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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 79
    it mean for your industry It should be a call to action for even the most astute and switched on companies Unearthing an opportunity I canvassed this issue with a client of one of those very switched on companies In fact I workshopped the question with his whole team of some 30 people First up I asked them what the PERCEPTION of their industry was out in the market place The industry at large The responses came thick and fast as I struggled to keep up writing on the flip chart Pushy untrustworthy misleading expensive nasty surprises lack of knowledge promises that aren t kept a nightmare experience no follow up unhelpful disinterested Boy THIS industry had serious perception problems Can you guess the industry Actually it really doesn t matter Do this exercise with ANY industry and chances are you ll get feedback like this But here s the kicker We then did the same exercise on their perception of THEIR company Again the responses came thick and fast but very different We care ethical integrity we listen team spirit systemised deliver on our promises industry respect family values welcoming professional Now I hasten to add that this company actually DOES deliver on these things In fact part of the reason I agreed to work with them was because they are quite extraordinary in their systems performance standards and all those other things BUT and it s a big but I then challenged them with this question YOU know you do these things and why they re important but how much of this does your market know They simply weren t COMMUNICATING the very things that should set them apart from the chaff Out of that exercise came a whole new strategy We ve now worked with this company to help them encapsulate their extraordinary story To make the invisible visible Making the Invisible Visible Their magic story is articulated in every piece of collateral every letter every proposal every brochure in the way their people position themselves with their clients in the website in a corporate video in new TV commercials I can t stress this enough The big thing missing for them and for almost all potentially great companies is COMMUNICATION Your collateral has to tell your story in terms that the marketplace understands and will get excited about and will rave to others about It s not hard It just needs to be done It doesn t matter if you re a large financial institution a trade business a professional adviser a wholesaler retailer butcher baker or candlestick maker for that matter IF YOU RE NOT TELLING YOUR STORY COMPELLINGLY if you re assuming your market KNOWS or CARES you re losing out on huge sales opportunities Finally let me share an email I received This client supplies high end industrial pump solutions the 5 000 to 50 000 variety to sewerage works pump stations refineries etc We d helped him articulate his magic story through

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 78
    and your c ommunications schedule is based on quality communications articles valuable information relevant case studies new product information event announcements your prospects and customers love to hear from you 5 Email Broadcasting is the best way to create sales new sales opportunities and leads from your list to keep clients buying and to revitalise lapsed customers 6 It gives you reach that other mediums cannot look at the number of accounts held and consider the time and attention paid each day by billions of people to email messages 7 It is super low cost around 1p to 2p per email around 60 times cheaper than Direct Mail and highly measurable These graphs should do two things to you First they should amaze you when you compare the buzz around the latest must have social media marketing strategies with the lack of buzz about email you can see in a flash that something is not right Social media gets the buzz but email is by far the widest reaching and most active online communication medium One is all froth the other is substance Second they should jolt you into action if your business has not mastered email broadcasting as a powerful way to turn your database into profitable revenue you need to attack it with a passion Forget Twitter Facebook even your Blog master the science of email marketing and reap the rewards 10 Essential Tips to Successful Email Marketing 1 Your List begin collecting email addresses from all of your prospects and clients and adding them to your database 2 Your Website create an attractive offer on your website to encourage visitors to give you their email address in return for a valuable report or guide 3 Newsletter Signup create a compelling Newsletter Signup page on your website to further build your list 4 Choose an Email Broadcast supplier do NOT send emails through your normal email account as you could quickly become black listed by ISP s Internet Service Providers compromising your everyday email account With a professional ideally UK based supplier you get high delivery rates an easy to use interface and valuable reports on links clicked emails opened and much more 5 Create Quality Content do not make the fatal error of focusing the email content on yourself your business and your news Instead focus on the customer s needs offer solutions to their problems ideas articles valuable information how to s inspirational case studies and success stories 6 High Frequency if you want to build a stronger relationship with prospects and clients then one of the most effective ways to do this is to send valuable to them high quality content on a frequent basis Some of the most successful email marketers send 50 to 200 emails a year Many of our clients are sending 20 to 50 a year with excellent results 7 Single Article Newsletters don t save three or four articles for each email send each article separately as soon as it

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 77
    the sales process 2 I will track ALL my marketing from lead to conversion to future sales There is nothing more true in marketing than the old adage If you do not measure you cannot manage The problem is everyone pays lip service to this truism but the importance of measuring and testing your marketing is often overlooked The biggest excuse business owners use is that they are too busy to measure However if that s YOU think of it this way You may be busy with procedures that are gifting business to your competitors or at the very least not achieving the profit margins you deserve The bottom line is if you constantly test the effectiveness of everything you do while at the same time constantly trying to improve performance you will ultimately succeed in optimising your profits 3 When I am selling I will do more ASKING than I do telling Unquestionably THE most powerful approach in selling is to ask questions questions about your prospect their situation their needs and what they re looking for Again this seems SO patently OBVIOUS But listen to yourself Listen to your sales people Are enough of the right questions being asked to truly diagnose the problem or need There s a real temptation especially with a salesperson with lots of product knowledge to revert to TELL MODE Be like an investigative doctor probing deeply about the symptoms in order to diagnose the problem before prescribing the treatment Doing it any other way would be professional malpractice The great thing about asking questions and listening to the prospect s answers is that you can then prescribe the solution exactly for their needs using their language Getting to know what your prospects are looking for is the quickest way of increasing your conversion rates the effectiveness of your ads and ultimately your bottom line 4 I will follow up my old leads and my no s Many years ago a switched on client of ours purchased another tree surgeon business He came across their old quote book but was told all those leads were dead Not daunted he got his team to follow up every dead lead until they told him not to He simply DIDN T give up Result He converted 32 of the old leads on the first follow up And a further 10 in subsequent approaches He estimated that one idea was worth around 60 000 in additional sales to him and more than funded the purchase of the business he d taken over So what should you do Ensure you squeeze every possible sale as long as you do it nurturously and ethically with a Multiple Contact Strategy 5 I will only create educative marketing material Businesses the world over pour money down the drain with branding ads Ads with catchy slogans and lots of white space Ads that quite simply do not work Sure a punchy headline and a compelling offer are important but if you do

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 76
    is good VALUE 6 They will initially have little or no concept of what your business does and will tend to pigeonhole you with other firms who appear to deliver what you do 7 They may nod in agreement at things you say in the initial discussion but in truth they ll understand and absorb only a tiny fraction of what you have said Which means you need to go slowly never assume And most importantly through questions do a regular temperature check on their understanding CRITICALLY important 8 When it comes to the Information Pack brochure or perhaps even DVD you send them remember they have no basis for appreciating the VALUE or of the decades of research and development behind this information So unless positioned correctly there is a very real risk it will simply sit unopened for weeks until they ve lost interest And when you try to follow up after their interest has waned you become a pushy salesperson not a professional with the answers to their perhaps years of frustration What s the solution You must position the value of the pack correctly UP FRONT before you send it Again they won t give any priority to the pack unless you position it correctly on the phone 9 Remember that the person who has the information IS IN CONTROL of the transaction If you give it the Pack over to the prospect prematurely without first gaining a firm commitment that they ll review it you lose the control 10 Getting that firm commitment means getting their undertaking that they will go through it in a pre agreed timeframe in preparation for a follow up discussion 11 Even after all the above they ll often say yes but then nothing will happen In 95 of cases you WILL have to follow up When you follow up even after all the great positioning there s a chance they ll say they can t go ahead just now for any number of reasons Often these reasons are NOT the real reasons You need to get as many of these potential issues on the table and out of the way as possible before you hand over the information 12 Remember that none of this is manipulative or unethical It is simply acknowledging the foibles of human nature and helping ethically leading people to come to an informed outcome Some of these golden rules may not apply to your transactions with new prospects However that said I d be very surprised if you didn t get some real distinctions out of these 12 points for you and your own frontline people As I mentioned at the beginning Chris s article is an excellent and timely reminder of how important it is to pay attention to something as vital as enquiry handling When was the last time you checked reviewed and improved your enquiry handling process If you could improve your lead to sale conversion rate from say 3 in 10

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 75
    and disoriented as to how to handle my basic questions on price and why I should buy from him and not his competitor To relieve him of his discomfort I switched roles With limited knowledge of his products I showed him and several hundred other business owners how easy it is to keep control of the sale The whole room agreed this change in approach would work for them But up until then almost NONE of them did these things Bottom line if your green berets aren t seriously honed in the skills to handle a prospect s enquiries you are losing market share And with the shrinking pie that s a luxury you simply can t afford 2 Mass Marketing vs Boutique I ve talked a great deal in the past about mass marketing strategies It s time to think about Boutique Marketing This is awesomely powerful There s a wonderful story about how David Ogilvy arrived in New York from the UK as an unknown and went on to build one of the largest and most successful ad agencies on the planet How He focused in on exactly which companies he WANTED on his client list He wrote a list of the FIVE blue chip companies he wanted to get We re talking Shell Lever Kitchen Rolls Royce The big guys He stuck his list of these five giant corporations on his bathroom mirror And every day would not leave that bathroom until he had at least one initiative to get one of those companies one step closer to being a client The rest is history He ultimately got all five You see when you break your market down into small boutique numbers of prospects you can bring enormous focus and energy to bear just on them You can afford to stand out and be noticed Fed Ex a package to the 5 decision makers find ways to add value to them create a dialog with them In tough times and in the good times almost no one goes to this effort If you can be a bright star on the horizon for your prospect list odds are you will ultimately win the prize 3 How many dead leads do you have Just like some ancient reptile in Jurassic Park waiting to be reawakened many of your dead leads may not be dead at all Chances are they re just waiting for someone to come along and poke them into action One business owner said to me the other day that he has 50 000 unconverted leads in his database It s taken the tight times for him to think about re approaching these people What if he can stir even 2 of them into life and they buy from him For his business the recession would be over Do you have leads and past client names that are really just dormant waiting to get a great offer from you 4 Remember Shoe Leather I love this story

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 74
    How many new sales as distinct from repeat customers are required in a given period to achieve the revenue targets outlined in the overall marketing plan Define this targeted figure and you can work backwards to determine the activity required to get it Starting with 2 How many leads are required Determine the conversion rate of leads to sales which will determine how many LEADS must be generated to achieve the sales targeted in step 1 3 Determine the acquisition allowable cost of a lead As a simple example if the company is prepared to invest 1 000 to get a SALE and 1 in 10 leads turns into a sale then the allowable to get a LEAD is 100 Simple concept but few companies know these figures 4 One Step or Multi step Clearly the bigger the buying decision the more steps will be needed from initial lead to serious prospect EACH promotion will have its own strategy A website generated enquiry for example may be followed by a qualifying phone call sending of information with a promise to follow up a follow up phone call fact finding meeting demonstration proposal further follow up call and so on It s a system not ad hoc activity see Creating a Marketing Machine 5 Sales Processes What process will maximize sales This depends on the nature of the product or service and how warm and pre educated the lead is 6 Target Markets The correct selection of target markets impacts on your outcomes up to 1 000 This one fact provides you with more leverage than virtually any other in your entire marketing thrust What are your best target markets for new leads The logical ones are not necessarily the best 7 The Matrix of Activities When the various media options are selected a matrix can be drawn up This matrix shows at a glance all the efforts to be tested dates response lead times and most importantly the cost per lead and cost per sale from EACH promotion Like the conductor of an orchestra with the overall objectives as your music sheet you can increase the intensity of various promotions add new ones and reduce or fade out others as the individual performances are analyzed 8 The Allocation of Responsibilities Once the processes have been flow charted responsibilities need be established to ensure that the processes identified actually happen 9 The Creative Being creative is fun But actually it should be the LAST thing you focus on Here s a key fundamental truth once the strategy is right the creative will come But good creative with poor strategy will never work effectively 10 The Review Process At key points in the implementation of the Master Plan perhaps monthly for some objectives perhaps campaign by campaign for others review the outcomes Are you achieving what your overall plan requires If not what change in direction do you need to take to get back on course This approach takes discipline and constant

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 73
    that perspective it makes you realise that you have to work TEN times harder to grab their attention and keep it past those critical first few seconds and then to motivate them enough to ACT on what you want them to do Think about your own situation How many sales letters have you flicked straight into the wastebasket How many emails that reached your inbox have you instantly deleted Stopping someone in their tracks and commanding their attention is NOT something you can do by rambling on about how good your company is or that your computer division was established in 1984 WHO CARES Now just in case you feel this letter example ISN T a sales letter that it s an invitation and therefore doesn t need to sell rest assured its objective IS to sell something Its objective is to sell the reader on giving up two hours to come to an event reorganising their diary and braving the traffic snarls to get there It IS a big sales task And that s not even the first sale The first sale is getting your reader to stop and read your first paragraph Make sense The WHO CARES test Whenever you write anything make sure you give it the who CARES test first If it doesn t compellingly grab the reader s attention hold it with riveting advantages and benefits that demonstrate how you will help them to save money increase productivity look younger feel fitter get more sales increase their profits or whatever then it WON T pass the who CARES test Don t waste your time sending it until you ve re worked it massively How to fix this letter Here s the irony The XANADU 3000 may indeed be some amazing new innovation that will revolutionise your entire working environment It may quadruple your productivity It may cut costs by 48 or enable you to cut three weeks off your delivery schedules or any one of a myriad of benefits But from that letter you d sure NEVER know it The letter suffers from product peddling That is it is we focused It s all about the writer s fascination with their company and their product NOT what that product will do for you or me As well the letter suffers from bland generalisation syndrome It sounds impressive addresses the changing data capture environment by delivering the highest level of applications flexibility without the usual penalty of performance degradation But what does all that mean The key to powerful communication is to be SPECIFIC If your product delivers a 48 cost cut don t just say it will cut costs Say it will cut costs by 48 If customer surveys have shown that it cuts 21 days off delivery times say so And go on to say that for the average user this translates into over 40 000 a year in savings from stock control efficiencies And that 27 of the users have attributed winning new

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 72
    profits And there have been some solid finds Facebook Pay Per Click is working brilliantly for some businesses But as good as it is it is a Social Media parasite feeding on the beast itself it is not the actual act of Social Media delivering the goods We acknowledge and appreciate the link building advantages that a Social Media strategy can bring to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts but once again it s a parasite it s a good supporter of another strategy not Social Media itself delivering the goods We hear about how big corporates like Dell engage with their customers online and through Social Media with excellent results but we don t learn anything at all relevant for our SME businesses and clients We even have some clients with thousands and tens of thousands of followers and likes who still can t show a penny of revenue from Social Media And to be brutally honest we start to feel a bit silly After all we re the self proclaimed gurus we re the go to guys on marketing why aren t we shouting from the rooftops about Social Media and how it s the next big thing But in our saner moments we take comfort from the fact that we re evidence based results driven marketers We base our decisions and recommendations on solid proven reliable evidence of success And as time goes by we develop a growing sense of awareness that it is not just us who have failed to see any breakthrough value in Social Media There s a quiet but growing sense of Social Media scepticism developing Maybe we re seeing a Social Media Spring But we stay open minded We remain open to testing new and interesting innovations We believe that it is highly likely that one of us will figure out a way to make Social Media really deliver Summing it all up we believe that today there are a handful of Social Media strategies that make sense Here is our summary Social Media Strategy 1 do nothing yet Put your mind at ease you are not missing the gold rush you are not losing early mover advantage Keep working on the things that work your Google AdWords your Website your Direct Mail campaigns Email Broadcasting Social Media Strategy 2 start to test the medium Listen to the gurus start to run some tests But keep it real Only devote a small percentage of your marketing resources I d say at most 5 and make sure it is time and money that you don t HAVE to see a return from It is education and testing not a substitute for marketing that must work Social Media Strategy 3 set up a Facebook Fan Page to support your Facebook pay per click advertising There is good evidence showing that it improves your conversion rates We cover this and give you a simple way to do this at our Making Your Marketing Work seminar on

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