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  • A-Z Index [T] Active Reviewing and Debriefing at reviewing.co.uk
    Reviewing for Teams Active Reviewing Tips 9 3 Telephone Testimonials from clients Therapy Adventure Therapy Bibliography Thesis Powerful Learning Experiences Time as a Facilitative Frame Time Line Time Savers for Facilitators Time Reviewing when Short of Time Tools for Change Tools for Trainers Tours of this site Training Activities books and reviews Training and Development Training Workshops Training and Development of Development Trainers Transfer of Learning article Transfer of Learning

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  • A-Z Index [U] Active Reviewing and Debriefing at reviewing.co.uk
    T U V W X Y Z HELP U UK SITES search for UK in the SiteFinder search box Understanding Success tools success Unsubscribe Active Reviewing Tips Ezine Unsubscribe SiteFinder Ezine same as Experiential Education Directory Ezine Unsubscribe Discussion Lists click how to leave top right A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

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    L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z HELP V Videos CDs DVDs Visible Reflection Techniques VISITORS COMMENTS feedback on this site Vision Mission and Values of Reviewing Skills Training A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z HOME HELP Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing Skills

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  • A-Z Index [W] Active Reviewing and Debriefing at reviewing.co.uk
    WELCOME INTRODUCTION introduction to this site Wellbeing Reviewing for Wellbeing article What do Facilitators do article WHAT S NEW on this site WHAT IS REVIEWING what why and how introduction Where can I find signposts to experiential resources on the web Why Active and Creative Reviewing pdf Foreword to Reviewingtechnieken WHY ADVENTURE Research Review Why Adventure References A J research bibliography Why Adventure References K Z Why Adventure Summaries and

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  • A-Z Index [XYZ] Active Reviewing and Debriefing reviewing.co.uk
    outdoor adventure Index of links Youth at risk More Than Activities handbook Youth at risk Review of research about Outdoor adventure with Young People at Risk in Part Three of Why Adventure Youth at risk Strategies for raising self esteem and reducing offending Youth Work Web Links Zen and the Inner Game books and reviews Zip files articles A B C D E F G H I J K L

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  • Active Learning Manual videos by Roger Greenaway
    to ask challenging questions of each other Another useful story telling aid is Moving Stones This method helps people talk about how a group changes over time People touch and move the stones as they tell their story Moving Stones improves the quality of communication about how a group or team grows and develops ACTIVE LEARNING MANUAL Moving Stones Part of the first video shows how holding onto a rope keeps everyone connected The knots moving round the circle give everyone frequent opportunities to speak up and join in In fact ropes have many uses in active learning Another example is Storyline where the storyteller creates a wiggly timeline showing their ups and downs The storyteller then walks along their rope while telling their story This method helps to make everyone a better storyteller For improving the quality of group discussions you can use Where Do You Stand Participants show where they stand on an issue by choosing their place on a curved spectrum After talking with a friendly neighbour everyone is well prepared for a lively group discussion during which everyone s point of view is clearly visible Another lively group discussion method is Turntable This method allows people to view things from two or three different perspectives Everyone gets a chance to speak on all sides of the discussion as they move around the circle You can even use active methods for feedback Spokes for example starts with each person rating their own performance by how far they move along a spoke towards the centre of a giant wheel People who seem to have undervalued their performance are invited by others to move closer to the centre of the wheel This invitation to move in is a powerful form of positive feedback As you can see in the

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  • Outdoor Stories and Indoor Stories: Stimulation vs. Simulation
    links to work into their outdoor exercises The similarities between indoor and outdoor OMD These differences between training exercises in the real outdoors and those which simulate the outdoors may be worth further investigation but for the purposes of this thesis it is the similarities which are of greater interest The similarities indicate some key features of the outdoors in the form of images and storylines which appear to retain some of their power and usefulness in exclusively indoor training settings I have outlined below the features which appear to be common to both indoor OMD and outdoor OMD POWERFUL IMAGES The real outdoors and the simulated outdoors both evoke powerful images which relate to management development in metaphorical ways e g surviving in the jungle and literally e g working as a team NEUTRAL SETTING Real or simulated outdoor scenarios provide a neutral setting in which all participants are likely to be equally disadvantaged the outdoors is seen as a leveller BACK TO BASICS Without sophisticated technology to assist or blame the demands and issues tend to be simple basic and inescapable Excuses and pretensions tend not to survive for long in survival situations whether real or imagined thus making way for greater honesty and straightforwardness in facing up to issues NOVICE LEARNERS The novelty of an outdoor scenario real or simulated instantly places managers in the role of learner This willingness to appear before peers as a learner seems more likely in an outdoor setting than in a setting which more obviously resembles work and in which a manager is already supposed to be reasonably competent This applies even if the management skills and experience required in each setting are very similar SPAN OF RELEVANCE To bridge the gap between outdoor and work settings generally requires a wider span of relevance than bridging the gap between two work settings Practice in making connections across wide gaps increases the range of experiences that managers can bring to bear on any one problem DEPTH OF LEARNING Where learners do succeed in making connections between two very different settings they tend to be at more profound levels It is important to distinguish here between the relatively superficial connections which are designed into exercises and the more profound connections made by individual managers when flashes of insight jump across the gap between outdoors and work VERSATILITY Managers can more readily test discover and demonstrate their potential and versatility an important asset for managers facing change in settings or simulations which are most different from their everyday work ENHANCED REALISM Both approaches claim to make the training experience more realistic but what could be further from reality than imagining that a neatly trimmed lawn is an alligator swamp or that a mountain top is a cashpoint both outdoor training exercises or imagining that an air conditioned training room is a jungle or an Arctic wilderness both indoor training exercises These would all be triumphs of the imagination over reality What is surely meant

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  • Archives for Active Reviewing Tips Ezine
    ARCHIVES HELP Active Reviewing Tips Ezine Ask for free delivery by email a practical feature on reviewing tips links to sites about active learning methods tips comments and ideas from readers what s new in the Guide to Active Reviewing

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