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  • Vinyl LP Renaissance | RetireEasy News
    a bit of a renaissance with annual production now exceeding 6 million copies a year compared with just a million in 2008 Many new artists publish at least a small amount of their music on vinyl and sometimes these become collectable overnight John Lewis now stocks vinyl records but not CDs and the old EMI LP factory in Hayes is now back in limited production and hosts vinyl music evenings of old classic records on super hifi turntables and systems In the second hand market it is the very first pressings of classic records that are coveted as well as eighties and ninetiies LPS as at that time most music was only issued on CD Recently a reasonable copy of The Beatles Hottest Hits a Scandinavian compilation of Beatles hits with the Fab Four dressed in Eskimo furs on the sleeve sold for 1 200 on ebay Mint copies go for nearer 2000 More recently Keane s Hopes and Fears LP issued in limited numbers sells for over 200 as does Pink Floyd s Division Bell So before you consign your dusty LP collection to the tip or the charity shop Oxfam have a dedictaed vinyl record website think again Your vinyl could be a valuable asset for the future or simply buy a new turntable and enjoy those crackling tunes What next Over the last 3 years there has been a rapid decline in CD sales as Digital Downloads takeover as the preferred media particularly for the young What is an interesting development is the free Digital Download that accompanies most new vinyl LP releases Could we be seeing the demise of the CD and will old CDs become as valuable as second and LPs Sorry but probably best to hoard it all Next post RetireEasy 2016 Terms Conditions

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  • Alerts & Updates | RetireEasy News
    Pension from April 2012 Pensioners will receive a boost to their retirement income from today as a significant increase to the State Pension kicks in A single pensioner will receive an increase of 5 30 per week and pensioner couples will receive an increase of 8 50 per week These increases will be very welcome following the recent steep increases in fuel Read the full article 10th April 2012 by RetireEasy New ISA Allowances for 2012 13 Mark Soper RetireEasy The new tax year officially commenced on Good Friday and the ISA allowances increased on the same day Read the full article 28th March 2012 by remaster The RetireEasy LifePlan now has some exciting and valuable new features Not yet retired You can now include all your additional savings investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year on year and stipulating whether these are one off or recurring contributions New useful charts There are now three additional charts further breaking down your assets and income The charts Read the full article 21st March 2012 by remaster RetireEasy New Income Tax Bands Applied to Your LifePlan As I m sure you are aware today is Budget Day and the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced some changes to Income Tax rates and thresholds These have now been fed into the RetireEasy program and this will have had some impact on your LifePlan Please take a look at your charts and Snapshot to Read the full article 21st October 2011 by remaster Now couples are put in control of their own retirement Welcome to the very latest update from RetireEasy the new online software programme that enables you to monitor your finances and control your own retirement We start with news of an

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/blog/alerts-updates/page/3 (2016-04-27)
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  • Pensions freedom: use it wisely and watch out for the scammers! | RetireEasy News
    is The expert advice of an independent financial adviser is always recommended you will need to pay for this but it could prove a wise investment longer term Your options You have five main options when it comes to your pension savings and with most providers you can start making decisions when you reach age 55 Be aware that some providers may not offer you all of the options below at present or charge you for the privilege Above all make no decision quickly or without expert advice and beware cold calls 1 Cash take out your whole pot as a cash lump sum Not all pension schemes offer this as an option And remember that only the first 25 is tax free the remainder may be taxed by as much as 45 and could also affect current benefits 2 Take lump sums annually You could continue taking out lump sums from your pension pot for the next few years and not pay tax on the first 25 of each sum While this would allow you to put your money in other investments you may well incur administration charges 3 Take out 25 tax free and invest the rest The cash you release can be used either to reduce borrowings invest elsewhere or spend as you wish Do remember that if you spend it or invest it unwisely this may well mean losing a part of your retirement income The remainder of your fund can stay where it is or can be transferred to a different pension plan Also don t forget that pension funds are tax effective and generally IHT free on your death 4 Do nothing New products will be coming along shortly to fill the gap so you could leave your money intact or arrange with your provider to draw out sums within your 25 limit to keep yourself in funds and avoid a potential tax charge You may not be getting the very best returns where it is but it represents a safe option 5 Transfer it If you can find a better place to invest your savings and the scheme is genuine then this could be a better option However the new pension plan should be compelling and don t transfer for the sake of it Check before you choose The first step is to go to the excellent new Government website www pensionwise gov uk which sets out your options in more detail and you can start the process of contacting an advisor who will signpost your next moves These moves include speaking directly to your current provider to see what choices they offer and also to speak to an independent financial adviser not least to determine what impact taking out funds might have on your current and future tax and benefits liabilities as well as the future financial well being of your family Those with a small pension pot can get advice from Tax Help for Older People free of charge www tax

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/pensions-freedom-use-it-wisely-and-watch-out-for-the-scammers (2016-04-27)
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  • Buy to let: still worth considering to fund retirement | RetireEasy News
    print and perhaps the Chancellor has simply given the bridle a tug to one side rather than pulled the horse to a stop Yes it will certainly reduce the bottom line for some but the changes will take time to make their full impact 2020 there are some ways round some of them and don t forget that the underlying fact that houses are still in short supply and demand will always drive prices up As well as enhancing capital growth this will also continue to make it difficult for people to get into the property ladder leading to more people renting And so on Certainly there is a feel abroad that the changes announced in the Budget will work their way through to pushing rents further northwards The biggest impact of the changes will hit those paying higher rates of income tax because relief is being tapered down to the 20 tax band between 2017 and 2020 Ways round this include placing your investment into a business which is not difficult to do with expert advice and ensuring that your partner is also using up their full personal allowance rising to 12 500 by 2010 And other costs can also go through there too including agents and other professional fees On top of the change with mortgage relief the Chancellor is removing the wear and tear allowance which basically set aside 10 of rental income from being taxed This will be replaced by relief on what is actually spent on furnishing and fittings which will certainly affect the bottom line of those landlords with newer properties But of course not everyone has a mortgage on their property and not everyone pays higher rate tax And that includes a great many people in retirement relying on a single property to perform rather better than an annuity or drawdown pension or who have simply become accidental landlords following the death of a parent For those who are highly leveraged and paying higher rate tax one option to explore is remortgaging there is a huge choice on the market now and rates have been driven down to new lows in the last year Rates will depend on the loan to value percentage but APRs of sub 5 are available with fairly juicy introduction rates to entice you in Moreover while your ROI might be shaved by half a per cent or so if you do cop for all the Chancellor s new wheezes other factors will certainly account for a far bigger chunk than that not least getting the full market rent and critically keeping it at maximum occupancy Here is where a good agent will earn their corn And on the plus side the recent shifts in IHT and reduction in stamp duty will also have helped boost the benefits of property ownership So the bigger picture most parts of the UK currently see a return through rental income of around 4 5 with capital growth running at a similar figure

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/buy-to-let-still-worth-considering-to-fund-retirement (2016-04-27)
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  • Why being a pensioner costs more than you’d think… | RetireEasy News
    in rented accommodation Then there s RPIJ which uses a geometric formulation called Jevons which the ONS apply to get a more weighted perspective on our spending habits With me so far If so your medal is in the post So does all this matter Well when pension rises as many are are based on CPI rather than RPI it can matter quite a lot and there have been occasions in recent years when there have been massive divergences between the two measures And it certainly matters when you are trying to calculate how much YOUR spending might go up in the year years ahead But the situation is even more complicated than that Whenever inflation rates go down the politicians argue about whether people are actually feeling the benefit And as it happens both are right Some of us WILL feel the benefit of prices going down while others will not The critical criterion is the basket of goods and services we spend our money on Each of us effectively will have our own personal rate of inflation And the impact of inflation on pensioners has long been recognised as being quite different from those of other parts of the population For those without mortgages but reliant on savings low inflation is not necessarily a benefit and that is exacerbated if pension rises are kept low as well Those on a lower income will also spend a higher proportion of their money on food and fuel rather than for instance electronic goods while all utility bills will also have a disproportionate impact The hikes in heating costs in recent years still not being fully redressed despite falling global prices hit those on lower incomes far harder Where we live also plays a large part in our day to day costs Some very interesting stats have just been released by Key Retirement which also demonstrate how much the annual cost of being a pensioner varies While overall the average cost of being a pensioner is 11 200 a year retired people in the North East need 9 630 a year to get by compared to 13 216 in the South East nearly 3 600 a year less or 37 lower Key s analysis shows the average retired household spends around 15 of their budget on fuel and housing equivalent to around 1 680 a year narrowly ahead of the 14 they spend on food and non alcoholic drinks which equates to around 1 568 with transport taking an 11 bite out of budgets Average food bills have increased by just 5 on last year while spending on fuel and housing has increased by nearly 200 Another interesting stat they provide is that over 65s have 827 billion invested in their homes an asset many will come to need at some point in the future to fund their retirement or care As Dean Mirfin group director at Key Retirement www keyretirement co uk says The recent good news on price rises

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/why-being-a-pensioner-costs-more-than-youd-think (2016-04-27)
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  • Sir Mervyn brings no help for those in and approaching retirement | RetireEasy News
    Soper RetireEasy In his speech last night Sir Mervyn King stated that the silver lining of the global slowdown was falling inflation CPI is now down to 3 from 5 a year ago He went on to announce a huge two pronged capital injection for the banks This surely must be a double edged sword as although lower inflation is welcomed by retirees for those approaching or in retirement and yet to buy an annuity the Government s monetary easing policy forces UK long term gilt yields down and in turn annuity rates fall A bold attempt to stimulate the UK economy ahead of more Euro strife but no respite for those in and saving for retirement For all advisers and professional connections please visit www retireeasypro co uk Next post RetireEasy 2016 Terms Conditions Privacy Policy SaaS Solutions from Cyber Duck Follow us LinkedIn Facebook Twitter More information Navigation About us What is RetireEasy How it works Accolades FAQs Security News Press Contact Privacy Policy Terms Conditions Info Retirement Planning Retirement Plans Pension Calculator Pension Plans Retirement Income Retirement Annuity Planning for Retirement Planning Retirement Plan for Retirement Retirement Planner Not yet retired You can now include all your

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/sir-mervyn-brings-no-help-for-those-in-and-approaching-retirement (2016-04-27)
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  • More on the canals and the drought. | RetireEasy News
    on record Certainly in the Midlands British Waterways have temporarily lifted some of the restrications as we apparently have too much water in the canals A further bizarre issue with one of the reservoirs feeding the Oxford Canal is badgers An extensive badger sett was revealed in January after vegetation works were undertaken as part of a feeder clearance programme This sett is in a position that impacts on the levels to which the reservoir can be allowed to rise Given the plentiful rainfall over the last week or so these restriction levels have been reached sooner than anticipated and water has had to be released into the canal as water continues to flow into the reservoir This effectively limits the ability to conserve water in this reservoir For all advisers and professional connections please visit www retireeasypro co uk Next post RetireEasy 2016 Terms Conditions Privacy Policy SaaS Solutions from Cyber Duck Follow us LinkedIn Facebook Twitter More information Navigation About us What is RetireEasy How it works Accolades FAQs Security News Press Contact Privacy Policy Terms Conditions Info Retirement Planning Retirement Plans Pension Calculator Pension Plans Retirement Income Retirement Annuity Planning for Retirement Planning Retirement Plan for Retirement

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/more-on-the-canals-and-the-drought (2016-04-27)
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  • Have women been short changed with their pension? | RetireEasy News
    dig it out it was entitled not to provide it Anyone who has read The Hitchhikers Gide to the Galaxy and where the planning application for Earth to be destroyed was lodged might find this a worrying familiar response Is such an important issue the potential cost of which they themselves calculate will run to 30 billion over the next ten years really not worth spending 600 on The other issue is the sudden acceleration of SPA from 65 to 66 giving a large number of women very little opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to their life plans The 2011 changes mean that 500 000 women will have to wait an extra year for their state pension 300 000 women for 18 months or more while one particularly hard hit group of 30 000 were to wait for an extra two years So when were they told According to finance expert Paul Lewis who recently gave evidence in Parliament on this More than one million women born between 6 April 1950 and 5 April 1953 were told at age 58 or 59 that their pension age was rising from 60 in some cases to 63 More than half a million women born 6 April 1953 to 5 April 1955 were told between the ages of 57 and nearly 59 that their state pension age would be rising to between 63 and 66 Some women were told at just 57½ that their pension age would rise from 60 to 66 Did the Government get it wrong The Government has now changed its procedures so that henceforth more notification will be forthcoming but for those whom the rise in SPA has come as a surprise that will be no solace So did the Government get it wrong The man who really ought to know is Steve Webb Pensions Minister at the time He has conceded that the government made a bad decision and that his department had been badly briefed on the impact of the changes Several months after the initial announcement was made he asked the PM and Chancellor if any of this could be reversed With potential savings of 30 billion under threat the one concession at a cost of 1 billion was to introduce some transitional protection by capping the maximum increase to 18 months rather than two years Campaigning on behalf of the women at that time was Ros Altmann Now a poacher turned gamekeeper sitting at Steve Webb s old desk she has ruled out any further concessions Needless to say the changes haven t gone unchallenged and WASPI Women Against State Pension Inequality are a very determined group of people seeking transitional compensation and they have lodged a petition to Parliament asking for this to be debated in the House So far we have seen a one sided discussion in the Commons ie the Tory benches were virtually empty which led to a 158 0 vote in favour of taking this issue further and on

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/have-women-been-short-changed-with-their-pension-2 (2016-04-27)
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