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  • Results Corporation | Writing Quotes & Proposals
    many times the 677 in his more expensive quote But it begs the question Why hasn t he communicated these things Truth be told he s now working with our team at Results to achieve exactly that I am convinced that with more effective communication he could easily increase his current 20 conversion rate of enquiries to sales to 40 or more And he d be doing LESS quotes too because in communicating what his company stands for some enquirers will deselect themselves before he wastes hours every month doing quotes for people he doesn t want to work with Many companies fall into a big trap here They calculate the profit on the jobs they get But don t really factor in the cost of the quotes they sweated over producing but didn t get In the case of PPS Print at 20 conversion the 8 out of 10 jobs they re NOT getting could be costing them as much 2 800 by the time you take into account the costs of marketing sales meetings travel preparing quotes and following up This cost has to be offset against the two jobs they do get Which is why most companies lose money on the first sale and often don t even realise it Just briefly in summary let s explore the potential that Marcus has for communicating his special added value which should be explained in his quotes and proposals You ll remember that I mentioned that Marcus runs a mental checklist through his mind of quality checks and items when he s assessing a client s job Here s the catch HE knows what in his mind and the value of that information but the client has little perception of those vital elements Imagine though if he had a hard copy checklist that he went through with the client outlining his 25 or 30 key production design and strategy considerations Reps from other companies who come in and quote merely on the cost of paper and ink and print run time will be exposed as lightweight in comparison when compared with the creativity professionalism and thoroughness displayed by PPS Print And how about this When he makes an appointment to visit a prospect what if he sends them a copy of his checklist IN ADVANCE so they can start thinking about some of the key issues they ll be covering Suddenly he goes from a cap in hand salesperson to a high level consultative expert in his field Then there s the mindset Marcus is wisely pretty discriminating as to whom he goes out to visit In contrast the average cap in hand salesperson runs out to see just anyone who enquires And not surprisingly they get treated like a doormat Marcus has a powerful opportunity to position himself and his company here on the phone BEFORE he agrees to assess their print job It can be a simple script something like this John from what you ve told

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  • Results Corporation | Thanking Your Clients
    put down to the thank you card campaign Having been successful for 10 years Polar had fallen in to the trap of not acknowledging clients and loyalty had begun to drop off Polar do an outstanding job that wins them numerous testimonials but by not communicating with their client base on a regular basis they were not maximising their potential After working with Results Corporation Sue and Gennaro began to understand the importance of keeping in touch long term with their clients You see the most profitable and easiest clients to sell to are your current clients who you already have a relationship with In fact statistics show us that it is 5 to 7 times cheaper to sell to an existing client than it is to win over a new client The reality is your clients choose to work with you for a handful of reasons Because they have developed a relationship with you and they like you You give them what they require You remove or minimise their fears frustrations and deliver to their needs and wants You give them the deal they are looking for But that is not enough to keep them You need regular contact The biggest reason existing customers leave you for a competitor is because they perceive that you are indifferent to them and their business they don t think it matters to you where they buy from next time Table 1 Reasons why customers take their business elsewhere 1 Died 3 Move Away 5 Influenced Away 9 Better Deal 14 Unresolved Conflict 32 Leave for one of the above reasons 68 leave because of Perceived Indifference they don t think it matters to you where they buy from next time And this is where saying thank you really has its power It

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  • Using Graphics and Images | Results Corporation
    words Or the photos are smudgy and dark as if they were taken by an old box Brownie camera If you can use photos taken by a professional photographer Photos that enhance your product and demonstrate benefits to the reader Also consider using the photograph blown up far more than you normally would it sells what you re about Or try cropping it down to the very core of the subject if it dramatises your message such as the mouth close to the phone A photo of your building may be called for if it sells the fact that you re established and have everything under one roof It doesn t belong if it s an ego trip that says Hey Look I own a building Observe reader gravity Many promotional pieces are a hotchpotch of different sized type unrelated panels of information and big gaps of white space Things that make it tough for the reader to follow the message As you know they ll only give you a fleeting opportunity After that it s into the waste paper basket We were taught to read left to right top to bottom Follow that rule in your layout and you ll lift readership It doesn t mean you can t use creativity but use it wisely Avoid over use of ALL CAPS Upper case is considered an effective way to emphasise a point However it is tiring and unnatural on the eye if used in excess Likewise avoid using oversized type just to fill up the spaces Oversized type is just like shouting at your reader something you d hardly do face to face Body copy Avoid sans serif typefaces in a heavy body of copy They are harder to read than serif typefaces Type size in body copy Never smaller than 7 point Outside of headlines and subheads rarely would you go bigger than 14 point Fonts An over use of different fonts should be avoided as it destroys the cohesion of the message Also it s safer to use black ink for body copy and halftone illustrations and keep other colours for borders screens and headlines How many brochures have you seen with blue or green pictures and body copy with for example red headlines They look downright insipid An exception to that is where a stylistic effect has been achieved on an expensive coloured paper stock Study other ads and observe their balance Some ads are too balanced Their rigid symmetry makes them blend into the page or become a piece of art while other less professional ads stand out A careful use of asymmetry can catch the eye Incidentally just making a border heavier than all the surrounding ads won t guarantee readership It is the headline and illustration that earn the attention of the reader I find often that an ad that mimics the editorial without any border often gets a higher response Make your story unfold as the brochure unfolds So many promotional pieces

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  • Results Corporation | Reasons Why People Buy
    you write compelling copy you can engage thousands or tens of thousands of people in a conversation in a day And guess what Out of those thousands only those who are qualified will put their hand up and ask for your attention These are people who want to buy When you ve got people coming to you you can say goodbye to cold calling And you control the transaction Does that make sense To write compelling copy start with power words Power words give you an almost unfair advantage when you write John Caples a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame identified some fascinating power words when he studied the top 100 headlines of his time Of the 100 great headlines he analysed he discovered that certain power words appeared over and over again You or Your 45 times How 12 times New 10 times Who 8 times Money 6 times Of course this is just a small selection of power words But this tells you something Why do you think the simple word you appeared 45 times Clearly this word focuses on the reader It forces the writer to write through the eyes of the prospect It s known as the Point of You When you use the Point of You it s almost impossible to talk all about your yourself your company or your product you know the stuff We have a big factory We are proud to announce Our product is so great Write in that self focused way and your prospects will very quickly flip the page hit the delete key or toss your message in the rubbish bin Talk about them and what they want and you ll rivet their attention Can it be this simple I ve had one client who attended one of my workshops who then re wrote all his communications from a Point of You He achieved a 5 times increase in response From nothing more than that one change in focus Think about that He didn t have to spend 5 times the advertising spend He didn t have to hire more people He simply re positioned to a Point of You and achieved a 500 increase in leads What would doing that achieve for you 26 reasons why people buy I could write a whole course on copywriting techniques And in our written programmes we do exactly that We work though the powerful yet logical steps to re writing your own copy with response generating techniques so that you move people to act It s a fun process and once you get it there will be no stopping you For now though let s look at another critical element in achieving effective communication And that is why people buy The late and great Ed Mayer compiled these 26 reasons why people are motivated to buy To make money To save money To save time To avoid effort To get more comfort To achieve greater cleanliness To attain better

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  • Results Corporation | Events
    your heart out each day you can instead be using simple things proven over decades that will turn your business around in a heartbeat No one teaches SMEs these things Marketing Help Online MHO delivers them to you with easy to apply templates examples and case studies On a platter Making your behind the scenes magic story public You do amazing behind the scenes things for your clients or customers yes When you go the extra mile they re blown away aren t they But how many people in the whole marketplace KNOW what you do Imagine how people would flock to you for this wow experience if they knew Especially when businesses around you don t go that extra mile MHO shows you how to EXCITE the world to your story and have the world beat that path to your door NO more discounting profit to the bottom line Hand on heart do you ever undercharge Do you often get annoyed at your sales people or yourself for discounting to get a sale What would happen to your bottom line if you could educate your customers to your TRUE WORTH and then charge it every time Your profit increase would be huge Ten percent more margin could mean 50 more profit It s not about having to compete on price In MHO you ll uncover example after example of how businesses virtually next door to price focused competitors still charge full value And why do their sales go UP It s not magic Just good marketing communication You can start doing this now Wining ads brochures flyers direct mailings Advertising doesn t work Think again Advertising is simply a term for educating the world to WHY they should buy from you Advertising doesn t work if you get it

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 1
    discover How your Quotes and Proposals could be Killing Sales Techniques for Upgrading the Appearance of your Ads Brochures Leaflets and Mailers How to Avoid the Advertising Mistakes most Businesses Make 5 Ways to Boost Results from Google Pay Per Click Adwords Click on the Forward button on the right to email this newsletter to a colleague friend supplier or customer who will benefit from this information Enjoy reading Haydn Rowe Managing Director Winning Quotes and Proposals Which of These Two Companies Would Get YOUR Business By Chris Newton Imagine for a moment that you re from Smith Industries You have these two quotes in front of you for a print job of 55 000 new brochures for your company Which one do you call up and give your printing job to It s a critical question While you re pondering this ponder also what your OWN clients and prospects are thinking about YOUR company s communications Read more Some Simple Techniques for Upgrading the Appearance of Ads Brochures Leaflets and Mailers From the Archives Chris Billington Hughes Market testing of the factors that make an advert work consistently relegates the graphics to the bottom end of the scale Graphics aren t as critical to the response from an ad or direct mailing or promotional piece as are the targeting of the market and the offer components But it is still important to give your promotional material a professional look Not necessarily a slick or arty look unless that IS your desired image Read more Advertising Case Study Have You Fallen For This Common Advertising Trap By Elaine Wymant In this case study we discover how one Results Corporation client dramatically changed his advertising results by following a simple advertising success formula Gavin Ucko s company The Happy Puzzle Company sells educational toys and workshops to schools providing children with puzzles which help them learn through finding solutions whilst they play Gavin is a very motivated man He is very passionate about what his company does and joined the Resultsupport programme to make an already successful company even more successful Subsequently Gavin has grown his business 400 in the last 5 years here we discuss one strategy he employed to achieve this success and how he got it to work Read more 5 Easy Ways to Significantly Improve Google Pay Per Click Advertising Results By Haydn Rowe Pay Per Click advertising is a direct marketer s dream It enables you to rapidly create traffic to your Website of searchers who are looking for information about your product or service Over the last few years Pay Per Click advertising has changed the face of marketing and advertising in fact it is now overtaking some of the huge mainstream advertising mediums such as television and newspaper advertising The good news is that you can get started for just 5 00 and can run a great campaign for as little as a few pounds per day Today many businesses are generating hundreds of

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 2
    leads that improve conversion ratios that get clients buying more more often and referring more As a rule of thumb for every 10 things they test about 3 work brilliantly another 3 fail completely and the remaining 4 require futher refinement and testing before they are ruled in or out Reality check time Are you doing stuff Read on for more great stuff that you can test in your business today Haydn Rowe Managing Director A Small Thank You in Business Goes a Long Way By Elaine Wymant Sometimes all you need to do to re energise current clients and win back old clients is to give a simple thank you On the advice of Results Corporation web developers Polar Communications Ltd sent thank you cards and a thank you gift to a list of clients and the response was phenomenal Read more 3 Ways To Grow Your Business a Powerful Formula for Growth By Haydn Rowe The three ways to grow your business formula was developed more than 20 years ago by one of the original founders of The Results Corporation Paul Dunn Much copied and even sometimes modified this simple yet powerful business growth formula has withstood the test of time and is an excellent tool for quickly identifying the best quickest most effective ways to grow your sales revenue Read more Are Your Invoices Destroying Your Cashflow By Chris Newton No one would ever admit to encouraging their customers NOT to pay their bills But it happens All the time Every time they send out an invoice they re effectively saying You don t need to pay this Now that sounds crazy Why WOULD you encourage customers to hold on to your money Why would you do anything to harm your cash flow and profitability in this way Read more 10 Rules To Keep at Your Elbow When You Write Your Next Sales Letter From the Archives Chris Billington Hughes Many people will tell you only experts can write brilliant direct mail It takes years of concentrated effort and learning in addition to natural flair If you ain t got it you just ain t got it Here s what we say to that GARBAGE Writing powerful effective direct mail letters is one of the simplest most common sense things you ll ever do In fact it s so logical that those in the know have virtually developed a formula for it a sure fire way to create winning pieces eventually on every project Here are just a few of the simple methods employed by the gurus Read more To email this newsletter to a colleague click on the Forward button at the top right of this page Know what works do what works get Results Forward This Email To a Colleague Received This as a Forwarded Email Contact Us to Update Your Details Discover How to Create a Profitable Online Newsletter Free Teleseminar 18th July 2007 at 11 00am This 1 hour seminar will be presented

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 3
    Are Trying to Write By Chris Newton I make a living out of writing Over the years I ve spent what seems a large part of my waking hours writing ads sales letters direct mail packages training programmes websites brochures and sales scripts These days I tend not to have a challenge starting to write But I know exactly what it s like to stare at a blank computer screen as it stares back at you So just how DO you get those words flowing Let me give you three simple ways I learned a long time ago Read more STOP Don t waste money on this ad Part 1 By Chris Newton Some time ago I took a call from John He wanted me to briefly look over an ad he had written and I agreed But as soon as I got the ad I quickly phoned him to say Hold the press I could see instantly that this ad wouldn t work and would be a waste of money So WHY would I even suggest it wouldn t work Read more STOP Don t waste money on this ad Part 2 By Chris Newton In this article I d like you to join me analysing John s revamped larger ad It LOOKS much more professionally produced than the first ad It has clearly been done by a graphic designer But again it is doomed to FAIL Read more 8 Step Copy Writing Success Formula By Haydn Rowe This winning formula will improve the performance of your Ads Direct Mail Flyers Web Pages Brochures Sales Letters Yellow Pages Ads and more The more of these essential elements that you harness the better your chances of success Read more To email this newsletter to a colleague click on the Forward

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