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  • Results Corporation | Clients Comments
    thought I d heard and seen everything said or written on the subject Nothing I repeat nothing prepared me for the impact of the ideas that flowed from your program I have already solved some serious sales challenges for two clients who think I m an entrepreneurial genius Using ideas available to me with Marketing Help Online I ve scripted a sales presentation that will earn those clients an additional 35 400 each this year It blows me away Shane Lloyd and Barrie Andrews Masonic Hotel Everyone gets stale after a while and think they know these things That s where we were at after 5 years in our business Now we re staggered at what we DON T know If we hadn t invested in this program the real cost would have been the lost opportunities for business and personal growth Thanks to Results Corporation and Marketing Help Online for all the inspiration direction and support Jeff Jones Foamaction We don t have a perfect business yet but step by step using your programs and implementing the ideas and recreating our internal culture sales are already up 100 and profits are up 10 fold Shane Archibald Southtown Service Centre We ve realised we ve got a whole lot of untapped potential and you ve set us on the right path About an hour after talking to a client using your material as a guide he called me back and added more things to the list he wanted done in the service Another client asked how come no one ever asks her what she wants and said she felt I cared and wasn t selling her I am very excited to get this sort of response Peter Rastall Just a brief note to let you know how effective Results Corporation

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  • Results Corporation | FAQ's
    guide in 1984 He has authored over 400 marketing newsletter and magazine articles books and audio and video training programs He s presented to tens of thousands of small business people around the globe sharing the stage with Jay Abraham Tom Hopkins Michael Gerber Allan Pease Paul Dunn his former partner in The Results Corporation Michael Basch and many others His personal mission is To add value to business people by helping them achieve their own marketing successes Q What are your guarantees of quality and delivery of these services Chris Newton is a fanatic when it comes to quality MHO is his flagship product and he and his small team are passionate about maintaining and constantly improving quality The selection process for choosing the firms to develop the graphic interface and to host the vast database of content and ensure absolute dependability of deliverability was exhaustive and meticulous These firms have rock solid credentials to ensure deliverability will be seamless and enjoyable There is a strong team commitment to making this service the very best it can possibly be Q Who owns the copyright on this material All of the material provided through this program will be either owned by Chris Newton and his Results Corporation group of companies or will be included with the express permission of the copyright holders You are welcome to freely adapt from this material for your own business You are not entitled to pass it on to a third party who is not a subscriber client of ours This is strongly noted on the Virtual Library front page Q What if we don t have the bandwidth to access the multimedia elements of the Virtual Library The entire MHO program has been designed for ease of access and simplicity Of course any multimedia

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  • Results Corporation | Guarantee
    of content the practicality the presentation or anything else to do with Marketing Help Online we ll arrange to cancel your membership In fairness we do ask of you two things Firstly that you don t merely cancel because you haven t USED the resources Like anything worth while in life you do need to make a genuine effort to access and use the amazing resources in the Virtual Library and the tools we provide you There isn t much in life that won t work without effort That s fair isn t it And second we ask for notice in writing of your request to cancel with a comment as to what you weren t happy with At that point we ll end you commitment and refund any monies for unused months should you have paid in any in advance Of course this entails trust on both sides You ll pay a subscription fee to access Marketing Help Online but in return you will have unlimited access to literally thousands of pounds worth of the Virtual Library resources from day one So if it s a mutual trust thing we re happy to work on trust if you are

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  • Results Corporation | Meet the Team
    running and developing the Results Corporations internal IT systems His expertise and skills ensure the smooth running and efficiency of Results Corporation Chris Newton Founder In 1984 Chris Newton saw a need for professional marketing in small businesses and published a bestseller book on small business advertising and direct marketing Since then he has authored over 200 marketing newsletter and magazine articles a ground breaking guide to Yellow Pages advertising Turning Yellow into GOLD plus leading audio and video training programs Chris founded Results Corporation to provide hands on help to clients using the marketing principles in his material and earned a reputation for increasing profits and growing businesses He has taught his unique marketing strategies all over the world and presented hundreds of seminars conferences and workshops Jay Abraham the world s most expensive marketing consultant said of Chris Newton This man knows more about teaching the how to s of advertising and marketing to small business than anyone else on the planet Angela O Connor Director Angela has a track record of high achievement in business having previously worked for thirteen years as the finance director for an Engineering Company which in her time grew from 400 000 to a 7 million turnover Results Corporation appointed her finance director in 1998 Angela s main responsibilities are business planning finance and company secretary In addition to these duties Angela plays a key role in planning directing and managing the company s growth and success Haydn Rowe Managing Director An entrepreneur with a background in small business since the age of 19 Haydn is a hands on managing director who s advice has been sought by hundreds of organisations of all sizes from large financial institutions to leading private and public businesses Haydn is regularly invited to present seminars to

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  • Results Corporation | Terms and Conditions
    costs thereby incurred shall be invoiced to the Client 5 2 If due to circumstances beyond Results Corporation s control it has to make any change in the arrangements relating to the provision of the Services it shall notify the Client forthwith Results Corporation shall endeavour to keep such changes to a minimum and shall seek to offer the Client arrangements as close to the original as is reasonably possible in the circumstances 6 Termination 6 1 Results Corporation may terminate the agreement forthwith if 6 1 1 the Client are in breach of any of its obligations hereunder or 6 1 2 the Client has entered into liquidation other than for the purposes of a bona fide amalgamation or reconstruction whether compulsory or voluntarily or compounds with its creditors generally or has an administrator administrative receiver or receiver appointed over all or a substantial part of its undertaking or assets or 6 1 3 the Client has become bankrupt or shall be deemed unable to pay its debts by virtue of Section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or 6 1 4 the Client ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business or 6 1 5 any circumstances whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Results Corporation including but not limited to the termination of the service through no fault of Results Corporation arise that necessitate for whatever reason the termination of the provision of services 6 2 In the event of termination under clause 6 1 Results Corporation shall retain any sums already paid to it by the Client without prejudice to any other rights Results Corporation may have whether at law or otherwise 7 Liability 7 1 If Results Corporation fails to perform the service with care and skill it will carry out remedial action at no extra cost to the Client 7 2 The Client shall indemnify Results Corporation against all damages costs claims and expenses suffered by Results Corporation arising from loss or damage to any equipment including that of third parties caused by the Client or its agent or employees 7 3 Results Corporation shall not be liable to the Client or be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the Agreement by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of Results Corporation s obligations if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Results Corporation s reasonable control 7 4 Where the Client consists of two or more persons such expression throughout shall mean and include such two or more persons and each or any of them All obligations on the part of such a Client shall be joint and several obligations of such persons 8 Force Majeure 8 1 Neither Results Corporation nor the Client shall be liable to the other or be deemed to be in breach of the Agreement by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of its

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 90
    you get significantly better results We look at your website the structure the content the wording We think about your strategy what do you have or should you have that will help to create really compelling Google Ads that attract a higher percentage of visitors who CONVERT into leads enquiries and valuable database contacts With our skills experience and knowledge we can help you propel your business from having no online advertising presence or a poor online presence to one that drives targeted traffic to your website within days possibly even hours And more targeted traffic means more enquiries and more sales It s Fast Cost Effective Measurable Quite simply Google AdWords is a fast and cost effective way to advertise what you do Your adverts appear on Google s results pages when people search for the products or services you offer It costs you nothing to have your adverts appear and you only pay when someone clicks your advert and visits your website This means that you re not wasting money on those that aren t your target audience and it also means that the results are very measurable as you can see exactly what s happening What s more because you have complete control over your budget you can cap how much you spend on a daily basis Get Started Today If you want to get started with testing Google AdWords you could take the best part of 100 hours and thousands of pounds and try it yourself or you can let us take care of it all for you and save yourself months of hard work and wasted money Every day we help businesses like yours succeed with Google Adwords From creating completely new accounts and testing simple campaigns to reviewing and improving larger existing accounts in order to maximise results That s because we know what it takes it get AdWords working and when we get it working for our clients they see an increase in enquiries newsletter sign ups guide requests and ultimately sales and profits too And we can help you get started with AdWords without it costing the earth For from just 325 plus VAT per month we ll get you set up create targeted campaigns AdGroups and adverts that can help your business get some quick wins So if you want some help with your online marketing and if you want to generate leads build your database and to grow your business without it taking too much of your time simply reply yes to this email or send us a more detailed message and we ll be in touch Alternatively if you d like to talk to us some more about your business and what AdWords could do for you please call us on 01933 373000 and we ll be happy to help Best regards Haydn Rowe Results Corporation P S Already run Google AdWords Let us take a look at your account and we ll let you know how we can

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 89
    you You should at least have the option offered to you shouldn t you Now holding that thought think about your own business How can you ethically up sell Well it s all about taking a solutions provider approach NOT an order taker approach Let me give you a real life example As I was writing this article there was a team of workmen in my back yard installing a new glass pool fence around our pool area Not surprisingly we d had SEVERAL pool fence builders come in to give us their quote But when THIS business owner came to look at pricing the new fence he did something really interesting He commented Tell me from the lay of your land I d say when it rains heavily you probably get water overflowing into your pool and muddying it up Does that happen Well my wife and I both agreed that YES that does happen and it s REALLY frustrating to have to clean out the pool again Then he said something fascinating Can I suggest that while we re putting in the new fence we also put drains in here and here so that you ll never have that problem again Can you imagine our response Sure That d be great We were delighted But he hadn t finished yet Next he said While we re at it why don t we build up the soil in those gardens surrounding the pool with some nutrient rich organic soil I can also arrange some new plants for you that will make the whole pool area look like a million dollars How about I price that up for you too Again our response was Sure Now you won t be surprised to learn that his price for this now much

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 88
    No that s not clean either What s going on here Successful websites understand that visitors have a primary purpose when visiting to get information And that if the website doesn t deliver then the back button on the browser gets hit pretty quickly and you lose the visitor They also understand that visitors have different requirements Some want general information on products and services as they gen up on the industry the products and the service Others want to buy now Some want to check you out get an understanding of who you are look at your credentials and your track record Some want to download your information offers white papers buyers guides and reports Your visitors could fall into any of these categories so your website needs to offer all options to visitors so they can find their way easily to the content that they want That s why seemingly busy sites can be the most successful 7 Steps to Creating a Highly Effective Website Given all that what should you tell your website designer and your website developers when you are setting about designing a new website or sorting out your current site Here is a great process to make sure that you get it right and to give your website development team a much better brief than make it cleaner This process turns the normal website build process on its head Most people start with graphic design but as you go through this process you ll see why that should come much later in the process and why you should start with 1 Objectives tell them what your objectives are Is it to generate signups to your Reports and Guides to generate a sale or order to generate an appointment request to get a sign up to your newsletter Or all of these Tell them which of these are most important If your primary objective is to build a database of opt in subscribers then that should be your top content If it s to get people into the website and reading your great content then that gets top billing In short what does your new or updated website have to deliver in 3 to 6 months time to be deemed a success How many visitors How many conversions or leads How many new database contacts How many sales or transactions 2 Targeting who are you targeting with this website What target market s is it aimed at Describe the characteristics of these people and organisations that are in your target market Having the target market firmly in mind enables clear decisions to be made about the look of your website the content the tone of the copy and the actions you want visitors to take For example if your website is targeting products and services for older people then the font size you choose might be larger than you would otherwise consider and you may choose not to give top billing to your Facebook and

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