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  • Results Corporation | Website Design
    their own experience and expertise they ll create the visual element of the site carefully refining everything from the choice of colours to how the menus interact and where the graphics best fit Online retail checkouts forms to gather contact details and any other elements you require can all be integrated into the design resulting in a website that looks great but is so much more than just eye candy A traffic magnet As well as finely optimised copy and carefully structured keywords that ensure your website performs to its full potential on Search Engine queries we can create fully customised online advertisement campaigns They ll call people who are searching for the products and services you provide to action driving them to visit your site Conversions High visitor numbers look great on paper but mean nothing if the people seeing your site don t convert Using carefully crafted and highly optimised landing pages that deliver the most relevant information to your visitors your website will actively generate conversions whether that be online sales or requests for more information And with software built in to track these conversions you ll know exactly where your leads are coming from and where to focus more of your marketing budget for the biggest return You re in full control Every website designed and built by the Results Corporation team can feature a fully functioning Content Management System This allows you to alter your website in real time whenever you need to You can add pages remove pages change the copy even insert pictures all via a user friendly interface that means never having to pay a web developer to alter your site again As well as keeping details correct or promoting new products or services this means you can keep your customers right

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  • Results Corporation | Email Marketing
    give you their email address Once you have that you re in a perfect position to use your email content to build a relationship with the visitor and direct them down a communications channel hopefully to a potential sale Education through emails A strategic planned campaign of well written email communications helps educate your prospective clients on the products or services you offer and more importantly how they can benefit from them The emails also have the added benefit of increasing top of mind awareness helping to create a level of trust and ultimately increasing your chances of generating a sale How we can help you At Results Corporation we have two different options to get you moving with email marketing 1 Provision of an Email Marketing software package We ll provide you with our own bulk email software package help you get set up with a personalised template help you get up to speed and then leave you handle your own campaigns and overall management of your account We ll also be on hand for any support as and when required 2 A full email service including strategy and content generation If you don t have the time or the resources to take care of your email broadcasting you can leave it all with us We ll get you set up with your own software account including setting up your databases getting your template ready and carrying out test to make sure everything works as it should We ll then create a communication plan for you take full control of the creation and transmission of emails data management and reporting plus we will advise you on what s going on along the way Why work with Results Corporation Choosing to work with Results Corporation to maximise sales and revenue

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  • Results Corporation | Terms & Conditions of Service
    from the misuse of the Client s account by anyone else 10 WORDPRESS WEBSITES 10 1 From time to time WordPress release security and product updates When these are available it is best practice to review and install these to keep the site secure and performing at its best We recommend that the website is fully backed up before updates are installed Your own IT staff can perform this or we can provide the service for a fee specified in your Proposal If you take up this service it will be automatically renewed annually unless 40 days notice is given prior to the renewal date 11 PROJECT AGREEMENT 11 1 Additional work requested by the Client which is not specified in the agreed confirmation form is subject to an additional quotation by Results Corporation on receipt of specification If the work is needed as part of an existing project then this may affect the time scales and overall delivery time of the project 11 2 It is important that the Client communicates its ideas and base information to Results Corporation clearly concisely and in a timely manner 11 3 The target completion date is a mutually agreed date for completion of the website typically within eight to twelve 8 12 weeks of the start date It is important that the Client devotes sufficient time of their own to the project to produce initial information review progress supply new or additional material and ultimately ensure that the project proceeds unimpeded In the event that the agreed completion date has passed and Results Corporation is prevented from progressing with the project due to waiting on responses from the Client Results Corporation reserves the right to impose an additional charge as appropriate 11 4 During the project timelines Results Corporation will require the Client to provide website content i e text images and where applicable video animation and sound files Text content must be proofread and error checked by the Client 11 5 If content approvals feedback are not provided within the outlined period of an official request by email then Results Corporation reserves the right to advise the Client of a revision to the final payment fee based on new or revised pricing schedules that may be introduced from time to time If content is not provided within two 2 weeks from the original email request by Results Corporation then the Client is considered to be in default of the contract the project may be terminated and the Client sent the final invoice for immediate payment of 100 of the value of the fee schedule Results Corporation will agree at our discretion to recommence the commission after agreement is reached on a new proposal document and fee schedule and once the original fees have been paid 11 6 Unless otherwise specified in the project proposal this Agreement assumes that any text will be provided by the Client in electronic format typically via email and that all photographs and any other graphics will be provided electronically in gif jpeg or png format Although every reasonable attempt shall be made by Results Corporation to return to the Client any images or material provided in hard copy format for use in creation of the Client s website such return cannot be guaranteed 11 7 All Client driven alterations to the original scope and brief of the website project must be requested via a Change Request Form Blank Change Request Forms are available from Results Corporation Upon receipt of a completed Change Request Form Results Corporation will detail any cost and time implications for the work After the specified alterations have been completed Results Corporation will advise the Client as such and if further amendments are required Results Corporation will raise a Request For Change Form which will also detail cost and time implications and will send this form to the Client for agreement and approval Results Corporation reserves the right to request payment to be received for alterations before continuing with the project 11 8 Results Corporation will provide the Client with opportunities to review the appearance of the website during the design phase 11 9 The Client agrees that a page built from a graphic design may not exactly match the original design because of the difference between the display in design software and the rendering of code by internet browser software Results Corporation agrees to match the design as closely as is possible when building the code 11 10 Upon delivery of the final graphic design visuals the Client is asked to confirm by email that the design is signed off as complete and agree that any further design alterations will attract a fee to be agreed 11 11 Upon delivery of the demonstration website the Client is asked to confirm by email whether it has any issues or concerns with the demonstration website Any such matters must be raised within seven 7 days of delivery of the demonstration website and any further work will attract a fee which will be agreed at the time 11 12 After site completion the Client or a third party of its choosing may wish to edit the website code themselves to make updates However the Client agrees that in so doing it assumes full responsibility for any issues which may occur as a result of changing the code itself If the Client or a third party of its choosing edits the website code and this results in functionality errors or the page displaying incorrectly then Results Corporation reserves the right to quote or decline to quote for work to repair the website and is not obliged to offer this service in any way 11 13 Results Corporation reserves the right to assign subcontractors in whole or as part of the project if needed 11 14 All communications between Results Corporation and the Client shall be by telephone email or Skype except where agreed at Results Corporation s discretion 12 WEB BROWSERS 12 1 Results Corporation shall

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  • Results Corporation | Events Schedule
    Events for 2013 We ll advertise our 2015 Events here shortly In the meantime you can contact us on 01536 747 310 for more information Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click Advertising Writing Quotes Proposals Thanking Your Clients Using Graphics

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/EVENTSSCHEDULE.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Workshops
    half day workshop has been carefully structured to give you the knowledge and techniques you need to get your marketing working Workshop 1 Marketing Foundations Lead Generation Part 1 You ll cover key concepts for business growth and learn how to get better results from lead generating strategies such as Direct Mail Advertising Websites Email Broadcasting Brochures Flyers and more plus you ll get quick win business generation ideas to get you up and running from day 1 Workshop 2 Lead Generation Part 2 Building on the first workshop with more lead generation strategies such as creating Referral Systems running successful Exhibitions and Events creating and using powerful Offers including Packaged Information strategies to dramatically increase your lead flows Plus how to write great copy and develop your Unique Selling Proposition Workshop 3 Online Marketing Everything you need to know to get started and successful with Online Marketing Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising Search Engine Optimisation basics and Email Broadcasting Plus we ll give you the truth about Social Media and why it s a massive waste of time for many but not all businesses could it be for yours Workshop 4 Your Sales Process Prospect Conversion and Client Nurturing Systems You ll put your sales process and conversion systems under the microscope identify opportunities for cutting waste and improving conversion rates You ll discover how to create an effective system for handling leads how to create compelling collateral your emails sales letters quotes and proposals You ll also learn how to create and run a prospect nurturing system to potentially double your conversion rates and how to build a client nurturing system to maximise revenue and profitability from your most valuable asset your existing clients Workshop 5 Creating a Great Website Discover how to turn your Website into a significant asset for your business Discover how to correctly structure your navigation learn the secrets of creating compelling landing pages with effective calls to action and how to create powerful selling content You ll learn how to maximise lead flow create a valuable credibility builder for your business and to educate and inspire clients and prospects alike Workshop 6 Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies Creating a Marketing Machine In the final workshop you ll discover advanced techniques to get your Online Marketing firing on all cylinders You ll learn about advanced Search Engine Marketing techniques building on what you have learnt in workshops 3 and 5 And we ll show you pull it all together integrating lead generation with your sales process and prospect conversion system your online and offline marketing and your client nurturing plans to create a powerful Marketing Machine for your business Book Your Place Now When you book all 6 workshops you ll pay just 985 VAT That s 6 for the price of 5 saving you 197 VAT and a complete master class in marketing for less money than most businesses are wasting in ineffective marketing right now And as an added bonus when

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/WORKSHOPS.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Key Note Speakers
    for its dynamic and inspirational keynote presentations workshops and seminars on results based marketing for Business Owners Managing Directors and CEOs In the UK Results Corporation present marketing seminars for Lloyds TSB Business Banking the Institute Of Directors Business Link Barclays Business Banking Vistage formerly The Executive Committee Sage Accountax The Business Club Business Money Magazine and many other leading organisations Results Corporation speakers have shared the stage at major national and international business events with other business and marketing speakers such as Jay Abraham Tom Hopkins Michael Gerber Allan Pease Paul Dunn Chet Holmes Michael Basch and Andy Miller Marketing experts and inspirational speakers Haydn Rowe and Chris Newton are available for seminars workshops and keynote presentations on marketing advertising sales and business growth If you d like to explore that opportunity please email enquiries resultscorporation co uk or call is on 01536 747 310 Future Events To be announced If you would like further information about our events please contact us on 01536 747 310 or email enquiries resultscorporation co uk Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/KEYNOTESPEAKERS.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Case Study Totem Training
    potential customers through a series of co ordinated marketing strategies 3 Generate new leads Implementation Create marketing systems that consisted of the following strategies Created benefit lead compelling copy and advised on the design and navigation for a new Website that Totem Training had already begun work on Set up a series of Google AdWords campaigns to target two specific services offered leadership and management consultancy The ads were carefully tested monitored evaluated and revised Re establish contact with companies and individuals that had made previous enquiries using emails and telephone follow ups Create and write email communications to promote and encourage seminar days that Totem Training were taking part in Maximise the effectiveness of Totem Training involvement at Networking events including creating copy for banners advertisements and advertorials in the Chamber of Commerce trade publication Create a series of monthly emails and purchase a relevant and targeted list of potential clients This programme began in May and has so far produced encouraging results from the very first email Results Within the first 6 months of beginning to discuss and implement Totem Training s marketing system the following results have been achieved Enquiries from the website increased generating new business worth 4 850 The very first email promoting the seminar day which was sent to just 150 prospects generated 20 ticket sales The networking events have so far generated 3 new leads 2 of which has already been converted into a new client The 2 new clients generated so far are worth 1 660 in annual turnover The advice we ve received from Results Corporation has given us direction motivation and a structured approach to our marketing and most importantly we have seen real results Craig Pam Pullman from Totem Training said The belief and passion displayed by Results Corporation

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/CASESTUDYTOTEMTRAINING.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Case Study Vibralife
    To Action 3 Work with Vibralife to design a flyer with impact 4 Initially test the flyer to 5 000 local households in the correct demographic areas 5 The total cost of the flyer including design print and delivery was 307 6 Monitor results and if successful replicate drop to further households in the local vicinity Repeat communication to same households every month for 6 months and ongoing if continuing to prove successful Results 1 Within the first month the first 5 000 flyers generated 18 new enquiries 2 16 visited centre with the remaining and booked for future trail sessions 3 Converted 10 new clients worth 3631 a year 4 Based on this success if the flyers were sent out every month for 6 months to the original 5 000 households plus an additional 10 000 households they could potentially earn Vibralife a return of 47 088 a year in annual membership Original 5 000 households generate 18 leads with 10 converted to clients Worth 3613 00 Extend to 15 000 households 54 leads with 30 converted clients averaging 363 10 each Worth 10 893 90 Distributed once a month for 6 months 324 leads with 180 converted clients averaging 363 10 each Worth 65 358 00 We re confident about the future and are now looking forward to opening our next branch Vibralife Fitness Clinic owner Lana Brown says The help and advice I have had from the Results Corporation has been invaluable They took time to learn about my business and what our goals and objectives are Together we have created a marketing strategy that is constantly evaluated to ensure we spend our marketing budget wisely and effectively With the leaflets Results Corporation wrote the copy to ensure we communicated the benefits of Vibralife to our target

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/VIBRALIFECASESTUDY.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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