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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 71
    d better be open to testing otherwise you will limit your marketing and your business Here s a good case in point Plenty of people think that flyers and leaflets are dead But that didn t stop Lana and Stewart Brown of Vibralife from being prepared to run a small test when it was recommended by her Business Builder Programme advisor Simon Tailby Vibralife are a new type of fitness clinic offering vibration training technology with luxurious and high class members facilities The key to their success is generating good quality low cost leads and getting prospects through the door they are really good at converting As part of the overall development of a marketing system Marketing Machine for their business they worked with Simon to create and test a flyer to be distributed to 5 000 local households The total cost of the A5 flyer you can see the front below including design print and delivery was 307 The Result Within the first month the first 5 000 flyers generated 18 new enquiries So far they have converted 10 new clients worth 3 631 That s a 10x return on investment and they are still getting enquiries and conversions By extrapolating these numbers which Simon has done with Lana they have worked out that if the flyers were sent every month for 6 months to the original 5 000 households plus an additional 10 000 households in the area this flyer strategy could earn Vibralife a return of over 65 000 for an outlay or around 5 000 But the best bit is what this successful test could now mean for the future success and growth of Vibralife As you can imagine they are now busy rolling this out Needless to say this is not the only strategy that Lana is implementing as she works with Simon They are busy creating a Marketing Machine for their business of which leaflets and flyers will be an important part The Vibralife Team And as Lana says We re confident about the future and are now looking forward to opening our next branch Guess what they will use to support the opening of their next branch And the one after that And the one after that By being open to testing measuring and carefully evaluating results Vibralife now have another important element of what will become their Marketing Machine in place and working profitably What s more it will not only drive sales and profits today but could be hugely important to the future growth and success of their business But what about your business Are your personal views of Leaflets Google AdWords Direct Mail or Email Broadcasting holding you back from testing what could become vital elements to your success Maybe it s time to put your personal views aside and let your market tell you what they think about the medium and your approach It could lead to your next marketing breakthrough You can read the full Vibralife Case Study

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 70
    coupon newspaper ads and mailing information and financial product offers to responders Starting with that small database of a few hundred addresses today Hargreaves Lansdown have a mailing list of millions of contacts And they still send direct mail letters to their list on a regular basis although they no longer insert them by hand Adopting this selling off the page approach was a huge break from the norm in their industry where sales were won through commissioned sales teams The results speak for themselves Peter Hargreaves and his team of marketers are fantastic practioners of direct response marketing I strongly urge you to do two things today 1 Get on the Hargreaves Lansdown mailing list Yes you read right Go to their website now request one of their free Packaged Information guides and you will start getting letters newsletters and emails from Hargreaves Lansdown Over the next few months and years you ll get a master class in world class direct marketing for free 2 Buy Peter Hargreaves book In for a Penny A Business Adventure For years I watched this company create excellent marketing and often wondered about their story and their background Now I know Peter Hargreaves wrote the story told in his captivating book In for a Penny A Business Adventure Go to Amazon now and buy a copy you ll be glad you did To win one of five free copies that I have to give away today simply email now with a brief line on why you should get a free copy The best five responses get a free copy in the post Direct response results based marketing really works Hargreaves Lansdown have hit a major home run But thousands of smaller less high profile businesses are making fortunes using the same techniques day

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 69
    to make it happen Paul could have been content to sit back assume that he had a captive market and make a decent enough income However he took a decision not to be ordinary A gutsy call that many people challenged him on for the first year or so they don t anymore There were 70 other dealers at the same conference that Paul attended yet he was the only one who did anything really worthwhile with the ideas Here is a short success that Paul and his team have achieved in their business Moxham Motors never discounts They don t have to In an industry where the Repeat and Referral rate is around 26 Moxham Motors is tracking at 78 Horwarth research reveals that motor dealerships earn an average 0 8 to 0 9 net on turnover Moxham Motors is earning a net 6 on the bottom line Considering they do around two million a month you can do the numbers on profits from his systems Paul s sales grew from 8 cars a month at the time of the original workshop to close to 100 Well now you know how to do it what are you going to do Get back to being part of a desert of ordinaryness as Paul puts it Or take a decision to step up to be the best you can be for your clients and create a Client Nurturing System like Paul s Over to you NOTE Until now this 6 minute video clip has only been available to our clients through our online members only marketing resource Marketing Help Online For a short time it will be available then we ll be taking it down Read on to find out how you could get unlimited access to our massive library of resources for half the normal price Subscribe Now to Marketing Help Online just 19 99 VAT for your first 3 months normally 39 99 when you subscribe by 28th February With access to Marketing Help Online you get step by step guides to creating the most powerful marketing strategies for your business that leave the competition behind You ll soon be creating your very own Client Nurturing System like Paul Moxham s that will turn one off buyers into loyal life long customers Marketing Help Online gives you the templates and sample communications Compelling Ads that really inspire customers to buy from you Referral Systems that bring you top quality clients as and when you need them Packaged Information Offers that give your clients incredible value but don t cost you the earth High Performance Website that drives quality business straight to your doorstep And much much more Marketing Help Online is packed with worked examples case studies how to articles training videos and workshops and audio case studies All the information you need to make your marketing really work You can have all this for an introductory offer of just 19 99 a month plus VAT for the first

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 68
    results and in my view is a must test advanced Google AdWords technique 2 Image Ads We have discussed using image ads on the Google Display Network GDN before in Results Report Issue 60 It is estimated that 60 to 70 of all AdWords clicks come from the Content Network and that around 30 of AdSense Advertisers carry image ads yet only 2 to 5 of all advertisers use image ads We are seeing some really good results with Google image ads with decent levels of traffic and cost per conversion figures of 1 3rd to 1 2 the cost of text ads This means you either save 33 to 50 for the same number of leads or you get 50 to 100 more leads for the same budget If your AdWords results are flagging and you already get reasonable results from the GDN image ads like the examples below from the Google website could put you right back in the game 3 Site Links Site link are interesting What are Site Links well to quote Google again Ad Sitelinks is a feature for search based ads that lets you include up to 4 additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page Sitelinks extend the value of your AdWords ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered your ad The following best practices will help maximize your chances of showing Sitelinks Your ad should have one of the top positions above the search results Your ad should have a very high Quality Score Your Sitelinks URLs must direct users to pages that are part of your main website If your ad qualifies to show Sitelinks up to four of the additional links you associate with your ad on the Ad Extensions tab may appear on your ad There is good evidence coming through that Site Links are working very well in some cases However I d be very cautious about adding Site Links to an ad that is directing traffic to a very high performing landing page or opt in page Why send traffic to a less successful page On the other hand listing various product or service options at a deeper level could really help you drive more traffic to the most relevant pages on your site As with all techniques the proof is in the eating or testing in this case You can read more about Sitelinks here 4 Google Display Network GDN Optimised Campaigns This is where you break up an existing campaign running on both the search and display networks and run separate campaigns tailored to each network This allows you to take a more strategic approach to theming the AdGroups leading to more relevant placements of ads and hopefully a higher CTR Tip When you copy the campaign so it can be split I prefer to leave the existing campaign running as the GDN campaign as the learned history of websites that are

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 67
    promotion negotiation or cost increases that have not been passed on needs to increase sale volumes by a MASSIVE 50 just to stand still in terms of profit The implications are mind numbing Just to maintain last year s profitability you and your people would have to work 50 harder you may need to drastically increase stock levels your machinery and equipment have to handle 50 more output and that s before you consider the potential negative hit on your cashflow And you make no more profit In fact if you only achieve a 20 30 or 40 increase in sales volume you make less money What about putting your prices up Crazy you may think especially now You can hear your sales people protesting already we ll lose customers our conversion rate will drop you ll go out of business and our competitors will have a field day But consider this Again based on a 30 gross profit margin if you put your prices up by 10 you would have to do 25 less before it affected your net profit In other words you could ship or supply 20 fewer products or services and you d actually be better off You d be doing less work and making more money And you have to ask what are the chances that 20 of your clients would leave if you are doing a great job and providing excellent value The reality is that when we first work with new clients we discover that many undercharge And when they muster up enough courage to increase prices most discover that they keep their clients and continue to win more new clients because they give great service excellent value and go that extra mile They were always worth more and their clients know that I have discussed this issue with CEO s in workshops all over the UK over the last 3 or 4 months When I ask who has raised prices in the last 12 months a surprisingly large number say that they have And when I ask them if they have lost clients as a result the answer in the vast majority of cases is a clear and resounding no and we are talking rises here in the order of 5 10 12 and 15 way above inflation In fact in all cases the effect has been a dramatic significant and immediate increase in profitablity which improves cashflow boosts reserves and allows investment into the business Of course the effect of not charging what they should would have had the opposite effect low or no profits poor cashflow low reserves and no investment Can you see why failing to act could be financial suicide For some businesses with the capacity to handle a 40 50 or more increase in volumes a price cut could result in enough new sales to increase profit and could be the right decision However the reality for most businesses is that a price cut or unaddressed cost

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter 66
    your expensively acquired prospects are ready to move forward your sales people have given up on them And because no one from your business has been in touch with them for some time top of mind awareness has slipped the prospect re enters the market this time ready to buy quickly but as the figures show often ends up buying from another business You had them and lost them Your business blew it Right now you may be tempted to wade into your sales team and lay the blame at their door But who incentivised them to look for fast buyers in the first place Could it be the monthly or quarterly commission based targets that you set So you can leave your sales team alone They re good at dealing with fast buyers which is important but you need to make sure that as a business someone is taking responsibility for staying in touch with slow buyers the no not yet s The best solution lays in creating a system for staying in to uch with that valuable group of prospects that doesn t rely on your sales team Think of it like the big stacks of jets that circle around above Heathrow every day in a holding pattern waiting their turn to land You need to create a holding system for keeping close to prospects who are not yet ready to buy but will be soon We call this a Prospect Conversion System Simply put it is creating a system for making sure that over the 12 months or more following initial enquiry your business gently but professionally stays in touch with prospects This is not about phoning your prospects ad infinitum It is about creating a thoughtful process or system for staying in touch that identifies when the prospect is ready to land and when they should come out of the holding pattern and go back into your sales process It should NOT be run by your sales people It really is a marketing function where they keep the relationship alive only handing it back to the sales team when the prospect is ready to proceed Here is an example 12 month communications or Prospect Conversion Calendar largely based on email broadcasting which is now both highly effective it gets great results and a fraction of the cost of any other medium direct mail telephone field visits events Simple 12 Month Prospect Conversion Communications Calendar Month 1 Email Newsletter like this one Month 1 Offer Email Month 2 Email Newsletter Month 2 Event Invitation by Email Month 3 Temperature Check Phone Call by sales administrator not sales person Month 3 Email Newsletter Month 4 Sales Letter be Email Month 5 Email Newsletter Month 5 Offer Email Month 6 Email Newsletter Month 6 Temperature Check Phone Call Month 7 Email Newsletter Month 8 Event Invitation Month 9 Email Newsletter Month 9 Sales Letter by Direct Mail or Email Month 10 Temperature Check Phone Call Month 11 Email Newsletter

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 65
    Anyway we get Just Roasted beans delivered every day to every Pret any not used go to the compost heap We grind a generous 14 grammes of Just Roasted into every Pret cup Our Baristas are obsessive Passion Fact No 14 On the side of a sandwich box they have two more messages this time about their ingredients and the sandwich box itself They even have a Pret Passion Fact printed on each paper napkin What they are doing here is making sure that they miss no opportunity to educate and explain to their customers why it was great idea to spend around 3 on a Pret sandwich And why it would be a great idea to keep on coming back day after day to do the same thing And let s be clear they rely on getting office workers to make as many as 10 to 15 visits to their shop each week to make their business work The thing is you could do this as well Sure you may not have 99 Passion Facts like Pret But could you write down 5 7 or even 10 If you do then you ll have begun the vitally important task of setting your business apart from your competitors You ll be giving your customers reasons to choose you compelling reasons to come back and to continue using you and reasons to refer you to other potential customers And you ll have some fantastic material copy to use On your Website In your sales proposals and quotes In your emails At point of sale for business to consumer like Pret In your advertising In fact in all of your marketing collateral The thing is your Passion Facts don t even need to be unique to your business Often you just have to be the first one to describe what happens behind the scenes to get the competitive advantage You do that by making the invisible visible Go on give it a go today and come up with just 5 things that your business does that benefit your customers that you don t tell them about Here are some idea starters Maybe you use a more expensive component in manufacturing perhaps brass instead on the standard steel because although it costs you more it gives the customer 10 years of failure free operation rather than the typical 5 Perhaps you insist on employing graduates with at least 5 years experience whereas your competitors typically employ newly graduated people who are learning on the job You pay more for your people but your clients get better results faster Maybe you have invested in expensive IT systems that eliminate or minimise mistakes that get the work done faster that produces better reports and information for clients The thing is if you are going the extra mile if you ve made the extra investment have better systems use better but more expensive components and FAIL to tell your clients and potential clients then that is

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 64
    something you can offer with high perceived value but a low delivery cost Something you can offer for a small outlay to win an even bigger prize Selling Pizza The classic example of course is Buy one pizza get the second one free The second pizza costs perhaps 2 in materials but has a perceived value of 14 Overall the pizza store makes a profit on a sale they otherwise wouldn t have got and ideally wins a new customer they can nurture for the long term Selling Software Let s say you re a software company with a product you sell in good times for 500 The hard cost to you of this product is say 25 That covers the packaging manual and installation discs What if you offered that product for FREE when new clients buy your flagship 1500 programme In their eyes they ve just got a 500 bargain In your eyes you ve acquired another long term client for the extra cost of 25 earned full margin on the flagship product and now have a new client who may go on to spend thousands more with you There s any number of combinations and permutations for soft cost strategies This is not a strategy for those who can t look past the profit on the next sale The key requirement is that you have a strategy for producing future revenue from your acquisition And also that you position your attractive offer as adding value to the new client or customer as part of a commitment to a long term relationship not as a mere discount Until next time Take a valuable first step in getting control of the growth of your business today and apply for a free Revenue Opportunities Analysis it could be the best

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