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  • Forget “downsizing”… could “right sizing” hold the key to a comfortable retirement? | RetireEasy News
    to help them enjoy a more comfortable retirement At a time of chronic housing shortages as well as a point in time when returns from retirement savings from annuities and drawdowns as well as deposit accounts are suffering many of us could fruitfully look at this as an option A large swathe of older people currently estimated as one million may never actually pay off their mortgage instead opting for lifetime mortgages which still require servicing Again downsizing offers a way out Not surprisingly a third of our subscribers list downsizing as one of their planned future options in order to release an average of 33 of its value a sizeable amount And the average age at which they envisage doing that is at 65 So the will is there and so too the recognition of the benefits However and it s a very big however encouraging large numbers of us to up sticks will only be a pipedream until the chronic problem of supply is addressed Back to the caveat in Lynda Blackwell s speech the problem of how we build more appropriate housing for retired people in the right places Quite simply at the moment that isn t happening Not only are precious few new retirement housing units being built for the private sector less than 2 000 last year expected to top 4 000 in 2015 but let s face it not everyone wants to live in a retirement complex Don t get me wrong some of them are fantastic But not all of us are ready to distil our lives down to two bedrooms make our home in an apartment or give up our garden Or move many miles from our friends and family More thought more options more supply and better design are needed if we are to make downsizing to dedicated housing more popular All this at a time when we re only building a fraction of the homes we need for all generations Is right sizing the way forward All that said we can always move from a large home to a smaller one and cash the difference Or from an expensive area to a cheaper one So if you DO see a chance to move to a smaller property that meets your needs as well as your aspirations what are the things to consider Perhaps at this point we need to reframe the entire argument and take out the potentially negative implications of the word downsizing After all the move being contemplated is to take us into accommodation which simply better suits our needs now and into the future Having gone through this process myself recently I was surprised when my wife and I listed our priorities which are certainly not those of a young family Planning for our 70s 80s and beyond we should sensibly be looking at accommodation that is easily managed and maintained is designed to allow for our increasingly less flexible limbs and looking ahead is close to

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/forget-downsizing-could-right-sizing-hold-the-key-to-a-comfortable-retirement (2016-04-27)
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  • Richard’s Classic Cars Blog: “Classic Car values – they have just kept rising!” | RetireEasy News
    most high end models such as 50 s and 60 s Ferraris and Aston Martins records continue to be broken although the recent auction of an Aston DB4GT Zagato did not quite reach the giddy heights predicted as was the case with a Ferrari 250GTO last year Also at the lower end of the market classics such as MGBs and TRs have not risen significantly and E Types have probably only risen by 10 over the last two years apart from the very best It seems that the most gains have been seen in the area of the minor exotics and no I don t mean Morrises I believe that these gains have arisen because there are a lot of wealthy people out there who cannot stretch to a GTO or a Mercedes Benz 300sl and have been looking at their slightly less exalted siblings not always boosting the prices of worthy or particularly rare cars How else do you explain dealers asking 150 000 plus for a Mercedes Benz 190sl never considered one of Merc s finest since it was underpowered did not have fantastic handling and had in my opinion anyway very dodgy styling The Porsche 911 2 7 Carrera RS was always highly valued but now the relatively run of the mill 911S and 911E are over 200k 10 years ago you could buy a pristine early 90 s 964RS for the low 30ks and now they are being offered for up to 250k a great car in my opinion I know I used to own one but this is just ridiculous It is only a great car because it handles beautifully and has some exotic components but surely its value is only relevant if you DRIVE IT But if you ve paid that much you won

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/richards-classic-cars-blog-classic-car-values-they-have-just-kept-rising-2 (2016-04-27)
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  • New Pensions Freedoms – No Rush To Get Your Pension Cash | RetireEasy News
    back office systems will not be able to cope with the potential demand A telling survey has been conducted by one of the UK s major pension providers NEST who canvassed 2000 of its customers an unusually high sample about how they would take their pension benefits Whilst only 7 stated that they would take the whole pension fund in cash a further 20 planned to take the required level of income out of their pension fund drawdown rather than buy an annuity and 22 were not sure what they wanted to do In fact only 16 of respondents stated that they would like to convert their pension fund into guaranteed income Herein lies the problem At present the providers default retirement option allow customers to take a cash sum of 25 of their pension fund and the balance is used to purchase an annuity Whilst most providers are at last telling their customers coming up to retirement that new flexible options are now available after all they were announced in March last year their systems are still set to pay out cash plus the annuity Going back to Mr Webb s message we totally agree there is no rush to dash for the cash and it is so important for anyone taking any money out of their pension funds that they plan and forecast their income and assets over the many years of retirement that they will hopefully enjoy You may say we would say that anyway having created the leading edge RetireEasy LifePlan program that shows you when your money will run out But the important point is you can only ever spend the money once and can you really trust the UK benefit system to help you if you completely run out of cash Next post RetireEasy

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/new-pensions-freedoms-no-rush-to-get-your-pension-cash (2016-04-27)
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  • How to ensure you don’t run out of money in care | RetireEasy News
    care how can you take action early enough to make necessary adjustments to your outgoings or investments to make sure that the money will last out Firstly claiming all the available allowances is essential The two non means tested benefits that have the lowest available take up are the higher level of attendance allowance worth 81 30 a week but many people go in at the lower level 54 45 p w and never ask to be reassessed when their health needs change and the Registered Nursing Care Contribution currently some 110 89 a week in England If you are paying all or even some of your own fees where you re receiving care from a registered nurse or doctor you might be entitled to assistance towards the cost of treatment You will however not only have a need for this care but also be in a home that can actually provide nursing care Not every home does and this can make a big difference to the level of care you receive care which effectively could be free or at least subsidised Then there is the whole knotty issue of NHS Continuing Care funding see https www moneyadviceservice org uk en articles are you eligible for nhs continuing care funding not always well publicised with cases often keenly contested by the NHS but which potentially could make a huge difference to your finances The basic criterion is that your needs are health rather than social but if the medical condition is complex and you have an expert in the field fighting your corner to contest your case it could mean thousands of pounds a year Next have you considered the possibility of a care fee annuity There are several providers in the market who will assess how long a person is likely to require care and then offer to cover their costs for the rest of their life in return for a single payment It is never a cheap option the cost can easily be six figures and yes you are effectively taking a punt on how long you expect to live which might or might not prove a good bet longer term But it does provide individuals and families with a fixed amount they can then work with and plan around Followed by have you maximised your income Taking sound advice from an independent financial advisor will be essential at this point making sure your money is earning its corn as well as taking any steps to minimise any Inheritance Tax liabilities Then you really need to ensure that the home you are choosing is good value as well as offering the quality of care you need now and into the foreseeable future Sites such as http www carehome co uk and www eac org uk are excellent places to start Finally once you have explored all the options to optimise or fix all your incomes and outgoings the RetireEasy LifePlan will do all the complicated maths for you

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/how-to-ensure-you-dont-run-out-of-money-in-care (2016-04-27)
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  • An Englishman’s home is his care plan | RetireEasy News
    making it all up That could never come to pass in our green and pleasant land Since then the number of people drawn into the maw of selling their homes has spiralled as local authorities have struggled with the imperative of reducing budgets while having to cater for the social care needs of an ever growing older population Over more recent years successive governments have tried to come up with a vote winning solution that would not threaten the public purse The latest is the provision under the Care Act coming into force in 2017 that will cap the amount of money a person has to pay towards their care to 72 000 Relief all round many people are saying Forget that Because the Dilnot taxi meter as it s known won t include accommodation costs which are pre set at 12 000 a year and the local authority will assume that the care home costs are the maximum rate they are prepared to pay so 450 a week 23 400 is typical Without boring you with all the maths it means that the average care home resident will be in a care home for over six years before the local authority will be offering any financial assistance and then only to make up the gap between 12 000 and typically 23 400 During that time they will spend way way more than 72 000 If their weekly care costs are 650 a week not untypical it will be around 200 000 The average stay for a care home resident by the way is around two years So anyone making plans for their later years really does need to take a very hard look at how much they will need to put by to cover their costs and make no

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/an-englishmans-home-is-his-care-plan (2016-04-27)
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  • A free, online way to help avoid running out of money in retirement | RetireEasy News
    to receive Annuities may have had their faults but you did at least know what you could expect to receive for the rest of your life and it was fairly straightforward to cross compare different products So just how much might that be Calculations in Age UK s new report Dashboards and Jam Jars were based on a 29 000 pension pot As small as that sounds that s actually well above a typical pension pot Their figures show that if someone withdrew 3 000 a year non index linked from the age of 65 and returns on the remaining savings were a relatively standard three per cent their savings would run out when they were 75 If the annual withdrawal increases by an estimated annual rate of inflation people would run out of money when they were 74 Bearing in mind that large numbers of us go on to live for at least 10 years after that and the ramifications are obvious Age UK have rightly called for stronger safeguards to be put in place saying that unless quality standards and charge caps are introduced on income drawdown products people who invest their pension pots are at risk of losing thousands of pounds of potential income One major problem they point out is the high management charge that some products impose which eats up returns and have called for a series of changes including the introduction of quality standards and regulation of charges They also call for the introduction of additional money management tools to help people avoid running out of money One already exists that is absolutely free to use has won plaudits from Investors Chronicle and ThisIsMoney and is readily available to anyone who has online access directly or through a trusted friend or relative www retireeasy

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/a-free-online-way-to-help-avoid-running-out-of-money-in-retirement (2016-04-27)
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  • Goodbye to annuities, say retirees, few planning for care – while almost a third plan to downsize… | RetireEasy News
    just 10 of those still to convert their private pensions or SIPPS planning to invest in annuities The data reveal that most expect steady economic conditions over the coming years with inflation averaging just 2 28 mortgage rates of 2 93 and house values to rise by 3 06 per year Investments meanwhile are expected to increase in value at rates well above inflation 3 67 for the capital growth and dividend yields at 3 19 The value of private pensions is expected to increase by 4 19 per annum Because these figures are the average assumptions of some 1 500 people all of whom are taking an active involvement in their retirement planning they do represent a reliable snapshot of what the British public is currently thinking says RetireEasy Director Tony Watts OBE Whether you consider them overly optimistic or pessimistic is not the issue these are the assumptions people are making when deciding whether they can afford to retire or how much they will have to spend in the years to come which is why they use the RetireEasy software programme You don t have to go far back into the past to see periods of far greater volatility with house prices shooting up or down the stock market plummeting and mortgage rates that are much higher than today But the last few years seem to have reassured people that we are in for a prolonged period of steady if unexciting economic times The data was extracted anonymously from 1500 of RetireEasy subscribers who enter their assumptions on what lies ahead in terms of interest rates house prices investment performances and so on The data is entered when they fill in their profiles in order to see whether or when they can afford to retire or how much

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/steady-returns-ahead-say-older-people-while-almost-a-third-plan-to-downsize (2016-04-27)
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  • Retirement isn’t for everybody… | RetireEasy News
    the equivalent cohort coming through at the younger end to replace them When the Default Retirement Age was abolished a couple of years ago there was much grinding of teeth amongst some employers organisations who argued that they would be overwhelmed with tribunals forced on them by aggrieved employees that they wanted to retire That hasn t materialised not least because the legislation was not actually that draconian employers aren t obliged to keep people on who want to remain they simply have to be prepared to consider their case In fact there are now plenty of employers now actively encouraging older personnel to remain either because they can t get equivalent replacements or because they recognise the people skills and experience they offer So the stars appear to be aligning but there is still a way to go And the end goal as far as the Government employers and older people themselves are or should be concerned is flexible working The fact is not every older person wants or is physically able to keep doing a full week s work They may well have caring responsibilities either for their grandchildren or even their own parents Old age doesn t come alone and by our 50s and 60s many of us are quite pleased to come off the pace a bit So how might this flexible working actually well work One of the most interesting pieces of research in recent years has been the mid life career review http www niace org uk current work mid life career review run by NIACE the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education The premise behind it is that employers and employees actually sit down together at a sensible point in a person s career and map out where they might want to go from here and see how that fits in with the employer s strategy The options that might work best for both parties could be fewer working hours a switch in roles or simply to carry on just as things are The point is that a sensible conversation is held where all too often at present neither side will broach the topic for fear of where it might lead The Mid Career Review is a great concept whose time is about to come I suggest and along with it something else needs to be considered the financial retirement plans of the employee You can t make fully informed decisions about when to retire or how many hours you might want to work going forwards without knowing just what your finances in retirement are going to be and that will also lead onto helping make other key decisions how much more you need to start tucking away whether you should be considering a downsize just how much can you afford to support your children through Uni should you be taking steps to ensure that any future inheritance from your parents aren t eaten up in care fees The list goes on And

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/retirement-isnt-for-everybody (2016-04-27)
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