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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 63
    they range from highly complex arrangements where airlines get together to share customers and code share flights to a florist who works with local wedding venues Here are some great examples of highly successful alliances More Than Doubled Sales During the Recession One of our clients who took this strategy seriously at the beginning of the recession has more than tripled their database with list swaps and alliances over the last two years As a result they have more than doubled sales worth more than 1m at a time when the economy was going backwards and at good margins They continue to actively seek out new lists and are continuing to grow at a rapid clip Landscaper and Home Renovations A landscaper has a strategic alliance relationship with a home renovations company They add value to each other s clients by providing consultations and pick up a lot of business in the process Automotive Dealer Paul Moxham who runs one of the world s most successful car dealerships is a master at alliance relationships He s created a relationship with a restaurant and is able to offer his new car purchasers a complimentary dinner for two as his way of saying thanks It costs the restaurant little yet they get a constant flow of new diners And his customers think he s the greatest car dealer ever He has similar arrangements with florists massage therapists and a petrol station Financial Services A wealth building advisory company has a relationship with a company providing a non competing low cost self help wealth building product They gift their clients tickets to seminars for the lower cost product company They re adding value and also pay fully disclosed royalties on sales that eventuate to their higher cost services from others in the room Removals and Estate Agents A removals company has a relationship with an estate agency They endorse each other s services and tap into a perfect Cycle of Life opportunity 1 000 New Clients in 3 Weeks Finally let me share a case where we added over 1 000 new clients in about 3 weeks and made in today s money about 90 000 in the process We d approached the publisher of a popular small business letter with a profit share proposition This proposition was that he endorse to his list our new manual on advertising He loved the manual and wrote a glowing article and an order form to be inserted into his newsletter It went out to his 25 000 subscribers A few days went by and 20 or 30 orders appeared in the mailbox Amazing We were impressed The next day another 50 or 60 orders appeared Extraordinary Each day thereafter literally hundreds of orders poured in It became an avalanche We sold over 1 000 manuals at 90 per copy in today s prices Here s the powerful message in this exercise If we d approached a cold rented list of small business owners we may

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 62
    niche Google costs have become too high to enable you to make profit Google Costs are Soaring A few weeks ago the BBC reported that Google s latest quarterly results have beaten market expectations after it posted a 32 rise in profits The internet giant made a net profit of 2 17bn 1 4bn in the three months to 30 September up from 1 6bn for the same period a year earlier Google said 16 more computer users clicked on advertisements on its website during the past three months than they did a year earlier and that it was charging companies more to list their adverts Facebook Advertising The Next Big Thing According to AdWords guru Perry Marshall After 2 years of Social Media Hype and most people just spinning their wheels and wasting time Facebook Pay Per Click is right at the tipping point of explosive profitable growth for everyone right now And our tests with Facebook over the course of this year confirm that For the right product or service usually consumer related Facebook Advertising today is like Google AdWords was five or more years ago If you re looking for cheaper traffic and new markets then Facebook Advertising could be your answer Facebook Advertising is different to Google AdWords Facebook Advertising is not suitable for every product or service it seems to be getting best results for consumer targeted products and services And you need to modify your approach as with Facebook people are not usually actively searching for your products or services rather they are using Facebook and your Ads appear on their screen unprompted by the user Because of that your Ads need to turn the heads of Facebook users and it requires a different approach to writing your Ads A Word of Warning The

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 61
    not hard to see which stationery supplier will get our next order No Substitute for Good Service While Magic Moments are no substitute for a good core service good service alone doesn t light people up After all good service is what clients expect For a Few Pence You Can Reap Rich Rewards For a few pence invested in clients after you have delivered your core service you can see benefits which are completely out of all proportion to the cost of providing the Magic Moment Especially when you compare the cost of the Chocolates the Card or the Clean with the cost of delivering your core service And sometimes it is only by going the extra mile and doing the unexpected that you get people really excited about you and your business and see benefits such as Positive word of mouth Good reviews More repeat business Higher lifetime value The opportunity to upsell Testimonial letters and emails More referrals The Problem with Magic Moments The problem we find with implementing Magic Moments is not that business owners don t see the sense of it nor that they don t want to do it it s coming up with good ideas Well that is a problem I think we can solve together Send Us Your Suggestions and Ideas If you email us your suggestions and ideas we will compile them into a Magic Moments ideas Cheat Sheet which we ll make available for free to all Results Report subscribers So here are a few examples for starters but we d really like your suggestions too Icecreams on a long haul flight the flight attendants hand out Magnum icecreams after the meal unexpected fun and memorable Car Valet a client running an event for prospective clients arranged for their cars to be valeted for free during the presentation after the event they where handed the keys to their now gleaming car and spent the next few days telling colleagues Brown Envelope Money this is perhaps not quite what you might be thinking A car dealer client would have his salespeople visit customers a few days after they had collected their new car with the difference between what the dealer got for the part exchanged car and what they had paid the customer For an often small amount they got more positive word of mouth and resulting business from those customers than they would have from thousands spent on advertising Easter Chocolates a client in the electronic components industry enclosed a small packet of Easter Eggs with each order despatched leading up to Easter and generated many positive emails and calls from customers in a transaction based and quite cut throat business Birthday Cards a professional firm sends clients a Birthday Card every year and continues to get positive feedback and response You get the picture Small noticeable things that make a BIG difference to your relationship with clients and subsequent levels of business Now it s over to you we d

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  • Free Newsletter Issue 42 | Results Corporation
    as a removalist And every single one told them that there is not one company reputable enough to be recommended They d just discovered a huge cavernous gap in the market Lesson 1 Probe for a weakness in the market and tailor your product or service to fill it Lesson 2 If the market has a tired old way of doing what they do find a different way that focuses on serving the customer not the industry They discovered the local furniture removals industry seemed to only hire tattoo adorned sweat laden workers with experience in removals Frankly not the sort of people a lady alone at home might feel comfortable with So Adam and Karlee decided to hire their removalists without this industry experience They looked for applicants they d feel comfortable having in their home even when they re not there Family men usually Karlee said she could pick them in seconds Something she was sure every other women would be feeling too Big difference Lesson 3 Find the stumbling blocks that the industry puts in the way and knock them down This is where Adam became really fired up as he explained Take the insurance policies on removals What does the industry do They give you a long document with heaps of fine print and loads of exclusions and you have to wear a 500 excess if you claim on their damage Our insurance policy is simple If we break it or damage it we ll replace it No argument It s not the client s problem Damaging their furniture is our problem Then he went on with a classic piece of marketing genius Look accidents do happen We had a case where a microwave was dropped The lady was understandably upset saying we d dropped her

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  • Free Newsletter Issue 43 | Results Corporation
    and then and c be compelled by your ad or letter to take action with you The Challenge One of our clients who operate in the security sector faced exactly this dilemma compounded by the fact that they provided services and products across a wide range of applications and markets These range from building anti terrorist bomb proof safe rooms for embassies to fitting security shutters in retail outlets and access control systems in office blocks and other security sensitive buildings Their 1 000 was going to have to be spread pretty thin The Solution After discussion and much thought their Business Builder Programme advisor recommended that the fastest way for the client to reach multiple target audiences at a time when they actually had a need for the solutions on offer was to implement an online marketing strategy This would combine some new web pages with compelling copy and Google AdWords We started by adding new product specific pages to the website Then we created compelling copy and content to each new product page to ensure that each page delivered genuinely valuable information spelt out the specific benefits of their products and contained multiple calls to action Then we set about creating a carefully targeted Pay Per Click advertising system using Google s AdWords programme The Pay Per Click advertising was divided into Campaigns on specific areas such as blast proofing security shutters and access control and further sub divided into Ad Groups that allowed us to finely target specific ads at particular searchers by keyword groups By doing this we knew that we could have the client s online ads appear in front of people who were looking to buy what they were selling right there and then And they could do this on a very small daily budget spreading the 1 000 over many months which allowed plenty of opportunity for testing analysis and fine tuning The Outcome After 6 months during which we carefully monitored and updated the AdWords campaigns the client reported the following results Total Spend on Pay Per Click 908 Access Control Contracts Won 120 000 Security Shutters Contracts Won 34 000 Blast Protection Contracts Won 180 000 Total Return on Pay Per Click Spend 334 000 at 23 margin And remember that s not total business that s contracts specifically attributed to enquiries generated by the Pay Per Click ads That 908 might have secured them one inside front cover ad in a prestigious magazine or a single letter to 1000 cold leads But the chances of it generating that kind of return on investment through any other medium are tiny Especially as they would have been denied the opportunity to test measure and refine vital to getting great results And best of all the results were completely measurable In tough times this approach has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective especially when the budget is small While there are no guarantees if you re trying

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 44
    not a price shopper for fuel I can t even tell you which one is the cheapest I just appreciate being treated with some dignity I m not yet friends with the owner of the new garage But I ve a feeling I will be one day And one day I ll ask about his Porsche funny coincidence that he can afford such a nice car and his business It ll be interesting I changed garage because of a smile the absence of a challenge and despite having to go out of my way to get there Now I m sure that the people who persisted in challenging me for years did that because some people do pay for an item and try to dodge paying for the fuel or pay for the fuel and try not to pay for the goods from the shop But is treating everyone like a potential offender the way to win people over Clearly not I have transferred my allegiance to a new garage all because of a smile and some simple thoughtfulness Gatekeepers on Steroids This reminded me of what is wrong with the way the vast majority of businesses answer the phone Most people answering the phone in most businesses are like gatekeepers on steroids the person answering the phone is poised to repel the sales call They and the business have become a sales call repelling machine a bit like my old friends at the garage who had become shop lifting and fuel theft prevention machines and as a result treat everyone tersely and with initial suspicion They are answering the phone with completely the wrong posture they are ready to launch a vigorous defence and are coiled to repel invaders Result Terse call handling Yet you can often see the contrast when the person answering the phone recognises the caller as a client and instantly changes from a terse sales call repelling machine into a warm and friendly person It s not that we can t be great at answering the phone the problem is that we often don t become warm and friendly until we have established that we are not dealing with a sales call Wrong wrong wrong With the wrong posture you can lose prospects in the first few seconds of the call Two basic rules to help frontline people to be GREAT on the phone It s been said many times that the telephone is the shop window to your business And it s true people make a decision about you and whether they re going to deal with you in the first few seconds on the phone Telephone professionalism absolutely is common sense but then as they say common sense isn t always that common Telephone professionalism starts even before you pick up the phone RULE 1 Smile widely before you pick up the phone Sounds too simple to even mention doesn t it But smiling as you pick up the phone radiates warmth and

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 45
    that do just that An effective promotional piece effective communication needs to compel action It needs to tell your magic story give reasons to buy and ask for the sale just as a great salesperson would A communication piece with very few words lots of white space a big logo and a clever or vague headline has no chance of achieving those objectives And if anyone tells you this is how to do ads they re wrong But you may say nobody has time to read lots of words right True NO ONE will read all those words UNLESS those words are relevant to them compelling and speak to THEIR needs Rest assured being brief won t make people read your ad either if it has no relevance to them Recently our colleagues in Australia created an ad for a client They have created similar ads before so he was ready for it when all the armchair experts told him the ad was too wordy and that nobody would read all those words Credit to him He ran with the ad In a matter of days it had already produced 27 new patients for his chiropractic clinic In lifetime value that equates to over 20 000 in revenue Not bad for an ad that cost him less than 1 200 Want to see his advertisement Click here to see a copy The lesson Review all of your marketing material including ads key website pages direct mail letters proposals and make sure that each is relevant compelling and speaks to your prospects needs And when you do that well you can use as many words as it takes to COMPEL action Watch out for Archive Classics 2 which will be with you in a few days and covers a vitally important

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 46
    Click advertising has changed the face of marketing and advertising in fact it is now overtaking some of the huge mainstream advertising mediums such as television and newspaper advertising The good news is that you can get started for just 5 00 and can run a great campaign for as little as a few pounds per day Here s a snapshot of businesses now winning new clients from an entirely new source for just pocket money advertising costs A Civil Structural Engineering Firm A Plumbing and Building Business An Optometrist A National Accountancy Firm A Textile Manufacturer An Audio Visual Equipment Company A Training Business A Blinds and Shutters Business A Specialist Embassy Security Company While many spend just a few pounds per day we have some clients who are spending 10 000 and more per month on Google AdWords and have done for the last 2 or 3 years because it generates millions of pounds worth of business for them Whatever your business size my message to you today is clear If you are not taking Google AdWords seriously and have not at least set up a series of test campaigns to see how much traffic you can attract to your website and how much of that you can convert into new business then you are running the risk of the world passing your business by Buyers are turning to their browser and Google as their first port of call in ever increasing numbers if you are not visible then you re not in the market What about you and your business Are you taking online marketing seriously or is one or more of your competitors going to scoop up that opportunity for new business You owe it to yourself to at least test Google AdWords You can get

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