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  • Results Corporation | Marketing Help Online Demo
    hints and tips on how to get better results from your Marketing and your Business Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click Advertising Writing Quotes Proposals Thanking Your Clients Using Graphics and Images Reasons Why People Buy Results Corporation Registered Address

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  • Free Marketing Analysis from Results Corporation | Free Marketing MOT
    today You re invited to apply for a Marketing MOT valued at 275 00 but free when you respond to this invitation Simply send us an email now with your contact details and an overview of your business and we ll get straight back to you Of course if you like what you hear during the MOT and you re excited at the prospect of growing your sales and profits then we ll let you know how we could work together to help you get better results profitably The Marketing MOT is designed to Identify your best opportunities to achieve your objectives the opportunities sitting in your business right now Give you low cost or no cost hands on practical ideas you ll be able to implement in your business immediately ideas that are the best and most appropriate for your business Identify opportunities to cut wasted money and to invest it in profitable marketing which gives you a proven return and a path to higher profits To apply or to get more information simply send us an email now with your contact details and your answers to those 5 questions Imagine spending an hour or more with a highly skilled and experienced business growth expert putting your business under the microscope to identify your best opportunities for growth Here is a range of typical comments we hear when business owners spend an hour or so on the telephone going through our powerful Marketing MOT The best hour I ve spent on my business all year So many opportunities sitting right under our nose I never looked at my business that way before Now I can see where we have been going wrong I always thought this business could make more profit now I can see how We ve been

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  • Sign Up To Our Seminars | Results Corporation
    all over the world It is sound methodical scientific and simple to implement Next seminar Location TBA Date October 2012 Time 9 00am for 9 30am start finish at 1 30pm Price Just 79 plus VAT when you book and pay at least 7 days in advance normally 149 plus VAT Places are limited so the sooner you confirm your attendance the better And when you confirm now you get the early booking price of just 79 plus VAT a saving of 70 To find out more or to reserve a place on one of the seminars phone us on 01933 373 000 or simply email us here Perfectly Pitched whatever your level of expertise with clear and logical steps to follow for those needing to structure their sales and marketing function We consider ourselves to be focussed and knowledgeable about marketing However Haydn Rowe provoked thought and suggested ways that opened my eyes to new opportunities Richard Watters A Quick Sale Limited I have to say that was one of the best presentations we have ever had this is not just my view but that of our regular attendees as well and I spoke to all of them There was some really interesting stuff there that any size of business can put to good use Gavin Elliot Institute of Directors Sussex I have been working for years with one of the of the most powerful and yet tough to pull off concepts the development of a Unique Selling Proposition USP Haydn Rowe presented a process that enabled me to not only create my USP but to test it against criteria that makes it both powerful and lasting I really enjoyed the presentation and took lots of notes Michael Basch Co founder Federal Express Thank you for talking to Vistage

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  • Marketing Machine Part 2
    on how to get better results from your Marketing and your Business Creating a Marketing Machine Part 2 In the second installment from this live seminar Haydn Rowe looks at how to use the Marketing Machine to identify opportunities for making more money and explains the The 5 No s Principle the first in a series of techniques you can use to get better results from your Marketing Machine Click

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  • Results Corporation | Creating Brochures
    Cover Again most manufacturer brochures have no benefit oriented headline on the cover Just a logo photo of the product and maybe a big model number Elizabeth s brochure has a terrific benefit oriented headline that targets the farmer s concerns superbly Watch your returns grow instead of your weeds The Format The format of this brochure a mini catalogue in fact is very clever It s a standard A4 with a fold out panel see below As well as allowing more content the fact that it opens out gives it more impact more presentation value The products are very clearly laid out with strong sub headings with photos of each product in use and with clear explanations of their specific applications Benefit Oriented Facts Let s face it farmers are no nonsense people They want facts but they also want reasons why This brochure delivers both Here are some examples of the way the facts are delivered Graphic The graphic below demonstrates the performance attributes of the product a system for covered spraying demonstrating that it is far more efficient than conventional uncovered methods A critical factor to cost conscious farmers Copy The wording to this brochure is excellent Tightly written succinct to the point and yet me to you engaging and rich in benefits Some examples Why covered CDA spraying saves you money Research has shown that conventional spraying may lead to one third of spray being lost as drift or evaporation another third hits the ground and is completely wasted and just maybe one third hits the target weeds Now compare what happens using Enviromist Yet another advantage is that chemical uptake by the target weeds is enhanced by Rain fastness is improved by up to three hours specifically designed for use in and around trees vines and other plantings OK chances are you re not a farmer These benefits may not excite you But what should excite you is how this technical brochure brings these products to life and how each and every paragraph is filled with benefits that will save the prospect money time wastage and so on And really that s what I m getting at here Your product or service will have compelling benefits that save time money give greater security make people feel better or whatever it is Your copy needs to dramatise not dry features but the benefits with specifics so your market gets it As I m writing this I had a call from a client in consulting In answer to one of his questions about how to market his services I applied this same thought process to his product In other words my advice to him was not to simply say he does consulting but to dimensionalise it What outcomes does he produce for his clients What specific problems does he focus on What case studies does he have What sort of clients does he help specifically You see asking these digging questions uncovers the heartbeat of what you

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  • Ads Don't Have to be Bland | Results Corporation
    a small suburban chiropractor Just why we were able to justify an expensive full page ad to this health professional and to create an offer to give away the first assessment revolved around his acquisition allowable Just as a refresher your acquisition allowable is that amount you re prepared to invest to get a new client or customer which is based on the lifetime value of that client In the case of our chiropractor we uncovered that over their lifetime as a client a new patient would invest around 800 with him On that basis he was delighted to agree to give away the first visit It would cost him just his time Say 15 for his 20 minutes or so with the prospect but even then it s a soft dollar We put it to him this way If 10 people come off the ad which would cost him around 800 to place in the local paper and he retained 4 of them those four new patients would ultimately invest 4 x 800 with him So for a cost of 800 plus nominally 150 of his time he d generate 3 200 back He was very excited about that However we didn t want this to be just an average response We wanted the ad to pull a lot more than 10 prospects We did the following Gave the ad excitement information and news value It is advertorial in style and broken up into mini articles within the full page to facilitate scanning and quick reading of specific topics We created the concept of a Centre of Knowledge producing a series of informative audio tapes on chiropractics that would be lent out free from their library This was easy It was just a matter of sitting with our health professional and interviewing him Then editing it down into segments Packaged information is a very powerful and totally under utilised tool in marketing And so easy to do Personalised the ad by featuring his team with their qualifications to reinforce the credibility of the practice while projecting its warm friendly atmosphere Explained the step by step process of what happens when you visit the chiropractor Fact The fear of the unknown holds many a potential client back from making the first tentative enquiry If you can overcome that and provide reassurance as to your process you multiply your results Created a voucher valued at 24 for a free first visit Now this chiropractor isn t the first practitioner to offer a free first visit But most mis execute the strategy by failing to say why they are giving this away Or indeed putting a value on it and dimensionalising it The reason why is critical if you want your offers to work What was the response to this ad Again this full page copy intensive ad was somewhat revolutionary for a conservative chiropractic practice A radical departure from the little boxes all the same that appear in local publications with

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYBLANDADS.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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  • Creating a Referral System | Results Corporation
    that dramatises this important point Many years back our team in Australia helped create a referral system for a client in the suspension and wheel alignment business The system they d designed for them had all the essential success ingredients and the referral device looked great so we featured it as an example in the marketing newsletter we published at the time To our dismay after the article was published our client reported back to us their disappointment that our superbly designed system just wasn t producing referrals However here s the twist In the meantime another client of ours also in the suspension and wheel alignment business read that newsletter article got excited and carbon copied the one we d designed for his own business He didn t know the system didn t work Amazingly he reported back that his referral system was working beyond his wildest expectations He d told us he had to put on more people to cope and ultimately had to expand the size of his premises Explosive growth he put down to none other than the referral system As we discovered later the first business simply didn t have a service ethic that wowed people Our second client Maure and his team worked hard to wow customers consistently They understood that people put their trust and their lives in the cars the team repairs and services In every way their service attitude was one of caring and safety You only had to read through their Visitors Book to know that their customers appreciate what Maure and his team did for them Above is Maure Kramer s version of a simple referral card that didn t work for another business in the same industry For Maure this device created a flood of referrals to the

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/ACADEMYREFSYSTEM.asp?S=2 (2016-02-16)
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  • Boost Your Qualified Leads | Results Corporation
    Key Questions Checklist This was designed with three columns of boxes to check off the answers so that the prospective resident and their relatives could do an audit as they went around the various competitor retirement villages An incredibly powerful tool This was no ordinary 20 page booklet This was Packaged Information at its best It was so useful it would be kept used and referred to well into the future But as well because it was totally unbiased and packed with solid vital answers it did something far more Positioning yourself as the authority This piece of collateral positioned this retirement village as the authority While all the competitors were saying Come and see our nice facilities this group were on the unassailable high moral ground They were now on the same side of the table as the prospect Don t miss the power of that Packaged Information correctly done and positioned has the power to put you on the map as never before The selection of media to promote this information We decided the prime medium was still going to be a press advertisement placed in the same retirement supplement as the previous poorly performing ads that was distributed monthly with a Sunday paper The new ad was the same size but totally different from the lifestyle photographic ones surrounding it The new ad was an advertorial that is it loosely emulated the typeface and look of the surrounding editorial but with Advertisement at the top As much like the look and feel of the editorial as the paper would allow us to do Here s the ad As you can see there were no pictures of happy smiling people or the village s bowling greens swimming pool or other facilities Apart from a photo of the Sales Director smiling in a welcoming way at the reader at the top of the ad it was copy intensive The copy in the ad didn t even talk about the retirement village itself Instead the entire focus in the ad was to sell the free booklet Or rather to sell a prospect on having enough trust to give up their name and address to receive the free booklet The ad headline has an extremely strong Point of You with the word you or your featuring four times in the headline and sub head The ad copy builds the immense value of having this informative booklet to make informed decisions and dramatises its content So we had the ad set and ready to go There was one more absolutely key element in this campaign Preparing the team in strategies to optimise the leads Before the ad appeared we ran a training session along with the Sales Director and the entire team at the group s headquarters in sales skills telephone handling skills and the process of the follow up exactly what would be required to maximise the leads generated during the campaign How did the Packaged Information strategy work First time

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