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  • Helpful charts and graphs | RetireEasy
    live What charts and reports can I get from LifePlan My desired income chart This chart shows how you will achieve your desired income level in the future and where the income will come from You can change the time span of the chart as well as rollover or click the bars to gain extra insight into what each bar comprises My capital This chart shows the projected value and the value in today s terms using your selected growth and inflation assumptions of your home less any mortgage your remaining pension funds and your assets investments You can control the time span which you wish to view your income for My investments The Investments chart shows the value of the various types of your investments excluding pension funds throughout the Lifeplan You can control the time span which you wish to view your income for My income breakdown The income chart shows what makes up your income apart from capitalising selling assets or investments in the future You can control the time span which you wish to view your income for My home The home chart shows the net value of your home and your mortgage in the future You can control the time span you wish to view your home value and mortgage for My expenses The expenditure chart shows your total budgeted expenses this year against your planned annual cash draw desired income to provide you with your approximate disposable income after tax mortgage and any other loan repayments per annum month or even day Excel spreadsheet You can either choose to download your LifePlan in the format of an excel spreadsheet or open a printer friendly page with all of the details of your LifePlan LifePlan schedule The LifePlan Schedule allows you to view everything you

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  • Timely alerts | RetireEasy
    Helpful charts graphs Timely alerts Timely alerts RetireEasy will alert you any potential issues you might be facing in the future well in advance Intelligent alerts Get notified of any potential problems RetireEasy s LifePlan dashboard has an intelligent notification system to alert you to any future potential problems or issues you might have well in advance So if it looks like you current spending cannot be sustained the system will suggest ways that you can take control of the situation including contacting you financial adviser You can control how you receive the alerts too either as an email or an alert that will appear on your dashboard when you log in Start planning today It s FREE Retirement Planning made easy Enabling you to live the lifestyle you choose RetireEasy 2016 Terms Conditions Privacy Policy SaaS Solutions from Cyber Duck Follow us LinkedIn Facebook Twitter More information Navigation About us What is RetireEasy How it works Accolades FAQs Security News Press Contact Privacy Policy Terms Conditions Info Retirement Planning Retirement Plans Pension Calculator Pension Plans Retirement Income Retirement Annuity Planning for Retirement Planning Retirement Plan for Retirement Retirement Planner Not yet retired You can now include all your additional

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  • Blog | RetireEasy News
    Buy to let landlords facing a triple whammy so is it still a good investment For many years now BTLs or buy to lets have been an increasingly popular retirement planning vehicle with many individuals preferring the safe as houses route to the vagaries of the stock markets that are an integral part of pension savings And while the Government s new pension freedoms have transformed the flexibility and tax effectiveness Read the full article 12th April 2016 by RetireEasy The big challenge keeping older people in work Thinking about carrying on working an extra few years Or even returning to work Tony Watts OBE reports on new think tank recommendations that might help those whose finances mean that retirement is not quite on the cards yet It s an obvious enough equation if the Government can encourage enable more people to hold off their Read the full article 5th April 2016 by RetireEasy Lifetime ISA detrimental to workplace pensions Lifetime ISA detrimental to workplace pensions Impact of launch needs to be assessed LISA at odds with automatic enrolment Savers to lose over 45 000 at least LONDON 21 March 2016 The new Lifetime ISA LISA could have a detrimental effect on retirement saving in the UK and more research needs Read the full article 30th March 2016 by RetireEasy FLY or DRIVE Richard s Classic Cars Blog Fly or Drive As you will know by now I am an avid fan of classic cars and take a deep interest in the way values have been rocketing over the past few years making me somewhat sceptical as to whether these prices are sustainable There are of course plenty Read the full article 23rd March 2016 by RetireEasy Budget 2016 Pensions overview Mark Soper co founder of RetireEasy co uk said

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  • Press Releases | RetireEasy News
    suggest that married couples and those still working part time and healthy are the happiest of all The key Read the full article 2nd February 2016 by RetireEasy How Will Employers React To The Tapering Of The Annual Allowance For Their High Earners The Tapered Annual Allowance affects employees with adjusted income exceeding 150 000 and threshold income that exceeds 110 000 The Annual allowance will gradually reduce from 40 000 to 10 000 p a where adjusted earnings exceed 210 000 This new rule effective from 6 April 2016 may at first sight only appear to impact the 300 000 or so individuals lucky Read the full article 31st January 2016 by RetireEasy RetireEasy launched as a FREE product May 2014 Post Budget confusion leads to retirement revamp The online financial planning website RetireEasy co uk will become a free service this month in response to a dramatic uplift in queries from retirees following recent Government changes to the rules applicable to pension drawdown arrangements General confusion among retirees on how to manage their pension pot from April 2015 Read the full article 24th January 2016 by RetireEasy How to achieve a 31 600 tax free retirement income Read the full article on telegraph co uk Read the full article 9th August 2013 by RetireEasy Auto Enrolment Hailed A Big Success DWP Department For Work Pensions yesterday hailed the new Auto Enrolment Pension rules that became mandatory for large employers last October as a big success Read the full article 22nd March 2013 by RetireEasy Highlights of the 2013 Budget Another year another budget but how does the 2013 Budget impact retirees Read the full article 28th December 2011 by RetireEasy Retirees to spend spare cash on themselves this Christmas Christmas is usually associated with buying gifts for loved

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  • News Articles | RetireEasy News
    way annuities are sold is costing half a million retirees each year as much as 1bn in future pension income a report claims Read the full article 28th March 2012 by RetireEasy Granny Tax Explained Mark Soper RetireEasy A huge fuss was made about the tax on pensioners following the changes to the age related personal allowances announced in last week s Budget but what does this all mean Read the full article 27th January 2012 by RetireEasy More people are entering retirement with mortgage and credit card debts Almost one in five of those planning to retire this year will do so with outstanding debts according to a Prudential report issued today Read the full article 6th January 2012 by RetireEasy Silver Inflation Why Some People s Pips Are Squeaking What s the rate of inflation in your household Almost certainly not the broad brush national figures that are trotted out every month And the problem says 50 writer and commentator Tony Watts is that unless you have a firm grip on the impact of inflation on your outgoings incomes and assets it s very hard for those Read the full article 23rd December 2011 by RetireEasy Triviality Rules Extended Buried away in the reams of pensions legislation is a triviality rule allowing pension pots to be taken wholly as a cash lump sum where a retiree s total pension savings are less than 18 000 A quarter of the cash sum is paid out tax free and the remainder is taxable Read the full article 8th December 2011 by RetireEasy Life Assurance Premium Relief Axed On the day the Government announces next year s Budget day as 21st March it also confirms the removal of Life Assurance Premium Relief effective from 2015 This move will raise very little

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  • Guides and Tools | RetireEasy
    studies FAQs Glossary Videos Guides Tools Useful guides tools and videos from RetireEasy Helpful guides Helpful guides and experts tips for all things retirement View guides Alerts updates Alerts and updates on all new and upcoming developments View updates Case studies Let us guide through the LifePlan tool via a case study View case studies FAQs All of your frequently asked questions answered by us View FAQs Glossary Demystifying financial jargon associated with retirement planning View the Glossary Videos Watch an in depth video guide to using RetireEasy LifePlan View the Videos Sign up to Our Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular updates from us Wrong email format RetireEasy 2016 Terms Conditions Privacy Policy SaaS Solutions from Cyber Duck Follow us LinkedIn Facebook Twitter More information Navigation About us What is RetireEasy How it works Accolades FAQs Security News Press Contact Privacy Policy Terms Conditions Info Retirement Planning Retirement Plans Pension Calculator Pension Plans Retirement Income Retirement Annuity Planning for Retirement Planning Retirement Plan for Retirement Retirement Planner Not yet retired You can now include all your additional savings investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year on

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  • Helpful Guides | RetireEasy
    RetireEasy Retirement housing a basic guide The UK has lagged behind many other countries around the world in offering a wide choice of housing dedicated to the needs and tastes of older people but the market is now starting to catch up The benefits can be significant not least effectively downsizing from a family home can release additional funds with Read the full article by RetireEasy Health insurance a basic guide As we get older so the likelihood grows of us developing medical conditions And while the most serious conditions are usually best dealt with within the NHS the waiting lists associated with some procedures can make the concept of private medical healthcare highly appealing especially as this will allow you to undergo the procedure Read the full article 20th February 2015 by RetireEasy Annuities a basic guide Who needs a boring old annuity now that from April 2015 we will have the new pension flexibility That must be the question many people are asking themselves especially those heading towards the magic 55 mark when they can choose where to convert their pension pot into a much wider range of products Read the full article 17th February 2015 by RetireEasy Life Insurance a basic guide The abiding principle of a life insurance policy to provide financial help to the family of the deceased has remained intact since the very first policy was issued over 300 years ago Now of course there is a huge choice of different policies and providers and that can make it difficult Read the full article 30th May 2012 by RetireEasy Classic Cars as an Investment for Retirement Planning Richard Collinson RetireEasy For anyone interested in classic cars the expectation has always been that the hobby of owning one will be time consuming fraught with problems

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  • Guides and Tools | RetireEasy
    Since the Chancellor s statement abolishing the so called death tax on pension drawdown plans there has been much conjecture and some confusion as to the tax treatment of benefits arising on death under different types of plan We hope the following table clears up some of the confusion however we must stress that the detail given is based on the tax regulations Read the full article 30th September 2014 by RetireEasy The removal of the 55 Death Tax brings the comparison of Drawdown vs ISAs into Sharper Focus George Osborne s announcement removing the so called death tax on SIPP Drawdown Plans builds further on the new flexibility and options announced in this year s Budget and brings into sharper focus the relative merits of Drawdown and ISAs when planning for retirement writes Mark Soper Read the full article 19th March 2014 by RetireEasy New Pensioner Bonds Announced George Osborne today announced that a new range of pension bonds will be issued by the National Savings Office next year First indications suggest the interest rate offered will be higher than most bank rates and the interest will be taxable The limit for each bond is expected to be 10 000 More to follow soon Read the full article by RetireEasy Osborne Announces Massive Overhaul Of retirement Options George Osborne today announced potentially far reaching changes in retirement planning and funding effective from next April Central to the new regime is the ability to withdraw the whole of a pension fund as a single lump sum or as a series of lump sums over a period of time 25 of the pension fund can Read the full article by RetireEasy ISA Limits Up Plus Added Flexibility In today s Budget George Osborne announced higher ISA limits of 15 000 per individual from July 2014 The new limit will combine both Cash and Investment ISAs with greater flexibility to switch between each type More to follow soon Read the full article 16th October 2013 by RetireEasy CPI Impact on State Pensions It has been announced that the September CPI value was 2 7 This is the rate that the State Pension and other pension revaluations will be increased by with effect from next April Read the full article 4th October 2013 by RetireEasy Shop Around To Maximise Retirement Income With one of the key annuity providers reducing annuity rates again this week it is key to shop around not only for the best standard annuity rate but also for non standard annuities Read the full article 14th September 2013 by RetireEasy New Lifetime Allowance 1 25 Million Still Sounds A Lot and of course a pension fund of 1 25 million is indeed a lot and I am sure most of us will accumulate a pension fund far less than this But the new limit coming into effect from 2014 may tell us a bit about how the Government is thinking about private pension provision and retirement savings generally Read the

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/guidesandtools/alerts-and-updates (2016-04-27)
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