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  • Results Corporation | Online Marketing Mistakes
    call to action like this one To get started to request a proposal or to find out more please call us now on 01234 567890 enquire through our website or request our special buyers guide Packaged Information Offers creating valuable reports buyers guides and White Papers has long been one of the most successful ways of generating enquires in any type of marketing Newsletter Signup for some businesses an offer to send a prospect your newsletter with latest product developments hints and tips case studies articles and special offers can generate significant conversion with many website visitors Mistake 2 They have not tested or optimised Google AdWords probably the fastest most cost effective and measurable way of generating new business that has ever been available to businesses Mistake 3 They do not have an on going communications strategy for converting the leads generated from their website into new clients some online leads convert quickly however the majority are slower buyers and require a more thoughtful conversion process Mistake 4 They fail to create compelling landing pages for each product or service category that they wish to generate leads for Web users are looking for information period The site that rewards searchers with relevant and compelling information gets the most leads and sales Mistake 5 They fail to build a site that is search engine friendly This means that their site has little chance of being rewarded by search engines such as Google indexing and ranking their web pages highly in response to relevant searches Mistake 6 They fail to integrate their online and offline marketing today prospects use a combination of online and offline interactions in their buying process For example in many cases whilst buyers search online they still transact or buy offline Making an appropriate and seamless transition

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  • Best Website Page Layouts
    Great Home Page Layout This Home Page format and layout includes some really important features that will improve the performance of your website They include Conventional Top Level Navigation whatever you do don t make it hard for visitors to figure out how to get around your site and make sure that your most important content is listed You can get up to 12 navigation buttons on the top line Directional Banners these small Image Banners are great for highlighting the most important content on your site or content that is relevant to different types of visitors Remember you usually want people to find and then leave your Home Page as rapidly as possible by directing them to the information that they want right away Right Hand Side Bar Banners this is also a great place to highlight important content or your main Call to Action offers such as a Free Report or Guide Main Body Copy an often overlooked area of a Home Page This is crucial for visitors who have banner blindness they ignore the marketing hype and flashy images and just want the information The copy here too should be directional pushing visitors deeper into the site and should include your main call to actions In addition this is crucial for Search Engine Optimisation You should aim to have at least 250 words here with the three keywords that you have selected for the Home Page used at least three times Real World Example Landing Page Layout For your Landing Pages it is usually best to move to a three column format by introducing a left hand side bar for your second and third level navigation Once again this is conventional and avoids the risk of losing visitors by displaying the deeper levels of content that are

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  • Results Corporation | Advanced Google AdWords Techniques
    a special offer on TVs to people who ve visited these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network From initial testing and case studies that I have reviewed remarketing is showing some very promising results and in my view is a must test advanced Google AdWords technique 2 Image Ads It is estimated that 60 to 70 of all AdWords clicks come from the Content Network and that around 30 of AdSense Advertisers carry image ads yet only 2 to 5 of all advertisers use image ads We are seeing some really good results with Google image ads with decent levels of traffic and cost per conversion figures of 1 3rd to 1 2 the cost of text ads This means you either save 33 to 50 for the same number of leads or you get 50 to 100 more leads for the same budget If your AdWords results are flagging and you already get reasonable results from the Google Display Network image ads like the examples below from the Google website could put you right back in the game 3 Site Links Site link are interesting What are Site Links well to quote Google again Ad Sitelinks is a feature for search based ads that lets you include up to 4 additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page Sitelinks extend the value of your AdWords ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered your ad The following best practices will help maximize your chances of showing Sitelinks Your ad should have one of the top positions above the search results Your ad should have a very high Quality Score Your Sitelinks URLs must direct users to pages that are part of your main website If your ad qualifies to show Sitelinks up to four of the additional links you associate with your ad on the Ad Extensions tab may appear on your ad There is good evidence coming through that Site Links are working very well in some cases However I d be very cautious about adding Site Links to an ad that is directing traffic to a very high performing landing page or opt in page Why send traffic to a less successful page On the other hand listing various product or service options at a deeper level could really help you drive more traffic to the most relevant pages on your site As with all techniques the proof is in the eating or testing in this case 4 Google Display Network GDN Optimised Campaigns This is where you break up an existing campaign running on both the search and display networks and run separate campaigns tailored to each network This allows you to take a more strategic approach to theming the AdGroups leading to more relevant placements of ads and hopefully a higher CTR Tip When you copy the campaign so it can be split I prefer to leave the existing

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYADVANCEDGOOGLEADWORDSTECHNIQUES.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Google Image Ads
    advertising the field is wide open With Image Ads the Field is Wide Open It is estimated that 60 to 70 of all AdWords clicks come from the Content Network and that around 30 of AdSense Advertisers carry Image Ads yet only 2 to 5 of all advertisers use Image Ads Google Image Ads are graphic based ads similar to the Banner Ads of old like these examples from Google s website These Image Ads appear on selected websites within the Google Content Network Google say that Image ads combine two powerful features graphics and proven AdWords targeting technology And they go on to explain that Unlike traditional online graphical ads image ads can be matched to a page s content This targeting makes image ads more attractive and relevant to anyone browsing the site Therefore image ads offer you yet another effective way to increase your business exposure and reach new prospects And our testing results conducted over the last 6 months back this up 50 to 100 More Leads In fact results show that when applied Image Ads are generating conversions at around 1 2 to 2 3rds the cost of a text ad conversion which gives the advertiser a significant advantage This means you either save 33 to 50 for the same number of leads or you get 50 to 100 more leads for the same budget Perry Marshall Google AdWords guru and author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords has this to say about Google Image Ads on the Google Content Network The other revolution that s happening is Image Ads I m going to guess that only 3 of Google advertisers are even using them at all It s an elite group and they get a hugely disproportionate share of the traffic Really great

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYGOOGLEIMAGEADS.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Email Marketing
    But those who do are reaping outstanding results It is like having your own TV channel you play good programmes quality articles and newsletters and you can then play your Ads sales emails Best of all you can send emails for about 2 of the cost of conventional direct mail and an even smaller of the cost of telemarketing Here are a few essential tips to successful email marketing 1 Your List begin collecting email addresses from all of your prospects and clients and adding them to your database 2 Your Website create an attractive offer on your website to encourage visitors to give you their email address in return for a valuable report or guide 3 Newsletter Signup create a compelling Newsletter Signup page on your website to further build your list 4 Choose an Email Broadcast supplier do NOT send emails through your normal email account as you could quickly become black listed by ISP s Internet Service Providers compromising your everyday email account With a professional ideally UK based supplier you get high delivery rates an easy to use interface and valuable reports on links clicked emails opened and much more 5 Create Quality Content do not make the fatal error of focusing the content on yourself your business and your news Instead focus on the customer s needs offer solutions to their problems ideas valuable information how to s inspirational case studies and success stories 6 High Frequency you want to build a stronger relationship with prospects and clients and one of the most effective ways to do this is to send valuable to them high quality content on a frequent basis Some of the most successful email marketers send 50 to 200 emails a year Many of our clients are sending 10 to 50 a

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYEMAILMARKETING.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Facebook Advertising
    how to use Social Media You will get far better results right now spending your time and money on developing and refining your Pay Per Click Website and Email Broadcasting strategy proven winners However there is one aspect of Social Media that is working right now for some businesses and may just be the next big thing Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising For the right products and services generally consumer oriented Facebook PPC is creating leads at significantly less than the equivalent on Google and it enables you to reach a whole new audience if you are maxing out on Google AdWords In addition it may enable your PPC to return to profitability if in your niche Google costs have become too high to enable you to make profit Google Costs are Soaring A few weeks ago the BBC reported that Google s latest quarterly results have beaten market expectations after it posted a 32 rise in profits The internet giant made a net profit of 2 17bn 1 4bn in the three months to 30 September up from 1 6bn for the same period a year earlier Google said 16 more computer users clicked on advertisements on its website during the past three months than they did a year earlier and that it was charging companies more to list their adverts Facebook Advertising The Next Big Thing According to AdWords guru Perry Marshall After 2 years of Social Media Hype and most people just spinning their wheels and wasting time Facebook Pay Per Click is right at the tipping point of explosive profitable growth for everyone right now And our tests with Facebook over the course of this year confirm that For the right product or service usually consumer related Facebook Advertising today is like Google AdWords was five

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYFACEBOOKADVERTISING.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Social Media and Your Business
    get your name out there gang were back in business It has everything they ve always loved about the advertising business It s new exciting a buzz mysterious the future in short it became a must have for every self respecting marketing budget holder Direct marketers like us watched we listened we read up we tested we listened some more And we re still listening We re listening for the shout of Eureka waiting for someone to strike gold and show us how you reliably and consistently turn the time and money invested in Social Media into real sales and profits And there have been some solid finds Facebook Pay Per Click is working brilliantly for some businesses But as good as it is it is a Social Media parasite feeding on the beast itself it is not the actual act of Social Media delivering the goods We acknowledge and appreciate the link building advantages that a Social Media strategy can bring to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts but once again it s a parasite it s a good supporter of another strategy not Social Media itself delivering the goods We hear about how big corporates like Dell engage with their customers online and through Social Media with excellent results but we don t learn anything at all relevant for our SME businesses and clients We even have some clients with thousands and tens of thousands of followers and likes who still can t show a penny of revenue from Social Media And to be brutally honest we start to feel a bit silly After all we re the self proclaimed gurus we re the go to guys on marketing why aren t we shouting from the rooftops about Social Media and how it s the next big thing But in our saner moments we take comfort from the fact that we re evidence based results driven marketers We base our decisions and recommendations on solid proven reliable evidence of success And as time goes by we develop a growing sense of awareness that it is not just us who have failed to see any breakthrough value in Social Media There s a quiet but growing sense of Social Media scepticism developing Maybe we re seeing a Social Media Spring But we stay open minded We remain open to testing new and interesting innovations We believe that it is highly likely that one of us will figure out a way to make Social Media really deliver Summing it all up we believe that today there are a handful of Social Media strategies that make sense Here is our summary Social Media Strategy 1 do nothing yet Put your mind at ease you are not missing the gold rush you are not losing early mover advantage Keep working on the things that work your Google AdWords your Website your Direct Mail campaigns Email Broadcasting Social Media Strategy 2 start to test the medium Listen to the gurus start to run some

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYSOCIALMEDIAANDYOURBUSINESS.asp?S=3 (2016-02-16)
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  • Winning Sales in a Tough Market | Results Corporation
    an exciting new niche in the furniture removals business market Here s the interesting bit In researching the market they approached every single one of the storage facility companies in their town asking whom they d recommend as a removalist And every single one told them that there is not one company reputable enough to be recommended They d just discovered a huge cavernous gap in the market Lesson 1 Probe for a weakness in the market and tailor your product or service to fill it Lesson 2 If the market has a tired old way of doing what they do find a different way that focuses on serving the customer not the industry They discovered the local furniture removals industry seemed to only hire tattoo adorned sweat laden workers with experience in removals Frankly not the sort of people a lady alone at home might feel comfortable with So Adam and Karlee decided to hire their removalists without this industry experience They looked for applicants they d feel comfortable having in their home even when they re not there Family men usually Karlee said she could pick them in seconds Something she was sure every other women would be feeling too Big difference Lesson 3 Find the stumbling blocks that the industry puts in the way and knock them down This is where Adam became really fired up as he explained Take the insurance policies on removals What does the industry do They give you a long document with heaps of fine print and loads of exclusions and you have to wear a 500 excess if you claim on their damage Our insurance policy is simple If we break it or damage it we ll replace it No argument It s not the client s problem Damaging their furniture

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYWINNINGINTOUGHCONDITIONS.asp?S=4 (2016-02-16)
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