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  • 'Why Adventure?' Research Review: Bibliography and References A-J
    and Anti Social Behaviour Edinburgh Scottish Sports Council Cockrell D 1992 Changes in self Efficacy through outdoor skills instruction AEE International Conference Alberta Canada 35 37 Combs A and Snygg D 1949 Individual Behaviour New York Harper and Brothers Cooper C L and Mangham I L Eds 1971 T groups A survey of research Wiley Interscience Cooper C L 1977 Hurt or Helped A study of the personal impact on managers of experiential small group training programmes Training Information Paper 10 A Training Services Agency publication M S C HMSO Cooper G 1990 Linking outdoor and environmental education in Annual Review of Environmental Education No 3 review of 1989 Cooper reviews the recent convergence between outdoor education and environmental education traditions Cooper G 1994a The Value of Experiential Learning in Educating for Sustainability Association for Teacher Education in Europe Annual Conference Prague Cooper G 1994b The Role of Outdoor Education in Education for the 21st Century in Environmental Education 28 Summer 1994 Coopersmith S 1967 The Antecedents of Self Esteem San Francisco CA W H Freeman Co Cornell J B 1979 Sharing Nature with Children Ananda Publications California then Exley Publications Herts UK Cornell J B 1989 Sharing the Joy of Nature Dawn Publications Covington L V and Beery R G 1977 Self worth and School Learning New York Reinhart Winston Cromwell L 1993 Active Learning in the Classroom Putting Theory into Practice in Experiential Education 18 3 National Society for Experiential Education Cunningham I 1988 Interactive Holistic Research in Reason P 1988 Human Inquiry in Action Cytrynbaum S and Ken K 1975 The Connecticut Wilderness Program A preliminary report Hartford CT State of Connecticut Council on Human Services Damon W and Hart D 1982 The development of self understanding from infancy through adolescence Child Development 53 841 864 Davis Berman J and Berman D 1994 Wilderness Therapy Foundations Theory and Research Iowa Kendall Hunt Publishing Company De Cauter 1989 not translated in Van Welzenis I c 1992 Dean K 1990 Personal and Social Development of Young People through Residential Outdoor Education A Case Study unpublished M Ed dissertation University of Liverpool Delamont S 1980 Sex Roles and the School Methuen in Humberstone 1984 Dewey J 1938 Experience and Education Kappa Delta then Collier New York Diener C J and Dweck C S 1978 An analysis of learned helplessness continuous changes in performance strategy and achievement cognitions following failure Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 36 451 462 Dobson N 1975 The Effect of Outdoor Pursuits on the Attitudes of a Group of Delinquent Adolescent Boys to Themselves Their Families and Society unpublished M Ed dissertation University of Leicester Donohue E and Todd B 1981 Tyn Y Pwll in R Adams S Allard J Baldwin and J Thomas A Measure of Diversion Case Studies in IT Slough National Youth Bureau Doughty S and Loynes C 1993 Training for development trainers Proposed standards Centre for Continuing Education Training and Development Lancaster University Douglas T 1976 Group Work Practice London Tavistock Drasdo H 1972 1973 2nd enlarged edition Education and the Mountain Centres Tyddyn Gabriel Duke L Kearney D Kennan P and Nellis B 1992 Face to Face A practitioner s manual on personal development work with young people in Northern Ireland Youth Unit Save the Children Fund Durgin C H and McEwen D 1991 Troubled young people after the adventure programme Journal of Experiential Education 14 1 31 35 Dweck C S and Elliot E S 1984 Achievement motivation in M Hetherington Ed Social Development Carmichaels Manual of Child Psychology New York Wiley Eaves M 1983 Teaching Styles and Pupil Attitudes to PE in Secondary Schools Unpublished MPhil Nottingham University School of Education Eaves M 1984 Effective Styles of Teaching in Outdoor Education in The Journal of Adventure Education 4 1 8 11 Evans J and Clarke G 1988 Changing Face of PE in J Evans ed Teachers Teaching and Control in PE Falmer Press in Humberstone 1984 Ewert A 1982 Outdoor Adventure and Self Concept a Research Analysis Department of Leisure Studies and Services University of Oregon Ewert A 1987 Research in Experiential Education An Overview The Journal of Experiential Education Association for Experiential Education Boulder Colorado Ewert A 1987 Research in outdoor adventure Overview and analysis in The Bradford Papers Annual Vol 2 Indiana University Bloomington Fairbridge 1994 Annual Review 1993 London Fairbridge Fairbridge 1995 Challenger Fairbridge Magazine Issue 12 Farrington D P 1986 Age and crime in M Tonry and N Morris Eds Crime and Justice An Annual Review of Research Vol 7 Chicago University of Chicago Press Farrington D P 1990 Implications of criminal career research for the prevention of offending Journal of Adolescence 13 2 93 113 Farrington D P 1994 Early developmental prevention of juvenile delinquency RSA Journal CXLII 54 22 34 Farrington D P 1994b Human development and criminal careers in Morgan R Reiner R and M Maguire Eds The Oxford Handbook of Criminology Oxford Oxford University Press Fitts W 1970 Interpersonal competence the wheel model Counsellor Recording and Press Nashville Tennessee Fletcher B 1971 The Challenge of Outward Bound London Heinemann Fyfe K 1990 Outdoor pursuits courses for young offenders and at risk youth Unpublished report Wellington New Zealand Department of Justice Gaffney L R and McFall R M 1981 A comparison of social skills in delinquent and nondelinquent adolescent girls using a behavioral role playing inventory Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 49 959 967 Gahagan J 1991 Understanding other people understanding self in J Radford and E Govier Eds A Textbook of Psychology 2nd Edition London and New York Routledge Gardner H 193 Frames of Mind The Theory of Multiple Intelligence Heinemann in Cooper 1994b Gass M A Ed 1993 Adventure Therapy therapeutic applications of adventure programming in mental health settings Dubuque Iowa Kendall Hunt Gass M A 1993 Adventure Therapy Therapeutic Applications of Adventure Programming AEE Iowa Kendall Hunt Publishing Company Gendreau P and Ross R R 1987 Revivification of rehabilitation Evidence from the 1980s Justice Quarterly 4 463 489

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  • 'Why Adventure?' Research Review: Bibliography and References K-Z
    Lexington Books O Brien M 1990 Northland Wilderness Experience Report on an experiential program for the youth of Taitokerau Unpublished report University of Auckland Olson 1969 in Bunting 1989 Orgill R 1989 Sports Council Demonstration Project Outdoor Activities Report to the Countryside and Water Recreation DES Advisory Committee for Outdoor Education at Elizabeth House Orlick T 1978 The Cooperative Sports and Games Book Challenge Without Competition Writers and Readers Publishing Co operative Overton M Owens D and Yates C c 1987 Naturally Special Occasional Paper No 2 published jointly by the National Association of Field Studies Officers and Churchtown Farm Field Studies Centre Owens D c 1987 in Overton M Owens D and Yates C Palmer J 1992 Life Experiences of Environmental Educators Environmental Education Vol 41 in Cooper 1994b Payne J Drummond A W and Lunghi M 1970 Changes in the Self Concepts of School Leavers Who Participated In An Arctic Expedition in The British Journal of Educational Psychology June 19770 Vol 40 part 2 Penal Affairs Consortium 1995 Boot camps for offenders London Penal Affairs Consortium PGL Holidays 1995 a spokesperson for PGL Holidays talking on BBC Radio Scotland s Holiday Programme May 1995 Phipps M and Swiderski M 1990 The Soft Skills of Outdoor Leadership in Miles and Priest 1990 221 232 Pilger J 1989 Heroes London Pan Books Ltd Pitts J 1990 Working with Young Offenders BASW London Macmillan Poels 1991 not translated in Van Welzenis I c 1992 Priest S and Gass M 1993 Five Generations of Facilitated Learning from Adventure Experiences The Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Leadership 10 3 23 25 Priest S 1985 Effective Outdoor Leadership A Survey The Journal of Experiential Education 8 1 13 15 Project Adventure c 1990 a paper produced by Project Adventure providing statistical and anecdotal evidence of its impact Project Adventure Inc Hamilton Massachusetts Purdy D A and Richard S F 1983 Sport and juvenile delinquency An examination and assessment of four major theories Journal of Sport Behavior 6 4 179 193 Rhode C and Kendle A c 1994 a review of the effects of nature on psychological health exact title not known produced for English Nature by Reading University and the Research Centre for the Care of the Elderly reported by Nicholson Lord 1994 Richards G E 1984 Principles Techniques and Developments in Evaluating Outward Bound and related Learning by Experience Programmes A Perspective Australian Association for Research in Education National Conference Perth November 1984 Richards A 1990 Kurt Hahn in J Miles and S Priest Eds Adventure Education State College PA Venture Publishing Inc Richards A 1995 Keynote Speech at the National Association of Outdoor Education Study Weekend Ambleside Richards referred to research by Roger Whitman showing differences between learner and instructor ratings of learning processes Ringer M 1994 Leadership competencies for outdoor adventure From recreation to therapy in J Barrett Ed Adventure Based Interventions With Young People In Trouble and At Risk Conference proceedings Dumfries Basecamp Roberts K White G and Parker H 1974 The Character Training Industry David and Charles Roberts K and White G 1972 The Impact of character training courses upon young people An empirical investigation British Journal of Social Work 2 337 354 Robins D 1990 Sport as Prevention The Role of Sport in Crime Prevention Programmes Aimed At Young People Occasional Paper No 12 Centre for Criminological Research University of Oxford Robinson R 1988 Howtown Outdoor Education Centre An Evaluation dissertation for an Open University degree Rogers A Ed 1994 Environmental Youth Work Briefing Council for Environmental Education Rogers C 1951 Client Centered Therapy Boston Mass Houghton Mifflin Company Rogers C 1961 On Becoming A Person London Constable Rogers C 1969 Freedom to Learn A View Of What Education Might Become C E Merrill Columbus Ohio Rohnke K 1994 FUNN Functional understanding not necessary in J Barrett Ed Adventure Based Interventions With Young People In Trouble And At Risk Conference proceedings Dumfries Basecamp Rosenbaum M c 1995 Children and the Environment National Children s Bureau quoted in Maxwell Scottish Child Feb March 1995 Rosenberg M 1979 Conceiving the Self New York Basic Books Rosenthal M 1986 The Character Factory London Collins Ross R R 1990 Research Summary Department of Criminology University of Ottawa Ross R R and Fabiano E A 1985 Time to Think A Cognitive Model of Delinquency Prevention and Offender Rehabilitation Johnson City Tennessee Institute of Social Sciences and Arts Inc Ross R R 1991 Reasoning and rehabilitation of offenders in What Works Effective Methods to Reduce Offending Conference Proceedings Greater Manchester Probation Service Ross R R and Ross B D 1988 Delinquency prevention through cognitive training New Education 10 70 75 Rotter J B 1966 Generalised expectancies for internal versus external control of reinforcement Psychological Monographs 80 1 Ruse D 1989 City Adventures Paul Chapman London Rutherford A 1986 Growing Out Of Crime Harmondsworth Penguin Books Ltd Sachs J J and Miller S R 1992 The impact of wilderness experience on the social interactions and social expectations of behaviourally disordered adolescents Behavioural Disorders 17 2 89 98 Sakofs M 1991 Assessing the impact of an Outward Bound program for adjudicated youth Journal of Experiential Education 14 2 49 50 Sarnecki J 1983 Research into juvenile crime in Sweden Information Bulletin of the National Swedish Council for Crime Prevention Stockholm Save the Children Fund 1990 Worth the Trouble A report on the first year of the Dumbarton Alternative to Detention Project Save the Children Fund Scotland Schoel J Prouty D and Radcliffe P 1988 Islands of Healing A Guide to Adventure Based Counselling Hamilton MA Project Adventure Inc Schutz W C and V L Allen 1966 The effects of a T group laboratory on interpersonal behaviour Journal of Applied Behavioural Science 1 3 265 286 Scott H University of Alberta in Orlick 1978 6 Scraton S 1986 Images of Femininity and the teaching of girls PE in J Evans Ed PE Sport and Schooling Falmer Press in Humberstone 1984 Segrave J O and Hastad D

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  • Experiential learning theory: summary of the definitive critique
    experimentation are not appropriately placed on a continuum of transformation as it has been demonstrated that inherent in the constitutive nature of each of the four modes are constructive transformations and structuring activities The modes of reflective observation and active experimentation are not appropriately distinguished as intension and extension respectively as it has been demonstrated that inherent in each of these modes are activities directed both inward toward the person and outward toward the environment Intension and extension are directionalities constitutive of both modes Active experimentation is not inclusive of all forms of active expression which could serve to make forms of knowing resultant from learning apparent Active experimentation represents only one form of externalized behavioral expression In it current portrayal of active experimentation Experiential Learning Theory sets up conditions for learning which are limited to functional adaptation It is suggested that the activities of this mode are more akin to active expression and that these sets of activities can take a variety of forms both intensive and extensive in directionality It is apparent that the four separate modes depicted in Experiential Learning Theory are not separate and distinct In fact they are inextricably interconnected and interpenetrating To suggest learning requires abilities that are polar opposites and the learner as a result must continually choose which set of learning abilities he will bring to bear in any specific learning situation Kolb and Fry 75 36 is to distort the findings and genius of Piaget Kohler Wertheimer Jung Dewey and Lewin The relationship between the four learning modes at the least must be described as reciprocal interpenetrating and functionally dependent It has been demonstrated through Piaget that each mode constructs new transformation structures on the basis of what has gone before that activities of perception and apprehension perception and abstract conceptualization interpenetrate one another and cannot be sharply distinguished even developmentally Hence a more appropriate portrayal of the relationships between the modes needs to be understood and presented if the Experiential Learning Theory and its Model are to possess construct validity and intellectual integrity Finally it is fallacious to define learning as the result of adaptive choice Adaptive choice results from learning One may integrate new experience as a result of adaptive choice and learn from it but the learning process that takes place should not to be equated with adaptive choice Adaptive choice results in an object given in cognition or experience from which structural transformations take shape Adaptive choice may provide the fodder for learning But that is all Adaptive choice does not create knowledge cognition or intuition It is not constitutive of learning in any of the foundational sources upon which Experiential Learning Theory bases its constructs Experiential Learning Theory has depicted learning as an open system wherein sensory data from the environment enters the system of the person as concrete experiencing and exits the system of the person through active experimentation What takes place within the universe of the cycle is depicted as sharply differentiated activities that

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  • Research into the Effect of Participation in Outdoor Activities on Engendering Lasting Active Lifestyles
    from our research in Coventry leaves us in no doubt that young people want outdoor adventure activities Out of all the activities that the 900 pupils interviewed in our survey of 5th and 6th formers wanted to try when they left school outdoor adventure activities led the way p14 Outdoor and adventure activities make up eleven out of the top twenty thirteen out of twenty if you include archery and shooting The responses are from male and female students across a wide range of social backgrounds TOP TWENTY Skiing Parachuting Canoeing Water Skiing Archery Shooting Hang Gliding Windsurfing Rock Climbing Squash American Football Motor Racing Horse Riding Sailing Karate Yoga Golf Judo Sub Aqua Ice Skating A follow up survey of the same pupils three years later showed that the opportunities to take up the activities they mentioned outside of school were just not there Only 5 out of the 114 in the follow up survey managed to take up one of the activities on a regular basis No one had even tried rock climbing motor racing or horse riding let alone had the chance to take it up This suggests that the lack of evidence of an enduring effect may be more to do with lack of opportunity than with lack of motivation This could be because there were no local facilities or because participants could not afford to access them Questions about what activities they wanted to try showed that their interests were shifting towards adventure activities as young people get older As the CCPR response to the Choosing Health Choosing Activity Consultation has shown lack of long term investment in such activities is currently a barrier to increasing capacity to deliver and hence to increasing participation 4 Geoff Nichols Research into the Effect of Sports Counselling on Diversion from Crime Particulars of this research may be viewed at www shef ac uk pr press releases pr96 44 96 html Nichols evaluated schemes designed to encourage and support young people in taking up a regular interest in sport or outdoor activity in order to divert them from crime The same principles and procedures might well apply in relation to obesity These programmes were the most deliberate efforts we know of to get young people to change their lifestyle and take up a regular physical activity It is a longitudinal study showing that sports counselling has an enduring effect on offender behaviour Although we have not researched the evidence we think that there must have been studies showing how PE lessons in schools affect lifestyle choices Equally the reduction of PE in schools must surely be contributing to more sedentary lifestyles 5 National Youth Watersports Audit 1996 British Marine Industries Federation and Southampton Institute This study lists health mental and physical as a benefit of participation in watersports and gives evidence from Welshman s research on Children s Fitness and Activity Levels British Journal of Physical Education July 1994 vol 6 no 4 p 13 that mounting evidence indicates

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  • Active Learning Books and Reviews | All profits go to Save the Children
    Training Personal Development Research Methodology Reviewing and Reflection Teambuilding Training Games Activities Training Skills Transfer of Learning Zen and Inner Game SEARCH Roger s Bookshop All of reviewing co uk Tools for Change Ezine Archives SiteFinder Directory for Special Reviews The Well Played Game A Player s Philosophy Reviewer Roger Greenaway The Experiential Learning Toolkit Reviewer Roger Greenaway Bad Science Reviewer Roger Greenaway Solving Tough Problems Reviewer Roger Greenaway Teams for a New Generation Reviewer Roger Greenaway in AJOE Outdoor and Experiential Learning Reviewer Roger Greenaway Learning to Fly vs Common Knowledge Reviewer Roger Greenaway Experience AI vs Outdoor Management Development Reviewer Roger Greenaway Roger s Pick of the Best Books Reviewer Roger Greenaway Adventure for Life Reviewer Steve Bowles Open Space Technology A User s Guide Reviewer Jac Rongen Spiritual Warrior The Art of Spiritual Living Reviewer Paul Hunting Full Descriptions The RHP Companion to Outdoor Education The Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning follow link to IOL Q What s popular A See The Top 20 Q What s best A See Best Books Q Where are the bargains A They are all on one page at Books Under a Fiver Q What s new A See New Books or browse the right margins in any category Q Where am I A Roger s Bookshop is part of The Active Reviewing Guide Q What is Roger s relationship with Amazon A Roger Greenaway is a participant in the Amazon Europe S à r l Associates Programme an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon co uk Javari co uk Amazon de Amazon fr Javari fr Amazon it Also Roger Greenaway is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program an affiliate advertising program

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  • Accelerated Learning Books & Reviews | All profits go to Save the Children
    into one s mindscapes Move It Accelerated Learning Series Alistair Smith Synopsis A book of practical physical movements to aid learning The proposition is that physical movement can offer reprieve it can link to learning it can improve motor control and it can be fun and memorable in itself There is an increasing body of knowledge that links physical movement and learning What the best teachers and the wisest parents have believed for years is affirmed in this book of physical activities The book contains over 100 activities all fully illustrated with clear instructions on how to develop them Children and older learners alike should benefit from practising them Alistair Smith has been described as the UK s leading trainer in modern learning methods Amazon co uk Smart Moves Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head Carla Hannaford Synopsis Concerned with the neural basis of learning and educational kinesiology this text is a synthesis of knowledge of the neurosciences and how bodily movement emotional expression nutrition and the social and physical environment influence learning Amazon co uk See these reviews at amazon co uk The Brains Behind It New Knowledge About the Brain and Learning Alistair Smith Book Description If you want to know more about the brain and learning this is the book you need With separate sections on the development cycle of the learning brain from conception to old age the book sets out separate fact from fallacy findings from fads Clear guidance is given as to what helps and what hinders learning Highly readable illustrated throughout and well researched the book will appeal to parents educators and policy makers The Brain s Behind It promises to become the definitive book on the brain and learning Alistair Smith has been described as the UK s leading trainer in modern learning methods Amazon co uk Leading Learning Accelerated Learning Series Alistair Smith Book Description This compilation summarises the leading thinking from around the world on transforming learning and transforming teaching Within one cover are over 200 posters which draw from the best in brain research motivational psychology theories of intelligence and classroom management Use these photocopiable posters to refresh your teaching Amongst the topics covered by these photocopiable posters you will find here are engagement and motivation smart marking 5 features of learning to learn optimising time on task the most effective staff training target setting effective lesson structures thinking skills etc Alistair Smith has been described as the UK s leading trainer in modern learning methods Amazon co uk Accelerated Learning in Practice Brain based Methods for Accelerating Motivation and Achievement Alistair Smith See these mostly enthusiastic reviews Accelerated Learning in the Classroom Alistair Smith Book Description The first book in the UK to apply new understandings about the role of the brain in learning to the classroom this book clearly outlines what all teachers should know about how children learn It includes advice on how to create the ideal environment for learning and how to help learners to fulfil their potential The original classic text on the subject now in its fourth reprint amazon co uk Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century The Six Step Plan to Unlock Your Master Mind Colin Rose Malcolm J Nicholl Find out more at the website for Accelerate Learning Systems Ltd UK or at amazon co uk Mindful Learning 101 Proven Strategies for Student and Teacher Success Linda Campbell These active learning strategies for teachers include Tapping students background knowledge Ways to teach with active learning processes Proven methods to teach reading to diverse learners How to run a classroom that is gender fair Proven ways to make assessment meaningful Specific suggestions for defining and meeting the needs of English language learners and other diverse student populations plus summaries of research that explain how and why the 101 strategies work Amazon co uk We re Born to Learn Using the Brain s Natural Learning Process to Create Today s Curriculum Rita Smilkstein Publisher s Description extract In We re Born to Learn Smilkstein reframes traditional education transforming the student who can t into the student who is simply not experiencing his or her birthright as a naturally motivated learner This book provides research based concrete strategies for creating a student centered curriculum in which every student can learn Smilkstein has broken down the Natural Human Learning Process NHLP into six stages from foundational knowledge through higher level thinking She then provides guidelines and models showing educators how to create learning experiences at each stage of the process for individuals small groups and whole classes so all students can experience the joy and satisfaction of success Learning French And Ballet For Kids And Adults Duncan Adams Review How much would you pay for a better memory This simple method works I have tried it You can learn about it by taking a look at a free online 25 slide Power Point presentation which introduces you to the world of Snapse and how IPEimaging can help you memorise things The idea may be simple but the book helps you to see different examples of how it works And seeing is everything in this method Because IPE Image Processing Engine our brains which like to see things Review by Roger Greenaway Frames of Mind The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner Synopsis This study argues that everybody possesses at least seven intelligences ranging from musical intelligence to the intelligence involved in understanding oneself most of which have been overlooked in our testing society Undermining the common notion that intelligence is a general capacity that every human being possesses to a greater or lesser extent the author proposes that each person s blend of competences produces a unique cognitive profile Seized upon by educators throughout the world multiple theory has been applied in hundreds of classrooms and school districts since this book was first published This Tenth Anniversary Edition brings the theory up to date Howard Gardner is the author of The Unschooled Mind

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  • Adventure for Life ... issues in experiential education, reviewed by Steve Bowles
    in this book as a natural life process rather than being any activity like climbing or canoeing Adventure is for life and with life itself As one of the writers I cannot will not comment on the content of the individual texts but I will make some comments that I feel are objective enough to stand the test of time I comment thus This book may help bridge again that gap which was opened up so unnecessarily between youth and community work and outdoor adventure education This book is user friendly for youth and community workers as well as it is for all that understand the place of a social pedagogy This is not a book to fix an adventure in terms of any sporty activity as such This book brings in a new set of references too The monopoly that has been evident recently from American texts is not seen in this book at all Few examples from America are used The main references are distinctly European with many German works quoted and promoted and many Finnish works too This will help to open up the subject for the new student and it may help the student of today find alternative perspectives with which evaluations are made Finally this book respects the reader The reader is openly encouraged to explore with these texts The reader is seen from the start as an active interpreter of texts Personally I find this the best part of the book in terms of general awareness as far too many books have in the past treated the reader as a kind of fool or have treated the so called programme as the main thing to be learnt and followed This book impels the reader into experience as if I understand our subject half correctly

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  • Age Group Activities | Books & Reviews | All profits go to Save the Children
    and affirming way The book ends with some example activities for use in groups where a creative approach to process may help the members to move forwards The book is well referenced and indexed and structured to allow easy navigation for the reader John Sharry has produced a book which will interest not only group therapists but also anyone interested in helping groups stay on track towards solutions Extract from Mark McKergow s review at Amazon co uk Group Action The Dynamics of Groups in Therapeutic Educational and Corporate Settings Martin T Ringer Reviewed by Chris Loynes This may be the first text for a long while that seeks to explore the learning group experience instead of transferring ideas and practices from other types of groups into this context Martin draws mainly on psycho dynamic ideas of groups but he does this critically not bringing in things that only work in the settings in which the ideas were developed like one to one therapy He also brings in other ideas as they seem to him to explain phenomena we experience in learning groups or help the facilitator understand their experience in act in role Martin has a background in corporate and youth social work and what he has to say is linked to examples from both Outdoor people will enjoy and be intrigued by the wombat story Although the book is theory rich it is well written and I found it easy to connect the ideas to experience and practice The main part of the book does focus on the implications to practice of Martin s ideas I ve adopted it as a key text for our MA degree I recommend it reviewed by Chris Loynes The MA reference is explained on the careers page Synopsis Groups provide a powerful medium for therapeutic work and are the building blocks of all institutions whether in the education health government or private sectors Martin Ringer outlines techniques for understanding groups that should be relevant to those who lead teams in any setting The result is a guide to both leading a group and to understanding the necessary dynamics that should result in the best teamwork Throughout the author uses his experience to try and make his points as accessible as possible to all readers whether or not they have a formal background in group psychology amazon co uk You will find a flyer and book reviews from Australia Germany and the UK at the author s website The Tao of Leadership Lao Tzu s Tao Te Ching Adapted for a New Age John Heider Reviewed by Roger Greenaway This book is definitely about group facilitation although its potential application is far broader Each double page is a single topic with an image on the left and a few paragaphs on the right John Heider is a master of capturing what matters on one side of A5 You won t find any recipes but you will find plenty of valuable insights Good medicine for anxious intrusive or manipulative facilitators and a tonic for everyone else Roger Greenaway Learning in Groups A Handbook for Improving Group Working David Jaques Synopsis This text explores how to get the most out of group learning in both academic and training situations This revised edition introduces material on team working and collaborative learning and introduces assessment It also offers additional exercises and learning activities Amazon co uk Great Meetings How to Facilitate Like a Pro Dee Kelsey Pam Plumb Kippy Rudy Great Meetings is a user friendly resource book designed to help meeting leaders facilitators and participants understand the important steps for planning and facilitating a great meeting It is also a useful text for facilitation and meeting management training Topics include What is facilitation getting to know your group preparing for a meeting designing a great meeting problem solving process tools maximizing your group s potential promoting positive communication managing conflict intervening and using graphics Amazon co uk The Facilitator s Guide to Participatory Decision Making Sam Kaner Lenny Lind Duane Berger Catherine Toldi Sarah Fisk Michael Doyle Publisher s Synopsis A training manual and sourcebook for facilitators managers and leaders who want to encourage full participation promote mutual understanding and help groups build inclusive sustainable agreements It presents more than 200 valuable tools and skills and places them in the context of a lucid realistic model of the dynamics of group decision making This Guide will help all facilitators improve their diagnostic judgement and increase their repertoire of methods and skills for supporting groups to make sound saner decisions See Paula Green s detailed and favourable review published in Fellowship July August 1997 Once Upon a Group A Book to Help Members of Groups That s All of Us Michael Kindred Maggie Kindred A book to help members of groups This is a practical readable and affordable introduction to groupwork with useful matchstick figure illustrations 78 pages Roger Greenaway The Red Book of Groups Gaie Houston This is another practical readable and affordable introduction to groupwork with useful matchstick figure illustrations It also demonstrates gestalt concepts in action a whole person approach to development Based on the author s BBC TV programmes Roger Greenaway Making Meetings Work Patrick Forsyth Synopsis A guide to making meetings work covering drawing up objectives and setting realistic agendas deciding the who where and when to meet chairing effectively encouraging discussion creativity and sound decision making sharpening observation skills and dealing with problem participants No Contest Alfie Kohn Book Description No Contest stands as the definitive critique of competition Contrary to accepted wisdom competition is not basic to human nature it poisons our relationships and holds us back from doing our best In this new edition Alfie Kohn argues that the race to win turns all of us into losers How to Make Meetings Work Michael Doyle David Straus Synopsis The Interaction Method is a recently devised way to stop wasting time and get things done at meetings This book covers

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