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  • Linking to the Adventure and Experiential Education Directory
    the text below into an email Copy paste this text into SITEFINDER The Adventure and Experiential Education Directory will help you to find the best sites about experience based learning To sign up for the free monthly ezine about the directory go to http reviewing co uk a new email click here and send it to a friend DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE Two easy ways to make a link 1 To place a link to this directory from your website you may use the text link above 2 To use this image Click your right mouse button on the image Select Save picture image as Save the sitefind gif file to the same directory as your web page Copy and paste the code below or similar into your web page a href http reviewing co uk img align left border 0 height 31 width 88 hspace 10 vspace 2 src sitefind gif alt ADVENTURE SITEFINDER The Adventure and Experiential Education Directory of nbsp Web nbsp Sites a This code should produce a link looking something like this The Adventure and Experiential Education Directory of Web Sites Problems Questions Send an email to DO YOU HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS Please recommend

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  • Index to Frequently Asked Questions at http://reviewing.co.uk (FAQs)
    Active Learning Bookshop 500 titles Books and articles by Roger Greenaway Questions about reviewing What is reviewing What is on offer at reviewing co uk Who is it for lots more pages about reviewing Where can I find out more about active learning corporate adventure training CAT debriefing development training outdoor management development OMD reviewing young people and outdoor adventure I m tired of links and lists where can I

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  • Where can I find information about active learning?
    Integrating the worlds of talk and action Over reliance on words can restrict our ability to learn from experience however articulate or inarticulate we may think we are Talk and action tend to inhabit distinct and separate worlds especially when there is a clear demarcation line between doing and reviewing The more separate these worlds the less likely it is that learning from experience is happening Active reviewing brings these worlds closer together by narrowing the gap between theory and practice The benefits of active reviewing The benefits arising from the habit of active reviewing can include More effective learning from experience An improved confidence in translating words into action trying out ideas making decisions happen and turning plans into reality Soundly based resolutions and action plans The transition of learning from a course is more likely to happen if plans for the future have already been rehearsed in some way while on the course Language is more likely to be used accurately responsibly and sensitively When language and action are no longer safely separated the quality of communication can only improve Active reviewing complements discussion based methods it does not replace them There is a risk that active reviewing

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  • Where can I find information about debriefing?
    and Reflection Reviewing for all Reviewing Outdoors Reviewing with Large Groups Tools for Change 10 BENEFITS OF DEBRIEFING You are more in touch with learners perspectives You are developing their communication skills and yours You are developing learning skills yours and theirs You are adding value to what is already happening You are making benefits more tangible You are generating evidence for evaluation You become more alert and responsive to

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  • Where can I find information about development training?
    also provides opportunities for open ended curiosity exploration and discovery What is experienced Experiences of moving beyond what is safe known or familiar Experiences that are fulfilling and intrinsically rewarding The sense of fulfilment and reward may arise mostly from the experience itself or may arise mostly from the process of reflection review e g through positive feedback perhaps following unfulfilling experiences Experiences that are missing For young people these experiences will generally involve crossing new thresholds and new ways of learning For older people these experiences may include rediscovering the child within What is missing could be guided by a curriculum checklist of experiences to which everyone has a right but what is missing is something that is essentially an intuitive judgement made by the individual perhaps in discussion with trusted others For many young people the missing experience of being in a supportive developmental group is the starting point from which other missing experiences can be found What are the outcomes Some learning is now part of me some I will need to remember quote from a development training participant Growth now a part of me Growth outcomes are sensed but they may be hard to describe and

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  • Where can I find information about reviewing?
    a particular stage of development Reviewing provides a range of strategies for moving beyond this stage and for getting the cycles of learning and development turning again ACHIEVING OBJECTIVES Reviewing can help to clarify achieve measure and celebrate objectives OPENING NEW PERSPECTIVES People may be in the habit of reviewing experiences from their normal perspective By also seeing an experience from the perspectives of others and by re viewing an experience through a variety of windows reviewing techniques people can escape from tunnel or normal vision and learn from the bigger picture DEVELOPING OBSERVATION AND AWARENESS The more involving an experience the harder it is to observe what is happening Reviewing can encourage observation perception and general awareness both during and after experiences CARING By reviewing activities we show that we care about what people experience that we value what they have to say and that we are interested in the progress of each individual s learning and development When people feel cared for valued and respected as individuals they will be better learners ENCOURAGING SELF EXPRESSION It is not always easy to talk about experiences An imaginative and sensitive approach to reviewing can help people to find the medium situation symbol or question through which they can most readily express themselves This is where the expressive and creative arts can be particularly helpful USING SUCCESS Focusing on success may be a strange experience if it is usually problems that are the focus of attention in reviews Reviewing can help people to enjoy success to understand how it happened and to get accustomed to the idea that they can be successful PROVIDING SUPPORT Reviewing can be a valuable safety net The reassurance that support will be available in the event of failure encourages people to take risks of the kind

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  • Where can I find out about active learning?
    points 1 Active reviewing as a group norm Active reviewing techniques should not be regarded as the sole property of the trainer Once a group is familiar with the use of active language and active conventions then the mixing of discussion and action can become the norm providing everyone with wider opportunities for enlivening extending and enriching their reviews 2 Holistic experiences need holistic reviews If the experiences being reviewed are holistic rather than purely cerebral then it makes sense to offer reviewing media and methods that are suitable vehicles for these multifaceted holistic experiences If the reviewing vehicles offered are merely discussion based then the less discussible aspects of experience will remain untapped unreviewed and unharnessed Important sources of power energy and insight will remain neglected and underused 3 It s difficult to find words to express People interviewed after disasters struggle to find words that adequately express their feelings Experience based training should of course not expose people to such trauma but the principle is the same new and intensive experiences however traumatic or pleasurable they might be challenge us to find adequate ways of expressing ourselves Experience based learning especially when it is also adventure based creates experiences that can be very rich extensive intensive confusing or complex If the quality of the experience is to have maximum impact for learning then it must be matched by reviewing methods that are capable of dealing with the depth essence and richness of the original experience 4 The reviewer s toolkit Active and creative reviewing techniques should be seen as basic tools in a reviewer s toolkit but they will never replace the need for the skilful and imaginative use of verbal techniques and for facilitating group discussions Active reviewing techniques have many purposes At all stages of the

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  • Where can I find out about development training?
    is usually expressed more modestly in programme aims Commitment to self development and customer satisfaction makes it difficult for providers of training to have purposes other than those of meeting customer needs and providing opportunities for self development Because of this difficulty let alone the difficulty of evaluating whole person development I have argued in a research report that Development training may be better represented as being development through the whole person rather than as development of the whole person The learning climate in development training enables development through the whole person Greenaway 1986 This view is different to the priority given to development of the whole person in the Development Training Advisory Group Code of Practice 1986 It seems that development training can be represented either as a holistic training methodology through which a number of different purposes can be achieved or as an almost evangelical movement committed to the concept of developing whole persons In my view the former representation is a more accurate description of the processes involved However youth development tends to be relatively closer to the evangelical approach while management development is generally closer to the utilitarian approach using whole person methods as a means

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