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  • Results Corporation | Creating Your Website
    latest product developments hints and tips case studies articles and special offers can generate significant conversion with many of your website visitors 3 Designing The Structure of Your Website The next step is to design or sketch out the structure of your website This should not be confused with graphic design of your website which is sometimes referred to as the look and feel of your website this is one of the last things to look at Designing the structure of your website involves mapping out the pages that you will have on your site and the order in which they will appear Standard Pages Almost all websites include a Home Page so this is a good place to start your list To this you will usually add Contact Us and that s about it as far as standard pages The next section is where the real work happens Landing Pages The most important elements of your website structure are likely to be your landing pages You should have a separate landing page for each product or service that you wish to promote This will ensure that your page is relevant to searchers which minimises bounces and maximises conversion rates and will also play a key role in search engine optimisation Landing pages should be product or service specific so for example a supplier of bikes and cycling products may include the following Mountain Bikes Road Bikes Comfort Leisure Bikes Kids Bikes Racing Bikes BMX Bikes Custom Bikes Folding Bikes Commuting Bikes Sports Utility Bikes Jump Trial Bikes Touring Trekking Bikes Cyclocross Bikes Cycling Accessories Lights Helmets Body Armour Cycling Clothing Cycling Glasses In essence you will want to include any and every product or service that you want to promote While this may seem daunting at first especially when you consider how much copy and content will need to be created the good news is that you don t have to do it all at once Call to Action Pages While every page should have a strong call to action in the copy and in on page banners you will also need to consider including specific call to action pages Call to action elements are the key difference between a brochure site and creating a lean and mean website designed to create sales leads win orders and grow your prospect database Your call to action pages could include Contact Us Free Reports Free Newsletter White Papers or Buyers Guides Order Online Shopping Cart Your account Credibility Pages Credibility pages are required to enable often cynical cautious and careful prospects to check you out online Credibility pages include About Us History Case Studies Testimonials Authority Pages Authority pages are often used by search engines to evaluate how authentic your website is its authority The absence of these pages may result in lower positions on search engines These pages are also sought by some website users when they are assessing the integrity of your company They include About Us Site Map

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  • Creating Effective Online Strategies | Results Corporation
    Call Us Now on 1234 567890 Lines Open 24 Hours or a link to download a White Paper or packaged information Packaged Information Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have created a vast pool of prospects who expect to find information If you offer the information that prospects are looking for you will get the conversion Interestingly we ve had web developers who ve fought us tooth and nail to keep the site simple and with not too many words yet when we ve got them to agree to a small test panel offering detailed information such as a buyers guide white paper or special report it has produced the vast majority of the clicks on the site Don t be swayed Information is vital Newsletter Signup An offer of a newsletter with latest product developments hints and tips case studies articles and special offers can generate significant conversion of website visitors Website visitors who are not yet ready to buy from you are often willing to give you their email address and contact details Autoresponders It often takes between 5 and 8 contacts before a prospect is willing to say yes to your offer This can be as significant as placing an order or as subtle as moving to the next step in your sales funnel such as agreeing to request your more information package phoning you or requesting an appointment An autoresponder is an automatic email sent in response to an action taken on your website usually involving the prospect opting in to an offer such as a mini course email newsletter or packaged information An autoresponse constant contact campaign of well written and appropriately spaced email communications increases top of mind awareness educates the prospect creates a level of trust and relationship and significantly increases your chances of getting the order Search Engine Optimisation Most traffic for a website is generated by search engines such as Google and Yahoo It is therefore critical your website is search engine friendly When the search engines visit your website to view what is on each page the text they see must be written in such a way that the search engine can understand exactly what each page is about so it can offer your page as a relevant match to a searcher This means tightly written clean code the HTML code which sits behind your website and is responsible for everything you see on a computer screen It also means having relevant authoritative websites linking to your website to increase your search engine ranking Your search engine marketing expert should be very familiar with this Pay Per Click Advertising If your goal is to quickly increase traffic then Pay Per Click advertising using programs such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search will play an important role in your online marketing strategy and the development of your website Not only will this increase traffic the statistics generated will give you immensely valuable information about search engine marketing which can

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  • The 5 No's | Results Corporation
    other words it takes five contacts However on the other side of that coin of those salespeople asking for an order 44 give up after one no 22 give up after two no s 14 give up after three no s 12 give up after four no s Which means the 8 of sales people who don t give up after four no responses are getting 60 of the sales Very sobering indeed And when you consider that face to face is the most efficient form of selling you can appreciate that selling by remote control off the page or via the Internet is a great deal harder again In fact evidence from our clients shows that eight steps or more are often required when combining off the page mediums such as direct mail and email with telephone and face to face And more recently some of the worlds best online only marketers are reporting great results from 20 50 step sales processes So no matter what your sales process be prepared to develop and systemise multi step strategies Or be prepared to have someone else take the sales you should have earned Can you communicate with your customers TOO often Most people would give a resounding yes to that To be honest we too are very protective of the frequency of mailings we do to our clients It s interesting to note that one of America s most successful stationary mail order companies used to mail its customers 50 times a year The guiding rule must be only mail someone when you genuinely believe you re offering something they ll appreciate receiving It s relevance that matters more than frequency If you would like to find out how Results Corporation can help you get more quality sales you can

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  • Results Corporation | Writing Quotes & Proposals
    and so the list goes As a client I suspect you d agree that any one of these benefits could be worth many times the 677 in his more expensive quote But it begs the question Why hasn t he communicated these things Truth be told he s now working with our team at Results to achieve exactly that I am convinced that with more effective communication he could easily increase his current 20 conversion rate of enquiries to sales to 40 or more And he d be doing LESS quotes too because in communicating what his company stands for some enquirers will deselect themselves before he wastes hours every month doing quotes for people he doesn t want to work with Many companies fall into a big trap here They calculate the profit on the jobs they get But don t really factor in the cost of the quotes they sweated over producing but didn t get In the case of PPS Print at 20 conversion the 8 out of 10 jobs they re NOT getting could be costing them as much 2 800 by the time you take into account the costs of marketing sales meetings travel preparing quotes and following up This cost has to be offset against the two jobs they do get Which is why most companies lose money on the first sale and often don t even realise it Just briefly in summary let s explore the potential that Marcus has for communicating his special added value which should be explained in his quotes and proposals You ll remember that I mentioned that Marcus runs a mental checklist through his mind of quality checks and items when he s assessing a client s job Here s the catch HE knows what in his mind and the value of that information but the client has little perception of those vital elements Imagine though if he had a hard copy checklist that he went through with the client outlining his 25 or 30 key production design and strategy considerations Reps from other companies who come in and quote merely on the cost of paper and ink and print run time will be exposed as lightweight in comparison when compared with the creativity professionalism and thoroughness displayed by PPS Print And how about this When he makes an appointment to visit a prospect what if he sends them a copy of his checklist IN ADVANCE so they can start thinking about some of the key issues they ll be covering Suddenly he goes from a cap in hand salesperson to a high level consultative expert in his field Then there s the mindset Marcus is wisely pretty discriminating as to whom he goes out to visit In contrast the average cap in hand salesperson runs out to see just anyone who enquires And not surprisingly they get treated like a doormat Marcus has a powerful opportunity to position himself and his company here on the phone BEFORE

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  • Avoiding Discounts | Results Corporation
    The implications are mind numbing Just to maintain today s profitability you and your people have to work 50 harder you may need to drastically increase stock levels your machinery and equipment have to handle 50 more output and that s before you consider the potential negative hit on your cashflow And you make no more profit In fact if you only achieve a 20 30 or 40 increase in sales you make less money What about putting your prices up Crazy you think especially now You can hear your sales people proteting already you ll lose customers you ll go out of business and your competitors will have a field day But consider this Again based on a 30 gross proft margin if you put your prices up by 10 you would have to do 20 less business before it affected your net profit In other words 20 of your clients could leave or your revenue could drop by 20 and you d actually be better off You d be doing less work and making more money And you have to ask what are the chances that 20 of your clients would leave if you are doing a great job and providing excellent value The reality is that when we first work with new clients we discover that many undercharge And when they muster up enough courage o increase prices most discover that they keep their clients and continue to win more new clients because they give great service excellent value and go that extra mile While for some businesses a price cut can result in enough new sales to increase profit the truth is that for most businesses a price cut is a recipe for disaster These tables will help you make much smarter decisions and resist the

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  • Packaged Information | Results Corporation
    Conversations You get the relationship with a prospective customer off to a better start far better to offer something of value to a prospect than just promote the service Rather than the conversation beginning How much is which puts you on the back foot the first interaction with the prospective client is much more positive productive and results in better conversions 3 Great Positioning As the publisher of the guide report or white paper you get the kudos of being the authority on the topic this gives you a position as an expert consultant rather than just a supplier of the product or service 4 You Set the Buying Agenda By outlining what buyers should look for what they should avoid and giving them a way to evaluate different options you can help buyers compare correctly A comparison that will help your business your product or your service come through with flying colours in appropriate situations The purpose of the guides will be to help the buyer make an intelligent decision therefore making them more likely to choose you when your product or service is the most appropriate 5 You Build an Excellent Prospect Database How much easier would it be if only you knew who was about to buy your product or service Well with Packaged Information you can Prospects who request your buyers guide or white paper are indicating by their action that they are open to buy They may be at the early stage of the buying process but this gives you the perfect database for your marketing campaigns 6 High Quality Clients Finally it caters for slow buyers who form the majority Slow buyers are careful cautious and cynical They will buy but in their own time and only once they have gathered the information they need assessed you and what you offer evaluated their options and come to a sensible decision These slow buyers often make great clients who are very loyal and refer others who respect their opinions to you Each guide will go into detail on its subject educating and inspiring the prospective customer by giving enough information to help them understand how to solve their problems and achieve their objectives At the same time the guide will make it clear that working with your company is probably the fastest most effective way to get the outcome that they are looking for Packaged Information guides can be advertised and promoted in several ways 1 Advertising guides are advertised through Ads in appropriate magazines and journals 2 Website through a small Ad on the homepage and relevant landing pages By clicking on the Ad a site visitor will go to a sell page for more information on the guides and will then click to order the guides For a very successful example see this Occupational Health Software website 3 Online through search engine marketing with programmes such as Google AdWords 4 Direct Mail by sending a letter promoting the availability of the guides to

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  • Results Corporation | How to Create a Highly Profitable Website
    the website you need This free website report includes A powerful planning process for creating a highly profitable website for your business The crucial essential steps that most web developers skip The reasons why most websites fail to deliver the results you need How to define your website type and why this is important How to design the ideal structure for your website How to create the ideal content for your website that attracts keeps and converts visitors Web site conversion is key to success Ways to create streams of quality traffic or visitors to your website Why most businesses have websites with lots of visitors yet get very few leads and what to do about it The focus is on search engine strategies How to turn your website into a money making machine And much more A website is a big investment But the cost of getting it wrong makes the money you invest in your website pale into insignificance Get it right with the use of effective search engine strategies and you ll enjoy a highly profitable and reliable stream of new clients get it wrong and you ll pay a heavy price as your competitors take opportunities

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  • Results Corporation | Recession Proof Stratergies
    thing standing between you and a nervous bank with the deeds to your house And if you have shareholders they re going to want to see immediate action to protect their interests We ve put together a special report 10 Low Cost or No Cost Strategies That Will Recession Proof Your Business and how they ll deliver you a huge profit windfall while competitors batten down Sign up today and

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