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  • Marketing Machine: Making Your Marketing Work
    page of notes on how to create marketing with the best chance of working out of the box and a long list of things to fix with your existing marketing Step 3 Test Measure and Refine Once you implement you begin a continuous process of testing measuring and refining searching for the best headline the best subject line the best length of copy long vs short the most effective call to action and more But what should you measure How do you define failure and success Some common measurements are simply vanity or worse they are devious ways to make failing marketing and advertising look good We give you the essential measurement criteria that you must use to assess the true performance of your marketing Step 4 Systemise Rinse and Repeat Once the profitable winners are clear they become your control you then simply repeat repeat and repeat until they stop working or you are able to identify a more effective and more profitable strategy to replace your control That makes sense on paper yet one of the biggest marketing mistakes is cutting marketing that works because you are bored with it because you need something fresh and new or because you have a better idea Wrong wrong wrong Maybe you re already saying too busy I can t get time away from the business But this seminar is genuinely vital in today s business climate You ll leave with pages of notes and ideas on exactly what to do to get more leads higher response rates better conversion rates and make more from your marketing Please don t be too busy to come to this seminar You owe it to yourself and your business to get the information and answers you need to make your marketing work With such a great opportunity to learn how to boost your sales revenue and profits you simply can t afford to be too busy What you learn and subsequently apply to your marketing and your business could transform the performance and prospects for your business for years to come To book your place please call us now on 01933 373000 or email us at enquiries resultscorporation co uk with your contact details and best phone number to get you on and we will call you back Results Corporation s approach is not hype or gloss our knowledge and experience is gained from working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses all over the UK Our approach is sound methodical scientific and simple to implement The seminar will give you the answers you need to 1 Make your marketing work like never before 2 Implement new low cost ways to generate leads 3 Identify and cut wasted marketing expenditure 4 Win with online marketing 5 Convert more business at better prices 6 Make much better decisions about where and how you invest your marketing money and effort 7 Grow your business when others are falling back 8 Create a highly efficient and

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  • Results Based Marketing | Results Corporation
    Have a look at these small teaser ads I ve changed the company name for obvious reasons Now I suspect that if you saw these ads in the media you might give a chuckle You wouldn t laugh though if it were you paying that clever copywriter to indulge themselves in showing off their prowess at playing with words Clever ads rarely work Can you imagine anyone going into their local supplier of course the ads don t tell you where to go you d have to guess and asking for this product as a result of these ads In fact when you consider it the market they re probably intended to appeal to would tend to be offended by these ads They may actually lose sales for the company Well you be the judge Now if you thought these were good ads I can understand why You see we ve been brainwashed by the arty creative types in the ad agency world that this is what advertising should be Again I make the qualification that on rare occasions you ll get a clever TV commercial or magazine ad that absolutely rips up the record books on producing sales But they tend to be the result of research and not some misguided copywriter s fantasy of what they think works What if your business rested on your choice out of these two ads I ve had a lot of fun with the following two ads over the years at my seminars I put these two ads up on the screen and ask the audience of business owners to pick the one they believe will be the winner in the sales generating stakes Before you read on pick your winner No cheating These ads are reproduced from John Caples classic Tested Advertising Methods He explains that these two ads were split run tested That means they ran in the same paper on the same page on the same day How There are multiple print presses used in printing up a newspaper so printing press A can have ad A and press B can have ad B then when they re shuffled as they come out of the other end to be bundled up and sent off for distribution they offer the perfect split run test So which one did you chose as the winning ad If you chose Popular Secretary Caught Red Handed you ve got a lot of company Consistently over 90 of my seminar attendees vote for this ad But if you thought you d picked the winning ad you would be seriously disappointed Hundreds Changing to Fragrant Frostilla outpulled it by 89 People ask me why did this ad pull better The real answer is Who cares it did Seriously though it is a powerful lesson in effective marketing It tells you that the ad you may like or even love may well be costing you dearly in lost sales You owe it to yourself to test your

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  • Results Corporation | Creating Your Website
    visitors 3 Designing The Structure of Your Website The next step is to design or sketch out the structure of your website This should not be confused with graphic design of your website which is sometimes referred to as the look and feel of your website this is one of the last things to look at Designing the structure of your website involves mapping out the pages that you will have on your site and the order in which they will appear Standard Pages Almost all websites include a Home Page so this is a good place to start your list To this you will usually add Contact Us and that s about it as far as standard pages The next section is where the real work happens Landing Pages The most important elements of your website structure are likely to be your landing pages You should have a separate landing page for each product or service that you wish to promote This will ensure that your page is relevant to searchers which minimises bounces and maximises conversion rates and will also play a key role in search engine optimisation Landing pages should be product or service specific so for example a supplier of bikes and cycling products may include the following Mountain Bikes Road Bikes Comfort Leisure Bikes Kids Bikes Racing Bikes BMX Bikes Custom Bikes Folding Bikes Commuting Bikes Sports Utility Bikes Jump Trial Bikes Touring Trekking Bikes Cyclocross Bikes Cycling Accessories Lights Helmets Body Armour Cycling Clothing Cycling Glasses In essence you will want to include any and every product or service that you want to promote While this may seem daunting at first especially when you consider how much copy and content will need to be created the good news is that you don t have to do it all at once Call to Action Pages While every page should have a strong call to action in the copy and in on page banners you will also need to consider including specific call to action pages Call to action elements are the key difference between a brochure site and creating a lean and mean website designed to create sales leads win orders and grow your prospect database Your call to action pages could include Contact Us Free Reports Free Newsletter White Papers or Buyers Guides Order Online Shopping Cart Your account Credibility Pages Credibility pages are required to enable often cynical cautious and careful prospects to check you out online Credibility pages include About Us History Case Studies Testimonials Authority Pages Authority pages are often used by search engines to evaluate how authentic your website is its authority The absence of these pages may result in lower positions on search engines These pages are also sought by some website users when they are assessing the integrity of your company They include About Us Site Map Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us specific details such as a phone number included within the copy enhances authority Squeeze Pages

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  • Results Corporation | Writing Sales Letters
    tips on how to get better results from your Marketing and your Business Writing Sales Letters content required Browse by Topic Marketing Foundations Online Marketing Converting Prospects Increasing Average Transaction Value Increase Purchase Frequency Results Based Marketing Creating Your Website Writing Sales Letters Avoiding Discounting Marketing to Clients Copy Writing Formula Pay Per Click Advertising Writing Quotes Proposals Thanking Your Clients Using Graphics and Images Reasons Why People Buy Results

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  • Avoiding Discounts | Results Corporation
    Just to maintain today s profitability you and your people have to work 50 harder you may need to drastically increase stock levels your machinery and equipment have to handle 50 more output and that s before you consider the potential negative hit on your cashflow And you make no more profit In fact if you only achieve a 20 30 or 40 increase in sales you make less money What about putting your prices up Crazy you think especially now You can hear your sales people proteting already you ll lose customers you ll go out of business and your competitors will have a field day But consider this Again based on a 30 gross proft margin if you put your prices up by 10 you would have to do 20 less business before it affected your net profit In other words 20 of your clients could leave or your revenue could drop by 20 and you d actually be better off You d be doing less work and making more money And you have to ask what are the chances that 20 of your clients would leave if you are doing a great job and providing excellent value The reality is that when we first work with new clients we discover that many undercharge And when they muster up enough courage o increase prices most discover that they keep their clients and continue to win more new clients because they give great service excellent value and go that extra mile While for some businesses a price cut can result in enough new sales to increase profit the truth is that for most businesses a price cut is a recipe for disaster These tables will help you make much smarter decisions and resist the temptation to make seemingly minor

    Original URL path: http://www.resultscorporation.co.uk/AcademyAvDiscounts.asp (2016-02-16)
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  • Results Corporation | Marketing to Clients
    ever asked us about our needs for the second piece of equipment we d just bought At first I was going to phone them and say Hey we ve been approached by such and such Do you want to come and show us your product too But then I thought why should I bother Now OK this is so basic Surely no one these days misses the opportunity to explore the full needs of their clients do they Or do they The key to unlocking fast new sales and profits If you have clients using your products or services how comprehensively and systematically do you follow through on introducing them to the other things you do Partners in accounting firms and in insurance broking firms are often guilty of this Perhaps it s because their view that this cross referral process to other services is somehow unprofessional or counter to their ethics Or perhaps and more likely it s just not in their corporate culture to ask The fact is as much as they may assume otherwise their clients don t have any idea of the total range of services the firm provides From a due diligence perspective they owe it to their clients to comprehensively and systematically introduce all their services to their clients And given that they have an amazingly high level of trust from the client and a high degree of ethics they are in a perfect position to add value to their clients And in the process add handsomely to their bottom line That s the theory but it just doesn t happen There s just so much opportunity being lost Are you leaving money lying on the table Now back to your business Do you have a cross referral process to introduce other products and

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  • Copy Writing | Results Corporation
    trust and rapport with the reader Another way to look at this is to describe their headache so that you can then 4 Give Compelling Reasons to Buy or Respond Create compelling copy which offers the pill to relieve their headache tells them how your product or service can take away their frustrations solve their problems removes or minimises risk and provides them with a powerful solution The best way to create powerful reasons to buy is to make sure that your copy gives features advantages and benefits Every time you mention a feature you need to relate it back to your reader with an advantage and a benefit people buy benefits so tell them what your product and service can do for them 5 A Strong Offer Offers can increase the response rate by up to 300 and it doesn t have to be a discount High perceived value offers that are low cost to you work very well 6 A Call to Action People like to be lead so tell them what to do next and say it with meaning 7 Ad Style Think about the style of your adverts pictures are great but do they really get your message across editorial long copy style ads can increase readership by up to 500 When you use pictures always try to have a people picture using your product or experiencing your service team pictures are great at building rapport remember a simple rule of selling people buy from people Whilst we have all heard the saying a picture is better than a 1 000 words the reality is that when you measure Ad response you discover that a 1 000 words outsells a picture every time The most effective Ads use both pictures and words to their full potential

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  • Results Corporation | Pay Per Click Advertising
    campaign and Google will run them alternately every time your Keywords trigger an Ad impression in response to a user s keyword search This is the perfect split run test as you will quickly see which Ad is attracting the highest click through rate Once you have established which Ad is working best that becomes your control and then you test other variations of your Ad until you find an even better performing Ad which then becomes your control and so on Not only will this mean that over time you get more response because your click through rate will be improving your cost per click should fall significantly reducing your costs and improving your lead flow 2 Capitalise Your Ad Copy As you begin to split run test your Google Ads you will notice that often seemingly minor changes can make a significant difference to the click through rate One good example of this is the use of capitalisation of words within your Ad You can increase click through rates by capitalising the words in your headline for example Free marketing ideas would become Free Marketing Ideas by capitalising each word in the body copy of your Ad and by capitalising any keywords you may be using in the URL s on each Ad as in this example Free Marketing Ideas Proven Marketing Ideas from Top UK Experts for Small Business www MarketingIdeas org uk Just like split run testing with your offline marketing you need to remember to make one change at a time so you know which change worked and which didn t 3 State Your Benefit First Buyers do not buy features they buy benefits This truth about great selling and marketing holds true online as well You can see in the example above that the benefit Proven Marketing Ideas is on the first line of the Ad while the feature Top UK Experts is on the first and second line Stating your benefit before the feature can have a significant impact on click through rates This is another element of each Ad that you can test with split run testing 4 Keywords In Your Headline An effective headline on your Direct Mail Yellow Pages Ad Sales Letter and Brochures is proven to increase response by up to 20 times The words you choose for your headline when running Google AdWords campaigns are also critical to maximising response Your headline needs to work for two audiences first the search engine itself as headline content has a bearing on how relevant your Ad is to a search and then to the person searching who will glance at your headline as they determine which search results interest them enough to click through The worst headlines include the company name Some of the most effective include the keywords that you are targeting Just adding your key keywords to the headline can dramatically improve results Once again careful split run testing will show which headline works best for each given

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