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  • Results Corporation | Case Study White Swan Inn
    integrated marketing system was developed and implemented which included a number of marketing strategies working together 1 A seven stage customer nurturing and referral direct marketing strategy A direct mail campaign designed to boost occupancy levels in slack months including three nights for the price of two offer on mid week bed and breakfast A handwritten thank you card that arrived a couple of days after guests return home hoping they d arrived safely and looking forward to welcoming them back A relaxed and informal letter delivered a week later incentivising them to refer friend families and colleagues through an enclosed reply paid card A newsletter Special offers postcards A second request letter after six months Finally if 12 months elapse without any response a letter asking what did we do wrong is sent 2 A restaurant redesign taking out the stuffy carpets white tablecloths and curtains In their place came a log fire flagstone candles and polished wood tabletops in keeping with the inn s 16th century ambience A chalkboard that was put in the street a couple of hours before service with messages enticing passers by 3 A relaunch of the restaurant with a direct mail strategy focusing on local companies in the immediate vicinity 4 Incentives to waiting staff to motivate them to take a pro active approach to boosting sales of wine water liqueurs and coffees 5 Further direct mail strategies to boost seasonal trade such as at Christmas and New Year 6 An increase in room rates which were then discounted still to more than the original rate to increase off peak occupancy Results Referrals increased from an average of 3 per month to an average of 20 per month peaking at 27 one month Hotel occupancy increased by 25 Annual turnover increased by 24

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  • Long Copy vs Short Copy
    a thousand words outsells a picture every time Which is why it amazes me to hear people usually self appointed marketing experts but all too often professional marketers saying things like we need to keep it short and to the point it needs to be tightened up it s just too long no one will read it no one will scroll that far down It amazes me because the only issue with most marketing and advertising is there is not nearly enough copy Not enough copy by a l o n g way Not enough copy to tell a great story Not enough copy to add advantages and benefits to features it gets edited down to a list of features to make it short or to look better Not enough copy to be compelling and describe what it is like to own and experience and benefit from your product or service just a dull and bland summary Not enough copy even for Google to understand what the web page is about or to place any value on it for indexing they need at least 250 words Ads and marketing don t have to be dull and bland They don t have to be a concise or a cut down version of what you d love to say They don t have to be all pictures and no words They don t have to be art They can and should be exciting vibrant compelling they should educate inspire create desire and get across the full emotion of what it s like to have and own and experience the product or service that you are trying to sell You see if short and to the point is loved and appreciated by buyers and consumers then tell me this Why aren t short stories topping the Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists when compared to fat full length novels that take hours to read Why aren t the best Oscar winning movies 15 minutes long instead of 90 120 or 180 minutes Why aren t 10 page magazines with 100 word articles flying off the shelves why are they fat and filled with 3 4 and 5 page articles Why are device manufacturers making ever better screens and batteries with higher resolution that work in full sun that we can read with for HOURS with no eye strain and that hold thousands of books on their hard drives Folks the reason is that WE LOVE TO READ We love a good story We crave information We re hard wired to NEVER stop looking listening reading Is it only me or have you ever experienced what I call The Cornflakes Box Syndrome Imagine this scene It s breakfast time There s just you at the table No one else No cat no dog no canary No newspaper no iPad no radio no TV not even an old Readers Digest Just you and the Cornflakes box Can I ask you what gets read Is

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYLONGCOPYVSSHORTCOPY.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes
    isn t Working This is the flip side of Mistake Number 3 and it s tough to spot if you re not recording and measuring your results Businesses in every sector are wasting many thousands of pounds right now funding marketing adverts and exhibitions are two common culprits that are simply sucking their profits Directories are also often culprits because it s all to easy to throw some money at an ad let it run without measurement then simply renew it when the sales person calls about the next issue After all it s getting your name out there right Wrong If the ad or sales letter or flyer or whatever it might be isn t paying for itself many times over then you re better off without it And the money you save can be invested into doing more of the marketing that is working for you Mistake Number 5 Failure to Measure Amazingly this is a mistake we see day in day out even from experienced marketers and savvy business people They simply fail to measure If you don t know how many enquiries how much conversion and how much profit each of your marketing strategies is generating then you need to find out right now You ve probably heard this saying What you measure you can manage Well the reverse is true too What you don t measure you can t manage Are you managing this vitally important part of your business Mistake Number 6 Failing to Understand and Exploit Lifetime Value Let s say you send a direct mail campaign to 5 000 people You get 50 enquiries 20 get a quote and 5 make a purchase The mailing cost 3 000 and the 5 purchases bought in 1 000 each As your gross profit margin is 50 on the face of it this is a clear failure Costs of 3 000 exceed profit of 2 500 by 500 However when you consider that each of those 5 new clients will on average spend 1 000 four times per year for the next 3 years bringing in 12 000 each at 50 gross profit margin things change Dramatically Your true numbers are 3 000 cost to create 60 000 in sales and 30 000 in gross profit That s 10 back for every 1 invested Many hugely successful campaigns and strategies are sidelined because success was measured against the value of the first sale rather than the true value which is the lifetime value Mistake Number 7 The Curse of Assumption You ve spent years doing what you do you know your business inside out and you re absolutely comfortable in your environment But the people you re trying to sell to probably don t know a tenth as much as you about your product and or service so never assume they do Spell it out Tell your prospects how you will save them time save them hassle take away risk make them look great help

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMY10BIGGESTMARKETINGMISTAKES.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Mapping Your Master Marketing Strategy | Results Corporation
    given period to achieve the revenue targets outlined in the overall marketing plan Define this targeted figure and you can work backwards to determine the activity required to get it Starting with 2 How many leads are required Determine the conversion rate of leads to sales which will determine how many LEADS must be generated to achieve the sales targeted in step 1 3 Determine the acquisition allowable cost of a lead As a simple example if the company is prepared to invest 1 000 to get a SALE and 1 in 10 leads turns into a sale then the allowable to get a LEAD is 100 Simple concept but few companies know these figures 4 One Step or Multi step Clearly the bigger the buying decision the more steps will be needed from initial lead to serious prospect EACH promotion will have its own strategy A website generated enquiry for example may be followed by a qualifying phone call sending of information with a promise to follow up a follow up phone call fact finding meeting demonstration proposal further follow up call and so on It s a system not ad hoc activity see Creating a Marketing Machine 5 Sales Processes What process will maximize sales This depends on the nature of the product or service and how warm and pre educated the lead is 6 Target Markets The correct selection of target markets impacts on your outcomes up to 1 000 This one fact provides you with more leverage than virtually any other in your entire marketing thrust What are your best target markets for new leads The logical ones are not necessarily the best 7 The Matrix of Activities When the various media options are selected a matrix can be drawn up This matrix shows at a

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYMASTERMARKETINGSTRATEGY.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • Unearthing a piece of the profit code | Results Corporation
    In fact they don t even know that they DON T know And therefore they don t care OK you may have heard that before But what does it mean for your industry It should be a call to action for even the most astute and switched on companies Unearthing an opportunity I canvassed this issue with a client of one of those very switched on companies In fact I workshopped the question with his whole team of some 30 people First up I asked them what the PERCEPTION of their industry was out in the market place The industry at large The responses came thick and fast as I struggled to keep up writing on the flip chart Pushy untrustworthy misleading expensive nasty surprises lack of knowledge promises that aren t kept a nightmare experience no follow up unhelpful disinterested Boy THIS industry had serious perception problems Can you guess the industry Actually it really doesn t matter Do this exercise with ANY industry and chances are you ll get feedback like this But here s the kicker We then did the same exercise on their perception of THEIR company Again the responses came thick and fast but very different We care ethical integrity we listen team spirit systemised deliver on our promises industry respect family values welcoming professional Now I hasten to add that this company actually DOES deliver on these things In fact part of the reason I agreed to work with them was because they are quite extraordinary in their systems performance standards and all those other things BUT and it s a big but I then challenged them with this question YOU know you do these things and why they re important but how much of this does your market know They simply weren t COMMUNICATING the very things that should set them apart from the chaff Out of that exercise came a whole new strategy We ve now worked with this company to help them encapsulate their extraordinary story To make the invisible visible Making the Invisible Visible Their magic story is articulated in every piece of collateral every letter every proposal every brochure in the way their people position themselves with their clients in the website in a corporate video in new TV commercials I can t stress this enough The big thing missing for them and for almost all potentially great companies is COMMUNICATION Your collateral has to tell your story in terms that the marketplace understands and will get excited about and will rave to others about It s not hard It just needs to be done It doesn t matter if you re a large financial institution a trade business a professional adviser a wholesaler retailer butcher baker or candlestick maker for that matter IF YOU RE NOT TELLING YOUR STORY COMPELLINGLY if you re assuming your market KNOWS or CARES you re losing out on huge sales opportunities Finally let me share an email I received This client supplies

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYPROFITCODE.asp?S=1 (2016-02-16)
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  • The Curse of Assumption | Results Corporation
    is reading your letter near their wastebasket Or with their finger poised on the delete key NEVER assume that because you may live and breathe your company and your products and services that someone out there in the marketplace will too Most likely when your prospect woke up this morning they were NOT thinking about you And they ll get through a whole day and go to bed tonight and chances are they won t have given you a thought It s a sobering perspective When you come at your communications from that perspective it makes you realise that you have to work TEN times harder to grab their attention and keep it past those critical first few seconds and then to motivate them enough to ACT on what you want them to do Think about your own situation How many sales letters have you flicked straight into the wastebasket How many emails that reached your inbox have you instantly deleted Stopping someone in their tracks and commanding their attention is NOT something you can do by rambling on about how good your company is or that your computer division was established in 1984 WHO CARES Now just in case you feel this letter example ISN T a sales letter that it s an invitation and therefore doesn t need to sell rest assured its objective IS to sell something Its objective is to sell the reader on giving up two hours to come to an event reorganising their diary and braving the traffic snarls to get there It IS a big sales task And that s not even the first sale The first sale is getting your reader to stop and read your first paragraph Make sense The WHO CARES test Whenever you write anything make sure you give it the who CARES test first If it doesn t compellingly grab the reader s attention hold it with riveting advantages and benefits that demonstrate how you will help them to save money increase productivity look younger feel fitter get more sales increase their profits or whatever then it WON T pass the who CARES test Don t waste your time sending it until you ve re worked it massively How to fix this letter Here s the irony The XANADU 3000 may indeed be some amazing new innovation that will revolutionise your entire working environment It may quadruple your productivity It may cut costs by 48 or enable you to cut three weeks off your delivery schedules or any one of a myriad of benefits But from that letter you d sure NEVER know it The letter suffers from product peddling That is it is we focused It s all about the writer s fascination with their company and their product NOT what that product will do for you or me As well the letter suffers from bland generalisation syndrome It sounds impressive addresses the changing data capture environment by delivering the highest level of applications flexibility without the

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYCURSEOFASSUMPTION.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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  • Looking For Sales | Results Corporation
    for prices over the phone before they go into a tile showroom I asked another question What percentage of those enquiry calls actually convert to a visit to your showrooms Well that question really set him off Twenty percent would be being generous Their average conversion rate was a real bone of contention he had with his staff Alan what s YOUR success rate in converting callers to sales He fired back Look I run a twelve million dollar business with multiple stores I hope you re not suggesting I answer the phones I assured him that this was not my intention But I still pressed him for what happens when he DOES answer the phone Well I reckon I get about 80 coming in to buy But I ve been in the industry for a long time I know my products backwards And no one has my knowledge in that area Perhaps you can see where I m going with this Here was an experienced and intelligent businessperson who d come to me convinced he needed a catchy new ad campaign But he was looking in completely the wrong place for a solution What he really needed was something different altogether Look at the numbers Alan was getting 80 conversion to a sale over the phone His people were averaging 20 His team s conversion to sales was haemorrhaging badly My next question really blew the lid off his problem for BOTH of us Alan how many people across all your stores take these sales enquiry calls FORTY he answered He had forty people taking his phone enquiries at a devastatingly low 20 It meant every time someone in his team picked up the phone he was losing 60 of his potential sales And HE thought he needed an

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYLOOKINGFORSALES.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Making the Invisible Visible
    every day to every Pret any not used go to the compost heap We grind a generous 14 grammes of Just Roasted into every Pret cup Our Baristas are obsessive Passion Fact No 14 On the side of a sandwich box they have two more messages this time about their ingredients and the sandwich box itself They even have a Pret Passion Fact printed on each paper napkin What they are doing here is making sure that they miss no opportunity to educate and explain to their customers why it was great idea to spend around 3 on a Pret sandwich And why it would be a great idea to keep on coming back day after day to do the same thing And let s be clear they rely on getting office workers to make as many as 10 to 15 visits to their shop each week to make their business work The thing is you could do this as well Sure you may not have 99 Passion Facts like Pret But could you write down 5 7 or even 10 If you do then you ll have begun the vitally important task of setting your business apart from your competitors You ll be giving your customers reasons to choose you compelling reasons to come back and to continue using you and reasons to refer you to other potential customers And you ll have some fantastic material copy to use On your Website In your sales proposals and quotes In your emails At point of sale for business to consumer like Pret In your advertising In fact in all of your marketing collateral The thing is your Passion Facts don t even need to be unique to your business Often you just have to be the first one to describe what happens behind the scenes to get the competitive advantage You do that by making the invisible visible Go on give it a go today and come up with just 5 things that your business does that benefit your customers that you don t tell them about Here are some idea starters Maybe you use a more expensive component in manufacturing perhaps brass instead on the standard steel because although it costs you more it gives the customer 10 years of failure free operation rather than the typical 5 Perhaps you insist on employing graduates with at least 5 years experience whereas your competitors typically employ newly graduated people who are learning on the job You pay more for your people but your clients get better results faster Maybe you have invested in expensive IT systems that eliminate or minimise mistakes that get the work done faster that produces better reports and information for clients The thing is if you are going the extra mile if you ve made the extra investment have better systems use better but more expensive components and FAIL to tell your clients and potential clients then that is plain crazy People crave information Correction BUYERS

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYMAKINGTHEINVISIBLEVISIBLE.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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