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  • Revolver/Turntable: a rotating discussion to develop mutual understanding
    appreciates that this is a role play exercise in which people are exaggerating their views or expressing views with which they disagree So it is worth reminding everyone that they have been performing no one should assume that any views expressed were genuine Everyone was acting even if the part they were playing happened to be close to their actual beliefs You may need to give people the opportunity to sort fact from fiction and to state how their own views are similar or different to the views they expressed during the Turntable exercise If sensitive issues have arisen it may be important for people to sort fact from fiction in front of the whole group But you may usually prefer quicker ways of making the transition from role play back to normal For example Ask everyone to rearrange the seating and rearrange themselves On their way to a different seat ask them to find a partner and tell them about anything they said that was their role view rather than their real view Now ask each person to restate a view spoken in role that is also their own real view You can do this as a round or as another partner exercise Top Applications Turntable can be used at any time BEGINNING e g reviewing a topic At the beginning of a course or topic it can be used for introducing an issue It draws out participants existing knowledge assumptions motivations beliefs and prejudices But be sure to allow people to disown any views expressed in role that are not their own MIDDLE e g complacency vs modesty During a course the opposing views can be about the quality of teamwork We are the world s worst team vs We are the world s best team Ideally the topic chosen is close to the purpose of the exercise or the course as a whole END e g training for transfer Turntable is particularly useful near the end of a course where participants are wondering whether their new learning or inspiration will make a difference The structure of Turntable allows everyone to argue from both pessimistic and optimistic viewpoints This is a good prelude for planning or a good test for plans already made Turntable can motivate reluctant participants Reluctance can have many causes so take care if using Turntable as a motivational tool or as a strategy for out flanking disruptive participants Used well Turntable can actually bring these issues into the open in a reasonably controlled manner The two sides of this debate are something like I should be at work Attending this course will make no difference versus Attending this course will benefit my work The issue is similar to the training for transfer topic described above The difference is in the timing At the beginning of a course it will affect participants attitude to the course At the end of a course it will help to prepare participants for transferring their learning back to the

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/discuss/discuss2.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Powerful learning experiences in management learning and development by Dr. Roger Greenaway
    by the British Library as being of high scholarly value and is being digitised by their Electronic Theses Online System EThOSnet How to get your copy Click http ethos bl uk Enter Roger Greenaway in the search box You will probably get just one result Powerful learning experiences You may be asked to register with the British Library before you can download it Enjoy I am still interested in research

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/download/index.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Facilitators' Stories - research article by Stuart Wickes
    here to download Facilitators Stories a 94kb PDF file Questions asked What do people mean when they say they facilitate What do they actually do What s it like for them to facilitate What s it like to be facilitated by them How does their practice compare with mine and what can I learn from them This study took place at Brathay Cumbria UK during 1998 9 as part of Stuart s studies for MSc in Change Agent Strategies and Skills with the University of Surrey Human Potential Research Group Stuart writes For practising facilitators these questions keenly pursued can deepen your understanding of the practice of facilitation and develop your own practice by understanding and experiencing the practice of others Thank you to Stuart Wickes and Brathay for permission to make this article available to you To contact Stuart or obtain a full copy of his thesis see the first page of the file that you download To learn about Brathay s research publications and their approach to development training visit the Brathay website at www brathay org uk Download Facilitators Stories Click here to download Facilitators Stories a 94kb PDF file To read this PDF file you may

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/download/facilitators-stories.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Evaluation Index
    GIVE AND TAKE EVALUATION FORM online and printable versions A happy sheet that helps learners reflect and that provides useful and balanced feedback FOLLOW UP EVALUATION BOOKSHOP Evaluation Section Also see WHY ADVENTURE RESEARCH HOME HELP Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/index.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • EVALUATION FORM for reflection and feedback
    learning or development Other PLUS points What HINDERED my learning or development Other MINUS points SIDEWAYS any comment from any angle IDEAS for improving events like this What else would you like to say This event deserves 10 To copy or adapt this page for your own use please contact roger reviewing co uk Ideas for improving or developing this evaluation process are always welcome Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing Skills Training website email post phone Click here for a version of this form that you can send via the web Click here for a cleaner printable version of this page To comment or provide feedback about this page or other pages on this website please use the reply form on the Communications Centre page If you want a smile sheet that gives you scores see Will Thalheimer s New Design for My Smile Sheet 2008 If you have attended an event provided by Reviewing Skills Training please read on Feedback about training and consultancy is always welcome short term or long term Short term feedback same day or within 10 days To provide short term feedback about a training consultancy event please click here for a version of the above

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/evalform.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Follow-up Evaluation Form 'Reviewing Skills Training' (web form)
    the training or about transfer try out the follow up questions belwo copy and paste the questions into an email Roger Greenaway roger reviewing co uk Participant Evaluation Questions Which training workshop did you attend Would you recommend the workshop to others from 0 no to 10 yes How much has your practice changed as a result of the workshop from 0 none to 10 a lot What evidence do

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/longfbk.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Course Evaluation Methods: 8 tips + 42 methods + 12 links
    did being in this group help or hinder or generally influence you On this course there should have been more opportunities for because On this course there should have been less because Things that shouldn t be changed on this course because they worked well for me In what ways do you think it was a well balanced programme In what ways do you think it was not a well balanced programme What advice would you give to people coming on this course to get most out of it What sort of person do you think would get most from this kind of course and why What sort of person do you think would get least from this kind of course and why What do you think you could have done if anything to get more out of this course What do you think you have gained from this course What might you do in the future to build on what you have gained from this course What previous experiences of yours were most like this course and why What aspects of this course stand out as being most different for you What do you think will you remember most about this course and why Were you surprised about the course in any way If so what surprised you Were you surprised about yourself in any way If so what surprised you How were the staff on this course different from other adults you come across What qualities do you think you need to work as a facilitator or trainer on these kinds of courses What experiences on this course do you think might have most affected your personal and social development In what ways if any do you think this course will have influenced or changed you How did this part of the project programme influence how you approached the rest of the project programme Can you think of three ideas however big or small that would help to make this a better and more valuable course If you could turn the clock back to the beginning of the course what might you choose to do or say differently Write an advertisement for this course What did you think of the food What did you think of the accommodation Extra ideas and comments received from readers of this page Ask participants to rate their own contribution Why limit evaluation to programme evaluation Do you have any ideas advice or evaluation methods to add Please send brief comments to roger reviewing co uk See below for evaluation methods from other sources LINKS FURTHER READING ON PRACTICAL COURSE EVALUATION Can you recommend any more good online articles about practical course evaluation 148 tips for designing external programme evaluation at archive org is a compilation of advice from hundreds of practitioners in education and evaluation derived from The Program Evaluation Standards at archive org Thousand Oaks CA Sage Publications Inc 1994 To make use of these 148 tips without getting overwhelmed try

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/methods1.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Evaluation Form for reflection and feedback (web form)
    from these options If your thoughts are about the training event you attended and how you intend to use your learning try the Give and Take Evaluation Form copy and paste the questions into an email If your thoughts about what has happened since the training or about transfer try out these follow up questions copy and paste the questions into an email Roger Greenaway roger reviewing co uk SOME

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/shortfbk.htm (2016-02-10)
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