his industry Car dealers and people from other industries too come to him with their cheque books open saying they ll pay whatever it takes to get his system in their business What few of them realise is that it s simply a case of identifying the touch points and ensuring that the systems make it happen Just how successful this Customer Relationship Management process has been can be gleaned from some of Paul s own statistics Moxham Motors never discounts They don t have to In an industry where the

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  • Results Corporation | Thanking Your Clients
    success stories that Polar Communication put down to the thank you card campaign Having been successful for 10 years Polar had fallen in to the trap of not acknowledging clients and loyalty had begun to drop off Polar do an outstanding job that wins them numerous testimonials but by not communicating with their client base on a regular basis they were not maximising their potential After working with Results Corporation Sue and Gennaro began to understand the importance of keeping in touch long term with their clients You see the most profitable and easiest clients to sell to are your current clients who you already have a relationship with In fact statistics show us that it is 5 to 7 times cheaper to sell to an existing client than it is to win over a new client The reality is your clients choose to work with you for a handful of reasons Because they have developed a relationship with you and they like you You give them what they require You remove or minimise their fears frustrations and deliver to their needs and wants You give them the deal they are looking for But that is not enough to keep them You need regular contact The biggest reason existing customers leave you for a competitor is because they perceive that you are indifferent to them and their business they don t think it matters to you where they buy from next time Table 1 Reasons why customers take their business elsewhere 1 Died 3 Move Away 5 Influenced Away 9 Better Deal 14 Unresolved Conflict 32 Leave for one of the above reasons 68 leave because of Perceived Indifference they don t think it matters to you where they buy from next time And this is where saying thank you

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