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  • Rounds in the Active Reviewing Cycle
    O UNDS 1 FACTS If I d had a camera Nobody seemed to notice I nearly 3 FINDINGS I appreciated I m pleased that I I d like the group to tell me 2 FEELINGS My motivation went up when My low point was I experienced deja vu when More about rounds in reviewing PICTURES SUCCESS ROUNDS STONES REPLAY MISSING PERSON HAPPY CHART SKETCH MAP TRANSFER QUESTIONS Copyright Roger Greenaway

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/rounds.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Using 'Sketch Map' in the Active Reviewing Cycle
    create a map of the whole journey Ensure there are enough resources available for the whole group to work on this creative reviewing exercise together 3 FINDINGS Incidents and issues that occured during the journey will be relived and reviewed informally as they are recorded on the map Look out for events that merit closer attention 2 FEELINGS Encourage the group to include matchstick people speech bubbles thought bubbles and

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/sketch-map.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Using 'stones' in the Active Reviewing Cycle to explore group dynamics
    The objects stones or logs or cones represent people Arrange them to show how you see this group Which one is you 3 FINDINGS Now that you have seen and learned about the arrangements of others rearrange your own stones if you now see the group differently in any way 2 FEELINGS What does it feel like to be with this group What does it feel like to be in

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/stones-group-dynamics.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Success-focused questions in the Active Reviewing Cycle
    breeds success How can you help this process reviewing SUCCESS J J J 1 FACTS Success story describe what happened focusing on successes along the way 3 FINDINGS How did you succeed What was your recipe for success 2 FEELINGS What feelings do you associate with these successes Index to REVIEWING SUCCESS PICTURES SUCCESS ROUNDS STONES REPLAY MISSING PERSON HAPPY CHART SKETCH MAP TRANSFER QUESTIONS Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing Skills

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/success.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • The Active Reviewing Cycle | Reviewing Skills Tutorial
    FACTS What happened What did you do More about facts 3 FINDINGS Why did that happen What are you learning More about findings 2 FEELINGS What did you experience How did you feel More about feelings The 5th Zone Active Reviewing Articles Choose a method from the line below to see how it fits each of the 4 zones PICTURES SUCCESS ROUNDS STONES REPLAY MISSING PERSON HAPPY CHART SKETCH MAP

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/the-active-reviewing-cycle.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • The Transfer of Learning and the Active Reviewing Cycle
    after the event 3 FINDINGS FLOW CHART or MIND MAP Visual records capture patterns associations and relationships between ideas making learning more visible and portable 2 FEELINGS PAINTING or DRAWING The learner creates images that bring out key features of the experience and that generate talking points after the event EVIDENCE LEARNING TRANSFER article PICTURES SUCCESS ROUNDS STONES REPLAY MISSING PERSON HAPPY CHART SKETCH MAP TRANSFER QUESTIONS FEEDBACK The Transfer

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/learning-cycle/transfer-of-learning.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Outdoor Learning Index to web resources
    at Edvantia A collaborative project of ERIC and AEE a database of websites with about 200 entries Feb 2002 Search whole database or by one of the 8 categories SearchERIC org 1600 entries Feb 2002 for adventure education outdoor education and outdoor leadership For more research links see Outdoor Education Research Links A Z Outdoor Research Websites A Z Outdoor Research Articles A Z Outdoor Research Journals A Z Outdoor Research People OUTDOOR TRAINING WORKSHOPS Trainer training with Roger Greenaway for people working on youth or adult programmes Reviewing skills training for working with young people Working with young people in the outdoors 2 day programme outline and links OA1 REVIEWING OUTDOORS Focus maximising opportunities for learning and development while in an outdoor environment Specimen programme OA2 REVIEWING OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Focus linking review methods to particular outdoor activities and exercises OA3 WHY REVIEW ADVENTURES Focus creating commitment to reviewing and working out a personal rationale for a creative approach to reviewing OA4 EVALUATING ADVENTURE Focus developing evaluation tools that will improve the quality and effectiveness of your adventure based programmes Young People and Outdoor Adventure indexes the most relevant pages on this site Training for trainers working in Outdoor Management Development Programmes are open or customised Most focus on the critical skills of reviewing and transfer in ways that make the most of the outdoors Reviewing Skills and Tools for Outdoor Trainers 2 days How to Transfer Learning and give your training lasting impact 2 days Harnessing the power of outdoor learning Focus facilitation reviewing evaluation transfer and programme design 5 days Maximising Learning from Outdoor Management Development Day 1 Reviewing Skills Day 2 Transfer Skills Reviewing at the start middle end of a course Focus extending your toolkit practising skills Day 1 accelerate learning sharpen learning skills Day 2 impact depth usable learning transfer Day 3 appraisal feedback planning evaluation Using Experiential Learning to Develop Team Skills For more information see The OMD Links Index or the The Workshops Index or send an e mail OUTDOOR LEARNING RESEARCH by Roger Greenaway Powerful Learning Experiences in Management Learning and Development A study of the experiences of managers attending residential development training courses at the Brathay Hall Trust Development training is defined as a form of experiential learning that is intensified by the use of challenging activities Why Adventure The Role and Value of Outdoor Adventure in Young People s Personal and Social Development A Review of Research by Jon Barrett and Dr Roger Greenaway commissioned by the Foundation for Outdoor Adventure Development Training Index References What is it What is experienced The Training and Development of Development Trainers a research project by Roger Greenaway for the Manpower Services Commission and the Brathay Hall Trust GO BACK UP TO THE OUTDOOR INDEX Is Google the best resource site for outdoor educators and trainers Google provides the quickest results for most enquiries even outdoor ones To transform Google into a specialist search engine for your outdoor enquiries simply start your enquiry with

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/outdoor/outindex.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • What is Camp Research?
    did a meta analysis on camp s ability to influence self esteem The report is available from ACA and will be published in Camping Magazine shortly New York city is gearing up to send I believe 3000 kids to camp this summer 7000 next summer and 10000 in the summer of 2001 It s a two week experience that has a large educational component They plan to do research on the processes and outcomes I m reading the proposal now and will update when I know more Gwynn Powell is doing research into the definition of camping She wants to research the history and formulation of the definition and to research empirical evidence supporting the major components of the definition More information is archived on the web as part of the listserv see below I submitted a proposal to the American Camping Association to conduct a comprehensive literature review All published and unpublished research done in the 20th century would be covered however certain populations would likely be excluded like children with psychopathologies and juvenile delinquents The ACA chose not to fund the effort but other opportunities are being sought New information available soon The American Camping Association is trying to get a national camp evaluation project off the ground Currently they are considering using the Search Institute s framework but it isn t definite Their project may take place in the summer of 2000 but probably not until the summer after that This is a collaborative effort with other camp organizations like the Girl and Boy Scouts YMCA Campfire and others The National Inclusive Camp Practices NICP Study 1997 2000 National Inclusive Camp Practices NICP study of youth with and without disabilities in resident mainstream i e inclusionary camp and outdoor school programs The NICP study represents the first

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/outdoor/camp-research.htm (2016-02-10)
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