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  • Results Corporation | Free Marketing Resources
    startup A word of warning A word of warning results based marketing IS harder to implement It takes more thought more skill and more upfront effort than the traditional get your name out there image and brand marketing promoted by marketing and advertising agencies and consultants However the payoff for putting in the effort is huge Once you have crafted and devised a succesful results based marketing strategy it will continue to work profitably for you and your business for years to come and will be a catalyst for significant business growth with minimal tweaks changes and effort Where traditional marketing creates a costly habit of dependency on the marketing industry for ever more new ideas and expensive collatoral brochures flyers advertisements etc the results based marketing techniques and strategies that you will discover here at the Results Academy will create ongoing multiple revenue streams for your business that truly last the test of time In fact you and your staff will be bored with them long before they stop producing a profitable and ongoing stream of new clients sales and profits But your bank balance will flourish What is the catch Why are we giving away for free information that we in the past have and many still do today charged hundreds of pounds to get access to There is no catch We are not even asking for your email address or contact details to get access to this valuable resource We have discovered that the more we are willing to share this information in forums like this and through the seminars we present to business people on behalf of organisations such as Lloyds TSB Business Banking the Institute Of Directors Business Link and Barclays Business Banking the better we do We believe that once you understand how really

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  • Results Corporation | Free Analysis
    invited to apply for a Marketing MOT valued at 275 00 but free when you respond to this invitation Simply send us an email now with your contact details and an overview of your business and we ll get straight back to you Of course if you like what you hear during the MOT and you re excited at the prospect of growing your sales and profits then we ll let you know how we could work together to help you get better results profitably The Marketing MOT is designed to Identify your best opportunities to achieve your objectives the opportunities sitting in your business right now Give you low cost or no cost hands on practical ideas you ll be able to implement in your business immediately ideas that are the best and most appropriate for your business Identify opportunities to cut wasted money and to invest it in profitable marketing which gives you a proven return and a path to higher profits To apply or to get more information simply send us an email now with your contact details and your answers to those 5 questions Imagine spending an hour or more with a highly skilled and experienced business growth expert putting your business under the microscope to identify your best opportunities for growth Here is a range of typical comments we hear when business owners spend an hour or so on the telephone going through our powerful Marketing MOT The best hour I ve spent on my business all year So many opportunities sitting right under our nose I never looked at my business that way before Now I can see where we have been going wrong I always thought this business could make more profit now I can see how We ve been wasting a small

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  • Results Corporation | Programmes
    helped thousands of business grow and develop through our unique marketing programmes These are ideal for clients who want to sharpen their skills techniques and to apply better strategies to their marketing with our expert help and support Our marketing programmes include Coaching Consulting Programme our flagship marketing coaching and consulting support programme Business Builder Programme this combines the access to expertise of the Coaching Programme with your own efforts to grow and develop ideal for smaller businesses Marketing Help Programme our advice only sounding board for DIY marketers Marketing Help Online access to our online marketing resource library with manuals articles training video and audio segments Whichever programme you work on with Results Corporation you get full access to Marketing Help Online our members only marketing tools resource T o find out how we can help you get better results from your business contact us now through this website phone us on 01536 747 310 or better still request a free Marketing Analysis Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click

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  • Results Corporation | Services
    can we make such a bold promise It s very straightforward when you understand this Most advertising marketing sales and promotion efforts and expenditure are wasted Most business growth efforts produce very little outcome and evaporate into the ether And when nothing shows for your efforts and expenditure you are led to believe that you got your company name out there or that you raised the company s profile and or you increased awareness And you re expected to keep pouring thousands of pounds month after month year after year in pursuit of these aims Don t get us wrong Of course you need to be out there in the market and you need a profile But the hard truth is this Your strategies and efforts should have definable OUTCOMES and you should see the impact of them immediately through Increased client numbers and client or customer enquiry activity Higher average sale values More frequent purchasing patterns Increased conversion rates of enquiries to sales More repeat and referral business and so on You can predict real and bankable OUTCOMES with a high degree of accuracy Typically mainstream advertising agencies and marketing firms won t tell you these facts They may not want you to know them But many decades of research have determined that you CAN predict and expect outcomes in your marketing Which advertisement will produce the most enquiries What elements should go into a sales letter that stimulate positive action from the recipients The anatomy of a brochure that is proven most effective How to re engineer your sales approach so you as much as double sales per appointment What elements should NOT go into a proposal and what ones must Direct mail campaigns and how to make them consistently successful That there is a way of turning

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  • Results Corporation | Events
    organisations such as Vistage Lloyds TSB The Business Club the Institute of Directors Barclays Bank and many others In addition we are engaged by many companies as Keynote speakers and to run internal workshops Click an option to the left to find out more about our Upcoming Events Workshops and our Key Note Speakers Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency

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  • Results Corporation | Case Studies
    results came in quick The number of enquires the company received increased resultsing in over 6000 worth of increased sales Take a look at the full story to see how it was done 2 Vibralife Fitness Clinic the work we have done together with this new fitness centre in Carlisle has quickly generated enquiries and an increase in membership giving them the confidence to look at opening new centres An initial flyer distribution to just 5 000 households generated 3 631 a year in membership You can see the full story here 3 White Swan Inn we have worked with the White Swan Inn Pickering for a number of years and have created a Marketing System which has boost occupancy by 25 and increase turnover by 24 5 Strategies have included a client nurturing and referral direct mail strategy a restaurant redesign with a restaurant direct mail campaign staff incentives and an increase in room rates with special offers Read more about this case study If you would like to find out how we can help you get better results from your business you can contact us now through this website or phone us on 01536 747 310 Browse by

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  • Results Corporation | What Clients Say
    more confident about our future as I now believe we have an edge over our competition Our sales have significantly improved and we now understand the value of a good customer David Lawrence Lawrence Cleaning Services Held everyone spellbound This year I invited Chris Billington Hughes of the Results Corporation Chris could have gone on for hours and held our attention His knowledge of the science of marketing and I mean real marketing with targeted lead conversion and well written advertisements held everyone spellbound I have seen him do this before with Lloyds TSB Business Banking Bob Lefroy Editor in Chief Business Money Magazine Many more new large sales Results Corporation has fundamentally changed the way we look at our business the way we treat our customers prospects and even our old customers We now operate in a totally different way and are seeing many more new large sales from clients that before we would have missed or lost to competitors This has had a significant and positive on our business and has given us a lot of confidence in the future Steve Collis Partner Ashby Computer Services A Brand New Venture The systems I ve put in place with the help of Results Corporation mean that I ve been able to take a step back from the day to day running of my business so much so that I can now invest my time in a brand new venture a high quality farm shop business that I ve been dreaming of starting for years Kevin Crighton Owner HEC Enroute We secured 334 000 worth of contracts The Business Builder team worked with us to create an informative compelling benefit focused website and partnered it with a carefully targeted Pay Per Click online marketing campaign As a result over the last 6 months we have secured contracts worth in excess of 334 000 directly through website generated enquiries for an investment of just 2 500 in our online marketing and our Results Corporation membership combined A Client in the Security Industry Turnover has increased 4 fold I ll admit that I was cynical at first the claims about ways I could double my turnover it seemed too good to be true but it works make no mistake In the 4 years that we have been working with Results our turnover has increased 4 fold Gavin Ucko The Happy Puzzle Company A Big Big Thank You Chris a big big thank you for yet another super presentation You certainly lead the way Richard Kerrison Business Club Norwich We brought in over 10 000 thanks to just one simple thing We started using Results Corporation to assist with our own marketing strategies and literature a few months ago and over this time we have seen instant results from the work they have done To mention one they recommended we do a referral offer to our clients and within a couple of weeks this brought in over 10K worth of business without making any sales calls Chris and his team would be a useful team to any business large and small If you have never spoken to Chris or Results Corporation on how they can help you grow your sales I suggest you do Great Results Good Value High Integrity Paul Price Inside Business Big business advice at a fraction of the cost The services and products offered by Results Corporation puts many of the resources of big businesses at the fingertips of business owners and managers but at a fraction of the cost Russell Merridew Managing Director Ultimate Art Ltd Fresh perspective I find it very good having my marketing material looked at by people not associated with our industry It gives a different perspective as to how our customers view our company advertising Ian Leigh Banaglaze A fundamental rethink of our position in the market and how we do business Absolutely delighted we found you the programme is very inspirational Our commitment statement has proved very effective and the Yellow Pages have worked The whole programme has helped us fundamentally rethink our position in the market and how we do business Sue Morris Minuteman Press Two price rises and a sales increase of 25 Working with Results Corporation in the last two years The White Swan has twice increased room rates boosted occupancy by 15 per cent and increased turnover by 25 per cent all within the marketing budget Victor Buchanan The White Swan Hotel Restaurant We are now re evaluating all our sales processes I wish to thank you for your presentation at the seminar which was held on the 6th November It was attended by my colleague and myself We both left feeling motivated inspired and enlightened We already have some of your recommendations in place and we are now re evaluating all our sales processes using your guidelines The free Opportunity Diagnostic was particularly useful because it was individually tailored to this company s needs Thank you Susan El Menshawy First Choice Supply Excellent presentation Excellent Presentation much of which I can use when discussing planning with customers Graham Taylor Lloyds TSB Source of ideas The newsletters provide a source of ideas and tips that often raise constructive debate with notified actions throughout the company Ian McLaven Director MEM Recruitment Increased Growth The techniques in Marketing MASTER e have helped us to develop our advertising and increase business in our retail outlets The new advert created is very different in style to that which we normally produce however the results have proved the techniques work We ve received a noticeable increase in trade with the new advertisement compared to results achieved during the same time with the old style advert As such Marketing MASTER e is proving to be a very useful tool for developing our marketing efforts Paul Robinson Managing Director Direct Specs Ltd You are our safety net As you know it was our intention to take a completely new direction in our hotel business and

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  • Results Corporation | About Us
    when we sit with you to explore the possibilities in your business or practice we employ a precise and disciplined approach that is fully measurable and completely accountable Step One Diagnosis Before we prescribe we perform a thorough diagnostic check on your existing sales and marketing processes your methods and techniques so you and we get a precise understanding of the potential that exists in your business We discuss the objectives you have for your business and quantify and document any potential threats or obstacles to achieving your objectives Interestingly as we put your business under the microscope what we do and how we do it to achieve your objectives goals and dreams will become very clear to you We ve learned over the years that astute business people don t want to be told how good we are but they are quick to grasp the potential of what we do as it unfolds in front of them Step Two Prescription Prescription is next We ll map out for you precisely you ll need to put in place to give you the best chance of maximising the results you achieve in your business Step Three Solutions Every business is different The solutions that are right for you your business where you are on your growth curve and your objectives will typically fall into one or more of the following areas 1 Marketing Help Online Possibly the world s most advanced business development toolkit 2 Business Builder Programme In addition our support service offers you support practical advice and help a full critiquing service so you can have all your important marketing pieces reviewed and fine tuned to help you achieve your objectives 3 Seminars Workshops You will have the opportunity to attend any or all of a series of specialist workshops and seminars which help you with the specific areas that need to be addressed 4 Coaching Programme At this level of involvement we dedicate a Results Corporation Coach to work with you and your team in your office and by phone and email Your Coach will brainstorm with you be your devil s advocate challenge cajole motivate schedule agreed tasks set the action plans with you and keep you on track Again this is extraordinarily cost effective Every month you ll receive a visit from a senior Results Corporation specialist Someone who has first hand experience of what you need to multiply your results and grow your business Someone who is successful at helping you with writing ads sales letters brochures and other marketing pieces Someone who can deliver a customised learning experience for you and your team so that you get what you need for your business when you need it Someone who can critique your work and keep you on track and focused on your objectives 5 Design Special Projects This is where Results Corporation works with you to actually create and implement the strategies ideas techniques and processes we ve identified together It s akin to

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