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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 87
    Calling the prospect after 1 minute 391 2 minutes 160 3 minutes 98 30 minutes 62 1 hour 36 5 hours 24 24 hours 17 OK so this is just one study but it fits in neatly with that conversation I had with my client several years ago They sold high value private insurance products and they were buying most of their leads from comparison websites paying 20 to 50 per lead The thing they said that got my attention was that they doubled their conversion rate if they called the prospect in under 5 minutes compared with calling 30 minutes after getting the lead I was amazed Calling in 30 minutes seemed reasonable even seemly and certainly more dignified than calling within a minute or two of getting the lead through Yet that small delay cost them half their sales Or if you look at it another way it doubled the cost of acquisition 2 times as many leads required to get the same number of sales Either way a super fast response makes a big difference I remember my client saying that when they called back in under 5 minutes that people were often still at their computer possibly halfway through sending an enquiry to another company and were often amazed at how quickly they had phoned It s easy to speculate Maybe a fast response is impressive perhaps it is getting to prospects while they still have it fresh in their minds maybe you just get through to more people when you call or maybe you beat the competition to the punch One theory I have and it is just a theory is that in the Internet age people just expect a fast response to something done online It s the normal pace of action response Think

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 86
    will success be defined So many fall at this hurdle sorry to mix the metaphors We review websites where although the business owner says the purpose is to generate leads they have no or little call to action Sometimes not even a phone number on each page They don t stand a chance of generating leads They are anti sales They don t ask for the order We see websites that have thousands of visitors each year but generate tiny numbers of leads and prospects because they are not focussed on conversion from visitor to lead We see websites that are not focussed on the needs of the visitor they don t make compelling offers of valuable information and they don t offer free tools or resources They blow thousands of valuable visits We see the nice corporate video that the company spent a fortune making occupying that most important part of the web page valuable space that should have been devoted to converting a web visitor to a valuable prospect rather than trying to get them to watch a boring 5 minute video A lack of clear focus on outcomes leads to poor decision making Time money resources are not limitless it s easy to make stupid decisions on things that look nice sound good and are the flavour of the moment A focus on outcomes is your decision making reference your guiding light 3 Strategic What are the steps that your prospects and buyers in your market needs to be able to go through to maximise your chances of getting a new client and of optimising your sales and ROI One of the big mistakes we see is businesses who are spending money time and valuable resources on generating web traffic with Google AdWords and SEO have a highly developed website which creates leads but who have no clear pathway roadmap journey call it what you will mapped out for the leads that are generated Sure the sales team pounce on the hot leads But what happens to the leads that they drop what happens to those who are interested but not yet sales people may stay in touch maybe what happens to those who bought this time around from someone else but will be buying again or renewing in 6 months 12 months and beyond No strategy means disjointed inefficient and wasteful marketing picture me trying to sprint 100 metres and you will be able to imagine what this looks like lots of flapping and puffing for little progress It s a far cry from that apparently seamless graceful and fluid medal winning performance that top athletes like Usain Bolt execute time after time on the track 4 Tactically Sound you can have great strategy but if you can t execute you will fail If you don t have game winning technique you won t get the results you need Sadly we see this all too often For example We see businesses with a great database a

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 85
    really set him off Twenty percent would be being generous Their average conversion rate was a real bone of contention he had with his staff Alan what s YOUR success rate in converting callers to sales He fired back Look I run a twelve million dollar business with multiple stores I hope you re not suggesting I answer the phones I assured him that this was not my intention But I still pressed him for what happens when he DOES answer the phone Well I reckon I get about 80 coming in to buy But I ve been in the industry for a long time I know my products backwards And no one has my knowledge in that area Perhaps you can see where I m going with this Here was an experienced and intelligent businessperson who d come to me convinced he needed a catchy new ad campaign But he was looking in completely the wrong place for a solution What he really needed was something different altogether Look at the numbers Alan was getting 80 conversion to a sale over the phone His people were averaging 20 His team s conversion to sales was haemorrhaging badly My next question really blew the lid off his problem for BOTH of us Alan how many people across all your stores take these sales enquiry calls FORTY he answered He had forty people taking his phone enquiries at a devastatingly low 20 It meant every time someone in his team picked up the phone he was losing 60 of his potential sales And HE thought he needed an ad campaign By training his people to convert not at 80 but just 40 I showed him that he d immediately add some FIVE to SIX MILLION to his turnover Without spending anymore

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 84
    Site Structure Keeping it Flat First let s look at the problem with many websites As this headline implies poor site structure must therefore be deep not flat Here s what bad site structure looks like The problem with this structure is that as pages get further and further away from the Home Page they lose the carried through benefits of the authority associated with the Home Page The further away from the Home Page a web page sits within the structure of the website the less important it is deemed to be by the search engines This means that these deep pages are likely to get lower positions in the search engine results So you could be working hard to optimise a key product or service page on your website for important keywords but if it is 5 6 or 7 levels deep within your site structure you could well be wasting your time The solution is to create a website structure that positions pages No more than 3 clicks to the deepest level Ideally you want to structure the navigation of your website so that there are no more than 3 clicks to the deepest level That means your website navigation structure should look like this And you want to have your most important pages with your best keywords at levels 1 2 or 3 to ensure that they maximise their full SERP Search Engine Results Page potential The outcome should be higher indexation and better longtail SEO results You can find more on website architecture for SEO from SEOMOz here 2 Allocate your web pages to Silos The other key aspect is to organise your content into silos containing like content creating mini sites within your website So for example if your website is for your Bike

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 83
    return on investment By the way I haven t listed social media as a revolution because to date it is a proven SOCIAL communications revolution but NOT YET a proven marketing revolution Facebook advertising is a spin off from Google AdWords Google gets all the headlines but Email Broadcasting can make you a lot more money for less cost We ve discussed Email Broadcasting before the reasons why you MUST get this into your business it makes money and the reasons why you MUST NOT use your Outlook email system for email broadcasting you run the risk of being black listed by Internet Service Providers for one But would you email your clients 50 times a year Well maybe not 50 but how many is the optimum Here are some basic rules of thumb The first is that the absolute minimum number of contacts you should have with clients and prospects is at least 5 per year based on the 90 day contact rule But that s the minimum and it s highly unlikely to maximise your opportunities for conversion repeat business cross selling referrals and maximising lifetime value Typically with email broadcasting you should be communicating at least 12 to 20 times per year to start to develop a good relationship that will lead to increases in response and revenue You may think that even 12 to 20 emails a year sounds like a lot but this is where the other rule of thumb comes in Send when you have something good to say and share If the email is relevant compelling interesting useful and adds value and you have two good messages to put out this week then send two emails If you don t have anything good to say for the next two weeks then don t send any emails And here is another rule of thumb get the balance right Don t send all sales emails unless you are primarily a product sales business such as Screwfix or Argos strike a balance between great information Articles How To Expert Commentary and Case Studies and sales emails Think of it like a television channel if you show all Ads people will soon turn off if you play no Ads you will have to turn off as you make no money But if you have something good to say every week should you send an email every week That sounds like an awful lot but I ve been shadowing some great online marketers for the last few years and here are some examples of how often they are sending emails and making a lot of money in the process Made com backed by leading Internet entrepreneurs including Brent Hoberman founder of MyDeco and Lastminute com Made have sent me 63 emails since March 2011 Hotel Chocolat have sent me 35 emails in 18 months at least I just got another one today Micro Scooters have sent me 36 emails in the last 12 months 7 in December alone

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 82
    flush out new business from old clients and contacts you just need to create a high quality communications plan and email schedule You can do this for less than 100 per month in most cases and it can yield tens of thousands in additional revenue This is a great way to get more from your existing clients lapsed clients and dead or unconverted prospects 4 Christmas Cards it s old it s low tech and it can make a difference It s another excuse reason to be in touch with your list and every touch counts towards developing and maintaining top of mind awareness which is turn increases your chances of getting the call or email with an opportunity to create a proposal for new business or to stimulate a referral 5 Birthday Cards not every business can or does collect this date from clients and contacts But some do in the course of delivering their basic service Dentists Accountants and Insurance Brokers to name a few And if you do what a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a meaningful contact If you don t collect people s birthdays then send it on another birthday the anniversary of the day the client bought a car from you first used your gym began their support contract or their pet s birthday if you re a vet that is otherwise this is just weird 6 Client Only Events add some amazing value by using the expertise and knowledge of your team and suppliers to create a valuable seminar training session or new product launch event Make it available only to clients old clients and your old but unconverted enquiries and get busy inviting people to come along Make it fun as well have a BBQ offer prizes and run competitions give them a gift for coming and the take up rate will soar Promote it with your email broadcasting system direct mail phone calls and personal invitations This is a great way to make contact with your lists even with the people who can t or don t want to attend You are still communicating with them and that may result in a meeting being set up a referral or an opportunity to quote for some new work 7 Magic Moments find an excuse to do something fun and nice AND unexpected for your contacts One client adds a small packets of chocolate eggs to each delivery running up to Easter another bulk buys and sends new books and relevant books to their clients yet another has one of the directors visit after the sale is complete to check that the client is happy You could send a thank you card or letter for all new orders from new clients you could send a box of chocolates to existing clients on the anniversary of their first order or you could send a gift voucher as a thank you for the referrals you get These unexpected out of

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 81
    this is just a cloth hat Well actually it s a very expensive cloth hat 70 to be precise a quick check on EBay shows that I can buy a perfectly fine looking cloth hat for 20 so it had better be good Well they go on to explain just how good it is It Floats Ties On Repels Rain Blocks UV Rays Won t Shrink and Comes With a Four Page Owners Manual Made of Nylon With Touch of Spandex and British Hardware They even use an amazing word to describe their attention to detail PERSNICKETINESS PER SNICK ET I NESS that s it it works when you say it real s l o w just like a Canadian What Tilley are cleverly doing here is creating masses of extra value You see when you are buying a Tilley Hat it s not just a cloth hat it s A Fine Cloth Hat Finest in the World plus a Guarantee plus it s Insured plus British Hardware plus an Awesome Reputation plus a Great Story plus Word of Mouth and plus of course Canadian Persnicketiness And when you add all that together you get a hat that happily sells for 70 plus The beautiful thing about this label which I ll call an Ad because that s what it is is that it so crisply communicates massive value and emphasises the uniqueness of this seemingly humble cloth hat And I am willing to guess it generates massive profit margins as well Of course I could order the 20 version from EBay b ut No guarantee No British hardware No awesome reputation No amazing word of mouth No Canadian Persnicketiness Now when I see the real Ad here s one from a recent edition of Coast magazine I m much

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 80
    proving to be 37 more effective than the leading competitor More or less on the spot we incorporated 37 into the product name and it went on to become a massive success propelling them towards global market leadership in their industry 47 A price that sell off the page direct marketers love have you noticed how many offers for information products have a price of 47 or 47 Why is this Well these guys test everything and often find that 47 outsells all other price points 57 How many varieties does Heinz have 57 of course Well that s not actually true not today and in fact not ever To quote Heinz themselves While riding a train in New York City in 1896 our founder Henry J Heinz saw a sign advertising 21 styles of shoes which he thought was clever Although Heinz was manufacturing more than 60 products at the time Henry thought 57 was a lucky number So he began using the slogan 57 Varieties in all his advertising The slogan 57 varieties was born and is still featured on Heinz labels to this day In fact today we make and sell around 5 700 varieties However 57 is as much a part of our Company as the name itself and will forever stay so Or could it be that the canny as is rumoured Heinz had learnt from his years selling his products direct to consumers that a specific number attracted more attention and customers 97 In testing and like 47 97 often outsells 99 when tested in direct marketing campaigns 97 is also great for the pence part of your price 24 97 rather than 24 95 or 24 99 for example 99 Pret a Manger s Passion Facts this hugely successful sandwich and coffee chain have 99 Passion Facts which they promote relentlessly in their shops on their sandwich boxes coffee cups and even on their paper napkins They never advertise they don t franchise and have premium prices and they thrive More here 101 For some reason 101 gets or even 99 better results than 100 That s why our leading free report is called 101 Proven Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business The Power of Specificity There s a classic story of a timber product that was launched in the U S that was 52 7 above the U S Standard It was promoted as such and sales soared However the claim was then watered down presumably by a litigation sensitive board of directors to about 50 above the U S Standard You can guess what happened to sales Yes they nose dived What had been compellingly specific and captured the imagination became just advertising puffery Specificity can be a very powerful tool for truly dimensionalising what you do Speaking in vague generalities in your advertising and marketing results in communication that sounds like sales talk and which is less than credible Being precise and exact puts you in the camp of the

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