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  • Make reviews more active and engaging
    you can mark each zone with ropes Helps people experience and appreciate two or more points of view Can loosen up fixed positions Provides fresh insights even if not changed views Working Collaboratively in teams Action Replay All you need is a dummy remote and a dummy mike Quickly highlights key moments or episodes Roving Mike brings out new information Can be as fun or as serious as you want Moving Stones Natural objects with different shapes colours sizes textures work best A hands on method for communicating about group dynamics Helps leaders and teams reflect on their roles and relationships See www activelearningmanual com Missing Person Outdoors you need a rope and or natural materials for a sculpture a camera Indoors use a flipchart and plenty of thick pens A creative and intuitive way of capturing a team s aspirations It is itself a challenging group project An alternative to listing strengths and weaknesses Facing New Challenges Back to the Future Best with a rope Focuses attention on things that individuals or teams already have before embarking on a journey towards a goal To practise appreciative questioning Using Pictures Infinite uses For telling a story For more focused communication For deeper communication For fun communication Future Walking No equipment needed unless you want everyone to make a written record of their own force fields Gives a positive buzz for the person walking through the human force field of helpful and hindering forces on their journey towards a goal Helps everyone anticipate their own force fields and journeys when applying what they have learned Successful Team Leadership Active Images of Teamwork No equipment needs an observant facilitator An active way of sharing different examples of good teamwork People unwittingly reveal their leadership style maybe See http reviewing co uk actrev htm Gifts Needs plenty of natural or art resources A surprisingly powerful and sensitive way of giving feedback Brief for the outcome you they want Warm Seat Needs time approx 100 minutes for 10 people The receiver of feedback stays in control If you want a straight talking kind of feedback rather than the more poetic Gifts Learning Buddies Needs even numbers Time out for paired conversations helps to keep everyone on track New Teams Simultaneous Survey Everyone needs a card or notebook for recording responses An efficient energising and focused way of getting through a long agenda Develops a whole range of communication skills Involves some note taking Brief Encounters Ice breaker With suitable questions is more versatile Does what it says A quick version of Sim Survey no recording or reporting back and questions keep changing Spokes Use any object for the hub Ropes useful but not essential for a rim or for spokes Instant public self assessment Brings out specific positive feedback Brings modest people into a friendly spotlight To re balance the focus of attention between louds and quiets Hokey Cokey Large rope circle useful but not essential To establish what the group has done well

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  • How to Facilitate Dynamic Debriefing
    are central to successful facilitation After taking part in this 3 day programme you will be able to Structure debriefing sessions using the 4F reviewing cycle Use 15 or more debriefing techniques for facilitating learning from experience Design a debriefing strategy for a whole training programme including sessions that focus on feedback and on the transfer of learning DAY 1 An introduction to dynamic debriefing An introduction to dynamic debriefing How to use the 4F Playing Card sequence 1 2 Many and Learning Buddies You will participate in 8 methods from all parts of the cycle Facts 1 Observation Rounds 2 Brief Encounters Feelings 3 Story Line 4 Empathy Test Findings 5 Spokes 6 Horseshoe Futures 7 Missing Person 8 Sim Survey Evaluation DAY 2 Designing debriefing This day includes 8 designs for 30 minute reviews Pie Chart Picture Postcards Success Chart Dream Drawing Action Replay Mid Activity Review Goal Keepers Turntable Back to the Future The 5th F The Joker as a wild card representing Freedom and Flexibility DAY 3 Practice and Transfer Evaluation The morning is mainly for practice sessions which also provides an opportunity for using a range of feedback methods The afternoon focuses on transfer with small groups planning their fresh insights and tools into a forthcoming programme Dr Roger Greenaway has been researching developing and providing training in debriefing skills for over 20 years He was awarded a doctorate in 1995 for a study of experiential learning with managers In 1996 he provided his first training event in China since when he has provided several trainer training programmes in China and East Asia Roger s has recently written a chapter on dynamic debriefing for Mel Silberman s Handbook of Experiential Learning 2007 and articles on Reviewing for Development Reviewing for Results and Reviewing for Teams

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  • Exploring new ways of facilitating reviewing and transfer with Dr. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
    techniques as a participant MORNING New angles on reviewing Scaling up reviewing methods Making models diagrams and doodles big enough to step into them and experience and explore them from within Moving bodies moving minds If people always sit in the same place and adopt the same posture in reviews getting stuck is easy Just how much can physical movement help to free up thinking and learning and seeing things from new perspectives Learning cycles kill Whatever their originator s intent linear sequential models in practice kill off the intuitive and multi linear parallel processing capabilities of the brain What we experience during reflection matters as does how we reflect during experience Playing the joker Models are good at simplifying complex realities What is lost in this simplifying process is represented by the Joker The Joker helps people see the territory beyond the map and frees people from living in Lego worlds Reviewing with playing cards 1 A visual and playful way of making theory practical AFTERNOON New angles on Transfer Poets are masters of transfer writes Prof Robert Haskell How much creativity is involved in successful transfer The language of transfer Even the term far transfer implies copying Maybe the terms translating or transforming more accurately capture what we really mean by transfer Does this take action planning into new territory What does transformation planning look like Making learning sticky and how this is different to making learning stick Reviewing with playing cards 2 how transfer happens throughout any cycle and why learners should lead with their strongest suit during transfer Stakeholder involvement mapping and engaging representatives of the entire network that will benefit from successful transfer Active and creative reviewing assists transfer near and far Dr Roger Greenaway provides training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation

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  • Experiential learning and its impact - a workshop with Dr. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
    and facilitated if it is to be more than entertainment and if it is to have real impact on people s learning and development There are many kinds of experiential learning What do you picture when you think of experiential learning There can be no single model that captures it all or that pins it down I will present my own views and will focus your attention on what I believe to be the critical issues and important skills and models An incomplete list of issues How much say and responsibility does the learner have Is impact something they seek or something they suffer Does experiential learning favour one kind of learner or is it suitable for all learners Is experiential learning simply participatory learning Which experience matters most The individual s experience The group experience The experience of a carefully designed activity The experience that the trainer designer wanted to happen Should the design of experiential learning focus on simulations of the working environment or on generating stimulating experiences for each individual Or both Or something else What are the primary skills of the facilitator of experiential learning An incomplete list of skills Negotiating and designing a learning event Creating a climate for experiential learning Choosing or designing suitable activities Designing and facilitating the reviewing debriefing of experiences Designing and facilitating the transfer of learning Enabling the continuing development of learning skills An incomplete set of models Experiential learning cycles strengths and limitations Meeting development needs for engagement and growth Models of facilitation what you can do to facilitate experiential learning The day will include opportunities to explore these issues skills and models in practical and participatory ways The methods used will range from traditional to experiential and will endeavour to mix the best of the old with the

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  • Reviewing Skills and Methods for Outdoor Educators with Dr. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
    Action Replay reliving experience Empathy Test how well do you know each other Session 3 Learning from Experiences Findings and futures the black suits Making reviewing tactile visual creative intuitive and active Stones exploring team dynamics Missing Person an intuitive approach to group development Horseshoe where do U stand Session 4 Success focused Reviewing appreciative facilitation giving and receiving positive feedback Bringing out learning stories What so far will assist transfer Spokes Questions for success Bingo Evaluation using Sim ultaneous Survey Day 2 Themes and Questions Content and Practice Session 1 Reviewing Outdoors How can we review outdoors without a flip chart In many ways The Joker as a wild card Customising reviewing to the places activities participants and objectives you work with Making reviewing an adventure Session 2 The Transfer of Learning How do different kinds of learning transfer Identifying and using stakeholders Poets are masters of transfer The transfer of outdoor learning self esteem relationships and team skills Goal Keepers instant feedback Turntable seeing different sides Session 3 Designing a Reviewing Strategy Can we design flow for programmes groups and individuals The timing of reviews Finding time to review Starting with the end in mind Flow in 3 and 5 day programmes Tips and tricks for timely reviews and not running out of review time Session 4 Takeaways What memories and souvenirs do participants take away What memories and souvenirs do we take away Souvenirs for all learning styles Making learning sociable Back to the Future Future Walking When taking people into the outdoors we can have a huge impact on how they experience it It doesn t just depend on the weather The quality of people s experiences in the outdoors will influence the attitudes and values they form about the natural environment and their relationship with

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/workshops/reviewing-for-outdoor-educators.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Harnessing the power of outdoor learning 5 day seminar
    on ways of setting up a supportive and dynamic learning environment This includes ensuring that each learner knows how to get the best out of the opportunity and is motivated to do so You will also be trying out reviewing techniques that can help to accelerate learning at this early stage of a programme Tuesday Groups and Teams This day provides an intensive grounding in group dynamics and teamwork The morning will involve a wide variety of short teamwork tasks The main purpose will be to build the team and accelerate group development Even where outdoor courses have aims other than team building it is still important to create a team that will work well together A range of strategies exercises and reviewing tools for team and group development will be tried out and compared Wednesday Individuals The emphasis today is on individuals It is a deliberate contrast to yesterday s emphasis on the group We will explore designs activities and reviewing tools that help individuals learn about themselves and achieve personal targets Giving sufficient attention to each individual is always important but especially when the programme aims to build confidence provide assessment or develop leadership and management skills There will also be opportunities to explore ways of working with other individual objectives that feature in your training programmes Thursday Learning to learn This is learning to learn day This is one of the most powerful benefits that people can take away from an outdoor training course In the morning you will be asked to take part in a skills swap shop Do you have a skill outdoors or indoors that you would like to pass on to others Any skills from work or leisure e g musical creative physical dancing circus or magic tricks martial arts yoga survival skills Please bring any equipment or resources you might need to conduct a 30 minute taster session for anyone who wants to learn your skill The rest of the day explores how you can develop learning coaching and facilitation skills during an outdoor training programme Friday Ending a course Powerful endings how to conclude experience based training events for maximum value and transfer The day begins with concluding the morning course This will involve active reviewing of the previous four mornings and various exercises for carrying your learning into the future The afternoon brings together your learning from the trainer training event as a whole and provides you with ideas and strategies for your further professional development in experience based training As well as carrying out evaluation throughout the five days you will also have a chance to explore evaluation as a topic on this final day Two courses in one The whole programme mornings afternoons and evenings is designed as a trainer training event but in the mornings you will be a participant on an outdoor training course Experiences from the morning activities will be carried forward into the afternoon when we will actively explore the theme for the day

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  • Reviewing Skills Training Client List - Special Projects
    of Brathay s mainstream work An investigation for the Brathay Academy published in Old Traditions and New Trends 7th European Seminar proceedings EOE IOL IOL bookshop Whose Values International Perspectives in Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning BSJ Freiburg Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Education a chapter in The Russell House Outdoor Education Companion Index The Art of Reviewing article in Journal of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning Index Reviewing for Development TMS E Journal Index A view into the future the value of other ways of learning and development a chapter in Other Ways of Learning Ed Becker and Schirp Chapter Reviewing and Reflection Connecting People to Experiences a chapter by Roger Greenaway and Clifford Knapp in the International Handbook of Outdoor Studies Chapter in press Articles by Roger that are available at reviewing co uk Articles Index Active Reviewing Tips Index Books by Roger Greenaway no longer in print Descriptions and extracts Index Roger s contributions to books and projects Consultant to authors of Wild Adventure Space OPENspace Contributor to Outdoor Learning Cards OEAP Contributor to Adventurous Experiential Learning in South Africa by Heunis and Priest in press Contributor to Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming by

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  • Discussion lists for outdoor learning
    Europe mailing list for news of the next annual conference Follow instructions on the right SUBSCRIBE EEEUROPE add your name on the same line followed by QUIT on the next line Ed Oddie wants to join He opens the email leaves the subject line blank enters this 2 line message SUBSCRIBE EEEUROPE ED ODDIE QUIT Europe The Experiential Learning Exchange Go to linkedin and search groups for The Experiential Learning Exchange Go to linkedin International Experiential CPD Enter your email address at the list page Experiential CPD is a calendar of Continuing Professional Development events in or close to UK The list is generated from this Calendar of Outdoor and Experiential CPD events UK centric Send an email to InterCom InterCom is an International Community of experiential and outdoor educators To subscribe send a friendly request to Sandra Hernandez This list is the exception your email is read by a person not a robot International Outdoor Curriculum Outdoor Curriculum re launched in 2003 with these new aims You may find more activity in the IOL Higher Education Group UK Send an email to Outdoor Education SUBSCRIBE OUTDOOR ED add your name List Owner Archives Unsubscribe Australia Outdoor Education Professionals Go to linkedin and search groups for Outdoor Education Professionals Go to linkedin International Send an email to Outdoor Research JOIN OUTRES add your name Archives Subscription options digest index and unsubscribe UK Go to website Peace Ed Discussion List about how experiential education can be used to develop and promote peace This is a Topica list Start here International Scisco Conscientia outdoor research Scisco was online from 1999 2000 It is now closed but you can view the archives which includes Can the Mountains Speak for Themselves Facile itation and Experience Sampling International Society of Park Recreation Educators SPRE is

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