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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 4
    was an amazing contrast He quietly and methodically asked questions about our needs and didn t even mention price as our first bargain basement fellow had Instead he demonstrated good knowledge of his brand But he had an amazing and impressive knowledge of the competitive brands as well He didn t knock them He simply explained why his solution was superior Needless to say salesperson number 2 got the sale The other guy with the cheaper model and special discount deals must wonder why It was fascinating to be a spectator and watch the dramatic contrasts in sales approaches in action What really got to me was this At the time we d been on a lease plan for another piece of office equipment with a leading supplier for nearly two years And in that time nobody from that company ever asked us about our needs for the second piece of equipment we d just bought At first I was going to phone them and say Hey we ve been approached by such and such Do you want to come and show us your product too But then I thought WHY should I bother Now OK this is so basic Surely no one these days misses the opportunity to explore the full needs of their clients do they Or do they The key to unlocking fast new sales and profits If you have clients using your products or services how comprehensively and systematically do you follow through on introducing them to the other things you do Partners in accounting firms and in insurance broking firms are often guilty of this Perhaps it s because their view that this cross referral process to other services is somehow unprofessional or counter to their ethics Or perhaps and more likely it s just not in their corporate culture to ask The fact is as much as they may assume otherwise their clients don t have any idea of the total range of services the firm provides From a due diligence perspective they OWE it to their clients to comprehensively and systematically introduce all their services to their clients And given that they have an amazingly high level of trust from the client and a high degree of ethics they are in a perfect position to add value to their clients And in the process add handsomely to their bottom line That s the theory but it just doesn t happen There s just so much opportunity being lost Are you leaving money lying on the table Now back to your business Do YOU have a cross referral process to introduce other products and services to your clients Before you answer let me qualify that Does every person in your organization interfacing with your clients have a structured process that enables them to comprehensively and systematically introduce all the services you provide And it must occur systematically Having some of your people do it some of the time when they think about it is

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 5
    to face encounters How many places can you be in during any one day On a good day you might get in front of four or five prospective clients But when you write compelling copy you can engage thousands or tens of thousands of people in a conversation in a day And guess what Out of those thousands only those who are qualified will put their hand up and ask for your attention These are people who want to buy When you ve got people coming to you you can say goodbye to cold calling And you control the transaction Does that make sense To write compelling copy s tart with power words Power words give you an almost unfair advantage when you write John Caples a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame identified some fascinating power words when he studied the top 100 headlines of his time Of the 100 great headlines he analysed he discovered that certain power words appeared over and over again You or Your 45 times How 12 times New 10 times Who 8 times Money 6 times Of course this is just a small selection of power words But this tells you something Why do you think the simple word you appeared 45 times Clearly this word focuses on the reader It forces the writer to write through the eyes of the prospect It s known as the Point of You When you use the Point of You it s almost impossible to talk all about your yourself your company or your product you know the stuff We have a big factory We are proud to announce Our product is so great Write in that self focused way and your prospects will very quickly flip the page hit the delete key or toss your message in the rubbish bin Talk about THEM and what THEY want and you ll rivet their attention Can it be this simple I ve had one client who attended one of my workshops who then re wrote all his communications from a Point of YOU He achieved a 5 times increase in response From nothing more than that one change in focus Think about that He didn t have to spend 5 times the advertising spend He didn t have to hire more people He simply re positioned to a Point of You and achieved a 500 increase in leads What would doing that achieve for you 26 reasons why people buy I could write a whole course on copywriting techniques And in our written programmes we do exactly that We work though the powerful yet logical steps to re writing your own copy with response generating techniques so that you move people to act It s a fun process and once you get it there will be no stopping you For now though let s look at another critical element in achieving effective communication And that is why people buy The late and great Ed Mayer compiled

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 6
    one of the most common problems is knowing how to implement them in your business Obviously you can t do them all at once so how Prioritise List them in order of importance Draw up an implementation schedule Brainstorm them with your team to further develop the ideas and to let the team members own the ideas And appoint team members to put them in place You ll get far more accomplished and the results in your business are often quite mind blowing 5 Just a quick note to say Imagine how you would feel receiving a note like this after you ve purchased something from a store Good Morning David You know customers are the absolute lifeblood of any business That s why we re so delighted to welcome you to Harolds You see we re committed to providing you with first class products and total quality Plus of course the kind of service you ll be happy to tell others about Again thank you for visiting Harolds It really does make us feel very special P S Next time you visit I d love to speak with you I d also like offer you a special gift so do drop in again soon Would you be inclined to go back to a store like this 6 Shout it from the mountain tops If your business DOES something different something unique tell your clients and prospects all about it Some years ago a retail chain in Singapore Giordanos was like any regular jeans store except for three important exceptions 1 There was a free phone in every store so that anyone who dropped in could make local calls free of charge 2 There was a fax machine so that anybody could send a fax free of charge 3 They had a pile of umbrellas for customers to use when it rained Interesting isn t it Apart from these 3 areas which have absolutely nothing to do with jeans or clothing Giordanos was just your average jeans store Yet the place became a huge teenage meeting place So why did it work Simple They made a big song and dance about what they did so everyone and I mean everyone knew about them 7 Customer satisfaction is NOT enough Your aim should never be to satisfy your customers It simply must be to delight them Think of it this way People expect to be satisfied when they go to a business So when they re only satisfied it really is nothing special However when you exceed their expectations you have an overwhelming impact on them and their chances of coming back to you become very good 8 You have to think outside the box Perhaps the single biggest hurdle you face in providing superb customer service is a mental one learning to think outside the box We often impose rules on ourselves that are never actually imposed by the problem we face We inadvertently conform to traditions and norms rather

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 7
    this philosophy will revolutionise their selling performance Most textbooks focus on closing a sale The old school of face to face selling even uses the mnemonic Always Be Closing If your people subscribe to this philosophy they re wasting an incredibly powerful marketing opportunity The old school is wrong You see a sale is just the beginning of a relationship between you and a new customer And as you ll see in these pages this opens up wonderful new opportunities for nurturing programmes that bond the client to you and result in long term business Making a sale may be an end in itself but you should never think of it is as the end 2 Our Team Commitment to You Does your business have a Team Commitment If not we strongly urge you and your team put one together It is a tangible statement of your company s goals and it highlights to both your people and your clients your expectation and standards And it acts as a yardstick for your business It can have a profound effect on the overall performance of your sales team 3 The 7 most powerful words in selling The key to successful selling is qualifying your clients and the only way to do this is to ask questions Get your sales team to always use 7 key words to begin their questions then sit back and watch the improvement in their results It works like magic Here they are Who What Which Where When Why and How 4 You must be Customer Focused Selling is professionally helping other people satisfy their needs So it s absolutely vital for you and every member of your team to be Customer Focused not product focused Too many businesses become preoccupied with getting sales If they spent more time focusing on what their clients want and helping them achieve that not on making sales the profits will take care of themselves 5 The 80 20 rule Understanding the implications of this rule can both save you vast amounts of time and energy and increase your profitability in quantum leaps In essence here s what the rule says 80 of your business comes from just 20 of your clients Now in your case it may be 70 30 or 65 35 but the theory holds The key is to identify which of your existing clients are your best 20 Once you know that you can redirect resources accordingly You can treat the 20 differently Keep in more frequent contact with them Make them feel like a very special part of your company They ll appreciate your commitment and care and they ll be more inclined to do repeat business with you As for the 80 you can then devise a second tier of service level for those smaller accounts 6 Playing dumb is smart Perhaps the most effective technique a sales person can use to qualify a prospect is simply playing dumb By asking simple questions you ll

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 8
    recently are the most likely to buy again How can you profitably use this rule When you have just delivered a purchase to a client let them know of something else that you have that d be just terrific for them Invite them to make another purchase They ve flagged the fact that they re in need so you mustn t deny them the service of purchasing more Seriously you can do a customer a dis service by not offering something else Ever been to a hardware store to buy paint only to get home and find they didn t suggest brushes and yours are caked hard Simple example but the point is valid 7 Balancing the Solution Obviously your prospects won t always say yes But likewise they ll very rarely say no They generally touch their no with put off phrases like I ll come back later or I ll think about it Your job at this point is to reassure them that the solution you ve identified is the best one for them How Isolate their concerns about your product and then balance these with the benefits Once they can see the benefits outweigh their concerns they become far more likely to buy 8 Make it easy for your prospects to become customers When you go to a business ready to buy a product there s nothing worse than being subjected to a long drawn out sales pitch Your customers probably feel the same way An effective sales team must be able to identify the buying signals that indicate when a prospect is ready to become a customer And when they do they must be able to make the buying process as easy as possible 9 The sales letter of the future Have you ever had a real hard nut of a prospect Write them a letter that begins You haven t received a note like this Yet But some day I hope I can write it to you The body of the letter then goes one year into the future You begin another letter inside the first using the prospect s first name now as if you are already an established supplier and friend of the prospect talking in glowing terms about the fantastic sales he or she has enjoyed as a result of your relationship in the last 12 months The letter ends back in the present by asking them to help make it a reality Use a different typeface for the future letter 10 What did you really say Here s a tip from a millionaire salesman In negotiations state in writing up front that everything you say will be confirmed in writing It protects you from misinterpretation and gives you an upper hand in the process 11 The psychology of the 2nd interest It may be hard to get people excited enough about your product to put their hand up and identify themselves They may not be ready to buy But offering something

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 9
    can generate significant conversion with many of your website visitors 3 Designing The Structure of Your Website The next step is to design or sketch out the structure of your website This should not be confused with graphic design of your website which is sometimes referred to as the look and feel of your website this is one of the last things to look at Designing the structure of your website involves mapping out the pages that you will have on your site and the order in which they will appear Standard Pages Almost all websites include a Home Page so this is a good place to start your list To this you will usually add Contact Us and that s about it as far as standard pages The next section is where the real work happens Landing Pages The most important elements of your website structure are likely to be your landing pages You should have a separate landing page for each product or service that you wish to promote This will ensure that your page is relevant to searchers which minimises bounces and maximises conversion rates and will also play a key role in search engine optimisation Landing pages should be product or service specific so for example a supplier of bikes and cycling products may include the following Mountain Bikes Road Bikes Comfort Leisure Bikes Kids Bikes Racing Bikes BMX Bikes Custom Bikes Folding Bikes Commuting Bikes Sports Utility Bikes Jump Trial Bikes Touring Trekking Bikes Cyclocross Bikes Cycling Accessories Lights Helmets Body Armour Cycling Clothing Cycling Glasses In essence you will want to include any and every product or service that you want to promote While this may seem daunting at first especially when you consider how much copy and content will need to be created the good news is that you don t have to do it all at once Call to Action Pages While every page should have a strong call to action in the copy and in on page banners you will also need to consider including specific call to action pages Call to action elements are the key difference between a brochure site and creating a lean and mean website designed to create sales leads win orders and grow your prospect database Your call to action pages could include Contact Us Free Reports Free Newsletter White Papers or Buyers Guides Order Online Shopping Cart Your account Credibility Pages Credibility pages are required to enable often cynical cautious and careful prospects to check you out online Credibility pages include About Us History Case Studies Testimonials Authority Pages Authority pages are often used by search engines to evaluate how authentic your website is its authority The absence of these pages may result in lower positions on search engines These pages are also sought by some website users when they are assessing the integrity of your company They include About Us Site Map Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us specific details such as a phone

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 10
    while the client is sitting with no phones ringing with orders no enquiries coming in and no sales to show for it Have a look at these small teaser ads I ve changed the company name for obvious reasons Now I suspect that if you saw these ads in the media you might give a chuckle You wouldn t laugh though if it were you paying that clever copywriter to indulge themselves in showing off their prowess at playing with words Clever ads rarely work Can you imagine anyone going into their local supplier of course the ads don t tell you where to go you d have to guess and asking for this product as a result of these ads In fact when you consider it the market they re probably intended to appeal to would tend to be offended by these ads They may actually lose sales for the company Well you be the judge Now if you thought these were good ads I can understand why You see we ve been brainwashed by the arty creative types in the ad agency world that this is what advertising should be Again I make the qualification that on rare occasions you ll get a clever TV commercial or magazine ad that absolutely rips up the record books on producing sales But they tend to be the result of research and not some misguided copywriter s fantasy of what they think works What if your business rested on your choice out of these two ads I ve had a lot of fun with the following two ads over the years at my seminars I put these two ads up on the screen and ask the audience of business owners to pick the one they believe will be the winner in the sales generating stakes Before you read on pick your winner No cheating These ads are reproduced from John Caples classic Tested Advertising Methods He explains that these two ads were split run tested That means they ran in the same paper on the same page on the same day How There are multiple print presses used in printing up a newspaper so printing press A can have ad A and press B can have ad B then when they re shuffled as they come out of the other end to be bundled up and sent off for distribution they offer the perfect split run test So which one did you chose as the winning ad If you chose Popular Secretary Caught Red Handed you ve got a lot of company Consistently over 90 of my seminar attendees vote for this ad But if you thought you d picked the winning ad you would be seriously disappointed Hundreds Changing to Fragrant Frostilla outpulled it by 89 People ask me why did this ad pull better The real answer is Who cares it did Seriously though it is a powerful lesson in effective marketing It tells you that the ad you

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  • Results Corporation | Free Newsletter Issue 11
    the size of your Yellow Pages ad you don t simply double your response You may actually quadruple it Does this mean you must have the largest ad to be successful The answer is no it may be that larger is better or it may prove that a smaller ad whilst generating fewer responses could in fact give a better conversion rate making it more profitable The actual size you choose whether large or small will depend on the type of business you re in the number of calls you get now the goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months and on results of testing different variables 3 Remember cost is not the issue it s your return on investment Think of it this way Say you spend 2 500 or up to 10 000 on a Yellow Pages ad That s a lot of money But if that one ad brings an extra 50 000 or 100 000 in sales it s paid for itself Look beyond the initial cost of placing your ad and think what it will bring to your business But having said that demand that it works by getting the message right 4 Use a headline and offer something of real value to your reader Ad experts will tell you to keep the logo or brand name bold Now obviously they are important But they aren t the be all and end all of your ad especially when your name isn t well known If the reader doesn t know who you are your name simply won t excite them Even if you are well known you re far better off using a headline in your ad which offers them a very real benefit for using your business ahead of your competition Look at how many ads don t have a headline see how far ahead you ll be already 5 How to get more enquiries from your Yellow Pages ad Create a valuable information booklet or report and offer it free in your Yellow Pages ad You will attract more people simply because you are providing them with an additional service 6 People love to look at people Newspapers know how to generate reader interest They use a liberal scattering of photographs And wherever possible photographs with people in them Then they put captions under the photos Here s a really hot tip for your Yellow Pages advertising Use a photograph of yourself your team members or a delighted customer It gives your business a human face It improves the readership of your ad And importantly it increases significantly the responses you achieve 7 Your potential clients are looking for information and a reinforcement as to which supplier they should call Look at almost any ad from any Yellow Pages and you ll see a lot of the same thing Ads which have the company name address phone number a brief description of the products they offer and not much else

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