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  • Where can I find out about reviewing?
    review would meet the needs of the participants What preparation would help to produce this kind of review What kind of experience would lead into this kind of review What kind of activity would create this kind of experience PURPOSE When and how are group aims and objectives decided When and how are individual aims and objectives decided TIMING Immediately after the event After a short break Next week A quick on the spot review followed by a longer one later After another activity and review both together Same duration as the activity Or shorter Or longer PLACE Where the activity took place while experiences are fresh and are the natural topic of conversation and while it is easier to demonstrate a point or repeat parts of the activity While walking travelling or eating providing a chance for informal reviewing especially with loud or quiet individuals who find it difficult to participate in a group setting The review room Ideal surroundings Comfortable Air conditioned Quiet No interruption or distraction Plenty of space and resources CLIMATE How structured How informal Easygoing Businesslike Free flowing discussion Speakeasy Challenging Fun Covering lots of ground quickly or one aspect in depth Using several reviewing methods or just one GROUND RULES No contract or agreement unless problems arise Rules are expressed positively more do s than don ts Agreeing principles rather than rules more respect for principles What is negotiable What is not negotiable PARTICIPATION How will you maintain high levels of involvement for each individual How will you help those who cannot express themselves readily especially as they may have the greatest need to do so ENDING How will you decide when to finish Will this be agreed in advance Will important points be summarised How How will you gauge and attend to emotional

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  • Where can I find outdoor education research?
    listing of outdoor research on the web CHECK my Research Index and the extracts from Why Adventure a review of research about THE ROLE AND VALUE OF OUTDOOR ADVENTURE IN YOUNG PEOPLE S PERSONAL AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CHECK the Outdoor Index and JOIN the outdoor discussion groups that match your interests SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR ENQUIRY to roger reviewing co uk Search for outdoor education research in Advanced Site

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  • Where can I find research about development training?
    a more thorough search of this site use the Advanced Site Search Page Development Training Index Research in Experiential Learning What is Development Training Development Training and Learning for Growth In Search of Respectable Adventure Growth Through Activities What is development training Development Training combines development change and growth with training learning specific skills Development Training accelerates learning and cultivates the habit of learning from life For more definitions of

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  • Where can I find training in reviewing skills?
    is for everyone We all do it It is how we learn grow and develop Anyone can benefit from reviewing everyday experiences whether these experiences disappoint or delight us We can add value to successful experiences by reviewing them While celebrating our successes we can also learn more about how success was achieved We can also learn from mistakes and unsuccessful experiences We can learn how to cope with them

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  • Young People and Outdoor Adventure: Index
    offending Tools index Active Reviewing Tips Archives RESEARCH about working with young people in the outdoors Why Adventure research review A Z of Outdoor Learning Research on the web THEORY about active experiential learning tutorial about the active reviewing cycle Experiential Learning on the web TRAINING WORKSHOPS with Roger Greenaway News of the latest public open courses List of workshop titles Workshop description Working with young people in the outdoors Client list and testimonials For enquiries about training workshops please write to roger reviewing co uk RELATED LINKS The Outdoor Index Manifesto for Outdoor Adventure for Young People Where can I find information about Development Training Search for young people in Advanced Site Search For free and convenient e learning in reviewing skills you are welcome to take out a free subscription to Active Reviewing Tips where you will also learn about upcoming open workshops Youth Work and Childrens Rights REVIEWING SKILLS TRAINING Vision Mission and Values Roger Greenaway News and Events Clients and Costs Testimonials Reviewing is for everyone We all do it It is how we learn grow and develop Anyone can benefit from reviewing everyday experiences whether these experiences disappoint or delight us We can add value

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  • Reviewing Skills Training Conference Presentations and Workshops
    EEE 1999 2013 Institute of Training and Occupational Learning ITOL Edinburgh 2006 International Consortium for Experiential Learning ICEL ICEL 1994 USA ICEL 2006 UK ICEL 2008 Australia ICEL Keynote 2011 Chile METALOG academy OHG Munich 2013 National Institute of Education Singapore 2009 Sareptas Norway 2006 Scottish Institute of Business Leaders SIBL 2006 Share EVH 2005 Tips for Trainers Conference London 2008 2009 University of Augsberg 2004 ON FACILITATING LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE IN OUTDOOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING Association for Experiential Education North East Regional Conference in Nova Scotia 2000 Bundesweite Fachtagung zur Erlebnispädagogik Danish Naturvejleder Nature Interpreters National Conference 2011 European Outdoor Education Network EOE 2004 European Ropes Course Association ERCA 2009 2010 Finnish Environmental Educators annual seminar Hyria 2013 Finnish National Adventure Education seminar 2008 IOL Southern Region Conference 2010 Ministry of Education Singapore 2006 2012 Outdoor Education Conference Macau 2007 Outdoor Education West Sussex 2006 Outdoor Learning Festival Lindley Educational Trust 2007 2008 2009 2011 2014 SATIPS Outdoor Education Conference 2008 Swedish Människan i landskapet Conference Stockholm 2012 Clients listed on other pages Adult sector clients training for trainers consultants and other facilitators Youth sector clients training for teachers social workers and youth workers Project clients special projects including

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  • Conference presentations and workshops for active learning
    1995 Why Adventure The Role and Value of Outdoor Adventure in Young People s Personal and Social Development Processing the Experience a Balancing Act Balance is a key concept for both surfing and learning The benefits of experiential learning are greatest and most apparent when experience and reflection are well matched and well balanced The need for balance is critical throughout the experiential learning process This workshop actively explores this principle with a special emphasis on developing a holistic and balanced approach to reviewing processing the experience After sampling a range of methods participants will be encouraged to assess the extent to which their current frameworks and methods are inclusive and comprehensive For example Do they engage all learners and learning styles Are they responsive to all developmental needs Are they responsive to the whole experience Do they enable participants to learn and develop in the directions they choose Participants will enjoy opportunities for active experimentation with some versatile methods for developing versatile learners Most of these methods are described in publications by the presenter Dr Roger Greenaway This workshop is intended for people interested in taking a fresh look at the processing of experiences and who wish to explore the possibilities of developing a more varied dynamic and balanced facilitation style Roger Greenaway presented this workshop at a conference for experiential educators and trainers in Portugal Moving Bodies Moving Minds How physical movement can assist learning and change when reviewing WORKSHOP OUTLINE Starting point If people retreat to a comfort zone during the reviewing process e g by sitting in the same chair all the time it can seem as if they are stuck in the same place physically and mentally Physical movement can assist mental movement Ideas to explore making reviewing a physical journey as well as a mental journey applying the concept of the stretch zone to the reviewing process itself making a journey on land or water that supports mental reviewing processes using a physical language of space and movement that reflects the language we use e g ups and downs for emotions standing on an issue feeling in or out of a group being pulled in different directions experiencing force fields in a physical way juggling balancing Active experimentation You will be encouraged to explore these and other possibilities in active ways in order to generate a physical language that intuitively makes sense to learners This workshop is a mixture of old and new ideas my ideas and your ideas I would love to learn about any research or practice that helps to build this physical language NOTES Space A businessman has for many years walked his dog in the countryside as a way to recover from the stresses of work and sort out his thoughts Restrictions on access to the countryside during the foot and mouth disease epidemic have been limiting his physical and mental movement For mental space he needs physical space Gestures Don t be embarrassed smiling frowning and making gestures while

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  • Links to Learning - organised web links for training and development
    Repertory Grid Fun Doing with Chris Cavert Bringing humans together one game at a time Games2Train Hay McBer s Training Resources Group Ice Breakers for all types of groups and occasions training conferences parties reunions and youth groups Ice Breakers Group Games and Team Building Activities is Mark Collard s Blog Ice Breakers Warmups Energizers and Motivators For Groups International Simulation and Gaming Association ISAGA is an international organization for scientists and practitioners developing and using simulation gaming and related methodologies in a broad range of professional areas including university industry government and business Kathleen Butler s Learning Styles MTa International activity based learning resources and training North American Simulation and Gaming Association NASAGA s primary mission is to facilitate the use of simulations and games and to spread the principles and procedures of interactive experiential approaches to education training management problem solving and decision making Pathway Learning articles on dialogue teamwork and flying pigs Playmeo Find the perfect group activity Browse this comprehensive resource by Activity Type Program Outcome or the particular Theme or Focus of your programme SAGSET Simulation and Gaming UK SAGSET is a voluntary professional society dedicated to improving the effectiveness and quality of learning through the use of interactive learning role play simulation and gaming SGX Simulation Gaming eXchange SGX is a specialized search engine for simulation gaming SquareWheels tools and information on team building creativity change management and leadership development 500 of pages of exercises jokes teambuilding ideas and creative problem solving tools for consultants trainers and managers interested in facilitation and active experiential learning Tallis Training articles tips and links Thiagi com lots of practical tools and words of wisdom from the author of Teamwork and Teamplay and other books for facilitators Thiagi s Play for Performance is a free monthly newsletter that featured an interview with Roger Greenaway about The Game after the Game in the September 2001 issue Trainers Toolkit Practical articles at trainingzone co uk ON THIS SITE Tools for Change Training Activities Booklist and Book Reviews Creative Thinking LINKS TO CREATIVE THINKING BOOKS ON CREATIVE THINKING Advanced Practical Thinking Training Inc promotes Edward de Bono s thinking Bob Pike s Creative Training Techniques Charles Cave s Creativity Home Page Concept Mapping Homepage Conceptual Metaphor Home Page index of conceptual metaphors by George Lakoff creativityworkshop com Edward De Bono s Authorised Website lateral and many other kinds of thinking Freedom Technology Resource Directory Thinking Skills Creativity Problem Solving Illumine Specialist Training and Consultancy A place to buy Mind Manager Infinite Innovations at brainstorming co uk a comprehensive list of websites about creative thinking rated for design and content together with brief site reviews Brainstorming co uk also has a useful tutorial about basic and advanced brainstorming and provides free trials of its Innovation Toolbox J L Reid s Enchanted Mind Creativity Zen Puzzles Links Lateral Thinking Puzzles Mind Manager A place to play with mind maps The Sustainable Technologies Programme is a major research initiative by the UK Economic and Social Research Council It aims to fund innovative and policy relevant research on the social and economic processes that shape foster or inhibit more sustainable technologies thetrainingshop co uk toys for trainers www whatif co uk a great place to learn and play plus a free book to download We take great joy in helping companies recapture their spirit of creativity and innovation ON THIS SITE Reviewing with Pictures Creativity in Learning Booklist and Book Reviews Team Building BOOKS ON TEAMBUILDING LINKS TO TEAMBUILDING see below ON THIS SITE Stuart Wickes and Associates have produced some handy reviews of teams and teamwork sites in these five categories General interest On line learning materials 21st Century Teamwork and Virtual Teams Research and Commercial Organisations Teamwork Links selected and reviewed ON THIS SITE Using Experiential Learning to Develop Team Skills trainer training workshop Teambuilding Booklist and Book Reviews Education LINKS TO EDUCATION BOOKS ON EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION PBS TeacherSource activities online and lesson plans PositivelyMad co uk Accelerated learning Circle Time and Goal Mapping resources for work with young people National Foundation for Educational Research NFER UK Alternative Education Resource Organisation MERLOT Peer reviewed sites by and for the higher education community More links to educational sites ON THIS SITE Experiential Education Booklist and Book Reviews Outdoor Education Booklist and Book Reviews Accelerated Learning and Learning to Learn LINKS TO ACCELERATED LEARNING BOOKS ON ACCELERATED LEARNING BOOKS ON LEARNING TO LEARN The Accelerated Learning Exchange A moderated discussion board for ideas and questions The Accelerated Training Smorgasbord 100 creative tips from The Training Oasis Inc SEAL is a UK based global association of people interested in the dynamics of learning with an active membership in over 40 countries Accelerated Learning System s Ltd UK Home study programmes Is Colin Rose s squashed head a suitable image for welcoming you to the educational world of accelerated learning ELLI Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory Enhancing Learning Power from RSVP Design Kaizen Training UK specialise in bringing brain friendly learning to life in business Learning 2 Learn Handbook for Facilitators By Mark Taylor and Paul Kloosterman 2010 EU Lifelong Learning Programme Learn to Learn in Schools and Colleges UK Penny Vingoe includes some interesting success stories The Accelerated Learning Network Emphasises Multiple Intelligences covers all ages provides a Newsletter Michael Tipper s pages on Accelerated Learning UK includes a free monthly newsletter Project HappyChild News Michael Tipper summarises the 6 step M A S T E R plan for Accelerated Learning UK described in Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century by Colin Rose and Malcolm J Nicholl The Center for Accelerated Learning includes a forum and tips The Accelerated Learning page at selfgrowth com A list of 140 links speed reading and memorising are the main topics Resources on Brain Based Education by Leslie Wilson and Andrea Spears ON THIS SITE Accelerated Learning Booklist and Book Reviews Game Based Learning BOOKS ON ACTIVE LEARNING TOPICS Agile Games a network and annual conference held in Cambridge Massachusetts It

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