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  • Active Reviewing Guide: how to facilitate active learning
    100 of the Roger s work was applicable and practical and very clever and based in deep knowledge and experience Camilo Mendoza Roger knows more about how to turn experience into learning than anyone I know or know of His particular brand of creativity always seeing multiple ways to look at things plus deep experience and thoughtful research based approach make him second to none in his field William Spencer We looked long and hard for a facilitator to work with our team All approaches to Roger came back with a thoughtful and insightful response We felt certain we could work with Roger and we would not hesitate to work with Roger again Sharon Naylor Roger is a world class master at evoking wise action from groups If you wish your groups and teams to take even wiser and even more effective action I strongly recommend getting to know Roger personally Tim Pearson I have seen Roger work across cultures with a natural ease that is inspiring It is hard to find an equal combination of modesty and excellence in experiential education or training Jac Rongen English pages at rongen com Roger is the world leader in reviewing and experiential learning He changed the way people in South Africa think about outdoor and indoor activities and taught us how to add value to any activity Roelf Opperman View more client testimonials See upcoming workshops View sample workshop descriptions What REVIEWERS say about Active Reviewing A Practical Guide for Trainers and Facilitators presented by Bogdan Vaida and Roger Greenaway See the 6 minute video about this online training course Hands on fun effective This course is hands on and ready to use with depth It removes the barrier between the playful and the useful My advise Take the first tiny bit you find inspiring and just do it Make an experience of it and return for further inspiration Klaus Bakdal Rocket Fuel Anyone who facilitates debriefs or retrospectives or even convenes meetings MUST take the time to learn from Roger Greenaway and company The interactive techniques of this group are a potent learning accelerant that not makes teams more productive more creative and more happily engaged Karen Spencer Really interesting and innovative This course is really useful very interesting and innovative but also quite simple to understand and put into practice It s a good mix of written video and other media and the content is so useful and effective I have tried it and it really works Highly recommended John Tomlinson Trainer Tools Genuinely Awesome I have a been a trainer facilitator for a numbers of years and this was just a great support to the work we do within the McDonald s Corporate Training Team I would highly recommend the course to anyone with experience of debriefing review experiential activities and who is focused on continuous improvement Cracking Ben George McDonald s Corporate Training Team A treasure On the whole I m VERY EXCITED that you are doing this

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  • Incomplete A-Z index of reviewing.co.uk by filename and directory structure
    reviewing for all review for results reviewing for fun reviewing for peace turntaking in group reviews reviewing for starters reviewing when short of time reviewing for different ages BOOKSHOP also see REVIEWS index books by roger greenaway CLIENTS and CLIENTS TESTIMONIALS index list index bowles iwnc china iwnc south east asia outward bound hong kong outward bound south africa portugal resonans denmark thinkwow htm netherlands Log Heights DEVELOPMENT TRAINING index definitions summary DIRECTORY experiential education where DISCUSS discuss discuss1 discuss2 DOWNLOAD index facilitators stories EVALUATION index evaluation form long term evaluation form evaluation methods short term evaluation form index EZINE 1 ACTIVE REVIEWING TIPS index EZINE 2 ADVENTURE PLUS SITEFINDER index site reviews FOA FOUNDATION FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE index about appeal manifesto five areas need for adventure LEARNING CYCLE index action replay facts 2 facts feedback feedback methods feedback methods for printing feelings 2 feelings findings 2 findings futures 2 futures happy chart missing person pictures rounds sketch map stones group dynamics success the active reviewing cycle transfer of learning OUTDOOR index camp research doing reviewing outdoor noticeboard omd index questions and answers omd xcl in search of respectable adventure Quality in Adventurous Activities An Explanation of Accreditation Badges by Brian Ogden Chair of Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee AAIAC risk other ways of learning a view into the future OUTDOORS Adventure Activity Portals A Z PICTURES introduction tools reviewing with pictures PORTUGAL index maximising learning transfer learning PROGRAMMES index designing creative reviews reviewing outdoors reviewing for all kick start to reviewing RESEARCH index Adventure Therapy Bibliography experiential learning powerful learning experiences index interviews index learning cycles A Z Outdoor Learning Research ple abstract ple summary ple references questions why adventure summary why adventure references 1 why adventure references 2 Definitive Critique of Experiential Learning Theory Critiques of Experiential Learning

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  • Roger Greenaway and Reviewing Skills Training
    reviewing and related skills There seems to be no limit to the kinds of environment indoors or outdoors in which people want to develop reviewing and facilitation skills I enjoy the challenge of developing new ways to adapt and apply these skills in new situations I have provided training in reviewing skills in Australia Belgium Canada Chile China Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Japan Lithuania Macau Malaysia Namibia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey the UK and the USA I have also presented workshops at EEEurope conferences in Czech Republic Estonia Italy and Slovenia And I have worked as a trainer and facilitator in the UK Ethiopia and Iran Clients and costs Client list Costs I provide training and consultancy throughout the UK and worldwide for developing practical debriefing reviewing and facilitation skills Management Development While working at Brathay 1981 87 I designed marketed facilitated and directed outdoor management development programmes Clients were from banking retail industrial and public sectors including IBM JLP Barclays Plessey and Sainsburys My PhD was a study of Powerful Learning Experiences in Management Learning and Development University of Lancaster 1995 Since 1995 my primary involvement with management development has been in training providers of management development programmes in facilitation and reviewing skills see Clients of Reviewing Skills Training In recent years I have been training managers in Big Picture Thinking and in converting reviewing methods into management tools Published articles on reviewing debriefing My published articles on debriefing include Active Reviewing The Group Relations Training Association 1983 How Transfer Happens Brathay s Organisation Development Topical Papers 2002 The Art of Reviewing The Journal of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning 2002 Practical Debriefing 2004 and Training for Transfer 2005 both in Fenman s Trainer Training series My published chapters on debriefing include Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Education in The RHP Companion to Outdoor Education 2003 and Dynamic Debriefing in The Handbook of Experiential Learning 2007 The Value of Other Ways of Learning and Development in Other Ways of Learning 2008 Reviewing and Reflection Connecting People to Experiences with Clifford Knapp in The International Handbook of Outdoor Studies in press As well as these publications I also regularly publish my own articles about reviewing debriefing on my website The Active Reviewing Guide Workshops and presentations on reviewing debriefing Workshops at conferences have included Active and Creative Reviewing Washington DC 1994 Processing the Experience a Balancing Act AEE Nova Scotia 1996 Moving Bodies Moving Minds EEE Italy 2001 Learning from Reality and Learning from Metaphor EEE Turkey 2005 Generating Participation and Developing Questioning Skills EARCOS Thailand 2007 Presentations include The Transfer of Learning and Development keynote Germany 2004 Why Active Reviewing How can we use it with teams Business Edu Romania 2007 Reflecting with Energy keynote ICEL Santiago Chile 2011 The Game After the Game keynote Agile Games Boston USA 2013 For more information see my conference page Clients of Reviewing Skills Training Clients I

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  • FAQ about the Guide to Active Reviewing & Debriefing
    searchable Two free monthly ezines for news links tips and ideas Methods Articles Handbooks Research and inspiration Lots of links to related sites grouped by topic Training workshops and consultancy provided by Reviewing Skills Training Active learning books and reviews Who is it for Anyone who wants to develop their learning or enabling skills Facilitators working with any age or ability indoors or outdoors Customise your search by finding your

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  • Subscribe to Active Reviewing Tips and to the Experiential-CPD Calendar
    for Development Reviewing for Different Ages Reviewing for Fun Reviewing for Leaders Reviewing for Newcomers Reviewing for Peace Reviewing for Results Reviewing for Starters Reviewing for Teams and more Great ezine succinct easy to read and absorb quickly and rich with ideas You always have material I don t want to miss Thanks another great issue See this sample copy Archives Privacy Policy Help Feedback please ask roger reviewing co uk Experiential CPD Calendar opportunities for Continuing Professional Development for and by UK based experiential educators and trainers Your Email Get free monthly news of opportunities to develop your facilitation skills groupwork skills skills for working with specific client groups experiential skills indoors or outdoors Keep up to date with outdoor and or experiential conferences publications research networks UK CPD events and English language CPD events in Europe Challenge your experiential ideas with Thought for the Month Topics have incuded CPD cpd Working on the Edge The Benefits of Play On Being Resourceful Too Experiential Walking and Learning Getting Beyond the Caption Thinking about Hybrids Paradigms Lost Mantle of the Expert Who Needs Models Designing Richer Learning Experiences The Undesignables Catch up on past thoughts with Collected Thoughts for the Month Edited by Bill Krouwel and Roger Greenaway As a subscriber you can inform us of events for the calendar offer a Thought for the Month or provide feedback Listing is free Subscribing is free See this recent issue Full Listings Privacy Policy Help Feedback please ask roger reviewing co uk Average frequency monthly Your Email NB Add roger reviewing co uk to your contact list to ensure delivery Average frequency monthly Your Email NB Add roger reviewing co uk to your contact list to ensure delivery Active Reviewing Tips is distributed by comm100 com Experiential CPD is distributed by

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  • Active Reviewing Tips Archives Index of Back Issues
    Tips Active Reviewing Tips 13 3 Real Reviewing Getting Beyond Cliches Active Reviewing Tips 13 2 Facilitative Frames for Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 13 1 What do Facilitators do Active Reviewing Tips 12 2 Engaging Participants in Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 12 1 Reviewing for Different Ages 2 Active Reviewing Tips 11 4 Reviewing for Different Ages 1 Active Reviewing Tips 11 3 Reviewing When Short of time Active Reviewing Tips 11 2 Reviewing for Starters Active Reviewing Tips 11 1 Turntaking in Group Reviews Active Reviewing Tips 10 2 Reviewing for Peace and Conflict Resolution Active Reviewing Tips 10 1 Reviewing for Leaders Active Reviewing Tips 9 4 Reviewing for Newcomers Active Reviewing Tips 9 3 Reviewing for Teams Active Reviewing Tips 9 2 Reviewing for All Active Reviewing Tips 9 1 Reviewing for Results Active Reviewing Tips 8 1 Reviewing for Fun Active Reviewing Tips 7 6 Reviewing for Development see Main article Active Reviewing Tips 7 5 Innovations in Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 7 4 Economical Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 7 3 Reviewing by Numbers Active Reviewing Tips 7 2 Big Picture Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 7 1 Special Issue The Art of Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 6 2 Facilitation and Reviewing to Scale Active Reviewing Tips 6 1 Visible Reviewing Techniques Active Reviewing Tips 5 2 Reviewing with Ropes and Reviewing Exchange Active Reviewing Tips 5 1 Questions for Reviewing Active Reviewing Tips 4 1 Quick Reviews Active Reviewing Tips 3 9 Giving and Receiving Feedback Active Reviewing Tips 3 2 Encouraging Participation Active Reviewing Tips 3 1 What Works Well Active Reviewing Tips 2 11 Developing Potential Active Reviewing Tips 2 10 Active Reviewing Article part 2 Active Reviewing Tips 2 9 Active Reviewing Article part 1 Active Reviewing Tips 2 8 Millennium Madness how

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  • Experiential-CPD Calendar of Events
    2016 Facilitation Skills Workshop Knaresborough North Yorkshire Explore core facilitation competencies roles and responsibilities when facilitating meetings and groups with Facilitate This 5 10th March 2016 Winter Mountaineering Cairngorms Lindley offer courses for beginners intermediate and winter climbing and can also offer flexibility within these dates to suit 8th March 2016 LOtC and the Ofsted Framework Oxford This course looks at how LOtC has contributed to schools achieving a better Ofsted and encourages delegates to think about how to use these experiences to benefit their own school or setting 11th March 2016 METALOG open workshop Leeds This playshop with Shirley Gaston Our will give you the chance to have a go with METALOG training tools and see at first hand what a difference they can make to your courses 11 13th March 2016 The Outdoor City Weekender 2016 Sheffield and environs Not just an outdoor film festival also plenty of adventurous activities March 2016 International Ocean Film Tour Vol 3 Inspiring and thrilling ocean adventures and water sports films London 13th March 8pm Bristol 14th March 8pm Manchester 15th March 8pm Glasgow 16th March 8pm Edinburgh 17th March 8pm 17th March 2016 Meeting Curriculum Needs and Building Great Relationships with Schools Training for LOtC Providers Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust LOtC Learning Outside the Classroom March 2016 ONWARDS View the full calendar of Experiential CPD events Remember to tell us if you want an event listed BE IN TIME FOR NEXT MONTH S ISSUE Just send us your CPD news or thoughts by email with Experiential CPD as the subject RECOMMEND A RESOURCE OR EVENT If you have or know of other free quality resources of interest to facilitators of outdoor and experiential Learning please write to roger reviewing co uk FORWARD TO A FRIEND Use the Forward link below to forward Experiential CPD to a friend The box that appears allows you to add your own personal message In this issue Thought for the month Whose story The latest Experiential CPD Calendar of Events A Z of UK CPD resources Free downloads ABOUT EXPERIENTIAL CPD Experiential CPD is a moderated list where you can announce or learn about upcoming training events in the UK for outdoor educators and experiential trainers plus enticing international CPD events SIMPLE SOCIAL NETWORKING If you find Experiential CPD useful please recommend it to others using the Forward link at the foot of this page Or tell us what we can do to improve Experiential CPD and we ll make it better BE IN TIME FOR THE NEXT ISSUE Just send us your CPD news by email with Experiential CPD as the subject YOUR THOUGHTS Do you have a thought for the month Alternative views and new lines of thought are welcome Please send us your thoughts by email with Experiential CPD as the subject DISCLAIMER READER BEWARE We do not recommend or guarantee the quality or existence of events listed in Experiential CPD A Z of UK CPD resources for outdoor educators and experiential trainers

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  • Reviewing: What, Why and How ~ 10 Benefits and 10 Tips
    individuals can get stuck at a particular stage of development Reviewing provides a range of strategies for moving beyond this stage and for getting the cycles of learning and development turning again ACHIEVING OBJECTIVES Reviewing can help to clarify achieve measure and celebrate objectives OPENING NEW PERSPECTIVES People may be in the habit of reviewing experiences from their normal perspective By also seeing an experience from the perspectives of others and by re viewing an experience through a variety of windows reviewing techniques people can escape from tunnel or normal vision and learn from the bigger picture DEVELOPING OBSERVATION AND AWARENESS The more involving an experience the harder it is to observe what is happening Reviewing can encourage observation perception and general awareness both during and after experiences CARING By reviewing activities we show that we care about what people experience that we value what they have to say and that we are interested in the progress of each individual s learning and development When people feel cared for valued and respected as individuals they will be better learners ENCOURAGING SELF EXPRESSION It is not always easy to talk about experiences An imaginative and sensitive approach to reviewing can help people to find the medium situation symbol or question through which they can most readily express themselves This is where the expressive and creative arts can be particularly helpful USING SUCCESS Focusing on success may be a strange experience if it is usually problems that are the focus of attention in reviews Reviewing can help people to enjoy success to understand how it happened and to get accustomed to the idea that they can be successful PROVIDING SUPPORT Reviewing can be a valuable safety net The reassurance that support will be available in the event of failure encourages people to take risks of the kind that will be supported Whether people experience failure or success the causes can be analysed so that they learn how to avoid failure or win from failure and how to achieve success EMPOWERING PEOPLE Reviewing enhances people s ability to learn from individual or group experiences Improved learning ability together with increased confidence allows people to become more independent and more capable of self development and even of self actualisation Self and others actualisation may be a more suitable aspiration for those who acknowledge the mutually supportive nature of much reviewing EXPERIENCE REVIEWING LEARNING DEVELOPMENT EMPOWERMENT EVEN MORE REASONS FOR REVIEWING 10 reasons is just the beginning You will find even more reasons at the beginning and end of my article about active reviewing See Introduction Benefits and and Key Points Yes there are extra benefits if reviewing is an active process HOW TO REVIEW PRACTICAL TIPS see next 10 Benefits of Reviewing What is Reviewing Why Review How Review REVIEWING PROCESSING REFLECTION DEBRIEFING How Review This Active Reviewing website is full of practical tips and articles about reviewing The short article below is just one way in to the subject For other how to

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