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  • Accolades | RetireEasy News
    data The program works really well even with my iPad running off a shaky 3G connection The user interface is clear and simple Read full testimonial Henry Berest IFA I ve been running RetireEasy for a few weeks now and have to say as a financial advisor I am hugely impressed entering information is easy and caters for simple financial arrangements right through to more complex ones Read full testimonial Sign up to Our Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular updates from us Wrong email format Christine and Norman Ramsdale We re both in good health and don t especially want to retire but we have had setbacks before which have made us cautious about money The RetireEasy modeling enabled us to look ahead 15 20 or even 40 years It did make me feel more confident I realised that we would be OK that we have choices and options In fact I felt so relieved having had a hard look at the numbers that I immediately went out and bought a dress David Hansel I have just had a first run through inputting my data The program works really well even with my iPad running off a shaky 3G connection The user interface is clear and simple I can already see the value of the product It performs the sort of calculations that would be beyond me without its intelligent promptings and calculations and gives me a picture of retirement Henry Berest I ve been running RetireEasy for a few weeks now and have to say as a financial advisor I am hugely impressed Naturally in my job I ve come across quite a few calculators and planning tools which purport to provide insight into people s future finances during retirement and normally such tools fall

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  • Alerts & Updates | RetireEasy News
    come alone writes Tony Watts OBE One of the by products of extending life expectancies is that a great many of us will spend at least several years possibly even a decade or longer needing some form of health or social care support And while most of us conjure up Read the full article 31st January 2016 by RetireEasy Retirees and pre retirees live in fear of financial ruin Two thirds worry about money on a monthly basis and majority have negative views of retirement years The majority of people in the UK in or nearing retirement are afraid they will not have enough money to continue funding their lifestyle after they retire according to a study released today by the UK s first online service Read the full article 31st January 2016 by RetireEasy RetireEasy launched as a FREE product May 2014 Post Budget confusion leads to retirement revamp The online financial planning website RetireEasy co uk will become a free service this month in response to a dramatic uplift in queries from retirees following recent Government changes to the rules applicable to pension drawdown arrangements General confusion among retirees on how to manage their pension pot from April 2015 Read the full article 13th November 2015 by RetireEasy More advice on getting the max out of your RetireEasy LifePlan We are truly delighted with the feedback and questions we receive from you all and in most cases we are able to offer a LifePlan solution to the financial events that you wish to plot From this feedback we have put together some useful tips which hopefully will help you if you wish to plot Read the full article 31st January 2015 by RetireEasy RetireEasy appoint older people s campaigner Tony Watts OBE to RetireEasy board LONDON 3 September 2014 RetireEasy which created the UK s leading financial planning software program for retirees has appointed Tony Watts OBE as a board director Mr Watts who was awarded an OBE earlier this year for his voluntary work on behalf of older people chairs the South West Forum on Ageing and helps steer the Read the full article 18th December 2014 by RetireEasy Steve Webb Mission Accomplished Steve Webb became the coalition Government s pensions minister after winning his seat for the Lib Dems at Thornbury Yate at the 2010 General Election and since then he has trail blazed his way through the entire UK pensions system writes Mark Soper Read the full article 11th November 2014 by RetireEasy Defined Benefit Final Salary Pension Scheme A Dilemma For Some The new pension flexibility first announced in this year s Budget was seen as a game changer by many in the pensions industry yet the change in the rules only impact DC Defined Contribution pension arrangements such as Personal Pension Plans Money Purchase Occupational Pensions and Stakeholder Pension plans This creates a dilemma for some approaching Read the full article 31st October 2014 by RetireEasy Why debts as well as assets can

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  • Helpful Guides | RetireEasy News
    guide The UK has lagged behind many other countries around the world in offering a wide choice of housing dedicated to the needs and tastes of older people but the market is now starting to catch up The benefits can be significant not least effectively downsizing from a family home can release additional funds with Read the full article 3rd March 2015 by RetireEasy Health insurance a basic guide As we get older so the likelihood grows of us developing medical conditions And while the most serious conditions are usually best dealt with within the NHS the waiting lists associated with some procedures can make the concept of private medical healthcare highly appealing especially as this will allow you to undergo the procedure Read the full article 20th February 2015 by RetireEasy Annuities a basic guide Who needs a boring old annuity now that from April 2015 we will have the new pension flexibility That must be the question many people are asking themselves especially those heading towards the magic 55 mark when they can choose where to convert their pension pot into a much wider range of products Read the full article 17th February 2015 by RetireEasy Life Insurance a basic guide The abiding principle of a life insurance policy to provide financial help to the family of the deceased has remained intact since the very first policy was issued over 300 years ago Now of course there is a huge choice of different policies and providers and that can make it difficult Read the full article 30th May 2012 by RetireEasy Classic Cars as an Investment for Retirement Planning Richard Collinson RetireEasy For anyone interested in classic cars the expectation has always been that the hobby of owning one will be time consuming fraught with problems and a

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    dies or when the loan is repaid if earlier But importantly the borrower s always retain ownership of their home again just like a normal mortgage There is one feature of a Lifetime Mortgage which potentially gives the borrower a big advantage Most fixed rates on mortgages last no more than 5 to 10 years and the further out you go in years the higher the interest rate is likely to be With a Lifetime Mortgage the rate is fixed indefinitely This means that the borrower s knows for certain what their costs will be for the rest of their lives as well as how much will be outstanding at any future age providing a huge amount of reassurance The caveat of course is what rate of interest is being charged If the value of the home rises by about the same rate of interest eg 5 pa then the amount of equity left in the home should theoretically be similar to what it was when the plan was taken out although inflation will have eaten into its real value The RetireEasy LifePlan actually allows someone to visualize this in action to see what their home s value will be at any given age given their assumption on annual growth and therefore how much will be left to be inherited by the kids or the cats home or to use if that person then goes into care There are a couple of issues that do need to be considered Firstly early repayment can result in penalties particularly if interest rates fall although some providers will allow annual prepayments of around 10 without penalty Secondly releasing funds might affect the borrower s eligibility to receive certain means tested benefits such as pension credit and council tax benefits What you use the Lifetime Mortgage for of course is up to you But many people will find they are running expensive loans or credit cards You could even elect to roll up your current mortgage You might decide to have the knee op you ve long been waiting for or help the grandchildren onto the property ladder Either way you should have additional funds to spend throughout retirement Not only will this give people the chance to live their retirement to the full but will if widely used pump billions of pounds into the economy generally creating jobs and revenue for the Exchequer THE SHAPE OF THE FUTURE We know the take up of Lifetime Mortgages is growing rapidly but it still needs more mainstream players to enter the market to broaden its appeal At present following the merger of Just Retirement and Partnership there are only eight significant players in the market and only three of these Aviva Legal General and LV are what would be called mainstream This seems like a natural market for the High Street banks to enter and even more so for other insurance companies who need long term fixed rate income in order to cover their long

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/using-home-fund-retirement-2-2 (2016-04-27)
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  • New flat rate pension – will you be one of those missing out…? | RetireEasy News
    case Firstly it only applies to anyone starting to receive a pension after 6 April If you are currently receiving a State Pension you won t find your current pension adjusted as a result of any changes Most critically it might have a ceiling of 155 a week but there is no floor How much you receive will depend on how many years contributions you put in Whereas the previous requirement for a full albeit smaller pension was 30 years its now 35 years For every year less than that an amount will be docked off In fact an estimated 63 of people will not be entitled to the new full State Pension as it stands This will include many who did not make NI contributions for a number of years because their contributions were channelled into a private pension Anyone with less than 10 years contributions will get nothing at all and that accounts for around 50 000 women and 20 000 men What you CAN do about this if you have the resources is top up a maximum of six years worth of contributions ahead of retiring the return on investment is not bad as long as you live long enough to recoup the payments Longer term you also need to be aware that those people who have been pumping more money into a second state pension won t see any extra benefit the 155 is the maximum compared to the current 275 All ways round it s well worth the time and effort for anyone with retirement in prospect to check out where they stand You can get your pension forecast by going to gov uk future pension centre or by calling 0345 300 0168 Now check out the FREE financial planner that lets you take control

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  • Fostering intergenerational strife will not create a fairer society — Are young people getting a raw deal compared to older people? And, if so, what should we do about it? By Tony Watts OBE | RetireEasy News
    generous pension Even the much vaunted increasing longevity looks will be of little consolation if you run out of money in the last few extra decades I find it a quite astonishing turn of events having spent much of the last three decades campaigning on behalf of older people who were getting a raw deal from society particularly with a State Pension uncoupled from the rise in average earnings The Triple Lock has seen for this Parliament at least an end to that but lest we get carried away with the narrative that the see saw has tilted too far in one direction remember this there are an estimated million older people in this country unable to afford the basic social care they need A million are living in non decent homes mostly their own Fuel poverty often the result of under insulated homes and being on expensive tariffs accounts for another one million plus older people Small wonder last year s toll of excess winter deaths ratcheted up to 50 000 Researchers are now pointing to austerity cuts as being a primary cause of the rise from the usual mark of 40 000 in itself hardly a reassuring figure So whole there are plenty of pensioners enjoying a very comfortable retirement indeed the very opposite is true for far too many Huge numbers are stumbling towards retirement without an adequate income large numbers of women in particular who will be working well into their 70s to keep the wolf from the door The houses that seemingly only older people can actually afford to buy these days will also be required to fund many people s care in later years On top of this a great swathe of boomers are actually funding their children through college as well as housing them well into their late 20s in addition to caring for their own parents the so called sandwich generation Those caring for or even helping to fund their grandchildren are in an even tougher place the club sandwich generation But the fact remains that it is also very tough indeed for millions of younger people And the fact that it s older people who vote is not helping the situation The solution Firstly for more young people to vote and demand THEIR say in the policies of our Government Secondly for housing prices to return to a vaguely sensible level so that young people can afford to buy or at least rent And that requires house building to be seriously stimulated not the half hearted measures we re seeing at the moment Thirdly longer term we need those new housing developments to be far more a mix of ages building intergenerational communities that can be mutually supportive not set apart In years gone by the villages where many of us lived operated in this way and to everyone s benefit It won t happen overnight but there s no reason not to start now Finally older people being in work

    Original URL path: https://www.retireeasy.co.uk/news/fostering-intergenerational-strife-will-not-create-fairer-society-young-people-getting-raw-deal-compared-older-people-tony-watts-obe (2016-04-27)
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  • Buy-to-let landlords facing a “triple whammy”… so is it still a good investment? | RetireEasy News
    in the last 18 months and whilst the BTL market is far from saturated good deals have become difficult to find That said individuals continue to be tempted by the prospect of a secure regular return on their investment along with capital growth from rising property prices The BTL industry marches on In the lead up to the tax changes this April house prices actually moved up as a result of last minute investors piling into the market Many appear to have ignored the serious headwinds that are aligning in the BTL market and this may be because the most damaging of them the change to mortgage tax relief on BTL interest payments does not bite until 2020 BTL investors may be thinking let s make hay and why not with no real appetite from Government or the building industry to alleviate the UK s acute housing shortage However there are more immediate headwinds for the market to endure On April 6th the first tax hike for BTLs kicked in with stamp duty on second homes up by 3 That s unlikely on its own to shake the BTL market after all capital growth in many regions of the country is considerably currently north of 3 BTL investors are or should be in it for the longer game and losing one year s capital growth shouldn t be too painful There have also been changes to the way tax relief on debt interest works and to how landlords claim relief for repairs and maintenance Again more erosion to the bottom line But there is more just this week the Bank of England announced new proposals where BTL borrowers will be assessed for mortgage purposes on their wider incomes and liabilities and not just on their BTL income Lenders will also need to reassess whether the rent receivable presents a large enough margin over mortgage interest and to determine if the property s ongoing fees and management costs together with the higher tax charges in the future will have any adverse effect on the borrower s income stream Not only will such changes impact individuals new to the BTL market but also existing borrowers who need to re fix their fixed interest rate deals Not every BTL investor of course is reliant on a mortgage Equally many of those who are mortgaged will have a low loan to value ratio But for those that are or plan to be on a relatively highly leveraged mortgage it s a potentially worrying shift While a typical 3 5 net return on investment sounds quite rosy which is what can typically be achieved at the moment factors such as void periods have to be taken into consideration for those whose margins are relatively tight The Bank of England proposals are subject to consultation so we will have to wait and see whether this triple whammy really does impact the BTL market The Chancellor will not want to overcook it and oversee a mass exit

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  • The big challenge: keeping older people in work | RetireEasy News
    them you add 1 to the GDP No small beer in today s laggard economy The Government itself is as keen as mustard to make that happen and a great deal of the manpower of the steadily shrinking DWP is focused on extending working lives It s not an easy task as there are so many forces militating against it employers favouring younger talent some manual jobs not being suitable for all older people pressures on older people themselves to give up working to act as carers ill health and disability the lack of hireable skills amongst some older workers and the fact that given the choice and resources some of us would actually quite like to give up working But despite these factors the policy is working more people aged 65 and over are in work today than ever before However that is partly explained by the boomer surge in population conversely record numbers of older people are leaving work early primarily through ill health and to be carers A new report by the Resolution Foundation has found that employment levels among 50 64 year olds could be increased by around 920 000 over the course of this parliament whilst employment among 65 69 year olds could be boosted by 240 000 How could this be achieved The report rightly points out the received wisdom that employers need to offer more flexible working arrangements to retain older workers part time job sharing and so on The benefit to individuals is that they can top up their pension pot or simply keep mentally socially and physically active The benefit to employers is that they keep hold of personnel whose experience and knowledge could actually help the company The other interesting suggestion and one I have not come across before is that the right to Statutory Sick Pay should be extended beyond six months for workers over the age of 50 allowing them more time to return to work following a period of ill health Similar rights should also be given to those who need to take time off for caring responsibilities the report says These recommendations say the Resolution Foundation would help keep employers in touch with their staff whilst also reducing the number of older people leaving the labour market altogether It s a helpful contribution to the on going debate and comes at a time of great uncertainty for many heading into retirement With the stock market in turmoil pension funds suffering ever greater demands upon the bank of mum and dad and swathes of older people being take out of the workforce to care for elderly parents many of us are recognising that a few extra years earning an income will be needed to fund our retirement Added to that there is the dilemma for many women born in the 1950s who now find their timetable to receive a State Pension has been pushed back by a few years The big question to be asked is this

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